The Ship called “Relation”

greetings friend,

it’s a rainy morn in st. augustine, the oldest (white guys’) city in America. in case someone ever forgets, the native american pueblos are thousands of years older than st. augustine, this lovely seaport that today tends to milk the “oldest city” thing ad infinitum.

we’re enjoying our new relationship with this seaside town. new here, we slowly discover the people who make st. augustine their home, as we do.

having a relationship is like sailing on the big wide sea: the journey is exciting, but fraught with challenges, even dangers, but always, always, if one sticks it out surely one arrives at the destination the ship (or small boat, in my case) had set out for in the first place. a relationship is both the boat, the passengers, and how well they stay the plotted course.

in relationship with each other, their vessel, and the vast Sea all aound them

on a tiny boat named “away” two friends start their journey; in relationship with themselves, their vessel, and the vast Sea all around them

today’s thought:

what can i do to “trim my sails” a bit, to make my ship called relation (to whomever or whatever) a smoother, more fun, more fulfilling journey?

just think about it. or even better, take a tiny action, a step toward improving some part of your relation-ship. tomorrow i’ll share what i do when i need to trim, to reset, to detach … to make a relationship more fun. even if that means assessing that a major re-haul is due, or something on my part needs improving instead of the other, or, by god,  abondoning ship. the Sea out there, our daily life on planet Earth, especially at this anxiety-filled time, is a challenge for anyone in which to have successful relationships. but i do believe, if one flows with the energy of our own Inner Wisdom, and we can listen to the Universal Heart within, and that way (not necessarily by asking others, but sometimes, if one is lucky enough to have “wise” friends) one always knows what the next right thing to do is.

so relax, and breathe …. breathe in … breathe out … remember to watch your breath and all will be well. get quiet. that’s when you hear, you feel the beat of the Universal Heart, through listening to the breath. trust the Mystery of the Sea’s energy, and — forget your fears! just don’t pay attention to the barrage of “what ifs” or “buts.” if you’re in a relationship, you are supposed to be learning something from it. otherwise Great Spirit, the wisdom of the Inner Self, would never have led you to that particular relationship in the first place. so don’t fight it. breathe. relax and flow. there’s a time to analyze, and there’s a time to just … flow.

the Sea as a benevolent Goddess, always caring for we who respect, who honor Her, even in our relationships

the Sea as benevolent Goddess, always caring for we who respect, who honor Her, even in our relationships

relax…even when the times are rough. it’s not easy. but it can be done, with practice.

i’ve had a tough time with relationships. but i have a remarkably successul one now with my mate, my two (step) children, a healthy one now with my mother, which was formerly excruciatingly strained and numbingly toxis (for me!), a getting-better one with my government, and an oh-so-precious one with my Higher Power, my very own Inner Self.

have a wave-catching day riding on the Sea of life. protect your Self, and this glorious planet we all enjoy together, my friend.

singing my calypso song to you,

in the Light, lord flea

ps. accidentally i made this a page. i wonder if i’m supposed to keep it that way…and add to: ship called relation daily…why not? this can be a little “sub-chapter” about relationships, at least until i understand what the heck i’m doing here, on this blog. wheeee, let’s go!