Seeing with “The Eye of God”

Now we’ve reached the sixth level in our exploration of the seven chakras. After the other five energy centers (chakra means “wheel of energy” in Sanskrit) have been opened, just by our being aware of each of our chakras and their significance in our lives — we now have arrived at the 5th, the level of consciousness within our Being that is …. One with bliss.

In yogic scriptures the state of Oneness with All is often described using the Sanskrit word, Satchidananda. Sat is Beingness; chid is “the Light of Understanding” that comes with knowledge; and ananada is … bliss.

Sat-chid-ananda — the Beingness within us that is filled with the Light of understanding (from experiencing Oneness in unthought-form, which is meditation) — results in the inner, untouchable-by-others state known as … bliss.

Since prehistoric times humans have attempted to depict their experiences, and artists have tried to depict in visual form, the state of Oneness. Here’s one of mine. I chose to use only Black & White (a common ballpoint pen, actually) because — too often people think if they don’t “see colors and lights!” they’ve somehow missed Satchidananda. On the contrary. Oneness is … stillness. Sometimes it’s called “the Blue Pearl” but as soon as you start looking for it, or think you glimpse the Blue Pearl … it disappears! Ha! Welcome to Oneness that has no second, not even a Blue Pearl.

beyond thought, the goal of true meditation

beyond thought, the true goal of meditation

Starting back with the ancients who wrote about Satchidananda in the Vedic scriptures (four thousand years ago), this word has been used to describe the virtually indescribable state of Oneness.

What happens when we “visit” the 6th chakra energy is, we begin “to see” (to recognize) with the “Eye of God.”

Oneness, is the feeling, the comprehension that All-is-God, All-is-Perfect even things that appear imperfect. This state of an un-thinking connection to the ONE is the goal of meditation. And even if we experience it for … just a breath! — we’ve touched the 6th chakra, the Eye of God-awareness.

When thought has ceased, We Are ONE. In meditation, after all blocks have been cleared away … there is … only bliss. For some this may happen right away. For others, like me, it took a while to clear out old (neurotic & superfluous) stuff that keeps us from our higher selves.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Prepare for the Unexpected … during the purification process

For people who are just starting off on the spiritual path, this idea of no-thought being sheer bliss may seem strange. I know when I first started meditating (I was initiated back in ’68 by the TM, Transdendental Meditation movement, when it first arrived in the US, but since then, use another technique) I thought, “But I’ll be stupid if I can’t think!” The idea of no-thought was the opposite from bliss, to me back then. I was 21 when I first touched “the Eye of God” and experienced Oneness. And I received that gift not a day too soon or too late.

In an earlier post, I’ve shared my experiences of being initiated into meditation. This link will take you to when I discussed “owning my own personal power.” For me, my first meditation experience was a formal ritual. One I consider as important as finding my life’s purpose, and blessedly, marrying the love of my life.

I certainly needed help at that time, back in ’68, from the extreme torment I was experiencing. I didn’t know it was spiritual pain I was in, I thought it was a “medical” issue. But after that very first meditation experience completely relieved me of the pain I was experiencing in my solar plexus region (the 3rd chakra, the “seat of our personal power”) I experienced complete and total … bliss. I was instantly healed! And from then on I was completely enchanted by seeing life through the Eye of God

All my symptoms of physical pain vanished! And never returned! In that one magical experience I became a believer of the healing power of meditation.

Of course I had to learn to sustain that state of sublime bliss that cured my psychic woes. That first experience was like a lightning strike to my aching soul. It wasn’t easy to let go of my previous identification as … a thinker, a creative idea-maker! It took me years, to decide to give up looking outside myself, partying, following my bliss by adventuring here and there all over the planet, and doing my fair share of substance abuse to boot.

But the day came when I finally was able to make the choice that the real adventure was right inside me. I knew my life would never be what it was meant to be … until I dedicated a fair amount of time to clearing away my “garbage” … call them blocks, issues, problems, I don’t care. I knew meditation was the best “cure” for me. I wanted bliss in my life. I’d already been shown proof of how to get it. So naturally, I wanted more!

First Glance, What IS

a first glance of what is … Bliss

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to describe what I embarked upon, in my purification process right after I decided to no longer deny bliss. I became ready, and that’s when I started visiting the 6th chakra (by meditating) on a regular basis. The journey of chakra-awareness is an excellent way to describe, in other than psychological terms, what a person must go through if one wishes to raise up their perceptions, their consciousness, above what is considered “normal or ordinary.”

We’ve just been through, these past 10 posts on Lordflea, exploring together the various stages of the different levels of inner awareness. As each chakra is perceived, the “doors of our perception” are opened up wider and wider. As we traveled up these levels, we discussed the various attributes of each chakra.

First we explored the base survival instincts of the 1st chakra: eating well, getting out of the weather. Breathing. As long as we’re breathing, we’re in the 1st chakra awareness, even if in a coma.

Then we uplifted our awareness to realizing that the 2nd chakra is both the seat of creativity (which includes both original thought, procreation, and the awakening of our spirituality: therefore, sex and creativity and very connected, energetically). Around adolescence all humans crave spirituality in our lives. The awakening of creativity and spirituality occur in the 2nd chakra.

When our awareness arrived at the next level, the 3rd chakra, we came to understand how much more comfortable our life is when we are in our own power and how uncomfortable we are when we give that power away to something or somebody else. This chakra is the solar plexus region, surrounding the navel.

As our level of awareness rose to the heart area, the 4th chakra, we then made a decision (if we were ready) to do whatever it takes to open our Big Heart (not our physical organ) of Humanity. We ppen it wide, and keep it wide open. That means to embrace Love, and to turn away from wasting-energy denial or fear. This level of awareness is where we trust that life is okay, exactly the way it is. Even if on the outside things are not what they appear to be; within us, in our Big Heart, all is well. Dark or Light, God, the ONE, creates All, with no differentiation between “good or bad,” male or female,” “animal or mineral” or any other separators. When the “cave of our heart” is open, we understand that Higher Power is behind all that is. We are now ready to embrace and understand the higher levels of awareness instead of fighting what is, is meant to be.

Our opened-heart is the bridge to the higher realms of consciousness.

Next, our throat chakra opens, and we have reached the 5th chakra. When this energy-level within our Beingness becomes opened we realize we can no longer do anything but speak and follow our own Truth. And here is where we must find our Truth if we haven’t already. Each person has their own version of Truth. There is not just One Truth for All. We’re not a one-size-fits all-species. Each of us has to explore and find what Truth fits our soul’s particular yearnings.

And now … after preparing ourselves by experiencing the energy contained within these previous chakras, and being present with them all, allowing them to be, and remain, fully opened (by our being aware of them, that’s all it takes!) — our energy centers are now cleared of any old or “denying” blocks or hurtles we’ve now allowed ourselves to face. We’re gone through our blocks. We’re now ready — to receive grace.

Here — we have arrived at the sixth chakra. The Third Eye. Also known as the Eye of God.


Every person who wishes, CAN see life through the “Eye of God”

This is the place we visit — even if it’s for only a few moments’ time, only a few breaths’ worth if that’s all we can — each and every time we let go of our disturbing mental ramblings. When our chattering minds are in a deep state of peace, we then connect with the Source of our Beingness: Oneness.

There’s many other names for Oneness. I don’t particularly like the “God” label because God, Allah, and other names for “God” are highly charged names. They are meant for personal use, if you’re religious. Here, we’re talking Spirit, and that’s a label too, but we have to speak in words so we try to choose good ones. There have been too many wars, people killed, families torn apart over the interpretation of this name, “God.” It causes too much separation because one person’s description of God is usually entirely different from another’s. God-consciousness is an okay term, however, as it implies something we all have access to. And … we do.

Our Blended Family

We are all connected, our Blended Family of Humanity

To me, every time I meditate these days (after 50 years of practicing!) the state I am in can only be described as Satchidananda. God-consciousness, Cosmic-consciousness, Oneness … is … Bliss.

No thoughts. No colors, no lights, no … thing. Just pure delicious bliss. It also is called Love, this thought-stilled state of Oneness. Love is another word for Bliss, God, Truth. You name it, Love fits the bill very nicely for me. Words are tricky things, so I hope you, my reader, understands what I mean when I say, “God is Love.” Even the Bible claims this, and it is Truth.

So, my friend, I’m encouraging you if you haven’t already, to start a mediation practice, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. It really doesn’t have to be a formal separate part of your day. Just a few minutes, 5, or 10. Or 20. I usually meditate after my hatha yoga (physical movement) practice, anywhere from 5 to 15 or 20 minutes. Daily is wonderful, but any time is better than none. Any way you can find a few moment away from distractions, noises, screens, other people’s input — go within by just focusing on your breath. That’s all meditation is! Away from purring kittens and nudgin’ canines, screamin’ cars, distractions and responsibilities of all sorts. Tune them out for a few minutes. Just find a place, be alone with yourself. And … watch your breath.

the ripple effect creates the tipping point

tune IN anytime, anywhere

Here’s a link I made that might help. It’s very easy. You can listen to it anytime. Even in the midst of a busy day. While you’re sitting at your desk. Driving your car in between traffic lights on the way to or from home. It’s not a “lights out, gotta get away from everything” kind of meditation. It’s a workable, two-minute introduction to “how easy” it is to meditate, to become One with bliss. Breath is the key to achieving Satchidananda.

All it takes is … wanting to still the busy mind. The most basic technique for stillness is watching the breath.

When you’re ready, click here. But first, I’ll say good-bye for now.

With Love All Ways,

your pal Lordflea, aka teZa Lord

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