a feature movie made by lordflea’s consort, Carter Lord. This is an eco-fable, an acted-out cartoon about good stewardship for the planet. Loved by kids and all who are young at heart. Not to be seen by anyone who doesn’t love to laugh!

our favorite visionary artist of all times!

the people who made lithium springs, the fabulous fantasy eco-fable (for sure!)

the first feature of the moviemaker who created lithium springs, our favorite movie ever!

the filmmakers who are dedicated to helping to raise people’s awareness of ecology, and to bring the role of stewardship of the planet to everyone’s attention. our favorite filmmakers.

a worldwide meditation revolution

a former monk, now a renown lay teacher of meditation and eastern philosophy. she personally has saved my butt on many occasions. thanks, durgananda!

AND HERE…are the various styles of hatha yoga (physical movement, comprised of asanas with pranayama, breath) that i practice and study: – Iyengar based “flowing with Grace” John Friend joyous philosophy, playful but precise – a specialized series of 26 asanas done in heat, Bikram Choudrary was a child champion in his home India, introduced the series decades ago…personally has healed me from many afflictions – Iyengar based “yoga university”…many diverse teachers – a powerful vinyasa yoga done in heat — i love the challenge – in New York City, yoga is being introduced to hospitals, schools, etc. through Donna Karen’s and Rodney Yee’s and others’ efforts a very informative approach to doing the physical poses, taught by John Friend, a siddhayogi — a Kripalu school in St. Augustine, FL


yoani sanchez’s award-winning blog, in english, about the truth of what’s happening in today’s oppressive cuba. a friend of lordflea’s.

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