rainy day yummmm–sharing the goodies

creating the goodness...and sharing it

creating the goodness...and sharing it

they are a terrif product, maybe you already know of these little darlings.
rainy today.
last night just a good girlfriend over to visit us and made the GREAT SURPRISE i’d discovered while Carter was away skiing in Vermont…which is…
the GREAT surprise--we are ONE

the GREAT surprise--we are ONE

FREASH spinach (two big bunches): first sautee entire head of garlic sliced thin (yes!) crispy brown in lots of extra virgin olive oil, add thin round radishes slices for few minutes more, then add the spinach, and cover: let cook till it all melds into a wondrous texture of…well, i won’t tell you, you have to taste it! (let it simmer till most of juice evaporates) add soysauce just before gobbling and helplessing making erotic noises at the table. hmmmmmm.
i served with:
bbq tofu (my own bbq sauce: ketchup, mustard, molasses) with additional home-made pesto sauce (weird but cosmic culinary combo): slice hard tofu in 3/4 inch rectangles and cover with bbq sauce and broil till cooked on each side, slice into smaller recs, add the basil-nut sauce and toss in bowl to cover the tofu.
haas avocado slices on bed of hardly-cut cilantro with BIG thin radish slices, raw (only lemon to dress) arrange artistically as mandala: radish on outside as layered frame of red.
broiled salmon (only 7 minutes! or maybe 9 at most for thicker) sprayed with olive oil first and sprinkled with www.tspspices.com dill (very fresh and tangy) before cooking.
strawberries in the buff (okay, take the leaves off if you must) with choc. ice cream (no frills in lordflea’s house).
the closer to the source, the better the taste
nice long walk on the beach as an appetizer, watching the sky get angrier by the moment.
Storm Haiku

Storm Haiku

after our orgiastic meal (i’m not bragging! this is the way food should taste) talk about art (how much better now that market forces art to be real), books (what is Junot Diaz all about anyway?), Benjamin Button (love it!) the sea (our mother), trusting Obama (yes yes yes!),  and anything else on heart or mind needed to share, as meal’s and life’s delicious dessert, listening to Israeli avant-garde music (Buddha dinner, it’s really old but really fantastic).

friends sharing intimacies: who we are, our dreams, our fears even. honest to the bone.

ahhhh, life. good food, good people, love, friendship, health!
focusing on positive–not listening to the whispers of “not good enuf, this is bad,” etc. etc.
i wish all good things, plus life fulfillment upon all beings, and i promise to work with all my energies to help as many of my fellow beings enjoy these things too.
my job description: former artist and writer, now dedicated spiritual warrior, at your service!
lordflea sending the Light

our best friend, ghee

hi friend,

in honor of nancy’s request: here’s how to make ghee (taught to me by ayurvedic friends fresh back from years-long stay, studying in India).

start off with frozen (this is my method at least, as i never have time to defrost!) UN-SALTED good-quality butter. please remember that the time you invest in making ghee is returned to you a thousand-fold if you get into the habit of using ghee, instead of butter. (ghee is the exact same stuff they serve with lobsters, by the way, “clarified butter.”)

put small saucepan on high flame as you unwrap the quarters of an entire (frozen or not) pound package. by the time you finish this task, it’s time to turn down the heat. 

when the melted butter starts to bubble, put heat down to a simmer, making sure you don’t leave the room. EVER!!! if you want to ruin the ghee, then leave. otherwise, use the next 15 minutes (or less sometimes) as a meditation. you have to catch the cooked ghee at precisely the exact moment, otherwise it … well, may not burn, but it can get plenty toasty, and it changes the taste from mellow to something nuttier.

as ghee cooks it make a “popping” noise. when the noise finishes, you know you’re close (anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on altitude, humidity, quality of butter). from then on it’s a matter of watching the bottom of the pan, seeing that the milk solids have dropped to the bottom (they appear as … you got it, CRUSTY SHIT!! at the bottom). this is the solid stuff you do not want clogging your veins, ever! when the noise stops, and the color turns a glorious golden brown — but before the crust residue on the bottom burns (it can take on a “burnt umber glow”) then you know your ghee is properly cooked.

pour through a simple tea strainer (ghee washes out easily) into a clean glass jar. allow to cool on your steel, porcelain, wood, or ceramic counter. put top on in a few minutes.

you never have to refrigerate ghee. try to put a tiny bit in your food every day. use on toast, in place of butter (but don’t bake or make cookies with it, it won’t work). the nutritional qualities are magnificent. check out www.ayurveda-foryou.com for more into. lord flea sings the glories of ghee. have made it lovingly for my family for over 15 years!

gotta go! off to a hatha yoga workshop for the entire weekend).

more later. here’s your little visual treat for the day, my beloveds.

in the Light, lord flea

a healthy, balanced person, gives Self the best nutrition, for body-soul-mind, everyday in everyway

a healthy, balanced person, gives Self the best nutrition, for body-soul-mind, everyday in everyway

just learning … the pleasures of granola

dear friends,

this blog thing is challenging! yesterday i spent a little time with my efforts, and today i found out i put the “post” in the “page” category, and don’t ask me how that happened? anyway, if you want to see if, i guess you have to click on the sidebar, at the top, where it says, PAGES, and underneath it is “a ship called relation.” meanwhile, i’ll learn, little by little. as we all do. on whatever subject we wish to embrace in our lives.

enhance our life. ahhhhh, that’s always a treat.

going for the gold...reaching for the bliss ... learning something new

going for the gold...reaching for the bliss ... learning something new

for today i’m setting a goal of learning the difference between a “post” and a “page” so i won’t lose my good efforts every again. and you? what goal are you setting today, to have more fun, more meaning in your life here?

a great recipe for granola, per request of marty. so here i share the best i’ve found, not mine, but from eva’s. but beware. when i first started making it i couldn’t stop eating it, and…well, you know. so now i have to put limits on the pleasures of granola. i don’t have to eat a big bowl-ful every single day. yes, the flub has dissolved, and i’m now just enjoying my occasional taste.

Eva’s best granola, ever!

  • 6 cups steel cut oats (the pilgrim hat guy’s is okay, “old fashioned”)
  • 1/4-1/2 cup wheat germ
  • 1/4 cups of (each) sesame seeds, flax seeds)
  • 2 cups chopped walnuts
  • 2 cups sliced almonds (must be sliced, not slivered or chopped)
  • 1/2 c. honey (mix with below, and add to grains, seeds & nuts)
  • 1/2 c. maple syprup (grade B is best, more nutrition)
  • 1/2 c. veggie oil (organic canola, etc. be creative)
  • bake at 250 degrees for two hours. no need to even turn, but you feel more “connected” if you do. cool and put in glass jar.


in the Light, lord flea