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2nd chakra is orange

2nd chakra is orange

She was abused as a child. Everything she did was affected by the suffering she felt, consciously and subconsciously, from that day forward. The abuse happened when she was ten, but by the time she was a teenager she was deep into self-loathing as a result of what had happened to her. The details of her abuse aren’t important. What is, is that they were life-altering to her.

She grew to be a person who, in time, became aware of the spiritual energies that are part of being human. One day she found herself enrolling in a weeks-long chakra workshop (each week, a different chakra) not even knowing what that was, exactly.

When the day the second charka workshop began, she was chosen to be the volunteer who would be “worked on” while two others in the workshop would be “the healers.” The workshop, with around thirty in attendance, was split into teams of three each. Each team chose the person to be worked on, who was asked to lie down comfortably on the thick carpet, while the two healers knelled on either side of her. They would be doing “the work.” One healer was positioned at the head, the other at the foot of the person being worked on.

What “the work” was, entailed both healers’ concentration of their spiritual energies directed toward that area of the volunteer’s 2nd chakra, the area below the navel and above the groin, deep inside the body.

The room was quiet. All ten sets of healing trios were quietly doing the work, sending their own personal power, concentrating it toward that particular chakra’s energy center.

Suddenly the woman who was gently holding the head of our subject, let’s call her Linda, yelled, “Oh my God! Do you see that!?” while at the same moment the woman who was holding Linda’s feet yelled simultaneously, “Shit yes! What the hell is that?!”

Linda popped up her head, “What? What? What is it? What’s going on?”

Both healers at Linda’s head and feet, remained stunned for a moment, looking at something that Linda couldn’t see. Linda remained prostrate as the two women gasped and silently made noises of alarm back and forth. Others in the room had turned to look at the commotion. Nobody could see anything out of the ordinary, except for the two healers at Linda’s head and feet. Then the two women spoke quietly to Linda while continuing to hold onto her body.

“I just saw a huge orange ball with a big black hole in it rise up from your 2nd chakra!” one woman said.

“I saw exactly the same orange ball, it was all lit up except the big black hole in it,” the other said. “Then it went whoooosh — and disappeared somewhere away from you!”

“That’s exactly what I saw, too!” the other one said.

“What on earth could that be?” both asked Linda as she continued lying down.

“I know exactly what that was,” Linda said. She clearly was not in any doubt about this. “I was sexually molested as a child, and I’ve been carrying around so much pain, agony, and desperation all my life. I felt like my life was condemned to unhappiness, forever. That black hole you saw — that’s the way I’ve been feeling since it happened to me twenty-five years ago!”

The workshop members had already learned that the color associated with the 2nd chakra is orange, and its mantra is Wam. They had already had discussions about the level of consciousness that represents this rising-up of human potential. The 2nd chakra is about feelings (see previous post of LordFlea for more info about the 2nd chakra).

Linda reported back to her workshop friends in the weeks and months to come, that she felt absolutely released from the psychic pain she’d been trapped in, before this 2nd chakra healing took place.

Years later, up to this day, Linda continued saying, “After that healing session, I never felt sorry for myself at all. I just felt like what happened, happened. I began to realize that the abuse I suffered, instead of ruining my life, had pushed me into being a spiritual seeker. Maybe I would never have known such heights of happiness, as I do today, if I hadn’t been abused? I don’t know. But today, I just accept that this happened to me and I no longer feel a victim, or shattered, or confused about sex, all of which I felt before the day of that incredible healing.”

I hope you, my reader, know that healing can take place any time you set your mind to it. If you feel that you have suffered any kind of hardship, remember this story. And set aside some time to devote to sending your own spiritual energy (called intention) to that part of your self that feels injured, harmed, not right. You don’t have to be specific about which chakra, or even know what specific event might have caused you discomfort. All you have to know is that you want to be happier than you are.

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Wishing you all my love and Light, your pal,

LordFlea aka teZa Lord




Now that we’ve discussed “what” the first chakra is (see preceding post) let’s jump in and have its experience. Very different from learning about it, hearing of it.

This energy center is located at the base of your spine. Please focus your attention there. Sense the connectedness of your bony spine’s very end, not as bone though, but as if it’s made out of loose, moving, flexible “energy fibers” … tentacles, extensions of your very essence. These energy fibers grow when you focus on them.

(It would be even better if you could listen to what I’m saying, as if this were a guided meditation — and you do what I’m suggesting instead of just listening, or reading. I’m working on offering these listen-only sound bites, and they’ll be available soon.)

The invisible tentacles that come from your lower spine, its very tip, the coccyx, and the surrounding wider sacrum area (all are the 1st chakra area) — are like fibers or strings of energy that you see arising from bolts, or other sources of intensely accumulated electricity (another mostly invisible source of energy). These “imagined” glowing fibers emanating from your sacrum grow toward an attracting source. In this journey of understanding human spirituality that the chakras help us understand, your own body’s 1st chakra tentacles reach out for the very center of the Earth — from whence we came.

The word for “human” comes from the same etymological source as “humus” — which is defined as “the material of earth itself.” Humus is what is found on the floor of the forest or jungle, after plant material has fallen to the ground and accumulates in layers. Humus occurs, then, when living material is in the process of going back to the source from which it came: Earth itself.

In the same manner, you and I, we are children, offspring (like living plants are) of the Earth. We are as well, children of the Divine Energy toward which we all aspire to feel connected to (this will happen when we dwell in the 7th, the “crown chakra”). All humans originate from the Source Itself — Consciousness. This is why children are so much more open and magical than older humans. Because children are simply closer to the Source from whence we all come. And a person who is dying, likewise, if they are settled in their hearts, are filled with wondrous anticipation, not dread, when they have glimpsed where they are now headed — back to the Source of All. I know this from my own personal experience, having helped both my parents return to the Source.

Let’s continue experiencing this 1st chakra energy together, shall we?

Sit (or stand, or lie down, it doesn’t matter) anytime you wish, and focus on this energy that connects you to our home, planet Earth. Your 1st chakra’s energy fibers anchor you, always reminding you … who you are. This “I am” … is the mental thought that corresponds with 1st chakra awareness, or consciousness.

This “I am” awareness works independently of your intellect. Even if you find yourself in a coma (I hope never) you still experience this I am consciousness. A friend came to practice music with me yesterday and she told me:

“I was in a week-long coma when I had spinal meningitis a couple years ago. I knew everything that was happening all around me. I heard every word spoken in my presence. I knew who was there and what they were doing. I couldn’t open my eyes or move a muscle or blink or swallow — but I was fully, consciously, there.”

This awareness my friend described is the most basic of the great I am consciousness.

The awareness of Being.

The essence of being present, is called by some, Presence.”

To connect with this most basic of energy is easy and simple. All you have to do is want to experience your most essential “I am” quality — which is — that you are alive! And you are alive as long as you have breath in you. Breath, therefore, is key to consciousness.

The 1st chakra energy is about survival. Not only does this energy help us experience our very essence, our alive-ness, but it propels us to stay alive!

If you are in a coma, obviously you are dependent on others to feed you, keep you breathing, keep you comfortably warm or cool, and expel all the toxins from your system. I’ve seen the tubes containing these toxins that if modern medicine didn’t take care of, surely would kill a comatose patient within a short while.

When we’re in our normal consciousness, awake I mean, survival means various things to various people, but generally it’s about

  • eating properly (only when hungry) to maintain energy and fuel life itself
  • drinking water when thirsty
  • sleeping enough to be healthy
  • getting out of bad weather, seeking shelter during any kind of storm
  • not doing stupid stuff that endangers one’s very life (not jumping too impossibly wide a ravine, not swimming with hungry sharks, not ingesting poison, etc.)

Pretty basic stuff, eh?

As a yoga person who loves to chant, I can also increase my awareness of my 1st chakra energy by chanting this mantra using the sacred sound …  Lam

Here’s how: breathe in, and in a natural tone sound out … Lammmmm … as you slowly breathe out. Breath in, and again breathe out toning Lammmm, on and on.

As we journey up the chakras, each energy center has its own corresponding mantra. Where these ancient sacred sounds, like Lam, came from, I do not know. All I know is that my masterful spiritual teacher taught them to me, and … I’ve found them useful in my understanding of my own spirituality. Mantras are just tools by which we can focus our attention on certain aspects of our spiritual development. And the more ancient they are, the more a mantra contains the sacred energy called Shakti. That’s why I recommend using Lammmmm for additional help connecting to your 1st chakra.

If you’re a visual person as I am, it’s also useful to envision the color Red when you concentrate on the 1st chakra energy. Again, just another tool. As we ascend the chakras, we’ll be traveling the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, and finally … white). It was the ancients who ascribed colors as well as mantras to these energy centers. They noticed everywhere, all around them, how light fragments into the prismatic colors, as rainbows do in the sky above us. As pure white light (the color of the crown, the uppermost chakra) separates, the prismatic colors of the rainbow become apparent. When all light is connected, we see white (or “clear” transparency). You can notice this in how every drop of rain water, every dew drop, every minuscule source of water breaks into its own tiny prism. Check it out. Go to a spider’s web on a dewy morning, and look closely at one drop of dew that’s been caught there. Go closer. You will see the rainbow within that drop.

I hope our experience of the 1st chakra is useful for your understanding of how to raise up our consciousness, the purpose of a person’s exploring their own level of awareness.

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love from your pal teZa Lord, aka Lord Flea.