The Many Levels of Our House

The Many Levels of our House

The Many Levels of our House

Hello Friends,

I’ve decided to talk today about Lord Flea’s take on current matters affecting so many others. Why not? It’s a balmy fertile-feeling day here where I live in water-surrounded Florida. My heart is clear and open and I have nothing to sell, no platform to stand on, nothing I wish to convince others about. This is just a heart-to-heart sharing … from me to you, my Dear Reader.

A lot of us are wondering what the h*** is going on these days, with the ongoing US Government shut down adding salt to our already stinging, wounded hearts.

There’s a lot of negative energy around these day for us to absorb, isn’t there? Does it feel more than usual? If you stop to think about it, the fear-factor has been jolted into the forefront once again in recent weeks. Most crucially by the shutdown of so many helping-services that people rely upon provided by the US Gov’t, including the paychecks for many folk’s livelihoods. Federal Parks are closed, and now, in the second week of the shutdown, other subsidiary services and businesses are being affected with people getting laid off left and right and more services shutting.

Adding these tough circumstances to the world threats of war make ours a nerve-grinding reality, not to mention the heart-crushing neglect of the planet’s welfare by our over-industrialized modern culture. Here in America, the lack of caring and basic human respect is more noticeable among our youth than in other years, thanks to internet and social media. Current choices of heart-clubbing entertainment, non-inspiring music, rampant internet addiction, and other forms of dis-connections from the Big Heart of Humanity makes it hard for us to remember that we are all ONE, spiritually. Thank goodness artists, dancers, theater-makers, fashionistas still honor the human need to create or I’d have sworn some of already had become androids by the lack of compassion I see in some sets of eyes.

But am I worried?


Am I happy?


I’m just watching what’s happening, my friend. Watching and sending out positive vibes that we are all growing up, a little at a time, in our joint experience as a family of humankind sharing this spinning blue ball floating in space: our home.

Am I sad that others are worried, frustrated, angry, or reacting with other forms of negative emotions to this state of being we are experiencing en mass?

Yes, and so that is why I’ve decided to share my thoughts about how I feel.

I’m going out on a limb here, because a lot of people think if you express yourself about how you feel about things you’re somehow making a political stand. But I honestly have no political agenda, no ax to grind one way or the other with either sides of the current battle going on between conservatives and liberals in my own country. I want you to know right now before you read any further that I declare myself to be a “Spiritual Warrior” and my only concern is the spiritual well being of the entire world. And that, of course, starts with me being responsible for the state of my own mind and life’s energies. And you too, being responsible for yours.

I believe that spiritual growth is the human condition. That is why we are here. This feeling, whether from my “gut” or from my own life experiences, has been with me throughout my many years on the planet. I’ve had enough experiences with all different sorts of situations and people to realize that the only thing that matters, really, is the ongoing better-ment of our interconnectedness, our human family. And for me that starts with each person being responsible for their own spiritual growth, one lesson at a time. That means each one of us has had to endure one painful experience at a time, one insight learned, one piece of wisdom acquired at a time. But hopefully each of us has learned our lesson(S) well and we are in a better place today than we were, oh, yesterday, or the day before, or the decade before.

The same goes for the story of our humanness. We’re just crazy teenagers, we human beings, acting badly the way crazy teens are expected to do!

Nothing more and nothing less interests me in this crazy world we share, than to share with others that we are all One, and what one feels, we all feel. As Chief Joseph, the Native American told the early pioneers when they started messing with the balance of the Indians’ sacred land, “We are all part of the Web. What is done to one of us affects us all. What is done to a part of the earth affects us all.”

So if you think my stance of “accepting the negative as an opportunity for positive growth” a political one … that’s your own political perception mirroring back to you what you want to believe. It is not my experience.

Now, what about this stand-off between the two opposing factions of today’s dilemma, surrounding budget questions and what is considered over-spending by the US Government? How does that relate to the spiritual growth each of us must go through?

Because each of us, each man, each woman, each child, too, is a part of the whole entire picture. And more than being a part of, we actually are microcosms of what is happening to us here on Earth, as a whole. And that includes what is happening here in America, as a collective experience. What each of us holds in our minds, and chooses to do with our many challenges, affects the “entire Web-of-Life.” Each of our lives is fraught with choices we must make everyday. Each of us must make a stand against what we perceive to be wrong, or we feel oppressed. Each of us must insist on freedom, not allowing others to control our lives. Sometimes people die in order to ensure these basic human rights.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Would you be willing to risk death in order to continue living free?

There’s lots of people in this world who have had to ask themselves that, and there are many who have answered “Yes!” And of course, there are those who have answered “No” also.

The beauty of being alive is that we have choices. Up to the moment we stop breathing, we have choices.

I believe the spiritual challenge that we’re going through today, as a family of humankind, whether with the painful government show-down or realizing our Earth’s atmosphere is in serious jeopardy — I believe the personal decisions each and every one of us makes every day about our own “little” problems affects the way the bigger picture will get resolved. The resolution may not happen over night. It may take a while. But a positive resolution will happen if we hold that truth in our energy-power-centers … our minds.

How can this not be true? Each person is responsible for their own life: to discover their own truth, or not to give a hoot about that sort of thing. Some of just want to try and have as good a time while we can.  Nothing fancy. Just “a good life.”

The spiritual choice of weighing that each situation’s outcome counts, is a vantage point that comes with heightened, above-ordinary awareness. A lot of people have not chosen to be consciously awake … not yet at least! But a HUGE number of people have made the choice to be as awake and as aware as possible, and by that I mean to clearly understand each situation the best we can, and not be swayed by propaganda that comes gushing out of the press, or to allow ourselves to be swayed by a group of people we want to be accepted by.

I believe that the USA is the greatest country I’ve ever been to, and I’ve traveled a bit. I would not want to live any where else but here, the longest and most successful democracy in the world. Yes, democracy means opposing factions get to have their say. Yes, democracy means even that the House of Representatives has the right (by the US Constitution) to shut down government if they do not approve of the way money is being spent by the controlling party. the House has the right to not fund a bill, even, ain’t that something! It is the right of the House to take action when they believe exorbitant spending is going to shift the balance of our country’s economy. Exercising this right of dissent is a First Amendment Right, whether a member of the House or any other citizen concerned with the current government’s operations, is what makes this country of ours so great. There is a great spiritual wisdom to having this checks-and-balances in place, set forth by the makers of the US Constitution. Therefore, I believe the current political show-down is a spiritually correct exercise.

But many do not believe this to be true. What is going on now in America is a spiritual show down, folks, more than a political one.

There are those who are busy calling their opposing party members names instead of praising the fact that democracy is being tested here. How great it is that no matter what, we follow the letter of the “law” that was set down by the constitution and not just public opinion pundits, news mongers, or party reps that are trying to elbow their own agendas in place.

I have no idea how this show down will resolve itself. I only know it is happening for a reason. We are growing up, and it’s painful. Teenagers are always filled with angst and that’s the state of affairs of not only America but the entire world. We are growing up, we in the family of humankind.

For me the reason I accept this government stand-off is that it affords another opportunity for we citizens to prove that once again, that the spiritual choices we make, each and every choice, all add up. Choices count!

How I choose to live my life today, in this little town I live in, interacting with the few people I do each day, counts.

Each and every action you make, no matter where you are, what you do or how few or how many others you influence, also counts.

Every single thought we hold in our minds counts.

If you really want to help change the world for the better, try holding the peaceful resolution and forward thinking of our politically elected officials in your minds instead of allowing knee-jerk reactions like anger, blame or resentment.

You may want to call this “energy-sent” power you have of exercising your spiritual choice a form of prayer (sending intention out to the world) … but I call this spiritual right each of us has simply “Planting Positive Thought Seeds.”

I hope you enjoy to choose these few moments we’ve shared, and keep positive in your thoughts. Each of us can help resolve this crisis by sending positive healing energy to our elected representatives in Washington, or wherever you happen to live. And if you don’t have the privilege of living in a democracy — I am sending you my blessings via my mental energy Thought-Seeds.

With great love from your pal,

Lord Flea aka teZa Lord



Never Give UP! There’s Always Hope

there's always hope

there's always hope

I was talking to some friends the other day, and for a change the conversation was not about bin Laden’s killing, but another cause for unease felt by many citizens of South America (where these two friends originally happened to be from). Both men were ex-pats living in America for many years, having given up the many hardships and dangers of living in their respective countries, Colombia and Venezuela. Both men agreed that the situation in their countries were akin to many others in Latin America, and, for that matter, other places around the globe where men and women have not embraced birth control as an acceptable, modern social practice. Naturally their two countries-of-origin are predominantly Catholic countries where birth control is banned, and naturally, many women’s multiple babies are commonly born from many different men, with unwanted children left to fend for themselves in the streets. The crisis of overpopulation has been, for generations already, at such an extreme that the streets of many Latin American countries are overrun with abandoned, crime-friendly, illiterate children who are the unfortunate progeny of a cultural phenomenon that is causing our world to suffer as much anguish as from terrorist threats, environmental toxicity, and political oppression.

One of my Latin friends said, “The only solution is to for these countries to have revolutions,” which he thought would be a “quick fix.” The simplistic idea of a new regime equaling a new and better life isn’t always the solution to a problem that goes as deep, for so long as this one has: uneducated males needing to procreate many children to prove their masculinity. My other friend shook his head when he heard the first man’s readily offered solution. “No, a revolution will never fix the situation,” this second guy sadly said. “It’s too deep, too cultural a problem. A change of regime will never change the way people have been acting for generations, I know this for certain.” So when I asked him what he thought the solution might be to our global drastic overpopulation problem (a surprising note is that this man is a biologist!), a problem not just limited to South Americans, he sadly said, “There is no solution. People are people. It will take generations of education to change their ways.”

Yes, education is one answer. But to this I have another solution to add. One that I did not have the chance to say to my biology friend because the events of the evening swept us away with other conversations. However, in my mind and in my heart I know there is always hope. The reason I believe this is because I have experienced this fact in my own life. I have tested this theory: what I believe, and hold in my consciousness as true, will happen … it always does. As long as we hold positive solutions in our MINDS … then the inevitable actions needed to make positive changes occur, coming about more quickly the more who join the invisible energy of planting thought-seeds.

Each and every action begins with a (silent) thought. I call this “The Thought-Seed Effect.” I’ve written about it quite a bit on Lordflea. The more people hold positive solutions in their mind, carry them in their heart, and don’t let their “un-disciplined” negative thoughts or words negate these Thought-Seeds — change for positive solutions occurs more rapidly.

we are One

we are One

Every day, every month, each year, there are more and more people, like me, joining this wave of transformation: people who believe the simple axiom that we create our own reality by the thoughts we hold in our consciousness.

There is always hope. Please hold positive solutions close to your heart, and think positive thoughts for all the ills in our world. And together we will make the change happen … one person at a time …. one thought at a time …. one little word at a time.

Thanks. Your pal, Lordflea

Sometimes you just have to make a STAND

After the events last week in Tucson, Arizona, I simply have to say something. Usually I try not to bring politics into what i share here, on Lordflea Sings. Usually, I put the focus on us leading spiritual lives, not political ones. But enough is enough! I simply must say something, because when the sentiments of a country get so fomented, to take no position is simply that of a wimp. And I’m no wimp.

I am Civitas, a modern deva of civilization

I am Civitas, a modern deva of civilization

I guess it was meant to be that I was asked to pose for this statue, which now stands at an industrial crossroads in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Named “Civitas” by its artist, Audrey Flack, there are certain responsibilities that come with the sense of having an effect on others, and that is one of the main purposes of a deity, whether it be of a fairytale-nature or from one’s artistic viewpoint, like this statue is. As “Civitas,” my alter-ego, I wish to speak frankly about the dangers of making politics one’s religion.

I know people who judge life by not just their politics, but others’ as well. I know people who have judged me (incorrectly) thinking they know me because they might know a certain fact about my political sentiments. But, in truth, no one can know another, not the real person that the other is, by looking at one’s politics. Life is complicated, and there are so many aspects to one’s relationship to living, that labels and thinking associated with political branding simply is a superficial manner in which to view others. And the only result of this type of divisive-thinking is what’s happening here in America: political craziness. People getting pissed off. People taking up arms. people shooting other people. We must STOP! this tendency. So here and now I am finally stating my political manifesto:

There is a much deeper meaning to life than what appears on the surface. Poltics is superficial. Economics is superficial. Everything about the material life is transitory and in the end, insignificant. I have personally felt (and now foster through prayer and meditation) the depths of life’s meaning and therefore I know this to be true: Politics is the means to the end (peaceful and humanitarian governance), NOT the end itself.

getting closer to the truth

getting closer to the truth

For years I ran from any public conversation that had to do with politics. Or sex, or God, for that matter. These three things–sex, God, and politics–I still refuse to discuss with any but my closest friends. I daren’t go there even with my family. And to tell the truth, with some of my friends, I’ve come to realize I have to skirt everywhere but dead-on when it comes to discussing politics. Why? Because some people can’t stand to associate with others who hold opinions other than theirs. It’s that plain. I prefer to mingle with folks who don’t hold any solid opinions or judgments in their minds when they speak, or act, especially directly with me. Yet hold true to the one thing no one can deny—the Mystery of life. Native Americans call this Mystery, “Great Spirit.” So do I. My friends tend to be open-minded, forgiving, and see life creatively, rather than from an implacable, black-and-white point of view.

When Bush was in power I cringed to hear the Bush-bashers. I guess everyone thought I’d just love to join them, that I was an uber-liberal, because wherever I went, two years ago and the previous 8 before that, people would delight in putting down the President of the US and think I would, too, thinking nothing of calling him every insulting name. And now, guess what? The same is happening for our present leader, President Obama. Right wingers and conservatives everywhere I go assume I’m one of them and admonish the administration right in front of me as if they knew, and never even suspected otherwise, that I would love to join in their Obama-bashing.

Where do people get off thinking that everyone has hatred in their hearts?

I’m reading the current story in this week’s New Yorker magazine about Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, one of my heroes, who in December was finally released after two decades of political imprisonment. What did she do to keep from going insane all those years of the military regime’s unjustness toward her and her democracy-prone allies? She meditated. She didn’t sit in a bath of heart-acid thinking how evil so-and-so was, thinking of those bastards she was going to get as soon as she could. NO! Because if she had, she probably would have already died of heart disease, cancer, or some such physical wrath that negativity takes upon the physical body. Her battle was and IS one of the spirit, and yes, she uses politics, as I do, as a weapon of spiritual transformation. that’s my political affiliation: the “In Spirit” party. As more and more of us are living our lives are also deciding to become members of this enlightened nonpartisan political party. The spiritual battle is the only battle worth fighting, the only battle worth losing one’s life over. And that is what I am: a spiritual warrior.

the birth of a spiritual warrior, ready to take up the arms of inner peace

the birth of a spiritual warrior, ready to take up the arms of inner peace

This is the first time I’ve come right out and announced to the world, here on my blog, where for two years I’ve been anonymously trying to make a difference and help people relate to the world on a spiritual plane, rather than just seeing what’s going on through the physical, mental, political, economic, and human lens. A somewhat limited perspective, if you ask me.

let's ex-----pand our thinking

let's ex-----pand our thinking

So now the gig is up! Now I’m not anonymous anymore. You can see for yourself who and what I am. I’m proud to fight the battle for Universal Peace in the name of Spirit. I’m proud to be a warrior defending The Mystery, a spiritual warrior who wears the cap of lieutenant in the Army of Love! Won’t you join me?

Lieutenant Lord Flea of the Army of Love

Lieutenant Lord Flea of the Army of Love

So now that the secret is out — will it change things for me, as a person, as an artist and writer, as a spiritual blogger? I doubt it. Will it incite people to tune into what’s going on, on a spiritual level rather than rant and rave about partisanship being the worse it’s ever been, and one side blaming the other, and feel impotent listening to people saying how crazy things are in America these days? Will it change any of that? I doubt it. So why bother coming out of the closet?

it's time to change, and help make a difference

it's time to change, and help make a difference

These times they are a-changing.

More and more of us believe that the spiritualization of humankind is our only salvation.

I am here to proclaim that fact loud and clear, from the highest mountain, from the widest megaphone I can get my hands on. Many are already aligned with this thinking: that this is a spiritual life we humans are leading, NOT a political or a solely material one. When 2012 comes around there has been predicted (by many ancient sources, not me!) that 112,000 “Awakened Sundancers” … that is, open-minded, open-hearted individuals … will be already aware and have already embraced this thinking. THAT’s what 2012 is really about. And what happens next? The rest of humankind will become spiritualized by the sheer number of us radicalizing (in a spiritual manner, that is) all aspects of society: the arts, social sciences, religious beliefs, and yes, even a few enlightened politicians (you go big-O!).

won’t you join us? Open your minds. Open your hearts. Let love and Light enter the cave of your heart, replacing fear and uncertainty. You will have a much better time of life when you do. Start praying and meditating about thinking about world peace. Your thoughts are seeds. The beginning of change is how we think. Please start changing your thinking to more positive ways, and our reality will follow our thoughts. Stop promoting divisiveness by talking about it. Just talk about how we are changing everything to the better, one thought at a time, one person at a time. And everything—-will change! Believe me. It’s that simple.

Break the ice away from your frozen hearts. Dive into the waters of Peace, of fulfillment.

Thank you!


the unified waterfall of humankind
the unified waterfall of humankind

Divisiveness harms

Think: We Are One

Join the Army of Love

in Light and Love, your pal Lordflea

when life gets to be just … too much!

Dear One

we are ONE

we are ONE

I am just so sad, so blown away, so concerned for you and your family, and I can’t begin to imagine how you and yours are feeling. This sudden turn of events is just absolutely one of the things of life that doesn’t make sense.
My prayers are with you. You were so much a presence in my thoughts that i felt i needed to do a lot more “work”…sending you my energy, my prayers, the thought-energy, the directed waves of … my power into YOURS. Going to bed, for instance, seems too “trite” and so I keep getting up and praying for you.

People dislocated and despaired from earthquakes and natural disaster

Victims of floods, tsunamis, disease — and WAR!

People who are in pain, personal, political, or spiritual.

People who have lost dear ones, or fear dying themselves
…people in fear, anger, victimization … people in pain…. 

feeling lost on life's journey

feeling lost on life's journey

I don’t know any reasons for what you’re going through, but I want you to know that stress in any way, shape, or form, can cause terrible things, and worsen bad ones that happen. Life itself is so stressful, we all know that. Some people (not YOU!) can barely force a smile on their faces, because they overly concern themselves with the negatives of life, rather than the ever-present positives. Please know, very sincerely, that I wish for you to be free of any feelings you might have, of feeling hopeless, or being a victim. Every thing does happen for a reason. Often we just don’t know what that reason might be.
Of course, if you, likewise, determine stress isn’t a factor, that this mishap has occured because of … i dunno, bad luck, genetics, nature going rampant, or ….whatever you prefer to call it … I leave that decision up to you. Me personally, I want to believe that all that happens has a purpose, and what doesn’t happen, likewise: that WHAT IS MEANT TO BE, WILL BE.
So here i am, writing you, a specific friend I’m thinking about, who is probably numb with frustration, sick with worry, and depressed because of the fickle hand of life he’s been dealt. I’m sure all of us know someone who feels like this. Whose life is hard. Who has family lost in the recent spate of worldwide tragedies. I hold each and every one of you in my arms, fellow human beans, and hug you with my heart. I feel all your pain. I feel the unsteadiness, the rising fear many are feeling in this journey we share, called life.

So much of what I want to tell you can be summed up by the corny saying, “let go let God.” It’s all i can think of this morning, after a pretty concerned night, praying for you. 

relax, and let the wave of life sweep you along

relax, and let the wave of life sweep you along

 I know it’s a worn saying. But there is so much wisdom in these four simple words, “let go let God” that they give me comfort when life goes a way I just can’t fathom, and can’t feel okay about because it’s too weird, too shaky, and not enough Magic for me. I can’t help it: I’m into the magic of life. That’s my forte. Seeing the gateway through which we can pass, and understand that things are not what they seem to be.

But for many of us, we think life should be OUR way, but then–the “Force” that is in charge of how we molecules of energy bounce around among each other–plays its hand, calls its shots, shoots its marbles, and we have …. catastrophes, miscalculations, frustrations–and in some case, serious health issues–or we get tossed around by the whim of nature, its winds, its calamities, its unpredictableness. 

Guardian of the People, protecting us

Guardian of Nature, challenging us

All i can do at times like this, is pray. Prayer, to me, is a transferral of energy. Call it Grace, if you wish. It is a sending of intention, of LIGHT, thought, and of course, concern, to another situation, or person, or “thing.” I pray for my own self, of course, because it makes me feel better. When I pray for others, for the world situation in general, that also makes me feel better, and I believe, helps the world to heal. The energy of prayer is real. I can feel it in my body. I can feel it when others send theirs to me. I can feel it when I’m in a situation and I’m thinking of someone, and then, boom! the phone rings, and there they are! It happens all the time to me. I believe in the “invisible rays of energy” that we can send, through our minds, across the span of time and space. And this energy is what I call “God”…”Good-Orderly-Direction.” Nothing more, nothing less. Consciousness is another word for this Force, but doesn’t fit nicely the generic acronym G-o-d. When I pray, my consciousness is wrapped around you, lying in a hospital bed, or a Haitian under a leaky tent, or you, a Chilean trying not to feel the misery of your situation, or an beggar hoping to get some food soon, or my friend wondering if his heart will ever allow him to have a “normal” life, or … life at all? In prayer, my rays of consciousness are sent to you and directed toward you ailing, or you with the wondering mind, or you with the empty stomach, or you whose home has been ripped away, or your concerns and your family’s fears, and mine, too, when we awaken from the numbness of the next tidal wave of life, this one packing yet a bigger whalloping punch than the last.

Every thing happens for a purpose

Guardian of the People -- protecting us, surrounding us, energizing us

That’s all I can do. Give my worry, concern, and happiness of having you in my life, as part of my story and my journey, give it to the very much present Consciousness I call God, and let that Consciousness perform the miracle, heal the burst valves of one’s heart, provide shelter for the thousands made homeless by nature’s wrath, help to repair bridges from earthquakes, and fill the human spirit with hope and trust in the future. We all have enough psychic energy to spread to others. We can send our energies, take a moment to do so! to transmit energy, our “thought-seeds” to do the actual physical things, like heart operations that heal, and deliveries of food for the hungry that will save lives, and recruiting of engineers and surveyers to help build the fallen-down bridges that will keep up moving ever forward.

the continuousness of life's energies...always moving onward

the continuousness of life's energies...always moving onward

Just as Michaelangelo depicted Creation on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, where the figure of “God” is reaching out his hand toward the naked figure of Adam, who, in turn, is reaching out for God’s assistance….we must reach out. Some of us do the asking, some of us do the responding. All us humans are in the constant state of asking and receiving, as depicted by God and Adam’s interchange on that ceiling. If one gets closer to the actual painting through closeup photographs, one sees that the artist kept the touch between God and man very close, nearly touching, but — there is a small gap. Just enough of a distance to remind us that we, indeed, are in a human existence, filled with unknowns and possibilities, and “God,” the Almighty Consciousness, the Source, the Force, the Creator–is within our grasp, but only if we reach out for IT. 
I’m so filled with emotion about your situation. And REALLY want you to know that all is well. No matter what, no matter what pain we suffer, as long as we keep smiling and letting life “do us”…we’ll get through our trials and tribulations, and grow into stronger, more centered, more complete human beings. We might even get as close to God as Adam’s little finger.
In the Light, with much love, your pal,


The personal touch

back at my desk after two weeks in costa rica, and days of catching up and dealing with… life!

where it all began ...

where it all began ...

i first went to costa rica four years ago, and took with me my first digital camera and the above notebook. Once there, I decided to do what I’d been told to do in a dream years before—to draw very small. In fact, my dream had shown me to make “stamp-size” paintings…but i decided that would be too difficult. And hence began my journey into miniature black and whites, which i’ve been sharing on lordflea sings for the last year and a half.

giant horsetail

my eyes became a microscope. i drew up closely to look more preciously, at every aspect of nature, of my companions, of the world around me. AND … this is what I usually saw:

the wonder within

i spoke to a woman, a stranger to me, yesterday and she visited my blog. she thinks i shouldn’t be anonymous. she thinks my readers need to know who i am, in order to relate to me as a person….not just the ideas and the art that i set forth in lordflea sings. i thought i’d put it out to you, who visit here, about this.

Question: do you think lordflea needs to be a “real” person, with a “photo” and an “identity” other than what I’ve been putting out to you? Also, she think I write too much. I agree. I’m going to make my posts shorter from now on. I promise. But i have so much to share with you!!! oh well, i’ll just have to blog more often. please leave a comment and tell me if you want me to “come out.” If i hear enough “yes” replies….I’ll seriously consider it.

in the Light, lordflea

New Beginnings …. toward a Wholeness

greeetings fair dwellers of the year 2010. We made it! Wonder of Wonder. Miracle and gift of life, the greatest of all great things! So many others aren’t with us to celebrate this new year. I for one am certainly lucky to be here. I dunno ’bout you …. but when I think of how I happen to still be here I can only think it must be for a certain reason. What that reason is we’re still breathing air …. is for each of us to determine our own selves.

the Self

the 3 aspects of Self

when i look in the mirror and say, “So what are YOU here for, lordflea?” I am beset by a challenge. There happens to be many different versions of my own “self.” There is, firstly, my physical self … this body i’m in (depicted in the painting above by the blue half-hidden face, a true likeness of lordflea). Secondly, there is my “ancestral self” which is the accumulation of whom i happen to be, according to the crap shoot thrown when my biological parents created my fish-like womb-being … resulting in my birth nine months later. And lastly, there is my, ahem, True Self, my Higher Self, my essence….the Spirit that dwells within me, depicted by the flesh-colored figure on the left of the image. That side of my Self is naked, serene, and lastingly eternal. Its eyes are closed because the sights to be seen … are inside.

So! When I ask myself, “What ought I do, or am supposed to do this year, or … in my whole life?” I make clear first which part of myself I’m addressing. For me, those of you who are familiar with lordflea’s sharings, i always go for the spiritual juggler. (one friend wrote me: i like the art, but jeez! the way you talk!). Sorry—this is MY blog, i’m allowed to share the deepest, most strange things imaginable, ’cause they’re all mine. That connected-to-all part of mySelf is the only aspect of life that carries any lasting meaning to me. Therefore, not only is the spiritual (mystical, sublime, Unity, Oneness) side of things the topic of my blog, but also the focus of my little ol’ life.

the expectation of Being

the expectation of Being

i look in the mirror and see that same as when I contemplate the gorgeous plants in my garden. Here is one of my tall plantain specimens, taken only a few weeks ago (the fruit is now ripening, and the stalk itself won’t be cut from the plant until several more weeks….aren’t we lucky to live in Florida!). The reflection back from my mirror shows the same familiar face, the same eyes, nose, ears, and hair i’ve seen for quite some time now. But … underlying my physical form, i now can connect to what i am, in Truth. (it’s taken years of practice … but I have learned, thanks to my teacher). Like the blossoms on this plantain, i am a work-in-progress. My “face” is but the outward manifestation of what my years living have achieved … or not. Whether I smile or not, whether i’m pained or ecstatic, whether the muscles surrounding my lips have frozen in fear or been greased by love … are determined by the thoughts i’ve held most closely, and how freely i’ve allowed them to give birth to the actions i take everyday.

The fruits on the tree are my gifts to the world. They keep maturing, as they spiral up the stalk. One day they will hopefully ripen sufficiently where they will provide nourishment to others. But for now, they are still being fed nutrients from within my own Being.

In short, what I am is the accumulation of all i hold most cherished … and it all starts in my mind. Even one thought leads to an action. Whether we’re aware of that or not, it’s true. Today I plant the “thought-seed” of accomplishing the goal I’ve held for myself for quite a while now … to publish and speak to those who wish to hear, to show those who wish to see the images i create that “speak” more than my words ever can.

mother Gaia with her children

mother Gaia with her children

even posting something new for you to read here, at Lordflea Sings, is my gift, and I wish you all a most fruitful, bountiful, and “delicious” new year….may 2010 be the best yet!

from my garden of delights --- to yours!

from my side garden filled with delights (where my yoga shed is, the "santosha shack"). A feast of delights from me --- to you!

I’m busy working on another book, a nonfiction, with a co-author, while my novel is being shown and reviewed by pros. Wish us well, as we’re deeply engrossed in the proposal-writing process, and will have it to an editor in just two weeks! I’ll try to post more on lordflea….but just keep reading deeper into my blog if you like what you see/hear here. there are plenty of things to read…this blog is not about “breaking news!”  or topical interests, even. un huh. It’s about the timeless, ageless Oneness we all RE.

Many great blessings and fulfilling ideas … leading to acts of love, joy and upward evolutionary action for all the world. One last “thought-seed” for us all to think about … and perhaps hold in your mind, so this will one day become reality on planet Earth:

we are ONE

we are ONE

lordflea, your pal

PS. please everyone….if you haven’t already, go see AVATAR….awesome, beautiful, great message, the best movie i’ve seen since Lithium Springs ( ) treat yourself to something superbly magnificent. you deserve it!

challenge the fear mongers afoot

why is it the news is always filled with bad news: the TV, newspapers, even internet bloggers all jump on fear as if it’s a bronco they love to fall off of, get back up on, fall back off again, on and on, as the fear mongers laugh themselves black and blue all the way to the bank.

are people addicted to feeling bad or what? do we really want to be told how bad things are, when if we could instead, focus on how GOOD things could be…even if we’re all in a tight spot right now…how much better we’d all feel, and how much better things will get if we could re-train ourselves to be addicted to feeling positive, instead of filled with trepidation.

fight negative things by wielding the sword of sowing positive thought-seeds

fight negative things by wielding the sword of sowing positive thought-seeds

i believe in thought-seeds. in particular the power of positive thoughts, real energy (but hard to detect) sown and affecting the electromagnetic field of each of our consciousnesses (wow, that’s a word for s’s, huh).

positive energy can help right wrongs. negative energy only continues to encourage downward spirals. it’s been proven. thoughts are as effective as physical actions, and in some cases, even more so. take the case of people who heal themselves from terminal cancer with positive thoughts. see to see what i mean, louise hay’s work on self-healing through positive thoughts.

instead of listening to everyone who delights in already (less than 1 month after inauguration) predicting doom for Obama’s economic policies, for instance, why not practice letting-go and letting-Obama, and let the man do his job! i for one am not going to pay any heed to the fear, just as i refused to participate in any negative put-downs about the last administration (although i certainly wasn’t happy about what was going on, i use my personal energies to create a positive force field around so-called bad situations…like the war in iraq, the animals and ice caps disappearing, the greed of the few that have caused such stress for the many).

i invite you all to plant a thought-seed. put it into your consciousness that–no matter how difficult things mnight appear to be right now, in this economic crunch, in this Middle Eastern war-conflicted tense time of today–put the “white Light” of your own positive energy around these situations (and any situation from your personal lives, friends, family, etc) and then–let it go! offer your psychic energy, your “prayers of positive thought” to these situations, and don’t drown them in your fears. fear only increases negative vibrations, believe me.

try it on your own life. if you have a situation that’s not working out, just put a “thought-seed” of positivity around it, and then–let it go! watch how the situation takes care of itself, turns around, or manifests that it needed to occur, painful as it was, to open up the next window of opportinity that takes us all to the next, higher place. security. spiritual well-being. perhaps even happiness. satisfaction. contentment. even if things are rough around the edges. so what? life can be perfect in its imperfection, just as you can be.

relax, use "bad" things as opportunities for spiritual rowth

relax, use "bad" things as opportunities for spiritual growth

experiment. exercise those psychic muscles of yours that get flabby with dis-use.

when you feel stressed, worried, filled with fear–relax and breathe in the Light, slowly, let your body fill with energizing, positive breath of life. Blessed Life. A gift. Your Gift. learn to love adversities, because they make the good things in life so much better! Believe in Love. Live to Love. Yeahhhh, breathe in the love, breathe out love to others, too. thanks. you’ll be glad you did too.

enjoy the moment. Trust, stay centered in the Light,

your pal lord flea