Calm in the Midst of Stormy Chaos

Hello dear Friends,
I’ve been writing my next book, that’s why, no matter how much I want to, I can’t fit in more than a monthly post, here on Lord Flea Sings. I think you’ll agree though, that my current project is pretty relevant to what’s going on all around us, all of us. Read about that at end of this post. By the way, yes, these recent posts have been longer than usual because — the subject matter is way too important to synthesize into a convenient little sound bite. So bear with me, and stick with this lengthy exploration of our current times, if you wish to share what lies ahead for us in these exciting times, as I see things. If you’re looking for a “quickie” little sound bite … visit me on FB, Instagram or Twitter @tezalord. Thanks for your interest in my ongoing spiritual activism.
united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

united in our cause to make a difference–one person at a time

Everywhere I turned this past month I heard the malaise of discontents arising from the Dems who lost. Many are scared, we hear in the media and they personally tell me. Some can’t even see any hope at all. “We’re doomed,” they say. Speaking of president-elect Trump as “That bastard!” instead of giving him a chance. They know he’s evil, they’re sure. Seems to me that these kinds of people think of politics as their religion, and I wonder why they give so much power to who wins and who doesn’t, in this power game called governance? It has made me sad, and truthfully, my sadness is what has fueled this post. What I want to share with you today is the endless possibilities that lie ahead. As always, I’m approaching my subject from the spiritual p.o.v. I’m not a teacher, I’m just as spiritual activist, remember please. I have an obligation to my chosen path to share my deepest thoughts. Here and Now.
I’ve spoken to many friends and strangers alike who can barely get out of bed in the morning these days. Even other yoga teachers I know of, couldn’t teach after the spiritual-crushing results (for them) of Nov. 7. Others, like us, my consort Carter and I, look forward to the upcoming changes that we felt were necessary in American society lately. If you’re new to Lord Flea, you might want to read the previous post to see how I interpreted this shocking event, and how upsetting our recent Presidential Election’s results were to … so many folks.
Sure, some areas of society are more tenuous now, especially the environmental progress that’s been fought for and successfully made so far. But, no matter how it looks from the outside, I truly believe that change is good. But change is hard, yes. However, many people, environmentalists and women’s rights activists, think we’re doomed because of who won, I thoroughly disagree. I think we have now, even more than ever, a greater possibility to spiritualize our society, one individual at a time. And that, my friend, is MY politics.
Perhaps what “the losers” (sorry, I hate using this term, but gee, this is the fact) feel is that the world now faces The Unknown. And to many, the unknown equals the increase of dangers. Again, I differ in this respect. As a confirmed “change-junkie” (except Carter, I’m keeping him) I believe that change propels every person, and all of society too, to make assessments and transform old don’t-work-anymore ways into a new and better versions.
This has happened in my life over and over, that’s how I can say this outrageous statement.
Allow me to give you a few examples.
I was abused as a child by an alcoholic family member. Instead of that being the catastrophe that ruined my life (as it does to many other child victims) from an early age “it” compelled me to … look at my unhappiness and make changes, always changes, so that eventually I found the “right answers” and finally — I found true inner peace. If I hadn’t been abused, perhaps I would have never been so propelled or even interested in “self-improvement.” I would have stayed the same miserable, freaked out, mistrusting, badly behaving person, only as a grown up.
I truly believe that having been traumatized at age 10 pushed me into becoming an addict (alcoholic by age 15, druggie by 20) and then, after I’d had my 21 years of self-abuse, I discovered the spiritual recovery of the 12-steps when I was 36. Because I’d done so much self-sabotaging by then, I was ready to surrender to a higher concept of living. But only after having experienced the most degrading, depressing, and dangerous side of life. Since then, I have devoted myself to living sober, and learning how to erase my negative tendencies. My progress on the spiritual path has been (now here’s the catch) equal to the degradation to which I drove myself, intent upon self-destruction that’s also defined as the dark realms of self-abuse.
Guardian of the Sky, mixed media, 27“x60”

the Spirit of Destiny sometimes ties to knock us over!”

So you see? Not every “catastrophe” is really that. Sometimes what we think of as a simply awful and untenable situation (such as some feel T’s ascendancy is), could really be Nature’s way of pushing us toward a higher path. Here’s another personal example:
Followers of my blog know that I’m Angel Mom to my consort Carter’s two children. At the time of deciding to marry Carter (when the kids were very young) all my friends shouted No No No! The situation just “appeared from the outside” to be fraught with negatives and dangers (for my inner peace and life’s success). Even my own mother tried to talk Carter out of marrying me (God rest her soul). But I was already 7 years sober then and I decided on my own, to follow my heart. I chose to not listen to all the naysayers. And … from the outside what appeared to be a disastrous situation (a bio-mom who was a troublemaker, to put it mildly; living in suburbia after decades of travel and adventure) … our household turned out to be the perfect opportunity for me to become who and what I truly am (artist/writer/spiritual seeker) more than any other situation that had ever presented itself before me. BTW, Carter and I just celebrated 25 years of fulfilling-to-both marriage, and believe me, we’ve worked hard to get here. We have moved from suburbia, thank you Goddess!
So, I hope you can see from these two examples, that “Things are not what they appear to be” in both our familial and now, our current political clime.
What the world faces now, with Trump’s radically different, sometimes Twitter-irreverent and oftentimes women-irreverent, environmentally-conscious dubious presidency soon to happen, will lead us — I know, intuitively — to a better, more functioning relationship with every aspect of our complex world. This is not just my hope and prayer– it is my expectation. I feel like I’m watching a long-awaited movie. I’m so excited about this RADICAL change that I’m literally on the edge of my seat, watching, monitoring, seeing the opportunities present themselves left and right. For those scoffing at me, just remember: change is hard, but change is always good.
Carter (a Rep) and I (totally non-political) are certainly not pessimists about the new administration. We personally feel that the Dems have — inadvertantly, in their zeal to “fix society” — caused a lot of stagnation and polarization in our society. Social media has added a discordant sensationalism to the mix, but this also is part of our changing times and we must learn to filter truth from hoaxes, constantly. Many in America are out of work. Many black friends of ours voted for Trump because they are sick of promises not kept, and jobs that kept disappearing. And when people can’t eat, they get scared. When they get scared enough, they change. These were the “silent Trump votes” that were so unexpected.

Instead of seeing possibilities in change, others continue to choose to suffer as malcontents who wail and wag their fingers “I told you so!” spewing hatred more than T ever did (his theatrics got him elected, didn’t it?), even after election shock has worn off for many of us. In our household we remain expectantly hopeful as we hear our disappointed and depressed Dem friends complain, wasting their precious energy.

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

Instead of negative, send out positive energy! Like … Ommmm

I believe that so-called negative things are really “catalysts” propelling us forward. This is the story of my life’s story, right? In my story I had to suffer and come close to death, in order to find the porthole through which, thanks to great teachers, I have learned to live in the Light. Acceptance is the portal to the Light, for those of you who want a hint how to get started on the spiritual path.

I am a former close associate of the Dark. I know the ways of the Dark intimately. I was never frightened to go right up to the hungry open-toothed maw of evil — until I learned to surrender. Then I learned to kick my way out of the Dark. Until … finally, I succeeded. I’ve never been back. I turn my back on the Dark today. But I am all too familiar with the Dark’s horrors, its crushing lack of trust, its pernicious suspicions — until I found my way out to discover, or remember, rather, who I really am.

We are all children of the Light. But in order to get there, we must not be afraid to confront the Dark that’s naturally found within each human’s heart. It’s simply part of our human nature, that’s all. The Dark is the back side of the Light, nothing more. I believe experiencing this, personally, is the true meaning behind Eve giving the apple of good and evil, of temptation to Adam, back in the Bible’s garden of paradise. Without  challenges, without choosing goodness over evil, what is life but doing what everyone else does, mindlessly? Why look for the Light, when the semi-grey (the in-between stage that hides both Dark and LIght) can be so comfortable, intoxicating … and … unchangeable.
Wake up people! That’s why shocking things like 9/11 and Trump’s winning are so necessary! It’s ALL good, really, truly. Once we accept things as they are.
The world needs all the waking up and shaking up and change that we can get!
Too much really really bad stuff is happening for complacency nowadays. Our environment is melting and souring. Indigenous People are not treated equally as the more politically powerful are (Standing Rock Unite!). Our oceans are sick, our society is sick, and many human individuals, are sick as well. Neurosis and disrespect is rampant. We need the biggest, baddest shake ups we can get. I herald Trump! I don’t like him as a person, but … I love the fact his Republican party has shaken up the status quo in my own country, and the entire world is already feeling the must-change ramifications of his win, big time.
It’s my belief that, in America, if the status quo had continued (with Clinton’s win) that complacency and discontent would have just fomented more, with four more years, at least, of economic woes, the gist of what’s been happening here and much of the world over. To me, a government’s main job is not to be a babysitter, but an economic, human rights’ leader.
In history, a government’s main responsibility has been to watch over its people and protect it from dire circumstances. Like establishing values for staples, and saving grain and other commodities in storerooms for times of drought. The U.S.A.’s democracy governs with laws that are in place (thanks to our forefather’s Constitution). To me, a government’s job is NOT to pay for someone’s ills, lacks, or wages. That’s up to individuals who engage in business, commerce, or philanthropy. And we who are “workers” and not “owners” of businesses, we earn wages. While the heads of businesses’ jobs are to watch over their workers. This is not a government’s job. Sadly, this socially, more than economically, conscious attitude seems to be the basic difference between Dems and Reps, as I understand it. I may be wrong, but from someone who’s not engaged in politics, that’s my take.
I look forward to Donald Trump, a successful businessman, to take the reins of governance with the same savoir faire as he did his controversial stint as an entrepreneur and entertainer. Sure, he doesn’t operate like the “common man.” I know many successful business people. They all operate, like Trump, using the established laws to benefit the growth of their companies. They’re not going to pay the same taxes as a “worker.” They are not workers. They are … leaders. Leaders think, act, and benefit society differently than common workers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
With a great bit of over-the-top showmanship and even bits of clownish inappropriateness, Trump reinvented himself, again. From business guy to now President. I for one am happy to see someone in power who’s not a die-in-the-wool politician, such as Hillary Clinton is. Who cares he’s silly sometimes, he’s not PC, he’s never claimed to be. That’s going to be his presidency, too. Get used to it! He’s elected, folks. Just relax, sit back, get yourself involved in some positive efforts that will satisfy your own needs to help others … become a leader yourself! and stop whining. Start a recovery meeting in your town, “12-step Trump-ism meetings” sounds good to me. Make something positive about something you think is negative.
Believe in Miracles

Believe in Miracles

And for those of you who aren’t the whiners (my many ultra-liberal friends really don’t want to hear the other side of Trump’s possibilities) … I look forward to sharing with you at deeper, more insightful levels about other things than the uproar of this year’s political climate in upcoming posts.

As a yogi/meditator, I see many who are suffering disproportionately from the change in our society’s power structure. Anger is everywhere. Blame, more hatred than compassion is more often spoken aloud than wonderment, or common decency. I have some friends who continually curse Trump and spend all their energy hating him, his choices, his affront to decorum (totally modern a la Twitter). Then they wonder why there seems to be more waves of hatred in the world. They don’t see how they themselves are feeding that same negative energy. Okay, they’ve had their time to mourn. Now they simply can’t see they’re part of the problem, and not using their energies to create better solutions to our world’s woes. The best one being, in my opinion — compassion — for all beings, including Mother Earth Gaia.


A good old friend of Carter’s put it straight back in spring of ’16 when Trump first announced his candidacy. This came from our Dem friend who happens to be in charge of the entire USA’s borders:
“When the new guy gets elected it’s time to stop complaining and get on board with the new administration.”

As one of the smartest guys in Carter’s Harvard class, who has worked in Obama’s administration all along, this guy Al, as we do, believes that the beauty of democracy is how the electoral vote chooses our leaders, not the popular vote. Now it’s the Rep’s turn. The pendulum of change has swung. Period. We have to watch and wait, and send positive energy that Trump listens and follows his hand-picked advisors.

We must respect the office of the President of the United States. That office demands our respect. Anyone who doesn’t respect Trump for having won this election … is not a compassionate person. You may disagree with me, and that’s your choice. But … compassion is not about right or wrong, Rep or Dem. It’s about respecting life: as it is. Accepting life, as it is. And changing what we can about what we don’t like. With respect and compassion.
My New Book
I wish I could write posts more than my recent once-a-month output, but … I’m too involved with my next book. Finally I’ve finished the second draft. This complex story is starting to shape up. I’m excited about the story:
Teaching yoga and meditation to teenage girls in high security lockup during a bulls-eye hurricane hit, and how that experience is parallel to staying in our inner core, where our inner calm always resides — if we can just remember.
When I first worked on this idea, a true story of my life, it was a mishmash of notes from those days of a decade ago. Based on written and memory-fueled vignettes, and recent reminders from speaking to the former-director of the facility, who is now a close friend, I started piecing my ideas together. The reason I chose to write this story from scratch, when in my closet I have five already-written books waiting to be published, is … I believe right now the world needs this special story of hope more than my others.

Weaving everything together in a timeline to show the progress of 2004’s hurricane Charley, and how the apprehension awaiting “the shoe to drop” relates to how anxious these at-risk girls were, in general, always acting out instead of knowing how to channel that energy of angst that was their commonality — this has been a challenging book to organize. To make sense out of the chaos within the girls’ psyches, plus the hurricane’s churning immensity. But I think I’ve got the organizational part of the book in a reasonable form. Now … to make it juicy, filled with inspirational stuff, nice word phrasing, and … a page-turning intriguing plot. I’m excited now. The hard work, the bones of the story, is mostly over.


This next book’s subject of “helping stressed out individuals calm down” is more appropriate in today’s clime, than sharing my “blended family” story was. That’s the spiritual memoir currently with an agent. Even though the story of my own uniquely blended family also parallels much of our worldwide blended family’s story of today.


Until we meet again, be well my friends! Stay positive!
With love,
your pal Lord Flea aka teZa Lord

For You or the Entire World to Change — Awareness-Acceptance-Action!

Family BLISS NOW--a spiritual guide

Family BLISS NOW–a spiritual guide

When an issue keeps popping up and bothering us, resulting in our disturbed feelings of some description (usually of the negative sort: mad-sad-bad), this is a clear sign that a change must happen, either in your own life, the way your family is functioning, or your role in the outside world. This is having Awareness that something needs correcting or adjusting, the first step toward change.

Trying to ignore those nagging negative symptoms, or feelings, is futile. They’ll keep coming back, and each time they reoccur, bad feelings only increase in intensity. So don’t kid yourself by thinking that if you ignore uncomfortable feelings (or numb them with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, sex, etc.) they’ll go away.

Change happens only when you make it happen.

The nature of uncomfortable feelings is that they’re signs that psychic or spiritual work is needed in order to experience happiness and a holistic sense of well being.

Emotions, therefore—and working with them—are the most useful tools a person can have to achieve true fulfillment. So when a bad feeling arises, know that it is catalyzed from an outside source. When that feeling comes insistently, over and over—do your best to identify what triggers this sensation within your body and mind.

Trying to ignore the reappearance of a bad feeling fits the well-known description of—

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

After trying several or countless times to ignore the situation (and getting nowhere), you will be ready to practice Acceptance. This simply means that you recognize the experience of pain as many times as it appears.

This is where we have the opportunity to start realizing in our deepest being (our Big Heart and our logical mind) that in order for real change to occur, something has to change. Accepting something as true might happen over and over, but eventually—you’ll be filled with so much acceptance that you’ll be bursting at the seams to get on with the next step. You resemble an eager racehorse chafing at its bit, beating its hoofs, ready to pounce out of the gate at the starter’s gun during a high-stakes race—ready and willing to change.

These first two steps might take only a few moments’ clear thinking through for some. For others the process might take weeks or months. For those reluctant to change, or who use mood-altering chemicals, the stage of Awareness-Acceptance could take years.

Next, after the two stages of Awareness­–Acceptance have been reached, real change can start to happen.

As soon as a person has truly accepted—and has had sufficient awareness that something indeed is amiss in life—now a person can take Action to make real change happen.

Action can be something as simple as the mere act of thinking how to change. This is the beginning step, because truly, all action begins with thought.

Destroy the Destroyers of Love: fear, anger, depression

Life is both hard, as Scott Peck states, and it’s a Mystery too, as Chief Joseph reminds us. To me, the key to understanding how to navigate these oft-dangerous waters of life, fraught with both hidden joys and sorrows — is to follow what my Teacher has shown me to be true: Love is the answer to all human questions. Love is the destroyer of all things that destroy life’s joys.

Whether we’re talking about fear of the unknown, fear of spiders or disease, or anger about not getting our way, or sadness over feeling victimized — these things are all subjective: meaning, we can change our way of thinking. We absolutely can change the way we feel, about anything.

It’s that easy, my Teacher said with a sparkle in her eye, holding her hand aloft … giving it a gentle turn to demonstrate how everything in life — from the best news to the worst possible horror — is within our power to receive as a demonstration of the Power That Is, or — we can cry, freak out, scream “How unfair!'” Yet resisting the unfathomable way of the Mystery will never bring acceptance to our hearts. Only Love delivers acceptance safely, surely, as its trustworthy comrade. All the negative emotions: fear, anger, depression: they’re simply of our own making.

Choose Love. Embrace the expansive, sublime and completely FREE Power that is your human birthright. Nothing is so terrible it can’t be remedied with Self Love. Love of Self reminds us we are part of Nature. Love assures that we benefit from the life-sustaining rays of the sun as well as devastating storms and catastrophes — all part of the eons-long human story being written by All.

Choose well, my friends. Make your life a beautiful, accepting prayer of forgiveness and Love for All. Because earthly life is, after all, too short to waste on misery. Your choices make your life your heaven, or your own personal hell. Choose Love.

In the Light, with Love, your pal Lordflea





The Formidable Force of Nature

Protection Mandala

Protection Mandala

All of us need the most protection we can muster right now.

So much is happening around this blue planet of ours.

Diasters, wars, oppression, economic hardships, interpersonal conflicts and hostilities, ecological pollution and toxic epidemics — surely, in every arena of earthly life we are being tested, BIG time! The era we are in is called the Kali Yuga in the yogic scriptures, the dark times when man’s consciousness gets muddled; but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the hardships instead of letting them rule our lives.

These are precarious times. Many people are losing it. Others are realizing that their inner-spiritual center is the safest, truest haven of all.

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Now is the time to trust that Nature (only one of the many names for the Divine Power within all beings) is in charge.

We are not in charge. Nature (or God, or whichever name you prefer) is in charge.

Now is the time to drop all resistance, and practice acceptance … to let what is, BE.

In other words, when we practice going along with the flow we are on the path of least resistance. This is the path of acceptance. Accepting what is is the greatest spiritual challenge of life. Here’s one way to visualize the effort of practicing acceptance when we’re hit particularly hard by life’s painful events:

facing the tsunami of our own life

facing the tsunami of our own life

Do you see the tiny figure resting in the wave’s “no danger” zone? This person is not trying to flee the dangers, but accepts that utter destruction is hovering above. Instead of fighting it, this person accepts the fact that a catastrophe is actually happening, or about to happen, or has already occurred. Instead of fleeing, or denying the event, letting the event paralyze him or her with fear and remorse, this person simply … rests in the knowledge of the truth (yes, it’s happening!) and trusts that whatever happens will be okay. And … the wave washes over him or her … leaving the accepting person untouched by yet another of life’s many shattering events. Yet a person who resists the wave’s power will surely lose her or his life; being crushed by the forces of Nature instead of being uplifted by them. Resistance hardens us and makes us most vulnerable to being damaged by the forces outside ourselves. The trick is to learn how to accept instead of resist, deny, or allowing ourselves to be terrified. We must respectfully be in awe of Nature, not its enemy. We must be students and devotees of Nature, not alienated from it

This is the great lesson we must learn from Nature.

By choosing to “go with Nature”  … we have the opportunity to learn great things. It’s never too late to learn! Each of us has many opportunities to learn from Nature, if we just give this incredible force we’re surrounded by the chance. Catastrophes can be counterbalanced by the invaluable lessons we learn, when Nature strikes out and hurts her children. Instead of bemoaning our fate, Let go and let Nature teach us.

Nature lifts us from our powerlessness, if we let Her

Nature lifts us from our powerlessness, if we let Her

We are surrounded by the power of Nature. If we resist, or mourn Nature’s rule of this twirling blue planet … we will always feel powerless. But if we accept Nature’s omnipotence and marvel at Her unlimited abilities, respectfully keeping our distance from Her wrath, and never alter Her natural rhythms to suit our fancy (or our pocketbooks), and always — always! — learn our personal lessons from following Her examples … then we have a chance of experiencing happiness even in the face of life’s most heart-wrenching tragedies.

our Inner Power is as real as you and me

our Inner Power is as real as you and me

In times of dismay and discomfort, the best remedy is to go within our own human Source. Another name for the Divine. Learn to dwell in the spiritual center within. Learn to spend time there as people do at their sports stadiums, churches, temples, or mosques. Smile and listen to the sound of your own breath, which matches that of the entire Universe. Inside each of us is the seed of our Understanding. Within each human heart is a connection to the Great Heart that is identical to every particle of matter in the entire cosmos. Science has found consciousness in the tiniest cell and the furthest galaxy. Our humanness is pure consciousness. We are all connected by consciousness. Everything and Everyone is interconnected. That’s why what happens to one literally happens to us All.

Nature is our guide. Nature is the most powerful force on Earth. The only other force that equals or can help us comprehend Nature, is our own Inner Self, which is also part of Nature. Go within to gain knowledge of what is confusing, sad, depressing. All answers lie within our own Inner Selves. Go within to understand the forces that are at work in Nature when we feel overwhelmed by them, or overwhelmed by any of life’s many challenges. And never forget that we humans are cells within the body of Nature, Herself.

all of us are cells within the body of Nature

all of us are cells within the body of Nature

I am praying for all the lives ripped so suddenly away by Japan’s tsunami; I offer my spiritual energy as solace to all souls who are in pain or who stiff suffer. My art, my words, and my life are dedicated to helping others become freed from what holds them back.

in Great Love, surrounded by the beauteous Light of our inner consciousness, your pal,


fake it till ya make it

we can "fake" being good, angelic, kind ... or ... we can "fake" being ...

we can "fake" being good, angelic, kind ... or ... we can "fake" being ...

...we can "fake" not knowing what's going on, opting for remaining confused, unfocused...without a "goal" to fake toward

overwhelmed by life, believing we don't know what's going on, opting for remaining confused, mad, sad, unfocused...without a POSITVE goal to "fake" toward

i love this idea of faking it till ya make it. imagine…that i can do anything…even fly (if i only had wings) but why not? of course this is a metaphor, but “faking it” has helped me climb so much of the mountain-full of challenges that always lies before us, presenting obstables for us to surmount along our journey to fulfillment–be it personal, professional, financial, or–most important of all–spiritual fulfillment.  here, think about this one—

those who have "faked" having hard-hearts so long, they actually believe their own lying selfishness...but...if they can start to "fake" being open-hearted and compassionate toward others, and themselves...this happens!

those who have "faked" having hard-hearts so long, actually believe their own lying selfishness and unhappiness BUT...if they can start to "fake it till they make it," believing it possible to be open-hearted and compassionate toward others, AND themselves...this is what happens!

human beings who are “faking it” about love, about acceptance, about tolerance, actually DO learn to fly, because they keep their hearts, minds and souls so LIGHT, they become…

en-LIGHTEN-ed human beings!

en-LIGHTEN-ed human beings!

what do i fake, you ask? many things, but for one…i started off faking “i can DO this!!” — with this blog. a simple little ol’ blog. but…when i put my money and chips down on “faking it” about being a spiritual blogger, what happened was that when other “things” come up…a night out with friends when i could be writing or arting, people wanting me to join facebook, myspace, twitter, ad infinitum with the virtual and real-live distractions…i can reasonably and honestly tell others and myself “NO” to everything that takes me away from my goal — because — when it comes to “faking it,” we learn to concentrate our energies on that which is being “faked” (ha! is this cool or what?) . and, like magic, we begin to see that everything that tries to pull us away from our goal, is a big fat NO. but with “faking it” as our motto, we automatically invite a new awareness of BELIEVING we can do this thing we want (a blog, a book, etc.), and make appropriate choices relating to its getting done (one word at a time, one action at a time, one day at a time), and … pretty soon! … like magic! … the “faking” becomes (i’m not kidding, this really happens folks)… the “faking” becomes OUR NEW REALITY.

and so i blog. no time for the other stuff, other distractions, ’cause i’m writing that book and i’m almost finished, remember? and gee, thanks for asking.  yes, i DID finish the first edit just yesterday! wheeeeee! see — that’s one more “faking it!” on my list that’s gettin’ done. 

some people get overwhelmed by the very thought of writing a letter, let alone a 400-pg. book. we can easily “fool ourselves” into thinking, “aw, who’ll be interested?” or other stinkin’-thinkin’ mental garbage like that that stops us cold before a first word even gets written.

me…i’m faking it as i write my book. just for the record, it’s my spiritual autobiography. anybody out there a literary agent? write me! i’ve been fakin’ it that i’m a good enuf writer, that my story’s interesting enuf, and most of all i REALLY am fakin’ it believing there’s anyone, i mean any ONE who’ll even be remotely interested in reading about how i rose up from the pits of living hell (addiction, self-abuse, low self-esteem, etc. etc.)  … to rise up and know who the real ME is, self-proclaimed spiritual warrior, artist dedicated to uplifting fellow humankind of this here gorgeous Earth of ours.

here’s my praise of “Faking It” in visual form.

the spiritual energy of healing and helping ourselves, so we can then help others

the spiritual energy of healing and helping ourselves, so we can then help others

in the Light, lordflea

change…the only constant in the Universe

i’m off to cambridge, mass for a fun-filled, information-packed reunion at the revered alma mater of my spouse, and to celebrate life and all its changes with our good friends of many years.

change…the only thing you can count on …

the cycle of life ... consistently changing

the cycle of life ... consistently changing

i’m thinking how i change … my body … where i am … my moods

and i’m thinking of how the world changes … seemingly so unstable, so vulnerable to outside influences.

and then i think of the one constant, besides change, that i’ve found that gives me great comfort in my journey here:

my deep contact with the Oneness of All — that force some call God, but i prefer Great Spirit.

i am a big fan of the I Ching, called the Book of Change, and written down by Confucious about 4,000 yrs. ago.  change has been a familiar comforting essence in my search for Truth.  i trust change.  i honor change.  but i also know that if i’m not flexible, like a young bamboo shoot, and allow change to happen, naturally — i am doomed for diaster.

i don’t know, i just felt like sharing that today.

mom is having a hard time adapting to the change that’s affecting her body.  her state of thinking has been altered by this tiny tiny TIA that hasn’t even registered in a CAT Scan.  but…change is not her comfort zone.

many people are freaking because of the unprecedently change in our financial world.  this is the time for all good people to rely upon nothing but their own Higher Selves.  that is the change we’re all challenged to accept.

the steadiness of eternity's change ... you and i, we are One

the steadiness of eternity

in case you’re wondering, this “down-ward dog” person i’m representing here, in sculpture and in black and white penstrokes, is the ancient egyptian goddess named Nut.  she represented the passage of the sun across the sky.  like the sun, Nut is symbolic of eternal life.  always changing, but always constant, and never ending.

i am here with you, and i wish you all a pleasant change, each and every moment of your lives.

now i change places, from st. augustine to boston!  always something.

in the Light, lordflea