the wonder of wonderment


Have you ever asked yourself why, and how, and when it might come in handy to wonder? To just tell yourself, “I don’t know.”? In other words … to allow yourself to be flexible enough to not have all the answers. This is an interesting point-of-view, one that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. And … even more impacting on my day-to-day life, how annoying, and even down-right disruptive it is, to have to deal with others who are not so flexible. Not so filled with wonder. Those kinds of people and that kind of interaction are not so much fun.

chaos or ... letting go

chaos or... letting go

Of course it all comes down to choices. Again! Always, it seems, whenever we talk about how life can be a good experience, or a bad one—it all comes down to how we perceive things. And that is our basic human privilege, to embrace the choice of how we feel about something that we all can exercise, even if we’re in the most oppressed or abusive situation. Our inner attitude can be powerful, even if our outer situation is under duress. Any one of us can look at even the direst of circumstances as an opportunity for growth, for change—or—see our plight as a pain in the neck and choose to play the victim role. Our choice is what determines how we feel in each and every instance of life, with all experiences, interactions with others, or what’s going on in our own private minds.

the entire Universe is within everyOne of us

the entire Universe is within everyOne of us

Today I choose to not be affected by others’ negativity.

Today I choose to embrace all that is good in life, and to not focus on the negatives.

Today I choose to celebrate the magic within everything, everything body, every moment.

Today I choose to not dwell on the evil, the confusion, the aggression or the aggressors.

Today I choose to look at life as a spiritual experience we humans are privileged to have, and not to forget that the greatness of my spiritual experience is contingent upon my state of wonderment.

Today I choose to not judge others for whatever view they have chosen.

I’ve very glad i have chosen to be like this, because the other side of the coin doesn’t seem like much fun. People who haven’t thought this “choice” thing out, especially the ones who get caught up thinking that being political, radical, or religiously fundamental, is the answer for all lacks in life–well, I’m glad I’m not on that band wagon. It doesn’t seem like a very fun or fulfilling way to enjoy life.

Today I choose to keep balanced in mind, body and spirit. I will pay attention to all these different aspects of mySelf, and in that way, I have a better chance to stay healthy and whole—and even satisfied with this thing called “life.”

My philosophy is to have fun, as much as we can—even in the worse of all situations. Life is short! Enjoy what we have. Not to envy what others have, but work with what I have. And always get better. As long as I remember to do these simple things, and not get caught up in others’ opinions and judgments (and thus, get dragged down to their level)—I feel connected to the Highest Truth. The Truth that I experience, and foster, each and every time I go deep within, in medidtation. By allowing my inner Light of Truth to shine, my inner experience becomes, ITself!, like a guiding star. Like a beacon of light in the dark dark sea of wonderment.

looking for the light even in the darkest sea

looking for the light even in the darkest sea

May your Light shine forth so others can find the way, also.

Peace to all of us on Earth!

your friend, lordflea

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