the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

YOU are The Most Important Person!

Civitas, the goddess of civilization

Civitas, the goddess of civilization

I’ve been wanting to share this special moment for so long now. Be prepared to be moved to your core, as I was.

Sitting at a memorial for a very special friend, the buttoned-down gray-haired man stood up to speak to us about the African-American friend we’d all lost. This was in an A.M.E. Church, in which most of the white folks, as my husband and I are, sat in the back. Weird, huh? But Carter my consort and I didn’t, that’s not who we are. Maybe the rest of the whites felt strange being there, but we didn’t. Maybe that was because Everett was our daughter’s best friend’s father, and when our kids were young (they’re now 30) we all felt each other was family. Carter and I had moved away from our hometown almost a decade before this day, of Everett’s funeral. Sadly, not even sixty, he’d succumbed too soon to a stroke.

After introducing himself as Everett’s supervisor at work — where everyone in this sea of strangers was a mutual friend, as special, each one of us, one-on-one to our pal, as Everett’s closest friends and family — the white man said: “Indulge me, and close your eyes. Imagine Everett standing right before you, right now. Go ahead.” And we did. Not a hard thing to do when the living are not that long dead. “Now hear Everett say to you as he looks you right in the eye with that big sincere grin of his: ‘You are the most important person in the world, and I love you!”

Every single person in the church, black or white, felt Everett’s love for him- or herself. I certainly did. Carter told me later he did, too. Because it was easy to imagine this affable, sweetly-smiling man, Everett, a man who had time for everyone and anyone, to do such a thing and say such caring words. Although, he never had to. His smile and gaze said it for him.

The speaker went on saying this n’ that about how great Everett was, telling how he made everyone feel at ease, quoting some scripture, making us laugh, something anyone at a packed-church funeral knows is rare and gratifying. Finally, the last sheet of paper was being turned as the gray-haired guy spoke.

“Indulge me one last time, please. This time with you eyes wide open.” And we did, every last one of us.

“I want you to turn to your neighbor in your pew, man or woman, and look them right in the eye, and say, ‘You are the most important person to Everett, and I love you.'” And we all did.

With those words, I felt the love this man felt for each one of the people there. And instantly, I felt love for every person, strangers all, except for our daughter’s weeping friend and her mother and brother.

What this speaker reminded me about, is what any speaker, I”m sure, could say about any of us. How each of us can love the person right in front of us, black or white, straight or gay, friend or assumed foe. How easy we can love those close to us. But with practice, and a little urging to do so, we can go further. We can look strangers, any one!, each and every human, another, the “other” in the eye and say, “I love you” as easily as that. I felt my heart, my life expand, by doing this.

Know that the world isl be a better place for all of us doing this. People like Everett who have gone before us, spent their time here on earth, reminding us. How important it is to … Love One Another.

humans with open mind, open hearts

humans with open mind, open hearts

In case you don’t know it … I love you!

Toward the One, the perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty: the only Being. United with all the illuminated souls, who together form the embodiment of the master, the Spirit of Guidance. (the Sufi Invocation, one of my favorite prayers)

Love your neighbor as yourself!

Remember, smile! Spread the joy.

Help heal the world with each glance, each token of kindness you extend to a stranger.

Remember Everett!

If he can do it, so we we!

So can you, so can I

We can heal our world, one person at a time.

We Are One.


Love Conquers All — even the Worst

Let’s spread the word!

Tweet, Post, write on your Facebook page, ask your local news stations start talking about how neighbors help one another. Or random stories about strangers assisting unfortunates. Contribute and insist on equal attention focused on good news instead of just nerve-grinding tragedies, heartaches or sensationalized Breaking News! that’s so popular due to boosted ratings.

When audiences demand more elevating stories instead of wacko nut jobs acting out, when people think positively, and continue committing random, willy-nilly acts of kindness—our world will rapidly change from the old paradigm of fear and control we’ve been stuck in.

In this way, harmful tendencies of the past will melt away. Feelings of separation will dissolve. Political, religious, and philosophical suspicions between East and West are culturally tolerated with Love and Kindness as catalysts of mass enlightenment.

We in the United States are the economic vanguard for the rest of the world. We inhabit the so-called New World founded on a constitution that has at its core, safeguards to protect the freedom of its citizenry, freedoms not seen anywhere else in the world at the time. But now we’re wising up, in this time of the NOW—rising up and becoming reborn, like the eternally revitalized-from-the-ashes phoenix. I truly believe America is the vanguard of humanity. It is reinventing itself right now, with the help of positive folk such as you and me as leaders of this new era we’ve entered: the Compassionate Age of humankind.

A new day is here, heralding that each moment the Earth is revitalizing, renewing, growing spiritually stronger with each new NOW, each newly hatched present moment.

C’mon creative artists—illuminate us!  Get it together and think of other ways to entertain, to tantalize us rather than put the Light down by promoting Darkness, or ignoring the Light that shines in each our eyes…like diamonds.

Remember, in this Army of Love we are amassing strength, making compassion our weapon of choice.

Spread Love wherever and however you can.

For those of us whose mission is not to entertain the masses, we can help by thinking loving, kind, and forgiving thoughts, never holding resentments or seeking revenge—and deciding to stop supporting people who treat each other with anything less than pure, basic compassion.

If you witness any evil—in real life, or see a disturbing image in a movie, a scene on TV, hear music that promotes violence, racism or sexism—put some of your abundant Self-generated Light around the people who were involved, and quickly turn your thoughts to Forgiveness and Love.

This is a Love Revolution underway here, folks. We in the Army of Love are joining efforts to publicize and install in the collective consciousness, the transformative power of the NOW. The present moment is our strength, our stronghold. Our world is turning around. We are becoming more holistic and healthy—even more rapidly if each one of us helps turn negatives into positives.

Consider yourself a captain in the Army of Love. Know that your choice to negate evil helps others to arm themselves with munitions of loving-kindness. The power of your positive thoughts and acts, is humanity’s weapon of mass illumination.

Watch yourSelf. Don’t honor the ways of wickedness. If you do you’re just as guilty of having the same stinkin’ thinkin’ as others you revile. Don’t allow negatives to exist in your sphere. Start with your own mind. Slay any negative thought that arises with the power of positive thinking.


We can do this!

No one has power over what others do with their lives, controlling another’s inner thoughts or their outer actions. But within our own minds, our own bodies, we have all the Power.

Use your power of thought well. Shine your inner Light, that most powerful of psychic tools, toward any negative situation in society. Each one of us can keep watch over our own thoughts, keep positive, and don’t allow negativities to overwhelm us.

We may not get to see the end result of this transformative work during our lifetimes. However, if we, as a race of awakened humans, begin at this moment to collectively focus our thoughts on the heightened state of consciousness that the age of NOW heralds, the Age of Compassion—our world will change, one person at a time, one family at a time.

All the evil in the world will melt away in the healing Light of Love that emanates from the world’s current tipping-point state, consisting of hundreds of thousands, and soon-to-be uncountable human hearts who collectively contribute their thought-seeds to a change in the downward spiral we seven billion souls here on Earth are influenced by every single day.

Let’s never forget that Love Conquers All.

Aung San Suu Kyi FREED!!

Today a miracle was announced to the world:

looking hopeful and en-lightened for the future

looking hopeful and en-lightened for the future

The biggest hero(ine) in my life, as she is in Obama’s and so many other admirerers, is Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who has been released from house arrest, at last! This noble woman has suffered so much in the name of democracy, an ideal she knows is worth fighting for, indeed, even dying for if need be. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 (the same year I got married!) she has been incarcerated in either prison or confined to her compound in Rangoon, Burma (the name she uses for Myanmar, although the military dictatorship, newly camoflaged as the “elected government” as of a few days ago, is nestled between Thailand, China, and Bangladesh, even the extreme eastern Himalayas. Her freedom was presaged to me by an unusual sign:

many have awaited this auspicious day, her freedom!

many have awaited this auspicious day, her freedom!

I was walking along our beautiful Atlantic beach here in St. Augustine the other day, and saw a sight gave me a wicked case of wonderment even since it happened. From a distance, I thought I was spying a very unusual person, because its shape was far too large for any sea bird, the colors were all different from the shores critters I’ve usually seen: birds of all sorts, huge sea turtles and big land ones in the dunes, and sometimes, even a carcass of decades-long turle, a dolphin,  huge jellyfish that looks like a round space capsules.

what was this strange sight?

the interconnectedness of All: portrayed by eqyptian goddess Nut

the interconnectedness of All: portrayed by eqyptian goddess Nut

No, what I was seeing was strange enough to make me slow my pace down and … sneak up on it. There were no other people on this beach, Anantastia State Park, a sanctuary for wildlife and dunes that runs about 3 miles along the shoreline of the town of St. Augustine Beach. Slowly, in a walking crawl, I approached the unusual creature, and finally recognized it as—no! it couldn’t be–this was too weird, unheard of! for this creature — but what I saw was a gigantic, wings spread, head in profile when not nudging the detritus of the beach in pursuit of something– an elegantly enormous American Bald Eagle! Unmistakeable, its white head and dark body with its golden feet and claws was exactly the same creature as we’d seen living so profusely among the rock cliffs of Western canyons and riverways, when my consort Carter and I canoe out West.

Here it was — an unmistakeable land-loving bald eagle on the very windy, very salty, very un-land-y Atlantic Ocean beach. This encounter, this very unusual occurence of a land eagle picnicing on a lone ocean beach, made me stop dead in my tracks. And take note. And watch. And remember. And … slowly the eagle noticed me, and picked itself up and flew off another twenty or thirty feet down the beach, then into the surf, as it hopscotched ahead of me for quite some time. I slowly walked, not wanting to scare it. I wanted to savor this moment for as long as I could. Until finally it flew off, back toward the nearby inland nest in a tall pine that I just happened to know its location, having been in awe of this great flying beast and its family that lives there, for as long as those of us who know of its nest, high above a miles-distant creek, called Moultrie.

For days I thought about this sight. And thought, like all of life as I’ve come to know it, that all events are interlinked. Nature duplicates what humanity does; humanity replicates what nature does. Chaos rules, but surprises always keep the balance of good vs. evil in check. And, as with nature’s majesty so significantly demonstrated by this great bird’s visit on the beach, and letting me get so very close to it … I knew in me bones that something GOOD was afoot in the annals of human behavior on earth because of this auspicious omen.

Days passed, and I wondered was going to happen, to measure up to the intensity of my encounter with the eage. And then there it was! This morning I awoke to see the New York Times (which I only get on Sundays) with its front cover of the smooth-browed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s smiling face atop her red metal rails, which have kept her prisoner in her own home for most of the past 15 years, not even allowing her the freedom to travel to England to see her dying-from-cancer husband, Michael Aris. In 1999 she’d not been given the assurance of being allowed back in to her beloved Burma if she chose to leave. So she didn’t.


patience and forbearance are key to change
patience and forbearance are key to change

that same elated feeling of exuberance i had when i was watching the bald eagle, feeling so privileged to be there, at that moment, seeing and being One with a phenomenon of nature that few so seldom experience, all of a sudden it made sense.

When I saw that Aung San Suu Kyi had been released, following the previous days’ succes of the replacement of a psuedo-democratically elected new government for the uniformed military junta of previous decades — I knew that the bald eagle I’d seen was a sign of Aug San Shuu Ky’s imminent release. The eagle, this majestic bird of immense power and perseverence, is a sign that if we are patience enough, and willing to endure all hardships to make change happen — success will be ours, as it has been for the Democratic Queen of Burma. Capturing the world’s Big Heart it one of great successes of this marvelous woman of high ideals we know as Aung San Suu Kyi.

Welcome back to your family’s arms, sweet lady. Wear this flower in your hair, too, from me and all who honor and respect you for being You.


the many-petalled lotus of the awakened One

the many-petalled lotus of the awakened One

in the Light, with much love, lordflea, your pal


More Recession Thoughts

I’m in Maine for a reunion and blogging from my iPhone. Short and sweet. Was speaking of awareness-acceptance-action and, by applying this step-by-step method anything–ANYthing becomes possible.

Why do I think the current recession is a good thing? Simply put: when people (or groups, even entire cultures) come to the end of a system that no longer works, the inevitable happens–change. The economic hardships of today are a direct result of the spiralling-out-of-control of “civilazation’s” lust for more more more, without the check-and-balance of spiritual awareness. No one can dispute this. Greed and ignorance have led us into the trap of financial crisis. What will get us out of it, both individually and culturally?

Yep. You guessed it!


Awareness–that “things” are temporal and those who lead without consciousness of this fact are nothing less than asleep–or worse–they suffer from the lowest consciousness of all: needing to control others.

Acceptance–of the current dire state of affairs brought about by material-minded decisions, either by our leaders or our own choices, decisions that were made without considering the larger picture of “things”—that is, that not all things are material and that a great deal if life is a mystery, or spiritual, and these forces must be reckoned with and acknowledged. Or else.

Action–the recession is a blessing for those of us who believe it is an opportunity to change. With this new awareness, all choices we make, including who we allow to be our leaders, become en-lightened.

What changes can we make, what actions to take?

The way we “spend” —- our time, our money, our energy. Out of every crises an opportunity is lays hidden, camoflagued. It’s up to each of us to discover that opportunity for ourselves first, and how we can influence society secondly, by acting differently.

Myself, I see this recession, as well as the tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf, as a crossroads of our humanity. We can either continue as we were–mindlessly spending, letting greed and ignorance rule our day, and our governments, too—or we can decide right here, right now to become more awake, more aware, and more engaged with the magical, the un-material, the spiritual side of things. In other words, replace the great recession with the Great Mystery.

I send you all my love and support in making this leap to living from our opened hearts.

In Light, lordflea singing the song of Oneness.