Never Give UP! There’s Always Hope

there's always hope

there's always hope

I was talking to some friends the other day, and for a change the conversation was not about bin Laden’s killing, but another cause for unease felt by many citizens of South America (where these two friends originally happened to be from). Both men were ex-pats living in America for many years, having given up the many hardships and dangers of living in their respective countries, Colombia and Venezuela. Both men agreed that the situation in their countries were akin to many others in Latin America, and, for that matter, other places around the globe where men and women have not embraced birth control as an acceptable, modern social practice. Naturally their two countries-of-origin are predominantly Catholic countries where birth control is banned, and naturally, many women’s multiple babies are commonly born from many different men, with unwanted children left to fend for themselves in the streets. The crisis of overpopulation has been, for generations already, at such an extreme that the streets of many Latin American countries are overrun with abandoned, crime-friendly, illiterate children who are the unfortunate progeny of a cultural phenomenon that is causing our world to suffer as much anguish as from terrorist threats, environmental toxicity, and political oppression.

One of my Latin friends said, “The only solution is to for these countries to have revolutions,” which he thought would be a “quick fix.” The simplistic idea of a new regime equaling a new and better life isn’t always the solution to a problem that goes as deep, for so long as this one has: uneducated males needing to procreate many children to prove their masculinity. My other friend shook his head when he heard the first man’s readily offered solution. “No, a revolution will never fix the situation,” this second guy sadly said. “It’s too deep, too cultural a problem. A change of regime will never change the way people have been acting for generations, I know this for certain.” So when I asked him what he thought the solution might be to our global drastic overpopulation problem (a surprising note is that this man is a biologist!), a problem not just limited to South Americans, he sadly said, “There is no solution. People are people. It will take generations of education to change their ways.”

Yes, education is one answer. But to this I have another solution to add. One that I did not have the chance to say to my biology friend because the events of the evening swept us away with other conversations. However, in my mind and in my heart I know there is always hope. The reason I believe this is because I have experienced this fact in my own life. I have tested this theory: what I believe, and hold in my consciousness as true, will happen … it always does. As long as we hold positive solutions in our MINDS … then the inevitable actions needed to make positive changes occur, coming about more quickly the more who join the invisible energy of planting thought-seeds.

Each and every action begins with a (silent) thought. I call this “The Thought-Seed Effect.” I’ve written about it quite a bit on Lordflea. The more people hold positive solutions in their mind, carry them in their heart, and don’t let their “un-disciplined” negative thoughts or words negate these Thought-Seeds — change for positive solutions occurs more rapidly.

we are One

we are One

Every day, every month, each year, there are more and more people, like me, joining this wave of transformation: people who believe the simple axiom that we create our own reality by the thoughts we hold in our consciousness.

There is always hope. Please hold positive solutions close to your heart, and think positive thoughts for all the ills in our world. And together we will make the change happen … one person at a time …. one thought at a time …. one little word at a time.

Thanks. Your pal, Lordflea

challenge the fear mongers afoot

why is it the news is always filled with bad news: the TV, newspapers, even internet bloggers all jump on fear as if it’s a bronco they love to fall off of, get back up on, fall back off again, on and on, as the fear mongers laugh themselves black and blue all the way to the bank.

are people addicted to feeling bad or what? do we really want to be told how bad things are, when if we could instead, focus on how GOOD things could be…even if we’re all in a tight spot right now…how much better we’d all feel, and how much better things will get if we could re-train ourselves to be addicted to feeling positive, instead of filled with trepidation.

fight negative things by wielding the sword of sowing positive thought-seeds

fight negative things by wielding the sword of sowing positive thought-seeds

i believe in thought-seeds. in particular the power of positive thoughts, real energy (but hard to detect) sown and affecting the electromagnetic field of each of our consciousnesses (wow, that’s a word for s’s, huh).

positive energy can help right wrongs. negative energy only continues to encourage downward spirals. it’s been proven. thoughts are as effective as physical actions, and in some cases, even more so. take the case of people who heal themselves from terminal cancer with positive thoughts. see to see what i mean, louise hay’s work on self-healing through positive thoughts.

instead of listening to everyone who delights in already (less than 1 month after inauguration) predicting doom for Obama’s economic policies, for instance, why not practice letting-go and letting-Obama, and let the man do his job! i for one am not going to pay any heed to the fear, just as i refused to participate in any negative put-downs about the last administration (although i certainly wasn’t happy about what was going on, i use my personal energies to create a positive force field around so-called bad situations…like the war in iraq, the animals and ice caps disappearing, the greed of the few that have caused such stress for the many).

i invite you all to plant a thought-seed. put it into your consciousness that–no matter how difficult things mnight appear to be right now, in this economic crunch, in this Middle Eastern war-conflicted tense time of today–put the “white Light” of your own positive energy around these situations (and any situation from your personal lives, friends, family, etc) and then–let it go! offer your psychic energy, your “prayers of positive thought” to these situations, and don’t drown them in your fears. fear only increases negative vibrations, believe me.

try it on your own life. if you have a situation that’s not working out, just put a “thought-seed” of positivity around it, and then–let it go! watch how the situation takes care of itself, turns around, or manifests that it needed to occur, painful as it was, to open up the next window of opportinity that takes us all to the next, higher place. security. spiritual well-being. perhaps even happiness. satisfaction. contentment. even if things are rough around the edges. so what? life can be perfect in its imperfection, just as you can be.

relax, use "bad" things as opportunities for spiritual rowth

relax, use "bad" things as opportunities for spiritual growth

experiment. exercise those psychic muscles of yours that get flabby with dis-use.

when you feel stressed, worried, filled with fear–relax and breathe in the Light, slowly, let your body fill with energizing, positive breath of life. Blessed Life. A gift. Your Gift. learn to love adversities, because they make the good things in life so much better! Believe in Love. Live to Love. Yeahhhh, breathe in the love, breathe out love to others, too. thanks. you’ll be glad you did too.

enjoy the moment. Trust, stay centered in the Light,

your pal lord flea

a song for all

Greetings from another, just like the others.

yes, I sing the song of our hearts, loud and clear.

my name, lord flea? you wonder?

i gave this name to myself in honor of a now-gone calypso singer from de eye-lands. like him I am a watcher, a commenter, a person who cares. i want to share with the world, but only of things of spirit,

In Spirit, lord flea sings.

in fact i am just like you and you. to sing out loud, with no tags (such as male, female, white, black, yellow, pink, republican, democrat, arab, jew, christian, liberal, tight-ass, etc. etc.) i am a mystery, on purpose.

and that’s what this life is like…a mystery.

the native americans call existence on earth the Mystery. and i agree. IT is.


glad to meet you all!! i’ll be posting regularly and sharing with you my thoughts and my art. here’s a little taste.

the Mystery, as lord flea sees it

the Mystery, as lord flea sees it