the LIGHT dissolves darkness


I’ve been anticipating for days now to write about how happy I am that Aung San Suu Kyi has prevailed in Burma/Myanmar, but, dear reader, my heart is bursting with emotion because Paris is wearing the shroud of darkness after the inhumane killings of Friday night. So I shall save my praise for my Burmese hero (I don’t like the word “heroine”) the great Nobel Peace Prize winner, who has clung to the LIght during her many decades of herself, personally as well as her oppressed countrymen and women facing the darkness of oppression. And Aung San Suu Kyi knows perhaps better than anyone alive today that the LIGHT, seeking refuge in the tremendous Force of Spirit — is the answer to all human woes.

the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

After such a heart-bludgeoning happening as the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13th, 2015, many feel shocked, hopeless, depressed and filled with an angry forboding of inevitable doom. Many can’t see the end of this madness and spread of Islamic Terrorism, the inhuman hatred exuding from these extremists, the killers of Free People that currently is plaguing the world. Religious intolerance is the modern day Black Death. Instead of millions dying from a horrendous and quickly spreading illness that strikes and wipes out entire towns, as happened throughout Europe during the Middle Ages — before people discovered germs — today we have the plague of murderous religious extremists who want to kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to their limited view of the world.

I don’t know much, but I do know how the Light within us is the only answer to the Dark. The Inner Light is Love. The Inner Light is Forgiveness. The Light is also, at times, gathering the courage to fight for what must be fought against. And in this case the LIght means not just praying, or sending condolences, but realizing that the next step, after the attack on Paris, is for the world to gather forces and batte the evil that overcomes the world.

I’m sure the political leaders will be discussing this inevitability soon. But here, we are discussing neither politics nor religion. The Light is the awareness we hold within our being, when our spiritual life is awake and aware.

In ancient times, just like today, there was great evil. There always has been and there always will be “Great Evil” roaming the world. This is the nature of earthly existence, at least as we have always known it. Perhaps someday there will be peace throughout the world, but … perhaps not. Nothing will change how humans act except we humans, one by one, changing how we are, individually. How we react to evil, however, has evolved. In ancient times, according to “legend” (which some subscribe to as “scripture” because it was written in texts that became sacred to many) … gods and goddesses arose from our human need to combat evil. Noone wants evil. And that is how religion was born, out of need for answers to combat the evils of the world.

Mythological personages (think Zeus, Thor, Venus) most probably arose from real people, similar to how Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in Burma/Myanmar, has become almost deified during her own lifetime. Because she sacrificed her freedom, her family, and dedicated her life to helping her people overcome adversity, people adore her. More on her story and her success of this past week in the elections in Myanmar later, as I said.

Of course when we see the word “God” … with a capital letter, we think of … the LIGHT. I don’t care what name you call “IT” … God is Light, God is Love, God is … well, you’ve heard all this before if you’ve read even one other post here at Lord Flea Sings.

But the emissaries of God’s loving Light, the “gods and goddesses” … these are You and Me and All of us! We, my friends, are the angels as well as the devils of lore. The positive-thinking people, the increasing numbers of human rays of Light are what I’m talking about here today. Our Light within. The Light that each one of us has, but perhaps haven’t yet discovered, or are in the process of trusting. This inner Light of our humanity is one and the same and innately connected to the indescribable power and majesty of the Light that connects all in existence. Whether you call it God or Spirit or consciousness, doesn’t matter. Forget the word, and think … “Unlimited Possibilities.” This is what LIght is. This is God as I understand the Mystery of Spirit. I prefer to call it OM, or, more yogically. Sanskrit-correctly, AUM.

the LIGHT within the Darkness

the LIGHT within the Darkness

Stay in the Light, my friends. Believe in the power of Love. Trust your own inner god-ness to be good enough, strong enough even, to save the entire world. Because numbers add up. We are awakening on a grand scale now more than any other time in history! When all of us join our Light, we are unstoppable in the inevitable illumination of the human race. When people live in Love instead of Fear, we shall melt away the fears of others. We shall love, and heal our enemy’s hurts as well as our own. We shall all live in the Light … in time. One opened heart and mind at a time. Humanity is changing.

Sometimes it takes being scared of things that happen in the Dark to awaken us to our true Light within.

Spread the word. Live from your heart. And if you don’t believe me … just try experimenting how fear and hatred take away everything you’ve got. Plunge into the storm of life, and have no fear: stay centered in the Light that is within you, within all of us.

How? Meditate, my friends. Learn as fast as you can. Google “how to meditate.” You can learn in a five minutes. Practice for just a minute everyday, that’s all it takes, believe me. It’s not like you have to change your life to become safe and secure in the Light! Become familiar with living in the Light, one minute at a time. Before you know it, our enemies will either fall away silently, be eradicated by the power of our joined Light, or … come over to the LIGHT because it’s way more fun, way more sensible … and it is who was truly are. We are beings of Light wearing our human costumes, until we return to the Light from where we once came.

With great Love and Respect for every person alive, even the terrorists who are causing such havoc,

your pal Lord Flea, aka teZa Lord

looking for a new addiction? focus on the LIGHT

i’m totally addicted to barry’s tea a friend recently turned me on to. sigh. soon i’ll get around to asking our local publix if they can carry it.
and where would life be without the slogans that helped me put down my former self-destructive ways and helped change me into what i am today. slogans like: “keep it simple, sweetheart,” “let go let God,” “first things first,” “easy does it” “think think THINK” etc. etc. ?
did you know that lord flea is a serious yogi or yogini (female is yogini and male is yogi: remember, lordflea is anonymous)? yes, i’m a lifelong practitioner of the poses, having discovered how “to do” yoga from a book in the mid-1960s, to save my aching scoliosis-bum teenage back. if i hadn’t i’m sure i would have ended up a cripple, the pain was excruciating all throughout adolescence. eventually, with time, by regularly doing the poses, i began to understand the philosophy of yoga, based on ancient scriptures. 
from thick-mud of being stuck...into being FREE

from thick-mud of being stuck...into being FREE

the reason why we practice the poses is for a purpose other than what most people think. to sustain a yoga pose, called an “asana” in sanskrit, is to help our physical selves ease into comfort, expand our bodies, and regulate and equalize our in-and-out-breaths–why?–for the purpose of being able to meditate with ease, with no physical discomfort, as we merge with the Light within.
all we can do is try--reach for the Light

all we can do is try--and reach for the Light

and then, 25 years ago, i was blessed to “run into” the teacher i’d been searching for all my life one fine day, a meditation master. so…for over 40 years now i’ve been a yoga practitioner, and meditator. without yoga my life is pretty boring. i use the 12-step slogans i learned when i got into recovery, at the exact same time when I “ran into” my teacher. but the main slogan that helps me stay centered and happiest, helps me work out all my crapola, is a sanskrit mantra that loosely translates: God is within me and everyone and everywhere.
my addiction these days is to be in that “inner Light” of meditation as much as i possibly can. and then—even though shit happens–i’m okay about it. after all–life happens! and yeah, shit does too.
there will always be “a cuba,” a “lack,” a challenge, no money, no job, no lover, an obstacle, a disease, a war, petty worries and fears–an unrighteousness of some sort for us to make aright. these things come with being alive. obstacles are meant for us to embrace, not run from as i once did–so that we can learn FROM them how to focus on the Light within, and eventually be able to interface that Light with what’s going on outside, in life. when i learned to do that, i began to change my thinking. negative things became opportunities. my life got better, little by little, bit by bit, practicing being in the Light each day, over and over.
we came from the Light, and we will one day return to the Source, the Light.  so–the way i figure–why not try to live in the Light, embrace it, as much as i can, and allow happiness in my life, even if bad things still persist all around me. inside, at least, within my own power-connection to the Light, no one can affect me. inside, i am one with the Light. the Light is always that close to all of us.
this is my Truth because this is what i have experienced. this is not just talk.
we make out of life whatever we wish

we make out of life whatever we wish

i am keeping to my commitment of writing each day, enjoying writing this book tremendously. i have to ask, “do i want to be with … or should I go to …–or should i stay home and write?” and i always choose writing, because—the book will never get written in a timely manner if i don’t.
i am extremely blessed, and happy to be able to do what I love to do. how fortunate can a person be, to have TIME to do what one loves to do? but then, i’ve worked HARD toward that goal for decades now. all that effort is finally paying off. besides, i work a day-job like anyone else. i cram into each day everything that i’ve decided needs to get done–and i forget about all the things i don’t have time to do. “first things first” — see! slogans DO work!
where my house is we don’t see many of the florida “snowbirds” who fly down after xmas. everywhere else in the sunshine state is crowded. but here in my little st. augustine neighborhood–it’s like business as usual, with no traffic but the locals who live here. we’re close to the inland-waterway, where we put in our canoe and paddle over to town in a hour, or to Moses Creek, a nature reserve, or any of many inlets and marshes in between.
cuba –another world. people there not allowed to own boats, unless they’re staunch supporters of castro’s regime. in the harbors i saw very few boats, ridiculously few.  sobering, one of the words i would use to describe cuba. but mostly it was …”intense,” although “depressing” is tempting to use as a modifier. the fact that i intermingled with mostly people in the arts and people who support charities there, speaks loudly of the restraints of living in a tyrannical dictatorship where survival is utmost in people’s minds. i’ve already taken some flak from several humanitarians, who think my atttitude “damning” or “political”… but…damn it! it is deplorable! i have to speak my truth, about how it felt to be there. isn’t that what a blogger is suppposed to do? speak what WE go through, how we see it … not someone else’s view? what others would like me to say? so that is why my tone, when it comes to cuba, is indeed a bit somber.  to me i speak from a spiritaul point of view, not political. but to others, there is not that distinction, i’m afraid. not many things happened while i was in habana to make me feel there is a lot to be happy about, except–and most importantly–that the fire within the human spirit never dies. cuba’s artists are alive and well. THEY are not afraid to convey, through art, through music, films, dance, the Truth of their sadness. from my own experiences i am convinced that ART has the power to lead the way, for anyone! from darkness into the Light. cuba’s artists will lead their oppressed people out of that tunnel of darkness all of castro-communist cuba are stuck in.
there is always hope. 
trusting the Light

being lifted up by the power of art: trusting the Light

one artist friend i spoke to (in spanish, so yes, i was able to converse, and my spanish improved even in the short time there) told me that change won’t happen, even if it could, because people’s MINDS are so frozen, so paralyzed, they’re consumed with just getting enough to eat that day. fear is at the core of everything they do. it’s not like the army guys walk around with machineguns, as i’ve seen in panama, or the dominican republic, and other latin american places i’ve traveled. but if you don’t “act right” or “speak supportively of the regime” in cuba, you could just disappear … and … who knows what then? 
cuban kids waiting for change, in old habana

cuban kids waiting for change, in old habana

carter’s coming back from brrrrrr minneapolis tonight. he went to do business and he tellls me it was a successful trip. we are so blessed, in these hard times, to have what we have.
in the news are people suffering. times are trying. some people simply can’t cope. difficulties are what make people come together more, though, to help each other. i feel certain that we will all come out of this challenge as better people. we are being forced to grow, as civilized humans. perhaps the lifestyle of spending too much, not thinking enough of “the Light,” not taking the time to develop a relationship with our inner Self and whatever outer form of Truth we choose, has brought such obstacles we now face to the forefront of our awareness–that we must change.
now, for my 500 words before i have to return to cleaning house (grrrr) for we have…guess who! the “havana-gee-la” harvard cabaret star himself coming to visit! his daughter has apparently gotten herself engaged to a “flordia redneck” (well, the prospective groom’s parents are from florida) and goldie and ann, from oh-so-civilized LA, are flying out to meet the soon-to-be in-laws, who live close by in orlando. then on sunday we’re having a superbowl get-together with all our yoga friends. me, i’ll probably hide in the yoga shack with others who’d rather do asanas than cheer a linebacker, or go rollar-blading, or walk with other friends who also abhor football … but i’ll show for the last 15 minutes to see what the big deal is.
boy, if we could all be as addicted to the joy, the unlimitedness of experiencing the inner Light as people are to watching blood sports–what a change this world would experience! BIG TIME.
it’s raining today. glorious, life-sustaining rain. thank you sweet life! thank you dear earth for giving me life. i promise to take good care of you and me, and help others to remember that the earth and all of us, We Are One. thank you, Creation, this consciousness called life, for your gentle touch of sustenance, of nurturing. i am here to receive your gifts, with humility.
next blog, i promise: SAINT PATRICK’S DAY IN HAVANA … sure to surprise you.
enjoy your gorgeous moment, my friend, love, lordflea

Hello life-giving sun

hi friend,

please check out my latest update to “We Are ONE” on the “page” side of my blog, to the right. every week i’ll upload a few more pages of this picture book for you.

wow, the “brains” behind wordpress have really messed me up! somehow they’ve changed the editing format and i can’t see what i’m typing, so bear with me if things are…weird. i’ll do my best, and shoot them an e-mail to tell them of their well-intentioned, but mis-placed latest updates!

i wanted to share today, the joy of stretching. simple hatha yoga changed my life, literally. yesterday i had the pleasure of introducing a new friend to sun salutes, and today i am with you, too. if you haven’t already tried this easy-to-do, yet life-changing method of stretching-along-with-breathing, i’m encouraging you, right here, right now, to try it.

this drawing is my version of a sun salute. i drew it to illustrate how one must imagine their own “private sun” above them, because i was teaching at the time to girls in prison. even if you’re in a cell, you can bow and honor the source of all life on Earth…the sun. here’s the 12 steps (poses, called “asanas”) of a sun salute, surya namaskar, a yoga vinyasa (series of flowing poses).


a series of poses called the sun salute, "surya namaskar"

and here are simple, step-by-step directions, and PLEASE, enjoy yourself!

1. go very slowly. you will increase speed as you loosen up. first poses is standing with hands folded at your heart, breathe in and out, and steady your busy mind by focusing your eyes on one spot. thank you says your body, your heart, and your mind.  end on an exhale.

2. inhale and lift your arms overhead, either to the side, like opening wings, or just up and over your head. keep your legs straight and only bend over backwards if you feel like it. that can come later. on this first round of the sun salute it’s good to stay in each of the 12 poses for several breaths. up to you, but don’t rush. eventually, you will coordinate the poses with your in and out breathing, but for now…just enjoy the stretch and stay with what your body tells you (huh?) it needs, like how many breaths do you want to stretch this particular way.

3. exhale and slowly arch your back and bend forward. let your head and neck completely relax. Hang there. Hang hang hang. let gravity do some work for a change. when you’re ready to go into the next pose, engage your abs so you protect your back.

4. inhale and take your right leg backwards into a full lunge. MOST IMPORTANT here is to make sure your left knee is directly over your left ankle. place fingertips of floor, torso goes downward, as your back gently bends upward. again, enjoy the stretch for several breaths at the beginning of your practice.

5. exhale and bring your left leg back along your right and make a high arch with your butt way up in the sky, into a “downward dog” pose. let your head go completely loose. don’t worry if your feet don’t completely go flat, that will happen eventually. point here is to PUSH away from the floor with your hands (shoulder-width apart) and up with your strong legs (hip-width apart) with your hands energetically engaged with the floor, the index fingers pointing straight ahead. enjoy your breath.

6. here you have a choice! ahhhh, choices. that which makes or breaks our lives. beginnings sink to your knees now, and slowly come forward onto your belly, not moving your arms, into a “small cobra.” more seasoned stretchers, you can, with your elbows CLOSE TO YOUR BODY 9otherwise you’ll compromise your rotator cuff, in shoulder joint), “swoop” your body in an arcing motion, from a bent-knee half-bow to… a beautiful, graceful “big cobra”…with arms more fully extended, but with your pelvic bones still on or nearly on the floor. enjoy your breath. eventually, this will all be accomplished on a single exhale. really.

7. inhale and enjoy the snake pose, bhujangasana, “the cobra.” keep your pelvic bones as close or on the floor as you can, while streching the lower back muscles, gentle!  

8. exhale and push yourself back into the downward dog position. check your alignment (arms shoulder-width; feet hips-width, arms pushing, butt upward…so much to remember, but hey! you’re your OWN TEACHER!!!) EMPOWERMENT…it’s YOU! right within your own self.

9.  inhale and bring your right leg forward into a lunge on the oother side. you may have to “help” your leg get up there at first, so just hop it along, but make sure your right knee is directly over that right ankle. thank you.

10. exhale and push yourself into a forward bend, and fell the difference. ommygod!! you are probably fainting from sheer pleasure at this point. i know i am with each first sun salute of the day. yummmmm.

11. inhale and please engage your abs before you stretch up and over your head with your arms straight, and palms eventually touching, into a small backbend, if you wish only. with ab muscles still engaged …

12. bring yourself from the little standing backbend into your original pose, the moutain, “tadasana.” With hands at your heart give great thanks to the sun (still above you, even if only in your mind!) and the life it shines upon this gorgeous blue garden planet of ours, which grows such delicious things as you, and all the food we need to sustain ourselves.

Repeat the above with your LEFT leg back, and bringing your left leg forward at end of the vinyasa.

By learning to empower your own self, using your body to strengthen your life, center your stormy emotions, and uplift your small-things centered mental faculties, your life will automatically expand. the teacher is within you. your body is a gift. keep it strong, clean, and agile, and you will be honoring the most important teacher–YOU!!–you’ll ever have. the Great Spirit lives within us all! really!

I hope you enjoy this little yoga lesson i’m sharing with you. occasionally i’ll give some tips. lordflea does love hatha yoga, the physical poses, so very much, that i want the entire world to know these ancient, but very effective moves that keep us fit, grateful, and calm (thanks to the breathing, the key to inner peace).

in the Light, lord flea singing our song of ONE

makin’ do with what you’ve got

excuse me while i chuckle.

just got an email from my friend terry, who has just moved to moloki, hawaii, to caretake a 2,000 acre health/wellness/meditation complex with her hub, om-tom. she was writing me how hard it is, how things are just not running right, equipment breaking down, computer stolen when they went in a rented car to the main island–oh, what else, oh yeah, the makeshift computer doesn’t work, and on top of that, there’s no phone reception.

life is rough.

my partner is having a hard time, too–life is challenging these days. it seems to me we’re having not just an economic crisis, but a spiritual one as well. here’s one way of looking at it, a la art:

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

after a decade of living on islands in the “third-world” i can empathize  with you, terry, perhaps more than others…and know that you are just living the life that happens, when you’re not on “the continent.” it’s just the way it is on islands. but the “pros” you will experience, and have, and continue to, will FAR outway the “cons”… believe me. living separate from “all that is” is sooooo spiritually fulfilling, and fun! just write me whenever you get down, and i’ll jump up and dance with you, my friend, and share with you my experience of developing patience, tolerance, and … quite a snotty attitude, actually, that “i’ve learned to do better” than ordinary continentals, as we call them. Because once you get used to adversity being the way it is, always! and learn to adapt to “what is,” … a person changes. we become so much more an “in the flow” kind of person. and that’s really where the Self resides. being in constant contact with true Inner Peace takes hard work. but the rewards? living a good life, even in the midst of unprecedented adversity.
who needs things to flow smoothly all the time? that’s so…predictable! ha ha! look at me, miss positive. but i’m not there, where you are, terry, right? but … if i wasn’t here, taking care of mom, you bet that’s where i’d be. i can’t wait to pack my bags and leave “ever-reliable, oh so abundantly efficient” america (or any continental place)…and go to live with the simpler, more “don’t care” kind of folks—the islanders.
sorry about losing your mac, though. that’s a bummer. we get spoiled, don’t we? i still use a dinosaur p.c., but i’m happy.

here’s a little cheer-up for my pals terry and om-tom out there in molokai. when life gets tough, when our nerves start to shout! ouch! here’s one solution—retreat into your ever-abundant imagination…yes, just float away in a story. even if you haven’t got bread to eat, you still have your imagination and you that can fill a person right up to the top!

this character sitting in the middle is my good pal Cleozed. he’s a composite, as you can see: man, plant, fish, and –what else?

Cleozed and Hummin'womb-an

Cleozed and Hummin

walk in the unlimited-ness of your being…expand your possibilities, and come fly with me! how, you ask? just breathe…long breath in…long breath out…ahhhhhh-men, and ahhhhhhh-women, too!

in the Light, lord flea

Dare to be Spiritually Correct … huh?

Hi Friend,

Just back from Boston where we spent a pleasantly gentile weekend attending a gathering of old college friends. 

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

we got to share stimulating thoughts, discussions, symposiums, dances, exhibits, and most importantly, the sharing of life’s sweet laughter.

as i’d mentioned in an earlier post, i’m starting a new awareness about all of us catching ourselves in our tendencies to over-intellectualize and/or over-politicize, and become, more and more, aware of each opportunity to practice, and finally arrive at BEING … more and more … with practice, with joy, even … being SPIRITUALLY CORRECT

instead of being p.c. i suggest we all try to be, and help each other to remember to be … “S.C.” — spiritually correct.

you may laugh, but once you get the hang of this new movement, you’ll enjoy this carefree, “all for others” attitude, even in midst of the worst financial crisis, the most confusing and challenging of political climes.

take our pal Bob, here, showing off his new tattoo.  bob chose the ancient hebrew phrase honoring “Logos”… the “word” of Spirit … in his humble way of proclaiming his own brand of reminding himself to be spiritually correct.  a former businessman, now an ordained minister, bob has branded his love of Spirit into his very flesh.  i kept calling him “reverand biker bob” but … we just laughed, because surely he is not that.  bob’s tat is his own private reminder of his dedication to this new way of being:

Reverand Bob showing his new "logos" tattoo to Carter

Reverand Bob showing his new "Logos" tattoo

so, for the moment, my journey with you that my blog records, documenting my personal lust for art, nature, and adventure, is taking an inward turn as i report more about my most cherished discovery … that among all things people like to share about, the most important journey of all, and perhaps the most unbelievalbe … is a person’s discovering, and then embracing, the Inner Light within.

being Spiritually Correct, s.c., is to acknowledge this Truth (of Spirit) as not only real — but really important to remember.  to call yourself s.c. is to remind yourSelf to keep a heightened awareness ever at the center of all actions, all thoughts, in the rest of all our daily living, whatever that might entail.  being “spiritual” doesn’t mean just now and then.  being s.c. means to live with awakened recognition that we are all ONE.   being s.c. takes precedent over being any other kind of “correct,” be it social, political, intellectual, environmental, groovy, hip, religious, anti-religious, cultural or quaint, material or non-consuming, or … any other ways of being fashionably or unfashionably human.

try something new — be s.c. 

being s.c. means … letting go and letting Spirit into the scene.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

fly from your restraints and you, too, can learn to fly, In Spirit!  let your own Inner Spirit be one with the knowledge that we are all connected, we are all One.  there is a discernible energy that connects us all.  as Chief Joseph said, “we are all connected, in the web of life.”

right now, everywhere i go and you, too, people are buzzing, ranting, non-sequituring, going off the wall (but not jumping out windows–yet!), being passionate about politics, the financial fiasco, the mess our environment is in.  on everyone’s minds is the need for climate change; we’re desperate for conscious, compassionate leadership.  and so it should be, all of us being passionate — right now — at this election time.  because we all must fight for what we believe in, and that includes stating, even fighting for our choices.  each of us must discern from the political pile the best of what is offered.

but come the evening of november 4th, we must all come together as One, no matter what the results of the u.s. presidential election is.

i won’t go into politics here.  this blog is not about that subject.  my thoughts are about art, nature, the environment, and the more important subjects (hey! it’s MY blog, right!) of finding the universal Truth that hides in the heart of all members of the human race, of all living beings, too.  we are all tiny cells in the body of what some call “God” but … it doesn’t matter what you call “IT.”  IT is a mysterious, mystical, but very real, very tappable energy.  IT is a force that is unseen, yet IT connects us all, in more ways than science has yet to discover, but they are quickly on the trail of pinpointing and proving: cellular knowledge, quantum physics, string theory.  stay tuned: michio kaku will explain it all, in all good time.

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT within all … spiritual energy … a person’s chi, also called the kundalini, qi, tao, Great and Holy Spirit … whatever name we choose to call the Divine … is the only reality there is, the alpha, the omega, and … the Logos:

the Force within i call Noname

the Force within i call Noname

this is not serious, no-fun business i’m talking about here. i hope you realize i am reporting on the absolute certain joyousness i feel in my heart, and soul, based on my own experiences of discovering we are all One, all connected.  if you don’t think this is fun stuff–lighten up!  don’t get me wrong or put me in some box marked “weirdo serioso.”  no sirree.  when i speak of living a life based on being s.c. i’m conveying the choice to embrace an attitude, based on personal experience.  but don’t just scoff.   put this s.c. business into practice for yourself, and see your face light up, the smiles barge into your life, and others! 

a person whose life is based on being s.c. is much more prone to laughing and doing silly things like … being in an elevator with or without friends (as happened this past weekend up in Boston) and, for the hell of it, when the doors close and the strangers stuck with you refuse to look you in the eye, or even crack a smile … gently, mellowly start to Ooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.  you’ll feel the energy change, BIG TIME!!!  boy!  you’ll see, as we did, uptight strangers rush out of an elevator so fast you’re practically knocked down!  we laugh and we laugh, and we continue to Oooommmm in the most unlikely places, with or without friends.  this is all good, all great, all unbelievable loosening action:


help others rid themselves of stiff, old, doesn’t-work, irrepressibly stuffy and unfun thinking that needs to be unwound from the human collective soul.  

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

so come on, i dare you!  do something totally whacked-out remindful of Spirit today, and forget being “proper” or “polite” or “afraid to offend”…. just spread the word, of IT, of God, of Spirit, however you sing that song of bliss, whatever the Name is, whatever IT means to you.  

IT may be nature.

allow yourself to become calm, secure enough, just for today, somewhere a wild bird might easily choose to come and rest upon your head.  sit still, and thoughtful, breathe, become filled with s.c. … in your yard, by your window, on a park bench … in a golden autumn meadow.

just allow yourself to feel the goodness of being in tune with the earth, this glorious earth that we are ever-more-consciously stewards of.  your activism starts with remembering the beating of your heart, of listening to your own breath.  your entire life will feel so much better if you invite your busy mind to just stop — for a little while — and merge with your natural surroundings. become safe enough for a wild bird to trust its life to, to alight upon the top of your head.  feel the tender feet of the bird believing you and IT are indeed, the same.

breathe deeply in, pushing your belly out with the in-breath… breathe gently and long out, contracting your belly with the out-breath.  merge with your breath.  why not?  what have you got to lose?

that is what i mean by being “spirituall correct.”

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

wishing you all a fun, shimmering, serene day, even in the midst of the most tumultuous firey tempest,

in the Light, lord flea

global mala

dear One,

yesterday we met on St. Augustine beach and formed a human mala; a rosary bead of intent.  the focus of our 108 sun salutes, followed by 108 chants of Om was global peace.  sending out our prayers as action (hatha yoga asanas) and sound (the seed mantra, Om) was a glorious way to be active, to participate in being part of the solution, instead of remaining part of the problem.

the sound of peace, the sound of God consciousness … the sound of Om:

visualizing the power of Om as its vibrations resonate throughout the atmosphere

visualizing the power of Om as its vibrations resonate throughout the atmosphere


try it yourself.  why not now?  or soon.  find a quiet place, all by yourself or with a like-minded friend.  get quiet.  breathe deeply.  set your intention that this sound of Om, this ancient sound that the sages say was the sound of creation that was first heard by those who sought answers to such things, intend to send out your tone with this ancient note.  send it out to the world.  help heal the world with your sound.  forget politics for this moment.  forget the strife.  forget the confusion.  focus on sending out the positive vibrations that are here, for all of us, at any given moment.  all we have to do is listen, and then join in with our voices.

breathe out long.  breathe in long … now make this beautiful sound with your own tone.  make this sound over and over until you feel you have sounded and become One with Truth It-Self.

what an expansive, rewarding feeling.  enjoy!  over and over!  whenever you can.

i send you my loving sound also, Om with me, lordflea