What daVinci and LordFlea have in Common

the Feminine Healing Power

the Feminine Healing Power of Shakti

I drew this image several years ago, inspired, of course, by Leonardo daVinci’s famous Vitruvian Man, executed in 1492. Can you see the obvious differences and similarities?


leo's famous guy

leo’s famous guy

My drawing is, most evidently, a woman and Leonardo’s is a man.

Mine is filled with objects of nature (plants, animals, forms and squiggles) while Leo’s is a study of simplicity, design, and sacred geometry. Lordflea’s Shakti-woman has 11 chakras, centers of spiritual energy, while Leo’s defining fulcrum of power, from my visual evaluation at least, is from the figure’s naval, his so-called solar plexus area, that spot from which he entered his human existence. Leo’s figure is devoid of any other detracting symbolism, such as the emanating, profuse natural growth of organisms I surround my female with. My woman’s glance is downward (humility) and inward (reflective) whereas Leo’s is forthrightly outward (aggressive) and in-your-face (proud and sure).

When I did this drawing I was thinking, I suppose, as all artist do, about what I was feeling. As if I were the model I was drawing I’d suppose you’d say. Of course this is NOT a self-portrait, but … why not think of how we feel as how we truly are, rather than how we look?

Because yes, I do feel that the female energy (which is my birthright, this time around) is the most healing, the most naturally-inclined to compassion, the most nurturing. and therefore, the most likely (out of the male population) to be heading the phase of enlightenment that now beckons all of us on planet Earth.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinion. Thanks for joining my thinking about this one.

In Spirit, with much love, your pal




Global Transformation … one blended family at a time–coming SOON!!

“Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach for global transformation … one blended family at a time

global transformation ... one blended family at a time

global transformation … one blended family at a time

Official Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:                                                                                                                       Sylvana Joseph

            Cornucopia Press





Cornucopia Press Signs Blogger and Inspirational Speaker teZa Lord to Produce
Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach to global transformation . . .
one blended family at a time

Philadelphia:  June 11, 2012 – Cornucopia Press announced today that it has signed popular spiritual blogger teZa Lord to produce a new non-fiction title called Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach to global transformation . . . one blended family at a time, a step-by-step guide in which Lord inspires readers to bring balance and healing to any nurturing relationship, especially within today’s “blended” (non-traditional, non-nuclear) families.


teZa Lord, aka Lord Flea, has been a spiritual blogger for many years.  Lordflea.com is where she discusses topics that appeal to people committed to helping change our world by first becoming more aware, and more spiritually balanced themselves. The blog’s archive is filled with stories and illustrations of paintings, sculptures, botanical studies and drawings, in addition to her own unique offbeat photos.  Ms. Lord offers positive tweets at twitter.com/tezalord, and through her Facebook page.  Describing her latest project with Cornucopia Press, Ms. Lord called the title, “a practical primer designed to help every family, no matter how complicated, create an intimate heart-connection, the source of familial bliss.”


“Today, so-called blended families are the norm,” said Sylvana Joseph of Cornucopia Press.  “For almost a decade, identifying the most popular show on television was easy:  American Idol.  But that’s not a given anymore.  Among the group that determines much of the revenue of the television business – viewers ages 18 to 49 – ABC’s Modern Family now is the most popular show on TV.  That’s not an accident.  Indie-filmmaker, painter and blogger teZa Lord has written a book that meets the needs of this new American family – the blended, non-traditional family – providing practical tips on how to find spiritual balance and bliss not only for yourself, but for those who make up your modern family.”
A gallery exhibiting the artist’s work is available at tezalord.com, and you can learn more about her award-winning, independent eco-comedy at lithiumsprings.com.


Ms. Lord’s new title is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2012.  In addition to this non-fiction title, the artist is currently working on a socially-inspiring, transformational fictional tale, a trilogy also to be released by Cornucopia Press beginning next year called Heart Island.


Cornucopia Press is dedicated to helping unrecognized authors self-publish and promote their work.  We empower writers to join the ranks of authors like the Bronte sisters, Willa Cather, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Wolf and James Joyce, all of whom self-published at one point in their careers.  So have many of today’s top writers, from John Grisham with A Time to Kill, to Amanda Hocking, J.A. Konrath and E.L. James, author of 50 Shades of Grey.  We help take the stress out of self-publishing, providing authors with both Book Packaging (from title selection to print and eBook production) and Book Promotion services (helping you get the word out cost-effectively so that your title sells).


For more information, visit CornucopiaPress.com.

the wonder of wonderment


Have you ever asked yourself why, and how, and when it might come in handy to wonder? To just tell yourself, “I don’t know.”? In other words … to allow yourself to be flexible enough to not have all the answers. This is an interesting point-of-view, one that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. And … even more impacting on my day-to-day life, how annoying, and even down-right disruptive it is, to have to deal with others who are not so flexible. Not so filled with wonder. Those kinds of people and that kind of interaction are not so much fun.

chaos or ... letting go

chaos or... letting go

Of course it all comes down to choices. Again! Always, it seems, whenever we talk about how life can be a good experience, or a bad one—it all comes down to how we perceive things. And that is our basic human privilege, to embrace the choice of how we feel about something that we all can exercise, even if we’re in the most oppressed or abusive situation. Our inner attitude can be powerful, even if our outer situation is under duress. Any one of us can look at even the direst of circumstances as an opportunity for growth, for change—or—see our plight as a pain in the neck and choose to play the victim role. Our choice is what determines how we feel in each and every instance of life, with all experiences, interactions with others, or what’s going on in our own private minds.

the entire Universe is within everyOne of us

the entire Universe is within everyOne of us

Today I choose to not be affected by others’ negativity.

Today I choose to embrace all that is good in life, and to not focus on the negatives.

Today I choose to celebrate the magic within everything, everything body, every moment.

Today I choose to not dwell on the evil, the confusion, the aggression or the aggressors.

Today I choose to look at life as a spiritual experience we humans are privileged to have, and not to forget that the greatness of my spiritual experience is contingent upon my state of wonderment.

Today I choose to not judge others for whatever view they have chosen.

I’ve very glad i have chosen to be like this, because the other side of the coin doesn’t seem like much fun. People who haven’t thought this “choice” thing out, especially the ones who get caught up thinking that being political, radical, or religiously fundamental, is the answer for all lacks in life–well, I’m glad I’m not on that band wagon. It doesn’t seem like a very fun or fulfilling way to enjoy life.

Today I choose to keep balanced in mind, body and spirit. I will pay attention to all these different aspects of mySelf, and in that way, I have a better chance to stay healthy and whole—and even satisfied with this thing called “life.”

My philosophy is to have fun, as much as we can—even in the worse of all situations. Life is short! Enjoy what we have. Not to envy what others have, but work with what I have. And always get better. As long as I remember to do these simple things, and not get caught up in others’ opinions and judgments (and thus, get dragged down to their level)—I feel connected to the Highest Truth. The Truth that I experience, and foster, each and every time I go deep within, in medidtation. By allowing my inner Light of Truth to shine, my inner experience becomes, ITself!, like a guiding star. Like a beacon of light in the dark dark sea of wonderment.

looking for the light even in the darkest sea

looking for the light even in the darkest sea

May your Light shine forth so others can find the way, also.

Peace to all of us on Earth!

your friend, lordflea

Our Great Good Fortune

Dear Friends,

For the last few nights i’ve been writing a post in my head as i’m falling asleep, because I haven’t been able to visit you for a little while, yet there is so very much to share. So much has happened since my last touch here: where to begin where to begin? I’ll start with what has struck me most closely to the heart in the last few weeks I’ve not been posting.

things are not what they appear to be

things are not what they appear to be

I wish to talk about “Things Are Not What They Appear To Be” … For instance, you might look at this drawing and think, “Yipes! it’s a snake atop a person’s head!” Well yes, that’s the literal translation; but no….you’re mistaken. This is an interpretitive rendition of a spiritual axiom, a rendition of a scriptural verse, in fact, in which the snake represents Shakti (spiritual energy), identifiable by the people-like figures (the family of humManity) imprinted on its skin; the object the snake is twisting around, the round-topped column shape called the Lingum, represents Shiva (in the East), the source of consciousness; and the person whose head all this esoteric activity is happening upon—is YOU—and ME—and all of us! So in other words, this illustration is about an awakened life, a spiritual life, and the choice that each and every one of us has of making ours thus so … or not. We DO choose to be more aware—or not.

CHOOSE to be the BIGGEST you can be--awaken to your HIGHER SELF

CHOOSE to be the BIGGEST you can be--awaken to your HIGHER SELF

I have a story to share about “things appearing differently than what they are.”

The other day I was driving, at a street corner about to make a turn onto US1, a major four- lane highway  that runs north-south through my town, when I spied a most bizarre woman, all dressed in PINK, with one outstretched hand, slowly waving, langourously, to passing cars, while with her other, laboriously pulling a child’s play wagon upon which a sign was fixed bearing the word, “Thanks” written on paper, also PINK! As I passed her during my zippy turn I noticed she wore a full surgical mask, and this buzzed my detective-activation wonderment. Although I must admit my first thought was simply (oh, our foolish preconceptions, folks!) “Okay, this lady is a real nut case,” as our town has an entire nearby forest-full, where homeless and hobos alike camp out. The traffic on US1 was flowing fast; this unathletic-looking lady-in-Pink was waving to them with effort, her steps slow and sluggish, her mask hiding her intent and features, and her proximity to the cars was hazardous, to say the least. I wasn’t curious enough to wonder much more, other than associating the PINK with her possibly wanting to say “thanks,” because, perhaps, she might be a breast cancer survivor, as the time for honoring that cause had just recently passed. I was rushing on my way to do errands and ended up stopping off at my mom’s.

Those of you who’ve been fans of Lordflea Sings have heard how spunky my mom is. She’s 92 now and filled with vim and vinegar galore. So after I put up her outdoor Christmas wreath by climbing to the tippy top of a fifteen foot ladder (otherwise, SHE would have! I kid you not) I suggested to mom we go for a walk, as she’s been a little shaky on her feet ever since she had a trip or two in the past couple years. Otherwise, she’s a fit as a fiddle. Catches buckets of fish up on the pier on St. Augustine Beach, tells stories at Taletellers, and is working on her fourth–fourth!–book of stories. (Write me and order one! dearlordflea@gmail.com) One would never suspect her age by looking at her.

ma gypsy mama

ma gypsy mama

Anyway, we were walking along US 1 close to her neighborhood when suddenly I spied in the distance—you guessed it—the very same lady in PINK still struggling along at her turtle’s pace along the side of the road, waving with effort to every passing car, and hauling her little wagon with its incongruous message of Thanks. I said to mom, “Uh oh, here comes that nut case.” And explained that I’d passed this lady-in-Pink over an hour earlier. It had taken her that long to walk the mile and a half that a normal person, even someone of my mom’s advanced years, could handle in half that time. Mom and I slowed our pace because we were drawing closer to the woman. And just as we were wondering how we might get past her without drawing this kook’s attention—because the sidewalk came quite close to the swift traffic at that point of interception where she now was—a dark car pulled up behind her.

“Must be the cops,” mom said.

“Or…maybe someone who’s taken pity on her,” I added.

We watched and to our surprise a big burly man wearing shorts and a T-shirt (an off-duty cop, I wondered) got out of his car and spoke to the woman. From our distance we saw him take out a folded chair and offer it to the lady-in-Pink, who swiftly sat down by the side of the roadway directly in front of his SUV. It was a dangerous place to rest and relax for any other than a struggling miles-long walker hauling a kiddie-wagon with an indecipherable message. Mom and I kept walking toward her, now curious beyond measure. “I’ve got to find out what’s going on,” I told mom, and she didn’t try to convince me otherwise as we approached the two beside the busy highway.

“Hi,” I said, “what’s going on? I saw you down the road over an hour ago. You look tired. What are you doing with that wagon?”

The woman with the surgical mask, who up close and from her eyes alone and her brightly dyed plum-red hair and youthful complexion appeared no more than early forty-ish, immediately told my mom and me: “I’m raising awareness for organ donations. I just had a new heart, a transplant, three months ago. I’m walking all the way home, to Titusville (a hundred miles away!) to show everyone my appreciation, thanking them for making it possible for me to be alive today.”

As the woman gulped big breaths of air through her mask (three months! a new heart! was I hearing correctly? the pollution of the road was enough to make my immune system squeamish) mom rushed up to her. “Oh, can I touch you?” and did, touching the woman’s arm as if she were a good-luck charm sent from the Buddha of Longevity itself. And truly—she was a miracle.

the miraculous heart, the True Center of our Lives

the miraculous heart, the True Center of our Lives

Then we heard the REAL story of the lady-in-Pink, right from her own mouth. Her name is Debi Bair and her husband, Wade, was following her at a safe distance all the way home to Titusville from a little town north of St. Augustine. Debbie wanted to duplicate the walk she had done BEFORE her transplant, during which she’d raised enough funds to enable her heart transplant at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL. Otherwise she might not have been able to receive one because she had no funds and no insurance. Even though she was tired, and you can bet would have been better off just resting at home after such recent and complicated surgery, she was determined to show the world her thanks, and raise awareness of the need for people to sponsor organ donorship.  Either by donating money—or their organs.

I told Debbie that I was a designated-organ donar. All who are have that marked on our drivers license. And then proudly I announced to Debbie and Wade that Mom is a donor for her entire body when she decides (if ever) to leave this glorious planet for the next realm. Mom beamed with joy and pride as we discussed how important this is, the gift of her remains, that she has bequeathed to the University of Florida after her passing. Wade, the tattooed, bearded, kind-hearted and ever so patient champion of Debbie who was following her at a snail’s pace all the way home, and whose car bore on its rear the more informative sign of: “Debbie Bair, New Heart Donated. Stop her for donarship information” said to mom, “A lot of people will be glad to have different parts of you,” and my mom laughingly agreed. She’s a good egg. Then added, “You’d be surprised how many people object to what I’ve done when they find out. They say, ‘you can’t do that!’ You need to get buried’ or some such nonsense. I don’t even bother explaining to those kind of people, what my real intentions are,” mom said.

As we stood chatting, keeping Debbie company while she rested for the next excruciating length of her long journey home, I thought how this walk-for-awareness of hers was one with a purpose as wide, as deep, as meaningful and profound as some peoples’ entire lives are. And then I thought how I was pretty much, “one of those kind of people” my mom just scoffed at, by the way I’d so quickly dismissed and classified Debbie in the “nut case” category when I first spied her, quickly labeling her as some queer lady-in-Pink only interrupting traffic and trying to get noticed. I decided then and there that I have to practice being even more open minded than I am (and boy! I usually pride myself of being very open-to-all)..

expand your thinking, CHANGE your thinking, dear ONE---glooww bright

expand your thinking, CHANGE your thinking, dear ONE---glooow brightly

Last night I saw Stevie Wonder speaking to Larry King. Stevie has been blind since birth. Larry asked him “Stevie, how do you think you’d feel if you could ‘see’ for real—with your eyes—your piano, your TV, your audience, your children’s faces?” and Stevie’s answer reflected so well what I’ve been thinking about since bumping into Debbie, the lady-in-Pink. “I don’t think I’d be surprised, because I pretty much see them already, Larry,” he said. He went one to say (and I’m paraphrasing here) that too often people have pre-conceptions about things and they think they “see” something but they don’t really, because they approach things with already made-up minds, instead of each time approaching something fresh and new, as if for the very first time. Only then do we really ‘see’ what something actually is. Thanks, Stevie, for that reminder!

This is my thought for today. I’m going to work on changing my thinking. I’m going to remember what Great Good Fortune it is to be ALIVE! to feel my heart beating in my chest, to run into people like Debbie and Wade Blair from Titusville, FL and to fully sense the wonder, the excitement and the gratitude they themselves have, just to be breathing air that day, today, this moment—together.

And so it is…. the wonder …. the MYSTERY! …. life!!!

Spiritual Warrior

Sir Wonder, a Spiritual Warrior, a very real part of you and me, and all of us

I’m glad to be back sharing my thoughts and images with you, dear friends. Will I ever be able to create short posts? I dunno. Doesn’t seem to be my style. A twittering tweeter, i’ll never be.

In the Light, with much love, your pal lordflea

click here to read Debi Bair’s remarkable walking journey: Debi’s Heart-Walk make a contribution, and find out more about the National Transplant Fund

www.DonateLifeFlorida.org for more information on donating organs in Florida