Feeling Upside Down and Shook Up? Good!



Feeling a little — shook up?

Before I ruminate about what the shocking presidential election means to me, here’s a video of last week’s book signing of my recently published artbook — We Are ONE — (available on Amazon and tezalord.me) so you can SEE for yourself how I feel about things in general, even politics in one quick sound bite. If you don’t relate, don’t bother reading further. I’m not here to convince you, folks, of anything. Here, I merely record my take on things, which happens to be in all instances, politics or pokemon, my unique point of view. I’m a spiritual blogger so the views expressed here are mine, period. If you relate, I’m glad.

It’s been five days now since the world woke up to really truly, beyond a doubt, discover the shocking surprise that Donald Trump has been elected President of the USA. Every single person I’ve met, read and seen their mostly dismayed posts on Facebook and all of social media, have been shocked. Even T’s supporters, whom I know intimately, as well as Hillary’s.

I’ve decided to come clean about the way I feel –because I can, here, in this safe arena I’ve created for that purpose. I invite anyone to join me in expressing themselves without fear of judgement or retribution. Right here, in my space, Lord Flea Sings. I created this blog 9 years ago precisely to share who I really am, without any filters (social niceties) or any hold-backs or fears of ostracism. Because name-calling seems to be the new fad, before, and now even more so since the can’t-be-happening! results of this tumultuous election, I’m kindly asking any naysayers to at least be civil if you feel compelled to leave a comment. I welcome all p.o.v’s. Here, like on FB and other public arenas, I have the option to click “delete” for over-the-top nasty comments.

Some people who believe in politics don’t care to know how I feel. If spiritual neophytes happen upon this blog about consciousness-raising, they might feel they’ve boarded an instant transporter and have somehow landed on another planet. Certainly not one called mainstream thinking.

Followers of Lord Flea know that awareness is my bag and they genuinely care about what I have to say. Many readers have told me this. You don’t see too many comments here, however because I think that even leaving a post, to some people, is too daring a plunge into the other side of everyday existence, and it’s hard for a lot of people to be so brave. However, I welcome your comments and questions, just be kind.

Those of you who read my posts know that I live to serve the highest good, with honor, humor, and humility. Spreading the joy and exciting discoveries of an awakened perspective is my life, my work, and the nearest I can describe as my religion. Spreading the word (and images) of our unlimited consciousness and our interconnectedness seems to be the mission of my life.

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Being Aware is Each of Our Main Job

For the record, I do NOT go around publicly discoursing, unless invited to, about the views I express here in my safe spot. That’s because I want to save my “creative juices” for current projects I’m working on (the book on my desk is about teaching yoga and meditation to teenage juvies in lockup). Discussing with others, especially those who hold vehemently intractable, opposing views, is not my idea of fun. Believe me, after being a seeker all my life, since I escaped my parents’ middle class, average American household, I’ve come to discover there are more and more of us awakened souls, who hold similar points of view as I.

We are people who seek out, learn to use, and come to trust the innate goodness of our Inner Power, this thing called consciousness. We feel that all of life, not merely here on Earth but existence of any sort, anywhere — is an expression of Oneness. Unity Consciousness is one of its many names. Other ways of expressing this singular expression of presence, the consciousness we ALL have within us, is Chi, Prana, Spirit, even some broader definitions of what the word God means. Those who believe that God is Love, know this for themselves.

People who believe in the highest good, that God is Love, and that Trust in a cosmic order (that often appears chaotic), and the truth of everything in existence being linked, by consciousness, see God in every segment of the Mystery (plant, mineral, animal, etc). Consciousness keeps our Multiverse operating. The stars and the planets maintain their positions, and even far off galaxies behave in certain discernible patterns. This is the order to which I refer when I say cosmic order. Some patterns we know about through scientific discoveries, but others we are not yet privy to because, well, because of the limitations of our abilities. Someday we humans will evolve and be inspired enough to figure out the connection between consciousness and existence, but for now, we’re just beginning. The recent confirmation of the Higgs bosun’s ubiquity, the so-called “God-particle” is the beginning step of our understanding the interconnection of all life.

Recently I was at a conference on consciousness. Eckhart Tolle presented a 3-day event, “Living a Life of Presence” which is another way of saying, “Being Awake” as opposed to walking around half-asleep, thinking we’re all the way awake. Most of us have not yet begun to tune into the remarkably astounding and unlimited capabilities of our minds’ powers. This is what Einstein said, not Lord Flea. “We only use about 10% of our mental faculties,” the great physicist said. Tuning into the stillness within, what today Eckhart Tolle calls Presence, is our main job as conscious humans.


Around our globe, more gatherings are happening everyday, just like the one I attended in California in October. We were over a thousand curious souls who came from all around the States and a good part of the world, Japan, Italy, Turkey and Dubai to name a few places, to hear more about the inspiring speakers’ ideas that help reinforce our belief: that to elevate our consciousness is key to human evolution. All in attendance believed, as I do — and Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng, Marianne Williamson, Jack Kornfield, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Daniel Siegel, Brother David Steindl-Rast and everyone from famous authors to technical assistants from Sounds True, the host of our gathering — that the consciousness-raising each and every one of us does, for solely ourself, is as essential as, if not more so, than any particular political platform. Consciousness awakening is a world trend. It’s more powerful than any Democratic or Republican agenda, or both combined. In today’s world, the awakening consciousness of humankind is much more wide spread and embraced than any other time in recorded history. Thank God!

With all that, I have to be honest that when I heard, a year or so ago, that Trump was running for President, I thought to myself, “Talk about a shake-up of the world order! BIG time! That seemingly-impossibility, of a clownish, inarticulate man who gleefully displays as many bad qualities as he can, would be an antidote to people who think, actually count on, too, that politics is the answer for world change. I laughed aloud when I heard Trump’s candidacy. And imagined, like a blown up cartoon in the sky, how people would freak. Then, my second thought quickly came:

Being shook up is GREAT, spiritually speaking. Going through a shock forces people to change. Period.


Because shock forces us to examine what went wrong. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, let me plainly remind you: politics is never going to be the answer. Trump, to me, epitomizes the material dead-endness of life. He is the final blow of a society that just doesn’t believe in the advantages of the spiritual approach to life. Trump’s America is going to force people to accept change, because he represents about as opposite as one can go from the previous eight years, of Obama’s socialistic approach to things. Guaranteed, people are going to be forced to change, and become more embracing of the non-materialistic of life. Letting go of control will become the accepted instead of the rarity.

Every individual becoming spiritualized is the only answer for world peace and equality for all. Politics never has been, never will be, the answer. To me the only solution for real change is (as all my teachers say) when one person at a time makes a consciousness-shift, from asleep to awake. This is the only time when real long-lasting change occurs, in a person’s life or in a group of individuals. This consciousness shift has happened in the past many times. Just look how women’s lib started back in the 60s. At first it was radical, it was ugly, it was nasty. But … equality for women is now part of our normal. The same shift happened when the Soviet Bloc was destroyed. How? By individuals, mostly artists and creative sorts, changing the collective-consciousness, by gathering in small groups, having secret conferences, talking, practicing, and eventually — tearing down the wall and destroying the very emblem of Communism itself.

So … bring on this radical change! Goddess Kali, who destroys negatives in order to make room for positive changes, is behind you. Start with yourself. Accept this regime change here in America and start working on your own inner life. Become one with consciousness itself! And then, real change will occur.

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Break the Solid Rock Around Your Heart

Meanwhile, relax. Let the elected officials, the government workers (who don’t regulate consciousness, right?) do their jobs for which they earned the right to be called winners in this hard election. Give the changemakers a chance to do their thing.

Sure, my anti-political, becoming-more-popular spiritual way of thinking has nothing to do with the sad facts of the ugly rhetoric that occurred during this campaign. But, hey! I know and you know that all’s fair in love and war, and that includes politics. Trump did what he had to do. He knew, as only a seasoned showman, a carnie knows, what makes people get roiled up. He counted on exactly that. And he succeeded. And Hillary sat on her haunches a little too much, perhaps, mistakenly believing the false-positive polls that she had a clear lead, and failed to present confused voters, like myself, a clear path that sounded different than any other politicians’ rap.

In the end, Trump won because people are sick of politicians.

Sure, Trump is a shock monger. But hey, so am I! I’ve had my low-level moments in life. But I forgive myself, and so have the people I made sure to apologize to. And Trump apologized for putting down women, live on national TV, and that’s good enough for me. Those who can’t forgive him are just sour grapes and sore losers, in my opinion. And shame on the liberals (mostly women I notice doing this, hmmm) who continue to circulate nude shots of Melania in a preposterous photographic line up with the five previous, well buttoned-up First Ladies that came before her. All I can say to this kind of self-righteous hypocrite is … “You’re the misogynist and bully for continuing to spread ugliness against our now legitimately First-Lady-elect, or however you say the dignified title she’s now got.” Drop your resentment, folks. As one yoga teacher said on FB, “Don’t give away your inner peace to a bunch of politicians.”

Sure, people need time to digest change. Change is tough for anyone. Especially when every Democrat thought “our first woman-Pres” was a sure thing, so sure were they that H was deemed to win. Maybe the Dems got a little complacent, too, thinking this way. Who knows? The political historians will sort it all out and there’ll be books galore written about this upset for all of posterity to examine and debate about. And of course, Hillary blames the FBI director for his last-minute opening of the same old can of worms, the email scandal that again, pointed to H’s goofy choice of public server.

But for now, we in the USA have elected, through our Constitutional method of the Electoral College, DJ Trump. I for one am amused, interested, and closely watching, with heightened sensations of wonder, whether this sudden shift in the game of consciousness will be economically advantageous, as my husband has been telling me it is. And as the captain of our ship, he wants fore-mostly to see that his family has food on the table. The other aspects of society, regulations and restrictions, have tripled under the Dems. My hub tells me the Reps, with their hands-off attitude toward regulatory agencies other than economic, will encourage private business to step forward to lead the way for a better, more fair society. I’m waiting for that. I’m going to give Trump time to prove himself in that regard. Our son is a conservationist for the State. I hope one day he has the chance to create an environmental business to help save the Earth, as many have already. With the Republicans, small businesses can exist again. With the Democrats, that opportunity has become daunting with over-regulations.

I no longer see Trump as a clown or a threat. I think his pre-election verbiage was mostly theatrical talk, designed for the attention-deficit society such as ours is. I wasn’t surprised to hear any of the shocking stuff that came from his side of the court, because anyone who’s a real carnie, which he surely is, knows how to play the crowd. And hey, his shtick got him elected. I think this shock to our complacent American “way of life” was badly needed. The millions of people who voted for him certainly thought so.

One Life

The Currency for Joy is … Acceptance!

If anyone is interested in what I’ve shared, have a question or an opinion, please drop your comment below here, or write dearlordflea@gmail.com.

An old friend of ours named Big Black (he IS Big and he is Black), a world famous congo player, was overjoyed at Trump’s shocking upset. So was the black lady whom I’d never met before, who sat next to me at the reception I attended the other night at our local African American Museum, here in St. Augustine, Florida. She had just been told by a white super-left pastor “Oh I’m so sorry we lost, we disenfranchised people.” My seat mate spunkily replied, “I’m not disenfranchised! You might even say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I did my research, and I’m proud to have voted for Trump.” I wanted to ask her about that “silver spoon” but she left early. Next time I see her, I will.

So let’s relax everyone. Let’s just sit back and watch what the collective consciousness has led us into. The unique way the Democratic Process works here in the USA (electoral vs. popular vote), that was purposefully designed by our forefathers’ Constitutionally-fueled system of ensuring fairness-for-ALL,  made it possible for the seemingly impossible to happen here. Our President-elect is a seasoned showman who many despise (I for one, disliked him immensely, but I’m hoping to be amazed, and have cleared away my prejudices). Many others, his supporters, see him as the brazen, balls-on warrior on whose Outsider shoulders carry the burden of their economic concerns, the loudest of the peoples’ voices.

Let’s watch and see, and give the collective consciousness a chance. Relax, and let change happen. Stop trying to control everything.

When we get out of the way of needing to control things, this is when a spiritual life flourishes. Over and over, we have to stop ourselves. We have to watch ourselves and check our wanting to control all sorts of things (Note, if you’re a parent of a youngster, yes, you must control those little minds-in-development in your care). Sure, we all do what we think is right, to the best of our abilities. But if life happens to go in another direction, which it sure did this time for many voters out there — when we let go and start accepting, that’s when joy becomes possible, even in the midst of unpleasantness. If control can’t be let go of, misery and sorrow are the only results.

For the record I did vote. Because of my spiritual marriage with my consort Carter, however, I would never ever vote against his choice, because that would produce a big zero. And that ain’t spiritual, my friend. Our union is dedicated to our highest good, so we back each other up. Carter is the captain of our family’s ship. He understands economics, he understands business. And the President of the USA is the head of an economic system, above all else (example: If a family has nothing to eat, no hope of a future, all is lost for that family). I could not bring myself to vote for T as Carter did, and I did not like H or the Dem’s economics, although certain things of each parties I relate to, while others freak the hell out of me. But, politics is a lot of under-handed shifty stuff, so in this arena I trust my spouse and his decision. So what did I do on election day? I wrote my own name in, as my choice for President of the U.S. Perhaps I’ll officially run next election. What do you think?


there’s always hope

The Many Levels of Our House

The Many Levels of our House

The Many Levels of our House

Hello Friends,

I’ve decided to talk today about Lord Flea’s take on current matters affecting so many others. Why not? It’s a balmy fertile-feeling day here where I live in water-surrounded Florida. My heart is clear and open and I have nothing to sell, no platform to stand on, nothing I wish to convince others about. This is just a heart-to-heart sharing … from me to you, my Dear Reader.

A lot of us are wondering what the h*** is going on these days, with the ongoing US Government shut down adding salt to our already stinging, wounded hearts.

There’s a lot of negative energy around these day for us to absorb, isn’t there? Does it feel more than usual? If you stop to think about it, the fear-factor has been jolted into the forefront once again in recent weeks. Most crucially by the shutdown of so many helping-services that people rely upon provided by the US Gov’t, including the paychecks for many folk’s livelihoods. Federal Parks are closed, and now, in the second week of the shutdown, other subsidiary services and businesses are being affected with people getting laid off left and right and more services shutting.

Adding these tough circumstances to the world threats of war make ours a nerve-grinding reality, not to mention the heart-crushing neglect of the planet’s welfare by our over-industrialized modern culture. Here in America, the lack of caring and basic human respect is more noticeable among our youth than in other years, thanks to internet and social media. Current choices of heart-clubbing entertainment, non-inspiring music, rampant internet addiction, and other forms of dis-connections from the Big Heart of Humanity makes it hard for us to remember that we are all ONE, spiritually. Thank goodness artists, dancers, theater-makers, fashionistas still honor the human need to create or I’d have sworn some of already had become androids by the lack of compassion I see in some sets of eyes.

But am I worried?


Am I happy?


I’m just watching what’s happening, my friend. Watching and sending out positive vibes that we are all growing up, a little at a time, in our joint experience as a family of humankind sharing this spinning blue ball floating in space: our home.

Am I sad that others are worried, frustrated, angry, or reacting with other forms of negative emotions to this state of being we are experiencing en mass?

Yes, and so that is why I’ve decided to share my thoughts about how I feel.

I’m going out on a limb here, because a lot of people think if you express yourself about how you feel about things you’re somehow making a political stand. But I honestly have no political agenda, no ax to grind one way or the other with either sides of the current battle going on between conservatives and liberals in my own country. I want you to know right now before you read any further that I declare myself to be a “Spiritual Warrior” and my only concern is the spiritual well being of the entire world. And that, of course, starts with me being responsible for the state of my own mind and life’s energies. And you too, being responsible for yours.

I believe that spiritual growth is the human condition. That is why we are here. This feeling, whether from my “gut” or from my own life experiences, has been with me throughout my many years on the planet. I’ve had enough experiences with all different sorts of situations and people to realize that the only thing that matters, really, is the ongoing better-ment of our interconnectedness, our human family. And for me that starts with each person being responsible for their own spiritual growth, one lesson at a time. That means each one of us has had to endure one painful experience at a time, one insight learned, one piece of wisdom acquired at a time. But hopefully each of us has learned our lesson(S) well and we are in a better place today than we were, oh, yesterday, or the day before, or the decade before.

The same goes for the story of our humanness. We’re just crazy teenagers, we human beings, acting badly the way crazy teens are expected to do!

Nothing more and nothing less interests me in this crazy world we share, than to share with others that we are all One, and what one feels, we all feel. As Chief Joseph, the Native American told the early pioneers when they started messing with the balance of the Indians’ sacred land, “We are all part of the Web. What is done to one of us affects us all. What is done to a part of the earth affects us all.”

So if you think my stance of “accepting the negative as an opportunity for positive growth” a political one … that’s your own political perception mirroring back to you what you want to believe. It is not my experience.

Now, what about this stand-off between the two opposing factions of today’s dilemma, surrounding budget questions and what is considered over-spending by the US Government? How does that relate to the spiritual growth each of us must go through?

Because each of us, each man, each woman, each child, too, is a part of the whole entire picture. And more than being a part of, we actually are microcosms of what is happening to us here on Earth, as a whole. And that includes what is happening here in America, as a collective experience. What each of us holds in our minds, and chooses to do with our many challenges, affects the “entire Web-of-Life.” Each of our lives is fraught with choices we must make everyday. Each of us must make a stand against what we perceive to be wrong, or we feel oppressed. Each of us must insist on freedom, not allowing others to control our lives. Sometimes people die in order to ensure these basic human rights.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Would you be willing to risk death in order to continue living free?

There’s lots of people in this world who have had to ask themselves that, and there are many who have answered “Yes!” And of course, there are those who have answered “No” also.

The beauty of being alive is that we have choices. Up to the moment we stop breathing, we have choices.

I believe the spiritual challenge that we’re going through today, as a family of humankind, whether with the painful government show-down or realizing our Earth’s atmosphere is in serious jeopardy — I believe the personal decisions each and every one of us makes every day about our own “little” problems affects the way the bigger picture will get resolved. The resolution may not happen over night. It may take a while. But a positive resolution will happen if we hold that truth in our energy-power-centers … our minds.

How can this not be true? Each person is responsible for their own life: to discover their own truth, or not to give a hoot about that sort of thing. Some of just want to try and have as good a time while we can.  Nothing fancy. Just “a good life.”

The spiritual choice of weighing that each situation’s outcome counts, is a vantage point that comes with heightened, above-ordinary awareness. A lot of people have not chosen to be consciously awake … not yet at least! But a HUGE number of people have made the choice to be as awake and as aware as possible, and by that I mean to clearly understand each situation the best we can, and not be swayed by propaganda that comes gushing out of the press, or to allow ourselves to be swayed by a group of people we want to be accepted by.

I believe that the USA is the greatest country I’ve ever been to, and I’ve traveled a bit. I would not want to live any where else but here, the longest and most successful democracy in the world. Yes, democracy means opposing factions get to have their say. Yes, democracy means even that the House of Representatives has the right (by the US Constitution) to shut down government if they do not approve of the way money is being spent by the controlling party. the House has the right to not fund a bill, even, ain’t that something! It is the right of the House to take action when they believe exorbitant spending is going to shift the balance of our country’s economy. Exercising this right of dissent is a First Amendment Right, whether a member of the House or any other citizen concerned with the current government’s operations, is what makes this country of ours so great. There is a great spiritual wisdom to having this checks-and-balances in place, set forth by the makers of the US Constitution. Therefore, I believe the current political show-down is a spiritually correct exercise.

But many do not believe this to be true. What is going on now in America is a spiritual show down, folks, more than a political one.

There are those who are busy calling their opposing party members names instead of praising the fact that democracy is being tested here. How great it is that no matter what, we follow the letter of the “law” that was set down by the constitution and not just public opinion pundits, news mongers, or party reps that are trying to elbow their own agendas in place.

I have no idea how this show down will resolve itself. I only know it is happening for a reason. We are growing up, and it’s painful. Teenagers are always filled with angst and that’s the state of affairs of not only America but the entire world. We are growing up, we in the family of humankind.

For me the reason I accept this government stand-off is that it affords another opportunity for we citizens to prove that once again, that the spiritual choices we make, each and every choice, all add up. Choices count!

How I choose to live my life today, in this little town I live in, interacting with the few people I do each day, counts.

Each and every action you make, no matter where you are, what you do or how few or how many others you influence, also counts.

Every single thought we hold in our minds counts.

If you really want to help change the world for the better, try holding the peaceful resolution and forward thinking of our politically elected officials in your minds instead of allowing knee-jerk reactions like anger, blame or resentment.

You may want to call this “energy-sent” power you have of exercising your spiritual choice a form of prayer (sending intention out to the world) … but I call this spiritual right each of us has simply “Planting Positive Thought Seeds.”

I hope you enjoy to choose these few moments we’ve shared, and keep positive in your thoughts. Each of us can help resolve this crisis by sending positive healing energy to our elected representatives in Washington, or wherever you happen to live. And if you don’t have the privilege of living in a democracy — I am sending you my blessings via my mental energy Thought-Seeds.

With great love from your pal,

Lord Flea aka teZa Lord