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I am sooooo excited to announce that my beautifully bound coffee table art-book is HERE!

It’s being delivered (with full-on hurricane-aftermath wind and water, yeow!) in my driveway today. This book is the culmination of years of work, my friends. I want you, my faithful followers here on LordFlea, to be the first ones to know, and to have …

Scan 46.jpeg

I’ve created a brand NEW website … … dedicated to dispersing my art and writing. If you’d like to order one of these gorgeous books, the limited edition is $35 each book (plus $5 @). You can easily order at my new site using paypal or credit cards. I think you will be simply AMAZED at the experience of We Are ONE… an intimate experience, sitting and diving into my book’s images … with minimum prose to help you “dive into” the experience even more deeply. This book is sturdily stitch-bound (not glued), its cover is in linen, all the photos have a glossy glaze that make them STAND out from the matte background.

This is a gem for generations to come. Share the  visual experience of Oneness.

If you have any questions please write me:

Love to you all!

Your pal LordFlea aka teZa Lord


Chapter 1: Ready, Set—COURAGE!


      Pretend that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Pretend that everything you ever thought true, isn’t, and that for the sake of experimentation only, you’re willing to try something new in your life. Why? Well, the payoff I’m promising is stupendous. You’ve heard of peace of mind. You’ve even met people who seem content with whatever life has brought them. You suspect some people, even if you haven’t met them, are not destroyed with bouts of seething anger or crippling anxiety every time things don’t go their way. You actually believe that some fortunate people in our stressful world get by without taking drugs, either prescribed or recreational. But … up till now … you haven’t been one of these types of people.

To you, life seems fraught with perils, dangers, exploitative people, oppressive governments, and toxic situations. You may feel powerless a great deal of the time. For these reasons you may have the tendency to drink, smoke, eat, shop, exercise, work, create drama, or some other unhealthy action in excess. But you don’t believe you have a problem. You just think “This is the way life is.”

You’re probably the type of person who believe that true happiness is rare, and probably just a fairytale. Or for airy-fairy types. Maybe you’re a hardcore realist and don’t believe in God. The first type of person usually doesn’t give the possibility of cosmic consciousness a nod of the head, and the later just hopes they’ll not mess up and get thrown in eternal damnation. Either type, neither one lives in a state of openness and is ruled by fears, whether disguised by intellectualism, philosophy, or religiosity.

Well, I can tell you right now that just by being interested in the subject of this book, “Maya’s Book of Change,” that you’re intrigued with the possibility of being transformed. Change is change. You wouldn’t want to stay the way you are if you’re reading about change. You may not believe change is intrinsically possible, but you’re willing to try that thought on for size and thus, you’re here, with me, reading these words.

getting ready to fly!

getting ready to fly!

Maya is my very sick, terminally ill friend whom I’ve dedicated this book to. Ahhh, but maya is also a Sanskrit word that means, loosely: The illusion this world is, this reality in which we live, the one that is only a play of consciousness, and not what we truly are.

And I’ll tell you right here what we really are.

All beings, living or dead, animate or inanimate, mineral, plant, vegetable, each and every thing in existence: we are all tiny cells within the fabric, the body of a much larger, almost incomprehensible matrix called the Universe. Whether you like it or not, my favorite analogy of what we truly are is … don’t laugh!… like microscopic flea-like critters that live upon a dog. The dog being the Universe in this ridiculous scheme, and the fleas are … well, you get the picture. It’s a stretch, but this is my experience and I’m trying to express something totally ineffable using lame words. Sorry.

Stick around and I’ll share best I can how I came to have this perspective, that is, by the way, not unique. The Oneness, or unity consciousness I speak of, is a very ancient approach to life, one that is recorded in much more esoteric and poetic (but almost incomprehensible) language in the yogic scriptures called the Vedas.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s not a smelly, low-existence being a flea-speck on a dog’s back. No, no no. Being a mere cell in the vastness of the One-that-Is, is what I lovingly, respectfully call being aware of The Big It. On the contrary, it’s quite a relief to know we’re all so connected, so familiar with everything in existence that we—whether “we” is another human or another life form, a plant, an animal, or another spinning gaseous galaxy lights years away—we are all connected. We are All One.

I have proof of this. And you will arrive at the same conclusion too if you stick with this inner journey I’m leading you on.

I know Oneness to be absolutely true, and all other beliefs are … just that. Other people’s beliefs. They just don’t hold up for many of us. Oneness is before religion was invented by man. Oneness will remain if and when humanity destroys itself, either over religious differences or crass indifference to our fragile ecosystem.

a vine of Oneness

a vine of Oneness

By the end of this book you will experience Oneness for yourself. I promise that if you follow all my suggestions and be willing to try, that your life will evolve into one with the daily experience of Oneness that is beyond your wildest expectations of what fulfillment can mean. Better than the most far-out aphrodisiac or euphoric formula for happiness, this Oneness stuff. Guaranteed you’ll throw away your anti-depressants, those anti-anxiety pills, bottles of booze, pizza and doughnuts, and relieving smokes. All your fears and hurdles that keep you from being the most significant person you can, in this lifetime you’ve been blessed with, will melt away when you start experiencing Oneness as your true reality.

The goal of this book is, nothing more and nothing less than to share with you the secret of life, and why life itself is such a gift, and how we can best use our time here, whatever length it might be we are granted to be alive.

One thing we can start by agreeing on:

Life is a gift.

Let’s not waste it.

(This is the 4th installment of “Maya’s Book of Change”)

hi friends,

with so much going on in the world—and in our personal lives as well!—i find it always helpful to remember to keep things simple and to remember what and who i really am. In other words, to always try to not get swept away by the comings-and-goings, the ups-and-downs, the rights-and-wrongs of other people, our culture, and most especially, world events. to do this is sometimes easier said than done. that’s why i like to make art, and appreciate others’ creative expressions of the inner state, whether music-dance-words-or a life lived well and simply. These reminders help me remember what makes life so special. However many ways we can find to tune into each moment and feel how important, how unique every minute tick of time is….this is what i strive to do and this is what i’d like to share with you today. How I stay focused on the CORE of what life really is. Here’s a sample of what I mean that i’d like to share with you (focusing on a work of art that pins us to the moment, rather than sharing with you, in words, about what my current life is filled with: the spanish classes on skype, the garden that always needs attention, the work that keeps us afloat, the ongoing conflict with an associate, the troublesome malfunctioning of our septic system, the deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, the incarceration of Aung San Su Chi….the list goes on and on). Instead of life’s woes …. please allow your senses to jump into this for a moment, and “see” and “feel” what comes up for you. I’ll share with you what comes up for me, which always surprises me, even though I am the artist (ha ha! the magic of creativity never ceases to amaze me!).

to paint this, I put myself in a state where I could feel what it is … to be a storm. not a person pretending to be a storm, but what it feels like if i were an actual, huge, massive, God-made weather system, one whose job it is to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting beings that trod the earth. People—like you and me. So…in order to become something that I am not, a storm, i had to forget ALL that was going on in my day, at that moment when I painted this picture. And then I allowed myself to take on the attributes of an energy mass, another form of creation, one that’s definitely not even a “being” or a “creature,” and allow this new storm-ness to take over my senses. And then, when I felt the storm in my deepest place, i picked up the paint, and let the inner experience create the image. NOT me. Certainly not the thinking part of me, at least.

I tried this exercise–getting out of what I think I am, allowing my consciousness to become something totally different—with other subjects. Try this one on for size:

here I immersed my senses in what commonly is referred to, in yogic philosophy, as unity consciousness. The more I tried this exercise of shape-shifting for art’s sake, the more fun I had! Here’s another example of jumping into another energy, and altoghter different life form than my usual human one. Can you tell what it is? If so, please leave a comment for all us to see. Thanks, and happy consciousness-expanding to you today.

hint: this painting’s title is Plantman.

in the Light, lordflea

hi friends,

it’s a gorgeous day here in st. augustine, florida! the ocean is warming up after such a harsh nino-driven winter. the damaged plants are beginning to unfurl their bitterly bitten faces to the once again benevolent sun. trials, test, storms, continuous harshness–we have survived! just like the plants and animals in nature, we humans will survive just about anything put out to us—if we never give up!

learning lessons from nature

learning lessons from nature

bio-mimicry is a scientific study of how we can “copy” and learn from observing how nature has so magnificently maintained its steadfastness through these millions of years of Earth’s existence. Take the drawing above, for instance. This is a place in Costa Rica called “the whale’s tail” in English, “playa de ballena” en espanol. The first time I saw it, and understood its “bio-mimicry” significance, I was awe-struck. Allow me to share with you the impact it had on me, and how i think it relates to all of us, each person, as we try to compassionately share this spinning blue planet in the middle of space.

The “tail” you see projecting into the Pacific Ocean is a very long, about half-mile long, sand bar. It gets completely covered up with each high tide, and with each low tide, the shape of the whale’s tail is revealed! People walk out to the very end of it during low tide. However, during high tide it would be difficult to even swim out due to the dangerous rocks and currents.

The most amazing thing about this natural land formation is …. THIS is where whales come to mate! THIS is where they are somehow, mysteriously, alluringly, attracted to come, and they feel safe enough to join in union. Here is where of all places on earth, whales are drawn to relate to the land as if it were an extension, a replica in more basic ways than just “the physical shape” of their own watery existence.

Truly, this place speaks an immeasurable, unknown “bond” between one type of life (land) and another (sea).

How does this relate to my life? to yours? to the entire world’s ability to persevere and work for raising our consciousness until one day—yes, it will happen!—we will ALL realize we are a true family of man sharing this gorgeous garden planet of ours?

land and sea, air and you and me--we are ONE

land and sea, air and you and me--we are ONE

have you ever been to a place, or met a person for the first time, and felt instantaneously “at home”? As if you’d been there before, known them before, felt safe and unthreatened where, and with whom you were at? This is the “message” of “the whale’s tail.” The uncanny, ineffable reasoning that, for some of us (like the whales in their centuries-old relationship with playa ballena) we “see” the places, the beings with whom we can feel the interconnectedness of all life. Someday soon, people will elevate themselves to understand this, and we must always work for that goal, keeping it in plain sight. This is the expansive “psychic side effect” of practicing meditation on a consistent basis. By sitting quietly and allowing your mind to shut off (for at least a FEW minutes!) one is….like the whales attracted to the whale’s tail beach close to the equator….we feel “at home” for some unknown, unexplained reason. We know we are safe. We trust our inner connection to something much much bigger than our little ol’ life.

When we stop trying to figuring everything out, when the discussions of politics and religions, and the endless intellectual reasoning ceases, if only for a little while….what is left is….everything! Everything is connected. And to “feel” this one must exercise a “new muscle.” Your newly developed, invisible “muscle” is the psychic ability everyone has, but very few people take the time to develop, that allows us to perceive unity consciousness. Oneness. Just like a person who wants awesome abs, if one wants to feel as related to all of life as the whales feel to this unusual land formation on a sandy shore in Costa Rica—learn to follow your breath. Breathe in, and watch how the breath stills your mind. Breathe out, and observe the intrigue of the life force, your breath’s opening an inner gate within you. Continue following your breath, slowly, purposefully, reverentially, in and out. If a thought comes along, just observe it….as if your “idea” was merely a cloud passing through the “blue sky” of your mind. Just watch it. You don’t have to “catch it.” You don’t have to “talk to it.” You can just …. watch it disappear. And what is left when your thoughts disappear?!!?

your true nature, connected to all

your true nature, connected to all

Ahhhhhh….that is when you wil see for yourself the never-endingness of us all. How we have a safe and secure place inside us, just as the whales have found offshore of playa ballena. Go within, watch your breath, follow your breath to the cave of your heart, and relax. Live a little! connect with the highest there is, and then, when you’re ready to resume your “life”….go back to work, hang out with your friends, feed and clothe and raise your family….you’ll be strengthened by this connection we all have. If we only TRY to find it inside. Never Give UP. Oneness is there, waiting for us to discover. Follow your breath. Watch the clouds of your mind drift away, revealing the magnificence of you.

we are all interconnected

we are all interconnected

in Light and Love, lordflea singing with you!