Leap onto the Spiritual Highway!


Here, as our consciousness arises to the fifth chakra, the throat region, is where we get to take the most important action of our lives. (check previous posts here on Lordflea.com to review how we got here, one chakra-opening at a time.)

Now … our chakras have been made WIDE open! Because of our awareness of them. That’s all it takes. To be aware, is all that’s required. Now here at the fifth chakra — where the words we speak are our spiritual tools — we’re on the Spiritual Superhighway!

Words — and the very letters that make them up, and the very ideas behind each word — are charged with spiritual energy. Every word we utter … is like an arrow pointed at Truth, or its opposite, what I call un-truth.

Empowered by our opened hearts, the throat chakra opens ever more widely through our attention. Now we become obliged to serve Truth, and nothing but Truth.

When our throat-chakra has been opened, literally, anything un-truth gets stuck in our throats, once our hearts have opened. Why? Because now we are more conscious of serving the Light of consciousness. Our lives are now … spiritualized!

Here, because our consciousness has expanded enough (through awareness, Presence, breath-watching) our throats are wide open. Our throats are the virtual superhighway to-and-from, relaying messages of Oneness, of Unity Consciousness, of Spirit. Here — we know we must take action, even wage war against un-truth when it manifests itself.

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

the un-truth below is no match for the Army of Love

All things related to un-truth can also be called un-good. Some call un-good, “bad” but I don’t like labels like good vs. bad, because that only invites debate; because what’s “good” for one person is “bad” for another, and visa versa. But Truth is Truth. Truth is Spirit manifesting in the physical dimension as words, thoughts, or actions.

The vibration of an opened heart sets off the vibration of Truth within a person’s being. If a person has surrendered their ego, that is, has become willing to let go of being in control of all situations — they then operate from an alignment with the highest good possible. This is Truth. It is also called Higher Consciousness.

When people are operating from what “they think is best,” and haven’t aligned themselves with the highest good, this is un-truth. It is accompanied by negative energy that is, simply and enormously, physically palatable. Sometimes we shiver, or feel un-truth as a psychic sucking: un-truth is spiritual vampirism. It happens all the time in our social interactions, political debates, even in bitter controversies over child custodies, and all sorts of other interpersonal battles when people’s wills are not aligned with the Highest Good for All.

When a person has done “their spiritual work” … and has consciously worked to uplift their consciousness … through keeping good company, saying “No” to negative addictions, practicing meditation, prayer, chanting, scriptural studies, seeking proven, authentic spiritual teachers, etc. — what happens when Truth, the Higher Consciousness level of perception an individual’s opened heart next reaches, this center of spiritual energy, the throat chakra is …

A commitment to serving the highest good for All, not just for one’s own selfish motivations.

Feeling this Truth in our gut (see 2nd chakra posts) is what is meant by the saying, “Take a leap of faith.”

A person may not “understand” with their limited human brain/ psychic mind, but they can “feel” with their spiritual tools (among them, unblocked chakra-energy) that have been made strong, through spiritualization, through spiritual practices. This is how Truth is recognized. Through the psychic tools. The opened heart vibrates with Truth (the 4th chakra). The alignnent of one’s personal power-chakra (3rd chakra), the creative forces used for Truth not un-truth (2nd chakra), beginning with perceiving that survival itself is for our species’ highest good (1st or root-chakra).

This is what happens when we work to achieve the spiritualization of our humanness.

But what about the person who’s reading this incredible possibility for the first time?  How we can become spiritual beings? Lots want to be more spiritual. What can they do? It seems daunting, formidable, overwhelmingly hard to have to work to align oneself with Universal Truth. Isn’t there a simpler way? To be a spiritual person? Instantly? If one really wants it?

Yes! Understand that … we earn our angel wings, literally,  by first believing, and then taking the leap of faith that we must “Fake it till we make it!” When it comes to operating from the highest good for All, this means to turn aside from childish things. Act like an angel, period! Get over waste-of-time kiddy-time drama, and over-emotionalism (all lower chakra stuff). Don’t allow yourself to sink into paralyzing depression, or any other form of debilitating states of the lower chakras that pull you down. Fake it that you ARE ALREADY an angel, a soldier of God’s holy army.

What do I mean by “faking ti till I make it”?

I’ll give you an example from what’s currently going on in our own family.

We’ve been involved in an ongoing legal battle over our daughter’s son, now age six. The divorce happened when he was just turning three. His father, our daughter’s ex, is convinced that she is a bad mother. He refuses to cooperate in any way. In fact, the ex claims she doesn’t cooperate in any way. There is no winning this battle of two people’s wills, outside of using the court system. So this battle has been in the hands of lawyers and child protection guardians, and innumerable counselors for three years now.

The most recent event is that the father has not allowed the child to have regular daily phone-contact with his mother during his summer vacation with him. The parents live in two different, faraway states. The legal arrangement for that unfortunate but necessary situation, has already been signed by court documents. Now … our daughter faces the dilemma of how to deal with an ex who portrays her as a demon to their son. This is clearly a battle of Truth versus un-truth.

we all have CHOICES

we all must CHOOSE which side we’re on

The child’s father was a big fan of what is called “a war room.” For those who believe that war is imminent — or a revolution, or a military take-over, or a battle involving arms and violence — a war room is where supplies are laid in preparation for the day a siege is underway, when supplies have been cut off and survival becomes only possible if you have taken the precaution to … create such a heinous room.

The ex never got war, or a revolution. But he has now successfully created a private war of his own within his own family. He continues to create animosity whenever possible. Recently, by not allowing a mother access to her child.

Now our daughter, after much hair-pulling and tears, has to prepare to battle the un-truth that lingers in her life. She is being called upon to protect not only her son’s fragile life but her own. She will dry her tears, straighten her shoulders, and allow her team of lawyers and court-appointed guardians to step in and take whatever action the courts and protection agencies have in place for just such everyday situations.

If she did anything but prepare to battle un-truth, she would be a “bad” mother. The ex hopes she will dissolve in emotional turmoil, and disappear, letting him win his un-truth battle. But she is strong. She will spread her angel wings and stop any leaks of her emotional weakness — and fight back with every ounce of her being. And … she will win! Because Truth always wins.

Yes, you heard me right. Truth always wins.

Well, say the Trump bashers, “That doesn’t sound right! Look at the predator in the White House!”

To these people I say, “Just wait and watch. You sour-grape politico-losers, you think this election result happened by accident? Or fraud? Or because of the Russians?” And I laugh and … straighten my shoulders, too. Because when it comes to the fate of the world, along with our family situation, I believe Truth always prevails over un-truth.

I believe the Light shines stronger than the pull of Darkness. What appears catastrophic to some people … who are so committed to thinking their negative perspective on things is the only one, who refuse to see glimmers of positive when there’s so many obviously shining forth, everywhere! — I say, “Believe in Love.” Positives always outweigh Negatives. The Light always disperses the Dark. Truth always conquers un-truth.

always go for the HIGHEST

go for the HIGHEST — be a warrior of TRUTH

With the rising up of one’s personal consciousness to this fifth chakra, the throat region, here is where we all get to practice — by our words — being soldiers in the Army of Love. I call myself one of its lieutenants, because it is my personal calling to not only speak up for Love’s power over hatred, but to spread the word, defying naysayers whenever I can.

Truth shines with a Light within. Words are one way to spread this Light. Instead of warring acts, sometimes Truth is a kind word, a sign of forgiveness, acceptance not resistance.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This is the war cry of spiritual activists: The Serenity Prayer. Loving words are weapons of mass illumination.

In the case of what our daughter now faces, she must regain her strength, after thinking the battle had already been won. She takes a deep breath and rejoins the forces of Light on the battlefield. The war of untruth is not over that her ex began. She must continue to wage battle … probably until the day her son reaches the age when he’s “allowed by the courts” to decide for himself where he wants to live. That will be in his teens, a long ways off. Till then, our daughter must keep her heart open, her senses tuned to the subtleties of spiritual and legal warfare, and keep close to her the advice of her counselors: her pastor, her parents (her father and me, her stepmother), her lawyers, her guardian ad litem, her son’s shrink, teachers, playmates, everyone who loves her and him! The battle between Truth and un-truth is ongoing for her. For us! For our daughter, it’s more real than for most.

For the average person who’s interested in the betterment of our world, the survival of our planet, and the uplifting of humankind’s mass consciousness — we too must maintain a vigilance in the name of Truth. We must watch the words we speak. When our hearts are open, we have an obligation to serve Love. We do this by watching every word, and thought that we allow in our consciousness. When our spiritual centers are open full-blast (and stay open!) … our thoughts and words evolve into our weapons to destroy un-truth. We warriors in the Army of Love MUST BE VIGILANT.

No longer operating from our selfish, lower chakra-motivations, members of the spiritual Army of Love watch our speech, our thoughts. Thoughts create energy. I call them “thought-seeds.” Once our hearts have been opened, our throat chakra is now activated and we speak and think thoughts that only promote Truth. This is how we battle against un-truth.


negative thoughts, speech & actions … create only chaos!

The mantra for the throat chakra is Ham, pronounced like an aspirated hahm. It sounds like the long sound of hha-mm. A good way to keep the throat vibrating, and the heart chakra resonating with Truth, is to breathe in deeply and sound out the syllable “Hahm” … and on the long outbreath say “Sa”. This mantra, Ham-Sa … is an ancient Sanskrit way of honoring God/Spirit and can be interpreted as … “God is consciousness … So It Is” ….

Another way of saying Ham-Sa is So-ham. The two mantras mean the same, exact thing, the syllables are just in reverse order. So (So it is) Ham (God is higher, elevated consciousness within me).

So’ham … Ham’sa … So’ham … Ham’sa …

When I’m bicycling I get into hyperventilation mode; it’s then that I use the Ham-sa, Ham-sa, Ham-sa mantra (each syllable a quick breath in and out). When I’m quietly meditating, the So‘ (long breath in), Ham (long breath out), So’Ham, So’Ham more mellow mantra works nicely. And other times, especially when I’m doing a chakra-arising sound-meditation, in which I’m consciously using chanting aloud to lift up the energy from the 1st to the highest, 7th chakra — I then use the single syllable Ham that is associated with the throat’s 5th chakra’s energy.

If you’d like to try this kind of meditation, using all 7 chakras’ mantras, each one sounded out s-l-o-w-l-y, breathe in deeply first, then sound with the long-out breath ….

sound  … Lam (the first chakra’s mantra) …. then take another deep breath IN) …

sound …  Wam (the second chakra’s mantra … then a next deep breath IN) …

sound …  Ram (the third chakra’s mantra … take the next breath IN) …

sound …  Yam (the fourth, heart chakra’s mantra … and breathe IN) …

sound …   Ham (the fifth’s, throat chakra’s mantra … then breathe in deeply) …

sound ….  Ommmmmm (the sixth chakra’s mantra) …. and …

the 7th chakra is also Ommmmmmmmmmmm (as you sound Omm envision white-violet sparkling light all around your head’s crown, the seat of the 7th chakra). Repeat Ommmm and “see” the light emanate from your indigo-colored third eye, the inner EYE OF GOD. the spot between your eyebrows. Energy lifts up automatically with Omm (or Aum, more properly Sanskrit) … and … the more you repeat this mantra and the others … the more your centers of spiritual power, your chakras, will open, stay open, and you will be operating from the highest consciousness possible. One breath at a time.

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the 2nd chakra's color is yellow

chakra colors and their locations within your innermost Being

Are you living from the Highest Good for All yet? Or are you living for what you think is YOUR highest good? If you’re still operating from what you think is best for you, that’s okay. You’re on your way. Stay in the purification lane of the Spiritual Superhighway. Stay focused on your breath. You will arrive at the top of your inner mountain, one step at time, one breath at a time.

With great love and great respect, Love all ways!

LordFlea aka teZa Lord



TRUST … no matter what!

see her? you think you're overwhelmed!

no matter what BIG upset comes along — Trust and you won’t suffer!

One of my most respected spiritual teachers said the other day, “Everything that’s happening right here, right now, is the accumulation of every single choice made up to this point —in your personal life and out in the world around us. Trust that this present moment is happening for all the right reasons. You may not know what those reasons are … yet! … but in time, more shall be revealed. Trust is what a child first learns from good parentage and upbringing. If you don’t have it, look back and fill in the cracks. Repair your trust leaks.”Because I want to have a pure approach to Trust, at this moment I’m going to (for the first time here on Lord Flea!) “tune “out” of my ordinary, rational mind … and go within. To that still, deep place within … where I connect with my inner Self. Because I want “him” (I call my special Spirit Guide Noname — and yes long ago “he” told me that’s his name, so yeah laugh if you want because I, LordFlea — am female!) and I want Noname to speak about this, not me. I invite Noname, whom I have been contacting for special messages, to talk today, and not me, about this pivotal topic: Trust.

The way I connect (and you can, too) is to get quiet, breathe deeply, and ask Noname to “take over” … and then I simply (after having trained myself to) trust what comes out … as I sit at my keyboard (I type as fast as I think, as swiftly as the flow of receiving is). I’ve been doing this exercise — tapping Noname’s wisdom — for years. So … here we go! Allow me to introduce you to our guest blogger today, my very own spirit guide … Noname!


relax, listen, here’s what Noname has to say!

Noname says:

Without trust, life on earth is miserable, at best; and bearable, at most. Those aren’t such great choices, are they?

If a person can let go of their pre-determined ideas about how things should be: their worry, fears, apprehensions, expectations — they have a chance of experiencing the real prize of being born a human — and that is:

to marry the mind with the soul.

In other words, when a grown person brings issues leftover from, say, their childhood, or even another lifetime, into their present, they will never experience the full glory of each moment’s possibility. That’s the only sure thing: that without trust, the present moment will forever be tainted, judged, or compared to others. And that’s no fun.

For instance, when people are young they live in the flow of life, experiencing each moment as it arises, fully, completely, without Yeses or Nos. Kids relate through the filters of their immediate surroundings, their parents, their caregivers, what they are taught and demonstrated from the earliest possible moment of life. All humans arrive at adolescence, and probably way before that, as early as four years of age, with already set parameters cemented into their little psyches by their parents, their culture, their religion or lack thereof, their influences from all around them.

For an awakened person, which I’m sure all of you are who choose to read this, wanting to experience the heights of your humanhood — it is crucial to be conscious of every bit of judging/setness/childhood impressions leftover in your beingness … and get ready to eradicate any source of unsettledness. Bit by bit. Judgement by judgement. Because anything that stops you from experiencing the present moment is holding you back. From what?

From being One with All.

That’s the payoff, the grand slam prize, of being able to Trust.

It’s not some momentary relief. It’s not some jovial haha I’ve “got it!” … No! I’m here to tell you that Trust is the key that fits nicely into the lock that allows all living creatures to experience the fullest of their existence. And for humans, that’s to truly know the state of consciousness some call God-within, others call Cosmic consciousness. Some just call inner peace and calm.

A happy life. Who doesn’t want that?

But without trust, and recognizing how not being able to trust pops up in myriads of ways … this creates the iron bars of a person’s spiritual prison.

So now that we’ve defined what it is, this mistrust that keeps us from ever experiencing true happiness as a human being — what can we do to achieve Trust?

The answer is simpler than one might expect. It starts with that famous saying that makes me smile whenever I hear it … “If you spot it, you got it!”

That means that if you sense an unease within yourself, whatever or however it arises, from whichever source imaginable, that’s your particular distrust of being alive. It may be about the present administration (so many mistrust the new Pres, I know I know, but bear with me here), or it may be as simple as not trusting you can do a simple back-bend, or a headstand in a yoga practice, afraid you’re going to hurt yourself, and not trusting a teacher who tells you — you won’t.

Whenever you feel the uneasiness of being out of sorts, uncomfortable, not able to breathe easily, a kicking, unsettled sensation in the gut, a wanting to shout NO! to something you hear or see … or feel suspicion that people are doing something behind your back, your girlfriend looking at that guy because she likes him better than you, or you think a spider will lurch out of that dark closet and bite you, inflicting woe and misery on your life forever — stop and ask yourself:

“Am I bringing my mind’s mistrust into this situation? Or … should I just stop a moment and practice discernment, and weigh whatever’s making me uncomfortable?”

Let’s take the first situation: the one of mistrusting the present administration. Lots of Americans feel their neck hairs raise on this one. But ask yourself, “Have I given Trump a chance? Have I reached beyond my disappointments and anger, put aside my honest belief that he’s ruining all our lives — to ask myself: Am I willing to trust that maybe, just maybe, the Universe allowed this person to become President of the United States for a purpose that little ol’ me just can’t fathom?” Have you taken the time to ask yourself this question? Well, this is a good place to start.

Things are never what they appear to be.

getting lost along The Way

sometimes the Lighthouse is a pile of rocks!

Let’s look at the scenario of the young hunk sitting at a table watching his beautiful new girlfriend glance around the room. And the hunk says to himself, “What! She’s looking at that guy over there, and thinking she wants to be with him more than me! How dare she! She’s just like Suzybelle, my last girlfriend, who did the same damn thing to me. Suzy ruined my life! So I’m outta here, NOW!”

Only to find out — many long hours of back-and-forthing, endless texts, beggings, pleadings on the behalf of the girlfriend who swears she was just innocently “looking around the room” — that she hadn’t even one person in her eye’s focus in the restaurant, and that whatever Mr. hunk was imagining, came from within himself, not from what was really happening. Hunk judged beauty’s actions based on his own fears, not on what she was actually doing. And when hunk “saw” her looking with desire at another guy across the room and accused her of being unfaithful (already!) this only made beauty afraid to go any further with hunk (who was perfect in every other respect) — because he exhibited the killer of all great loves — jealousy.

Maybe the two situations seem unrelated to you, but really, they are the same. A person objecting to Trump before letting him have a chance to be a president, and hunk assuming beauty to be the same fickle bitch Suzy was. The sour-grapes political disser and the sure-of-himself jealous boyfriend: both make judgements based on their past experiences, not on what’s happening right there, right then, in the present moment before them.

With the hunk/beauty situation, they spoke their peace, they decided to practice trusting each other. Their immediate attraction to each other was strong enough, special enough for each to weigh the pros and cons of continuing their newly formed bond … and they mutually decided to work on their “issues.” The hunk claims he wants to let go of jealousy, and is willing to admit that it’s his baggage that caused the scene in the restaurant, not beauty’s wandering eye. Hunk wants to grow. He wants to be trustful. He doesn’t want to be like his parents (ahhh, herein lies his misfitting key) who are experiencing marital problems after thirty some years together.

The hunk is now in a place where he wants to see with his own eyes, hear with his own heart. He feels his spirit drawn to this woman who sits before him. To move forward though, he has to let go of his fears. He knows he must learn to trust. Especially her. But of course once mistrust has been spotted somewhere in a person’s life, it’s usually spread all over the spectrum, like veins going deep inside a hunk of blue cheese.

But the good news is … once a person learns to “spot it” … if they want to be happy people, they certainly are also ready now to admit they “got it.” And once this recognition occurs,  called “Awareness” … a person then reaches the threshold of being able to choose.

If we want to be happy, we must be willing to let go of fear and choose to let goodness into our lives. We must be willing to replace mistrust with trust.


Ahhh, here comes the leap of faith stuff we keep hearing about.

earth energy with yo#19151E

one by one, we need to take that Leap!

Pretend you’re at the edge of a very high, very dangerous cliff, and behind you there’s a stampeding herd of demons spread out in all directions — coming straight for you! There’s no escape! You will die if you don’t do something quick. The angry, vicious monsters (mistrust, judgement, fear of all sorts) are closing in on you. You can see the mob, huffing and puffing fire and murderous intent streams from their flared nostrils. You can see them tightly packed as they rampage right toward you, their hoofs pounding the ground making the earth shake beneath your feet, now just thirty yards away! You have only a few seconds to decide what to do before you die! You glance down. There’s nothing but a canyon far far below you. But … you have come to believe in the Spirit, the eternal Spirit of your humanness, and this is your saving grace. In fact, you have even had glimpses of yourself, before this moment, when you knew you were something more than a mere blood and guts human. Before, in more quiet moments, you remembered. So now you flash-recall that memory! Now you have to choose! Stay stuck and die by fear-raging monsters who’ll destroy you — or — leap off the cliff and spread those spiritual wings of your Higher Self that you’ve suspected yourself having … since first sensing them in early childhood.

If you’re smart you’ll leap. If you’re not, you’ll die. Of course you’re smart! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

Congratulate yourself! You’ve just taken that leap of faith you need to let go of everything holding you back, destroying your chance at real happiness.

Now … as you jump from the cliff the monsters are far behind you. You look upward, spread those wings of freedom (metaphor here, dear ones) and fly high. Higher than you’ve ever been. You certainly may come back to earth whenever you need to. But once you’ve experienced this release of unfounded fear — you’re truly free!

I hope you get an opportunity to have this leap of faith very soon.

Noname over and out.


And also me, your loving pal, Lordflea, aka teZa Lord

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