Visionary Art, Explained (for a change)

Recently I sold two of my older sculpture-paintings and after the check was signed, the collectors asked me to write up “what they mean” … a request that always tantalizes my artist-writer sensibilities. The following explanations of my art might prove interesting to those of you who wonder how an artist works, what thoughts go through our minds as we create, and other “insider” info that you can’t get just by “looking.” Sometimes the viewer needs a “key” or two to unlock the “secrets” an artist (like me) likes to squirrel away, hoping the subconscious stuff I work with will do its job. I’m glad when people ask. But just for the record: I never “tell” the meaning of a piece unless the viewer has had a chance to appreciate it on their own terms. In fact, I insist on NOT talking about symbolism in a piece unless I feel the viewer is genuinely “hooked” and needs to understand more. In this case, the new owners had simply been attracted to the two works for … what? their colors, shapes, sizes, how they matched a couch? God, I hope not! The married couple did not know any of the following subliminal stuff that goes into my works UNTIL after they’d purchased the two pieces. This is their golden ring, the prize of following their guts and appreciating something besides “what’s obvious.”

Here’s the first piece:

family puzzle

Family Puzzle

Family Puzzle, by teZa Lord (

Made from cut-out plywood with volcanic lava immersed in acrylic medium (for surface texture), this painting’s image signifies how families are. Always a puzzle, but closely fitting each other. In this one of the series (there are four, each different) the strongest image is the central geometric shape, the circle within a triangle (an ancient sign for the Divine, God’s energy) with lightning bolts coming from it … showing how important it is to have God-energy (Spirit) central to one’s life, especially in a family. The rows of grain on the upper left corner signify spiritual and worldly nourishment; the fecund, quiet figure on upper right with her abundant, spilling-over Horn of Plenty, is the Mother, the center of a family’s spiritual understanding. The Father in this dream-like piece (aka visionary) could be interpreted as the central bulls-eye, Divine Father. The two young, fetal-shaped children, stretching their hands out to each other are under-developed in many respects, showing the importance of inter-action for healing and wholeness in familial members, whether siblings or parents. The clock represents my birth time (4:07a) and the circular shapes are “evolving” into actual wheels…showing progress, development … how I see civilization progressing positively. These are recurring themes in all my work. The main color of the “puzzle” shape is earthly, while the figures and space around, are bluish, the color of Spirit. If you look back from the painting you can see two “tri-grams” … comprised of three lines each … painted on either side, right and left (together they form the two balanced hexagrams of the I Ching called Peace, 11, or Standstill, 12; depending on the trigrams’ up and down arrangement). The tri-grams are ancient Chinese symbols signifying Yin and Yang, male and female, dark and light … and here, in the puzzle of family life, they are nicely in balance. The left side is Yin (female, broken lines, note the spiral-shaped breasts and womb geometry), and on the right is Yang (male, unbroken lines, note the masculine shaped arrow, pointing to center).

… and the second piece …

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Baby Steps by teZa Lord (

Constructed in a sculptural manner (physically manipulating, grinding, sanding, removing and applying layers of paint over worked volcanic lava on wooden surface, for texture) Baby Steps depicts my version of the continuity of all life, but specifically how the human race itself is upwardly evolving. Usually portrayed as a female, the central figure in my version is a gender-unspecific rendition of the deity called Nut (pronounced Knut), a figure shown in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that reenacts the movement of the sun from horizon to horizon. Thus, her/his “downward-dog” like position, extending from continent to continent … or from this world to the next, showing that life is eternal, as the sun always rises for us on Earth. As a spiritual activist I believe in the positive upward evolution of humankind, even though at times it seems we’re on the brink of self-annihilation. The “baby-steps” in this work (seen walking from right to left, in bottom quadrant) are made with goopy gold paint applied to an actual doll that I made “walk” across the board this work was created on. Manipulation of the surface is to make the works in this series appear like 3-D stone carvings, rather than 2-D paintings. The colors of mostly blues, represent the spiritual life. The three mountain peaks painted reddish, in the background, are my way of indicating a “female-ness” about the central figure of Nut, although the protrusions usually on Nut’s chest, in this case, I turned upside down. Isn’t it interesting what you get when you ask the artist to “explain a piece”! I know no one would ever “get” this piece without my explanation of the imagery, and that makes it even more thrilling to create (like sending secret prayers into the world, yes!). I’m intrigued by who is attracted to the subliminal stuff within a work, and who isn’t.

The Magical State of — Being Alive!!

the JOY of spiritualizing mundane life

the JOY of life

The magical, heightened state of being alive was what always fascinated me.

As a kid I aspired to fly like a bird, and why not? I experienced such things in my dreams from earliest memories, so why couldn’t I, I asked myself, do the same being awake? By age thirteen I began to seek the inner state of nirvana when I first heard of it in a book. I’d go to the woods to try to empty my mind, like Hesse’s book “Siddhartha” and Gibran’s “The Prophet” explained, but got nowhere. From then on I turned my back on conventional church going and heaven believing. I wanted my heaven right then and there. Besides, religion was a boor and I wasn’t having the magical experiences I’d had in my youthful mystical experiences, feeling Christ in my bones, wanting to marry him when I was grownup. Thus, in my teens I began my earnest search for altered states on my own.

(this is an excerpt from my upcoming book: “Laughing Heart” … I will be posting more on Lord Flea, enjoy!)

The Magical Dream of Three Bulls

the marvel of Nature

the marvel of Nature

We are the Tunnel, mixed media, 54“x42”We were walking along the edge of his Florida pasture one day, Bill, my father-in-law and I, taking advantage of another opportunity to talk about life and share each other’s company. I surprised myself that day when, after a young and rambunctious bull hopped the fence right in front of us, I instinctively approached it, not so much from bravery as an automatic reflex. Bill was already in his eighties and I, a mere forty-year-old then, wanted to protect the enfeebled old man, whom I was uncommonly fond of, and would have taken a bullet for, if truth were known.

“Watch out,” Bill said in his droll manner, cautioning me, alert to the unpredictable ways of livestock, especially a young upstart like this rowdy yearling-bull. “He’ll butt you hard if you don’t watch out.”

Wouldn’t you know just as Bill said this, the young bull charged me. But I, propelled by guardian mode, met the chest-high head of cowhide over steel with a double whammy fist right in the middle of the young animal’s eyes. Dazed almost as much as I, the bull shook his head and jumped right back over the fence, joining his four-legged family who stood bedazzled by the young daredevil’s adventure.


From the moment we met I loved Bill. I knew I wanted to marry his son the instant I heard Bill say to his elegant wife, “I must be in heaven, I thought I saw an angel,” when my future mother-in-law waltzed into the room to greet me that day. And it wasn’t he who objected to my bare feet, like she did, nor the fact that I was an artist and an adventurer of sorts. He wasn’t dubious about my mothering skills either, when it came down to whether I had what it takes to raise Carter’s two youngsters he had full custody of after a vicious divorce. This was a blended family we were a-brewing, creating a new dream of different backgrounds and faiths, cultural influences, even politics.


Grampa Bill, after his angel passed on, wasn’t one to let dust settle. Within nine months, at eighty-seven he married an acquaintance, a woman everybody hoped would be a great companion for his golden years. Sadly, she turned out to be an alcoholic and within five years the old man was not only divorced, but taken closer to the poor house by her shiftiness. Instead of finding another angel, Bill had been cornered by a succubus.

I sat with him as he sorted that one out. The trauma sent his mind to the farthest regions of awareness as he dove into the haze of senility.

In the numb twilight of Bill’s recovering from spousal abuse, he awoke one day to feel terribly sad, upset about our son’s debilitating football accident that would leave the seventeen year-old permanently handicapped.

“The worse thing that’s ever happened to our family,” the old man moaned loudly.

He wept that day I sat beside him, quietly talking of our son’s recent injury. Bill then reached into his pocket to grab what he thought was his linen handkerchief, always there. He didn’t realize it, and I said nothing to upset him further, but instead of the hanky he dabbed his flowing tears with a soft, used one-dollar bill.

I remembered hearing one of his daughters insist to the caretaker that he always had to have one in his pocket. “So daddy has some money and still feels he has some control over his life; just a token to help his self esteem,” she’d instructed.


Now, nearing ninety-nine, Bill was waiting for me as I caught the next plane from out west where Carter and I had gone camping. Bill knew – somehow, even at that final stage of the bumpy ride, filled with both joys and ravages that life brings us all – exactly who he wanted at his bedside. Of his four grown children and their spouses, I was the only in-law requested to be present. That’s because Bill was always more to me than just my husband’s dad.

Carter and I had driven out west on a month’s-long celebratory camping jaunt in honor of having successfully raised our kids. The minute the youngest joined his sister, safe and secure in college, we took off cross-country, driving to a new campsite every night, bicycling everywhere we could, cooking delicious food on wood campfires right outside our roomy tent. We were in Montana riding our bikes on the golden hills of the plains where the buffalo used to roam so abundantly, with the endless and eponymous Big Sky above, when we received word that our own old buffalo chief, Bill was on his death bed.


Three days before, Carter and I had ridden our bikes around southwestern South Dakota at Wounded Knee, close to the Lakota Indian Reservation. We were infatuated by the landscape, as foreign to us as if we’d landed on Mars. I leaned my bike against a rock and wandered away on foot from where Carter was intently observing a small animal or chasing some reptile between the hilly mounds and scrubby brush of that arid place.

A few quick strides and I came upon a jaw-dropping sight: an old grey buffalo, lying peacefully in a patch of sunlight. He must have gone off by himself, too, and was enjoying the last of the day’s fading sun. He paid me no attention as I came within ten yards of him and stayed that distance, half hidden by a hilly outcrop. I stood watching, fascinated to get so close to so magnificent a wild beast. He blinked and gazed toward me. I froze and met his eyes. He lifted his massive head back to catch the sun’s warmth, and serenely closed his lids, accepting my closeness.

He was at total rest, as if waiting, willing to embrace the inevitable shadow of the day’s end that was quickly approaching. I couldn’t help but think he might be getting close to pulling his last breath, by how resigned yet expectant he appeared. Immediately I thought of Bill, back home, and how he too, might be savoring his last moments in the gentle sun of life. The buffalo’s strong neck held his proud head high, feeling every morsel of warmth, absorbing it, yet at the same time he seemed to be honoring the disappearance of the bright disk above.

At my respectful distance I stood stick still, fascinated by such regality and noble strength that even in old age, was evidence of this huge animal having been a great leader in his day. As I watched the old buffalo I sensed he was preparing to die. What else could explain how this giant old rogue, now so feeble, so incapable, couldn’t keep up with the rest of his herd? Or why he had found this sunny, isolated spot to nestle in, between craggy rocks, so well hidden that Carter and I hadn’t noticed him when we approached the area earlier on our bikes.

While watching the old bull, his wet and flaring snout held high, his eyes occasionally roaming the horizon – totally aware of me – I saw how solemnly, how bravely he faced the last strong rays of the resting sun. Again, I thought of Bill, our family’s Grampa, and wondered if this ancient bison – not in distress but oblivious, and ready to leave behind that which no longer served his noble pursuits – was a sign that our own family’s chief, back home, was soon to leave his earthly body.

A few days later, in Montana then, we received the call.

Bill waited for Carter to arrive first, and then for me to come the next day, because there was only one seat out of Missoula the day we got the expected news. When Bill saw I had made it, he right away sat up in bed, agile as a trapeze artist, and said, “Oh, you’re here!” and immediately fell back down. Within an hour he lapsed into the in-between shadows of not-here, not-there of his approaching, last sunset.


Our kids were away in college as their Grampa rested in these waning hours of his life’s shine, while Carter, his brother and sisters and I gathered around our family’s old bull, being present for the head of our family’s comfort and ease in this, his glorious and final passage.

I wouldn’t have missed this most important event in Bill’s life, his last rite of passage, just as momentous as his earlier ones must have been. His four children and I stood around his bed, we who loved him so, witnessing Bill’s last breath as we joined hands around our favorite old bull, saying prayers, whispering comforts, saying our good-byes, offering heart-quaking thank yous.

Moments after, there was only stillness from Bill’s suddenly empty form, lying nobly and chief-like, surrounded by his tribe.


Later, alone with the love of my life, the man who shared his father’s great capacity to nurture, to love, I asked Carter in a small voice, “Why do you think Bill wanted me here?”

My own father, with whom I’d had a strained relationship, died twenty years before with me by his side also. Since marrying Carter, Bill had become my surrogate father, my pal, a role model for parenting: an unmatched spiritual mentor. He filled in the chinks of my broken faith in paternal strength, making up for all the misunderstandings and shortcomings of my own father, a troubled man. I could talk to Bill in private about my dreams, and he’d help me understand myself better. His wisdom affirmed how the subconscious affects us all so deeply. Dreams, you see, were Bill’s passion, and while he was a successful businessman, he was also an expert dream interpreter. He encouraged everyone he met to follow their dreams.

Now Carter looked at me and said simply, “Because dad loves you, teZa.”

My heart grew like a balloon pushing against my chest, realizing I was included in this inner circle not by chance, but by life’s many choices that had led us all together.

A Spiritual-Symbolic Drawing Explained in Detail … “the teacher within”

Hi Everyone! Thought you’d enjoy this drawing that I’ll tell you about it after you look at it for a moment.

identifying with the Teacher

identifying with the Teacher

Within each of us is part of everyone and everything else — it’s true! We are All One. Some of us feel this more strongly than others. But that doesn’t make it not true when some don’t feel this truth in their own life, or disagree when someone feels it in theirs. I have experienced this Oneness for myself, so for me there is no question. Also, I’ve been with someone who was in the process of dying (life-transition) and they too experienced this Oneness I’m talking about, just before leaving their physical body. So for the topic of Oneness, and using it as a subject for making art it’s a no-brainer. it’s the equivalent of some people painting horses, cats, or teddy-bears, really. I love Oneness! It’s so inspired my life, my quest for life’s magic that I wish to share it with as many people as I can.

we are indeed, ALL ONE. Let’s look at it from another perspective, shall we?

we humans are crystals of shared energy and consciousness

we humans are crystals of shared energy and consciousness

However, no matter how many testimonials from others, or scientific proof newly discovered about consciousness and how it communicates, mysteriously, but universally — some people insist that they, their personality, their being-ness are separate. That their life is completely their own. That their decisions only affect themselves, their immediate friends and families, etc.

But guess what? This isn’t true. Everything each of us does, whether we’re conscious of it or not, affects the entire world … and I’d dare say the entire Multiverse. One’s life, one’s actions — one’s thoughts — these may not seem like anything important at the time, but … each of our thoughts and actions, certainly our life, counts very much indeed.

Because, after all, our thoughts are nothing less than seeds of actions that will come-to-be in the future. Every action starts with a thought. There is no action, not even the most spontaneous one, that doesn’t arise from having had a thought, even if that flicker of a thought was mere seconds, or a mili-second before an action is completed.

The black and white drawing, the first image, therefore, depicts how it feels when a person such as (I and many of my seeker/spiritual activist friends) have made a conscious alignment with the spiritual philosophy of a certain teacher. The teacher, literally, figuratively, and spiritually, lives within us. The teachings that have resounded in our hearts and minds, become part of our everyday collection of Truths. We use these Truths to decipher how to live, what to decide, how to act.

This is what I was thinking when I drew the image in my journal. Do you relate to its significance? Can you share with us about your feelings?

love and Light from your pal Lordflea

What to do when it’s HARD to keep going?

Welcoming in a new year is always fun. Lots of parties, lots of good cheer.BUT…when they’re all done–what next?

We all have dreams, goals, resolutions–whatever we call them. Some are reasonable, others are pie-in-the-sky nearly impossible. But why not? Shoot for the stars, that’s what I always say! Give yourself the opportunity, always, to fulfill anything your heart sings to you.

Big Bambu by Starn Twins

Big Bambu by Starn Twins

Like this awesome bamboo free-for-all sculpture erected on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York by the Starn Twins last summer. Just amazing! Fabulous! Stupendous. And where did this idea begin? As a thought. A dream. Maybe a scribble on a napkin, even.

One stick of bamboo at a time, those innovative guys created their mind-blowing sculpture that swayed in the wind yet was strong enough — held together with mountain-climbing twine — to accomodate many people as they walked on special ramps created within the piece itself. I’m so enthralled by this piece that I’ve decided to make a “mini-me” piece in my own yard, using the giant timber bamboo I grow. Wish me luck. But you know what? I won’t need luck! All I’ll need is just to DO IT…one stick at a time. And before I know it, I’ll have some sort of bamboo-ey thing I can gaze at, with extreme satisfaction.

Big Bambu (detail) by Starn Twins

Big Bambu (detail) by Starn Twins

However, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we hope, the way we planned. As the bumper sticker says, “LIFE happens”… and ain’t that the truth. So here’s how I think/act/believe about things not working out according to my plan, so I don’t end up being some kind of sad sack, or worse — drink or drug or act out, to annihilate my life’s disappointments.

I use the silly slogans I’ve learned in a fabulous spiritual fellowship to which I’ve belonged for 27 years now, that’s how. These simple phrases are the loving, blame-free, guilt-free guides that help me through life’s maze comprised of: either the highs that come of unfettered hopes and realized dreams, as well as the lows of others disappointing me, letting me down, scaring me, driving hope from my heart. These aphorisms protect me from life’s many crushes and inevitable bites-in-the-ass, that are as sure to arise as these nasty (but necessary) guys that roam the great oceans of the world.

Life's BIG OUCH!

Life's BIG OUCH!

Let go let Good (or God, if you prefer)

Keep It Simple (or Spiritual!) Sweetheart

One Day at a Time

Think Think Think

Easy Does IT — but do it!

….I can’t tell you how many times my sinking-struggling-life has been saved by the safety-ring of these words. When you start remembering them, and carry them in your back pocket, and draw upon them, repeating them to yourself a million times if need be, in times of woe or wonder ’bout what-the-heck is going on? why doesn’t anything ever work out the way I want it to? —  life, sure enough, begins to change.

These saying help us to DECIDE to approach life as a spiritual experience that we humans are capable of going through, rather than accepting life as the less-than alternative, that it’s some fiercely weird, uncontrollable merry-go-round we can’t get off of until we’re dead. When a person decides (it must be a conscious choice!) to live from a higher perspective than merely assuming there’s only the physical world to contend with — things start to hum and hop and shimmer in an entirely different way. Life becomes our virtual heaven-on-earth, instead of one’s hell-on-earth.

there's always hope

there's always hope

Breath is the gateway through which one enters the portal of becoming an illuminated spiritual being, waaaay more interesting than just accepting yourself as only an insignificant, flawed, no-choice human.

Let me demonstrate how to properly breathe for you:

Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight. Make sure you’re in a place where there are few, if any, distractions. Turn your phone, TV, everything you can–off! Now place one hand lightly on your abdomen, just above your navel. When you breathe in push out from your stomach/intestinal area, and make sure your hand pushes out. This pushing-out isn’t your stomach but actually is the workings of your diaphragm, a bellows-like flat muscle that regulates how much, or little, your lungs work.

When you push OUT (your abs)  on an IN breath, you are filling your lungs up at maximum capacity. If you are not familiar with this type of breathing (the same as professional singers use, and is taught for easeful child-bearing by the Lamaze Method) you will probably become light-headed, because you’re not used to getting so much oxygen in your old, un-diaphragmatic, shallow type of breathing. Now, with the OUT breath, suck IN your abs, and allow the diaphragm to contract.

This may take some practice, so really concentrate on the exact formula:

Breathe IN, abs push OUT; Breath OUT, abs suck IN

What’s happening with this type of breathing? You allow your mind to become entirely focused on your breathing. And you’re also breathing at maximum capacity. These two things add up to one thing: a relaxed, healthy condition. A perfect balance of being mental, physical and spiritual. Spiritual, by the way, is really just “being mind-full,” nothing more, nothing less. Being more awake, aware, and open-minded is mindful. Suddenly, with this type of breathing, your body functions in a much more efficient manner, AND  your mind is not concerned with anything else except the breathing you are doing — in that present moment.

The mind is not capable of sustaining more than one thought at a time. Try it…it’s very difficult (although I did take a workshop back in the 80s that attempted to teach how to hold multiple-thoughts at the same time…a very very difficult challenge, which really, I couldn’t do, no matter how hard I tried).

Good luck! Practice! Breathe instead of pouring yourself that next glass of wine. Or diving into Facebook for distraction, or playing a video game. Breathe instead of getting down on yourself, blaming, being shameful, depending on others (or other things) to bring you up. Your breath is your best friend. Your breath is the key to higher realms of consciousness. And remember—without your breath—you’d be dead! Now THAT’s a pretty basic thought if I ever heard one!

Even the Universe breathes … Listen to the sound it makes as you concentrate on your own breathing. It sounds something like ….

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

I’m breathing with, as well as singing and dancing with you, too! Have fun with Spirit.

in the Light, lordfela

an ordinary, extraordinary year—2011!

Ahhh, another turn of the year and here we are on the eve of 2011. How exciting! How enthalling! How positively intriguing. What will this year bring us? Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a most health-filled, posperous, and full-filled year, this blessed year of 2011. And I don’t say that lightly. A new year is a new beginning. When all of us (at least those of us who follow this solar calendar, not the lunar calendar of other cultures) have the opportunity to assess what’s come to us this last year, and how we’d like to set out course, so our sails will fill with promise and good intentions for this next year.

setting our sails for the far-off horizon of hope and love

setting our sails for the far-off horizon of hope and love

My wishes for all of us in 2011:

May all your dreams come true.

May all the world’s promise of a united family of man happen, one step at a time.

May all of us, each individual in the world, shine our lights a little brighter.

May we all come to believe that we are ONE, and that we are all in this thing called life–together!

May we all assist each other, in whatever way we can, to help the bigger picture become more filled with Light, more peaceful, more accepting of forward evolution.

May we put aside our differences and forgive, truly, in our deepest hearts.

May we approach each moment as if we’re seeing what is before us for the first time—with wonder, with curisoity, with excitement, with trust.

May our world leaders be filled with inspired, enlightened decisions, taking all of those under their wings, to a better place.

May we all believe in our dreams, and never let go of knowing we can achieve them….one little step at a time, one word at a time, one act, one thought, one breath at a time.

Lordflea is sending you all (the plural is ALL you all, kind of a southern jokey thing) the very best thoughts…from my heart to all of yours. To me, that is the most important social network there is—one heart united to ALL hearts. A heart-work, if you will.

May the Light shine upon all of us in this upcoming year of 2011!

earth energy with yogis at work

earth energy with yogis at work

in the Light, Lordflea

ChanGe is only constant in liFe

Hi Friend in Spirit—

i had written a nice juicy post from my iPhone, and — lo and behold — it didn’t work! Instead of being mad or disappointed, i just said, “Well, that’s par for the course. Nothing’s sure except … things change.” And in this case, the “change was losing the post that took a half hour of laborious typing on my phone’s tiny keypad.

After all this time of trying to buck the flow of life, I’m only absolutely, 100% sure of two things:

number One: we create our own realities from the choices we make, and, number Two:  Change is the only constant in Life.

That’s why I honor Spirit instead of: politics, movements, religion, organized anything of any sort. In all my rants and sharings (whichever way you look at my writings here on lordflea) I center on how “things” affect me and all of us who share this whirling blue globe suspended in space. I come from the point of view that we are all spiritual beings having a human existence.

spreading the person at a time

spreading the Light, one person at a time

look at this drawing, for instance.
this week i had computer problems, and had to wipe my hard drive clean, take it absolutely down to scratch-from-factory condition, in order to make it run properly. That means ALL my artwork and saved information, which i had for years  scanned and neatly filed away and was accessible by SIGHT at a mere click of my nifty finger—all that, all my computer’s input, was dumped into an external hard drive that i don’t even know, really, how to operate. SO—-in order to share this drawing with you i went hunting. That’s big-time CHANGE—how to do something I’ve never done! You and I, all of us, we’re faced with that everyday of our lives. Well—i just held my nose (figuratively speaking) and jumped in, just like the first time i wanted to swim in a big dark pond and didn’t know how. I just did it. Took a deep breath and … jumped in. Most times things have worked out pretty well. I haven’t drowned yet. YET.
Oivey! Guess what? Going into the “new” external hard drive was like hunting for a tiny ant in a pitch dark field of sticky prickers. I didn’t know what i was doing. Didn’t know where I was. Couldn’t even tell which drawings matched which “codes” I could only see … there were only numbers and letter instead of names, no “titles” or hints whatsoever of which image was which. YIPES! I felt lost! BUT, instead of being pissed, or blaming the computer, or the geeks who didn’t tell me how to do anything — I decided to trust my fate to an invisible choice.
I would click something at random, in a place where I “thought” maybe, perhaps, sort-of, iffy, okay I had to TRUST that this file MIGHT be a drawing that would relate to what I’m talking about: Change.
So I clicked. And this is the drawing that came into being after clicking. And no, i never knew what it was until it appeared here, before me, just as you see it. And you know what—it’s perfect!!!
Because I’m MOST interested in helping others, as I have, to change —from materialistic ego-centric humanity to Spirit-filled, Spirit-inspired, Spirit-fueled, and Spirit-Trusting beings of Light that we truly are, who are having a human incarnation all together—and for this concept, this belief, this reality that i have created for my own existence (that’s pretty fun, folks!) this illustration is absolutely the ticket to convey
how it works.
Change starts with going to our center. The group in the above drawing sits facing center. In the center, imagine, is Human Knowledge, our Inner Wisdom, also called, “The Light.” Knowledge that is intrinsic to our human natures. It’s encoded in our DNA that’s been passed down to us from the Ancients, our beloved teachers, all the en-LIGHTened Prophets, our various holy scriptures, AND our own life experiences. And then, one by one, we who surround that center, together we sing, we dance, we praise the Light, we spread IT too, and we influence ONE another, and some other person perhaps, and—one person at a time—we change the world. We change from being scared and scurrying humans (like ants in the prickly field) over-populating and over-compensating for each other—we morph, we change, we transform ourselves into an inter-connected family of Man, the family of huManity: accepting each other’s differences. Not trying to control one another. WOW. Think of THAT. One day I woke up and just knew that all my efforts, all my work, my songs, my creations, my energies—are rippling through the waves of diverse choices we all face, and perhaps, maybe, by chance!—one by one, other people will join the song of Oneness we sing on lordflea, and come to realize that WE, together, can make a difference—one person at a time.
Want to see what happens when i go into my new external hard drive and….by chance….try clicking on another “number code”? Hmmm, let’s see how its works this time.
oh yeah, that's US

oh yeah, that's US all right! Beings of Light disguised as humans, some of us claiming our angelic form, others still debating that point

It’s perfect! You’re perfect! I’m perfect:

“We are perfect in our imperfections.” (yogic scripture)

Om purnamidam. Purnasya. Purnamadaya. Om shanti shanti shanti. 

in the Light, lordflea