Birth and … That Other Thing

Dear Friends,

thoughts on new life

thoughts on new life

I’ve put down my pen (figuratively, for keyboard) and am preparing to publish, come hell or high water. The time to birth my first literary baby (with illustrations) is here!

I’ve raised my husband’s two very young children to their successful adulthood, but have never experienced what must be the ultimate, absolutely the most thrilling thing of all — to give birth.

Mind you, I’m proud of all my many accomplishments, but nothing comes close to the effort I’ve put into writing these past several years.

So I am giving birth vicariously through presenting to the world, my book.

Now that I’ve tested the waters, keeping tabs on how my heart flutters (or not!) when I mention the name aloud, just yesterday I went public with it. Several other titles have fallen by the wayside because they lacked resonance with me. Many names later … here’s the chord that strikes deepest for me:

Zen Love: a blended family’s true journey

I’ve created a special page for Zen Love on Facebook (visit and LIKE IT, thanks!) and soon I’ll also create a website for it.

Meanwhile, I follow several leads how to bring my baby to the public. A publisher is interested, but … I’ve found that until the ink is on the dotted line, there are no promises. And even then, publisher back out at the last minute. So my plan is first to explore agents and editors and indie publishers, but put a short time frame on this. But I might birthe Zen Love myself, without a midwife publisher. If you wish, you can contact me at to find out more, and offer your suggestions, input. Many successful writers are self-publishing these days because they have more control, etc. Many perks taking that avenue.

And so there’s a birth in my up-close tight-circle … of life.

Just as there is, sadly for me, at times, the opposite of birth. I’m waiting for the exultant state to kick in, but that won’t happen until my mother decides to make her passage to pure consciousness, and leave her physical body. But she’s not there yet.

Eve Mary, my mom, has been deathly ill these past four months. It’s the main reason why you’ve not seen or heard much from Lord Flea during this time. What little time and energy I have left over, after caring to Eve’s comfort and visiting her at the convalescent home — I have completed Zen Love. Whew! Every second counts when your life is full … of nurturing others, in my case.

Not only mom’s coming end of life, but our daughter has been in crisis, too. So what else is new? This is LIiFe! You all know what I”m talking about. For some of us, peaceful times and crisis come in waves. I am definitely in the trough of serene times as I write this. But thanks to my yogic disciplines, the continual repetition of the mantra, my hatha yoga physical practice I do, no matter what — crisis or cream puffs — Life is what it is. An adventure of the most magnificent sort.

Life is what iIT IS

Life is what IT IS

Each day has been like an entire lifetime, visiting mom. For months she’s been hovering in the shadow-land, between life and death. Not in her “real mind.” She’s been in extreme pain, so let me suffice saying that what we are going through as a family, my one sister and I and our spouses, has been a prolonged dance, a not-very-joyous one, with the approaching end of dear Mom’s 96-year long beautiful, full life.

When I actually look into the face of death, knowing its seriousness hovers close by my mother’s stricken body, I find myself not wasting a single breath. Every single one of my conscious moments is spent spending Love, Comfort, and Peace to aid my mother’s journey. I’m happy to report that today, just for today, she’s not in pain. That’s a big deal because I think the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life is to see my dear mother wracked by the pain she’s suffered (the details are too gruesome).

I send her my Love and Comfort by incorporating her name, “Mom” in my everyday mantra repetition, my japa practice. Silently, except for when I’m asleep or thinking (like now) I’ve trained my mind to repeat the specially poignant Sanskrit mantra given to me by my meditation teacher, and loosely translated, means “I honor God, as consciousness, within myself.” You can use it, too.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya …

Since mom has been stricken, and from a healthy, fish-wrangling gardener, overnight became a bedridden invalid, now my mantra is …

Om Namah Shivaya Mom, Om Namah Shivaya Mom, Om Namah Shivaya Mom, Om …

Try japa repetition when you’re stressed, going through tough times, or want to feel connected to the Source of All … the Great Aummmm …. Ommmmmmm. You will feel connected to just how special even death is … when we accept it is just part of life.

Wishing my mother a pleasant journey as she travels to her next great act … her leaving us …

I send you all many Ommmmms, Aummmmms, and lots of OmLove!

Your pal,

Lordflea aka teZa Lord

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

New Beginnings …. toward a Wholeness

greeetings fair dwellers of the year 2010. We made it! Wonder of Wonder. Miracle and gift of life, the greatest of all great things! So many others aren’t with us to celebrate this new year. I for one am certainly lucky to be here. I dunno ’bout you …. but when I think of how I happen to still be here I can only think it must be for a certain reason. What that reason is we’re still breathing air …. is for each of us to determine our own selves.

the Self

the 3 aspects of Self

when i look in the mirror and say, “So what are YOU here for, lordflea?” I am beset by a challenge. There happens to be many different versions of my own “self.” There is, firstly, my physical self … this body i’m in (depicted in the painting above by the blue half-hidden face, a true likeness of lordflea). Secondly, there is my “ancestral self” which is the accumulation of whom i happen to be, according to the crap shoot thrown when my biological parents created my fish-like womb-being … resulting in my birth nine months later. And lastly, there is my, ahem, True Self, my Higher Self, my essence….the Spirit that dwells within me, depicted by the flesh-colored figure on the left of the image. That side of my Self is naked, serene, and lastingly eternal. Its eyes are closed because the sights to be seen … are inside.

So! When I ask myself, “What ought I do, or am supposed to do this year, or … in my whole life?” I make clear first which part of myself I’m addressing. For me, those of you who are familiar with lordflea’s sharings, i always go for the spiritual juggler. (one friend wrote me: i like the art, but jeez! the way you talk!). Sorry—this is MY blog, i’m allowed to share the deepest, most strange things imaginable, ’cause they’re all mine. That connected-to-all part of mySelf is the only aspect of life that carries any lasting meaning to me. Therefore, not only is the spiritual (mystical, sublime, Unity, Oneness) side of things the topic of my blog, but also the focus of my little ol’ life.

the expectation of Being

the expectation of Being

i look in the mirror and see that same as when I contemplate the gorgeous plants in my garden. Here is one of my tall plantain specimens, taken only a few weeks ago (the fruit is now ripening, and the stalk itself won’t be cut from the plant until several more weeks….aren’t we lucky to live in Florida!). The reflection back from my mirror shows the same familiar face, the same eyes, nose, ears, and hair i’ve seen for quite some time now. But … underlying my physical form, i now can connect to what i am, in Truth. (it’s taken years of practice … but I have learned, thanks to my teacher). Like the blossoms on this plantain, i am a work-in-progress. My “face” is but the outward manifestation of what my years living have achieved … or not. Whether I smile or not, whether i’m pained or ecstatic, whether the muscles surrounding my lips have frozen in fear or been greased by love … are determined by the thoughts i’ve held most closely, and how freely i’ve allowed them to give birth to the actions i take everyday.

The fruits on the tree are my gifts to the world. They keep maturing, as they spiral up the stalk. One day they will hopefully ripen sufficiently where they will provide nourishment to others. But for now, they are still being fed nutrients from within my own Being.

In short, what I am is the accumulation of all i hold most cherished … and it all starts in my mind. Even one thought leads to an action. Whether we’re aware of that or not, it’s true. Today I plant the “thought-seed” of accomplishing the goal I’ve held for myself for quite a while now … to publish and speak to those who wish to hear, to show those who wish to see the images i create that “speak” more than my words ever can.

mother Gaia with her children

mother Gaia with her children

even posting something new for you to read here, at Lordflea Sings, is my gift, and I wish you all a most fruitful, bountiful, and “delicious” new year….may 2010 be the best yet!

from my garden of delights --- to yours!

from my side garden filled with delights (where my yoga shed is, the "santosha shack"). A feast of delights from me --- to you!

I’m busy working on another book, a nonfiction, with a co-author, while my novel is being shown and reviewed by pros. Wish us well, as we’re deeply engrossed in the proposal-writing process, and will have it to an editor in just two weeks! I’ll try to post more on lordflea….but just keep reading deeper into my blog if you like what you see/hear here. there are plenty of things to read…this blog is not about “breaking news!”  or topical interests, even. un huh. It’s about the timeless, ageless Oneness we all RE.

Many great blessings and fulfilling ideas … leading to acts of love, joy and upward evolutionary action for all the world. One last “thought-seed” for us all to think about … and perhaps hold in your mind, so this will one day become reality on planet Earth:

we are ONE

we are ONE

lordflea, your pal

PS. please everyone….if you haven’t already, go see AVATAR….awesome, beautiful, great message, the best movie i’ve seen since Lithium Springs ( ) treat yourself to something superbly magnificent. you deserve it!

Life— and Death — what never changes

so here i am still discussing “change.” Besides what I’ve said previously about the constancy of change being the only thing one can rely on in our lives, and the reliance upon a Higher Power, for those of us lucky enough to hold this comforting Truth of the sanctity of life close to our hearts and minds—the other thing about change that never sways is the inevitability of Life one day ending in Death. 

the three aspects of mySelf

the three aspects of mySelf

This is a painting i did to portray what i’m talking about here. It’s a self-portrait, done on my 32nd birthday (not too long ago). The three different representations of my own Self are simply this, as lordflea sees IT:

the blue face, somewhat hidden, is how i perceive myself from an everyday, living-the-life-i-have point of view; how i can “see” the ever-beckoning choices before me and how I have the Inner Power to choose how my life decisions go: what i make of my life’s potential, what i came into life with, how i use my gifts, and how i see mySelf contributing to the uplifting evolution of humankind (instead of the opposite, contributing to our downfall).

the green side of my Being-ness: this is my ancestral Self: what i’ve inherited from the DNA within my body, the temple of my soul; what i’ve learned from the culture i was born into, and the many generations of cultural imprint upon my soul—even before i arrived in this life i have here and now, today.

the “flesh colored” figure: ahhhh, here is the REAL me. The naked Truth. This is my spiritual body, my glistening aura, my True Self. It is always within me, as all three aspects of mySelf are as well. But this part of mySelf is the most important to me. That’s why it is the most predominant, and fully formed.

By the way—when i painted this painting i hadn’t had ANY of this figured out. I just painted. It’s only in hindsight, after many journeys, many lessons, many teachers, that I’ve been able to decipher the totally WEIRD art that i create.

So why am I talking about this particular topic, life and death, and who we REALLY are, today? Well, a good friend of mine, Isabel, lost her mother yesterday. Isabel Senior died at home. A few of us gathered with our friend and sat with Isabel and her ritualistically cleansed, annoited, and nicely dressed and laid out dead mother’s body, and …. no, it wasn’t morbid! … it was quite beautiful. After the initial hotness of tears (because this lady who passed over into the Light, who would have been 90 on Sunday, was a dear heart i had known for years, and I was feeling a wave of sadness only because i couldn’t visit her anymore, even though we were all glad she’d finally been released from her too-long later-life journey of a major stroke, almost total immobility, and loss of so much of life’s great gifts)—it was a joy to celebrate Isabel Sr’s life, which had been lived well.

Unlike the contrasting and senseless loss of my friend, Michelle, three weeks ago. She was only 44 and died as a result of her own actions: drinking and drugging herself to death.

Choices. We can choose to live well, take good care of our temples and enjoy the benefits of health—even though we’ll always have SOME challenge to figure out (toe fungus? bad back? overweight? tennis elbow? diabetes?). Our bodies–our temples—are the greatest gift we’re given in this life, but it is not WHO or WHAT we actually are. People too often forget this. And for this reason, I am a yogi because in the scriptures of yoga that is clearly taught: we are the eternal Self…all of us, a part of the ONE.



Life and Death. What else is there worth living for? It’s pretty intense stuff, when you’re right next to it. Either the birth of a gorgeous new soul entering our world, or the leaving of one after a life lived—-well, according to whatever choices were made.

Isabel Senior was a grand lady. Filled with love for her family and others. And in turn, she was always surrounded by adoring people. She was kind, open-hearted, yet sophisticated, stylish, and interested in all of life’s many offerings. If Isabel Sr. had demons she dealt with them quietly, and got on with her life at hand. On the other side of the coin Michelle struggled very loudly, very ego-centrically with her demons. And even though she too was blessed with intelligence, beauty, and a loving family—she made the bad choice of indulging in self pity, over and over. She never let go of the demons. That was her choice. And now she is dead, waaaaay too prematurely. Isabel Sr. is dead too, but everyone is celebrating her life, and her release from her old age harassment. Because her passing-over seems like a reward—whereas Michelle’s death is a horribly tragic end to a life filled with endlessly bad choices. Michelle’s little four-year-old Nicole, left behind in stunned confusion, will have to bear the stigma of what her mother’s choices meant to her life. Michelle’s other daughter, Carri, aged 24, is shocked into a stunned spiral of what can only be life-defining understanding—or not. Carri is the one who found her mother, dead from an overdose. What can one think of life, when faced with such trauma?

take time and breathe....look within your own Self

take time and breathe .... look within your own Self

 our choices direct our life’s experiences.

We can make our lives a prayer. This is why I do mantra repetition. CONSTANTLY. Om Namah Shivaya (I honor my Inner Self) is ONE with my breath, my mind, my life.

We can experience heaven on earth, right here, right now—even in the midst of life’s tragedies, violence of war and oppression, and personal adversity, if we choose to see life as an experience our spiritual Self is having—and realize this “life” we have is only a temporary stop on our REAL journey. To where? I know not. But I do know there is much more than meets the eye, in this existence called Life.

Or—the other choice—we can make our lives sheer hell, if our viewpoint is that of wanting to control everything about life, know every little thing about it. Some things are just plain un-knowable. Life is a mystery.

The choice is ours.

set your sails and let your breathe lead you to the Source

set your sails and let your breathe lead you to the Source

in the Light, lordflea

It’s an OM kind of New Year!

Hello dear friend,

Busy time of year for all of us, yes! Many friends, families, events, and energies spent just keeping up with it all. Whew! I’m ready for the quiet again. Well, I shouldn’t say that too loud or I might just get my wish. You know how they say to be careful for what you wish … you might get it.

In some cases though, it’s a very good thing to “wish for something” especially if it’s going to effect goodness throughout the entire world. And so I give you this special gift (painted by another than myself) to try this spiritualizing technique for yourself.

Try making the sound aloud. make it easy, long, and full of love.


the sanskrit sound, Om -- the primordial mantra

the sanskrit sound, Om -- the primordial mantra

Wouldn’t it be an incredible thing to wish for, if many of us (as many of us already DO) sing the song of positive transformation? Sing the sound of Ooooommmmm and see how it changes your life. Make this sound that sends vibrations throughout every cell of your being–out into the world around you–and beyond! It happens. Just try it and see for yourself. Go somewhere quiet, away from others (so you won’t be inhibited) and just let it rip! Let the sound come loudly out of you, from the depths, as if this was what you were meant to do, from the very first day you drew your first breath!


Om was often mentioned by the ancient sages, the writers of the oldest scriptures of Earth, called the Upanishads and the Vedas, written down in India two thousand years before Christ was born. To sing (with intention, with “meaning”) this sound–pronounced (h)-Ooooh-ummm, is to be associated, and aware of the Oneness of All, the thread that weaves through all of our lives, wherever we are, wherever we live, whatever we do.

Here’s a way I’ve drawn it, in English, signifying how the energy vibrates beyond our own individual self, out into the the entire world, helping all of us to become healed and whole.

the sound of Om throughout the Universe...constantly oming

the sound of Om throughout the Universe...constantly oming

So that is my New Year’s gift to all who come to sing the song of Oneness with lordflea.

Just carry this sound in your mind, and keep it ever sounding from your mouth. First you’ll feel the difference in your own life, and then–slowly, but very truthfully–the energy you send out to help those in need, those oppressed, or in fear.

How do I know?

Believe me, it’s happened in my own life, that’s how I know! But a person never gets totally “healed” until they do what they can to help heal others. So that’s why I share with you how I changed my life, from one of fear and self-sabotage to a life filled with hope and wanting to help others.

Here’s another image that might describe the purpose of my life: to help others experience the majesty of Oneness which continues to give me so much of everything: happiness, energy, freedom from obstacles and addictions, and most importantly–to know why we all are here.


we are ONE

 we’re going to Cuba! leaving soon. next post will be about the trip, what we’re doing (yes yes, we’re going with permission from the US gov’t, in case you’re whispering to yourselves about it), and we’re very excited.

in the Light, lordflea

Dare to be Spiritually Correct … huh?

Hi Friend,

Just back from Boston where we spent a pleasantly gentile weekend attending a gathering of old college friends. 

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

we got to share stimulating thoughts, discussions, symposiums, dances, exhibits, and most importantly, the sharing of life’s sweet laughter.

as i’d mentioned in an earlier post, i’m starting a new awareness about all of us catching ourselves in our tendencies to over-intellectualize and/or over-politicize, and become, more and more, aware of each opportunity to practice, and finally arrive at BEING … more and more … with practice, with joy, even … being SPIRITUALLY CORRECT

instead of being p.c. i suggest we all try to be, and help each other to remember to be … “S.C.” — spiritually correct.

you may laugh, but once you get the hang of this new movement, you’ll enjoy this carefree, “all for others” attitude, even in midst of the worst financial crisis, the most confusing and challenging of political climes.

take our pal Bob, here, showing off his new tattoo.  bob chose the ancient hebrew phrase honoring “Logos”… the “word” of Spirit … in his humble way of proclaiming his own brand of reminding himself to be spiritually correct.  a former businessman, now an ordained minister, bob has branded his love of Spirit into his very flesh.  i kept calling him “reverand biker bob” but … we just laughed, because surely he is not that.  bob’s tat is his own private reminder of his dedication to this new way of being:

Reverand Bob showing his new "logos" tattoo to Carter

Reverand Bob showing his new "Logos" tattoo

so, for the moment, my journey with you that my blog records, documenting my personal lust for art, nature, and adventure, is taking an inward turn as i report more about my most cherished discovery … that among all things people like to share about, the most important journey of all, and perhaps the most unbelievalbe … is a person’s discovering, and then embracing, the Inner Light within.

being Spiritually Correct, s.c., is to acknowledge this Truth (of Spirit) as not only real — but really important to remember.  to call yourself s.c. is to remind yourSelf to keep a heightened awareness ever at the center of all actions, all thoughts, in the rest of all our daily living, whatever that might entail.  being “spiritual” doesn’t mean just now and then.  being s.c. means to live with awakened recognition that we are all ONE.   being s.c. takes precedent over being any other kind of “correct,” be it social, political, intellectual, environmental, groovy, hip, religious, anti-religious, cultural or quaint, material or non-consuming, or … any other ways of being fashionably or unfashionably human.

try something new — be s.c. 

being s.c. means … letting go and letting Spirit into the scene.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

fly from your restraints and you, too, can learn to fly, In Spirit!  let your own Inner Spirit be one with the knowledge that we are all connected, we are all One.  there is a discernible energy that connects us all.  as Chief Joseph said, “we are all connected, in the web of life.”

right now, everywhere i go and you, too, people are buzzing, ranting, non-sequituring, going off the wall (but not jumping out windows–yet!), being passionate about politics, the financial fiasco, the mess our environment is in.  on everyone’s minds is the need for climate change; we’re desperate for conscious, compassionate leadership.  and so it should be, all of us being passionate — right now — at this election time.  because we all must fight for what we believe in, and that includes stating, even fighting for our choices.  each of us must discern from the political pile the best of what is offered.

but come the evening of november 4th, we must all come together as One, no matter what the results of the u.s. presidential election is.

i won’t go into politics here.  this blog is not about that subject.  my thoughts are about art, nature, the environment, and the more important subjects (hey! it’s MY blog, right!) of finding the universal Truth that hides in the heart of all members of the human race, of all living beings, too.  we are all tiny cells in the body of what some call “God” but … it doesn’t matter what you call “IT.”  IT is a mysterious, mystical, but very real, very tappable energy.  IT is a force that is unseen, yet IT connects us all, in more ways than science has yet to discover, but they are quickly on the trail of pinpointing and proving: cellular knowledge, quantum physics, string theory.  stay tuned: michio kaku will explain it all, in all good time.

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT within all … spiritual energy … a person’s chi, also called the kundalini, qi, tao, Great and Holy Spirit … whatever name we choose to call the Divine … is the only reality there is, the alpha, the omega, and … the Logos:

the Force within i call Noname

the Force within i call Noname

this is not serious, no-fun business i’m talking about here. i hope you realize i am reporting on the absolute certain joyousness i feel in my heart, and soul, based on my own experiences of discovering we are all One, all connected.  if you don’t think this is fun stuff–lighten up!  don’t get me wrong or put me in some box marked “weirdo serioso.”  no sirree.  when i speak of living a life based on being s.c. i’m conveying the choice to embrace an attitude, based on personal experience.  but don’t just scoff.   put this s.c. business into practice for yourself, and see your face light up, the smiles barge into your life, and others! 

a person whose life is based on being s.c. is much more prone to laughing and doing silly things like … being in an elevator with or without friends (as happened this past weekend up in Boston) and, for the hell of it, when the doors close and the strangers stuck with you refuse to look you in the eye, or even crack a smile … gently, mellowly start to Ooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.  you’ll feel the energy change, BIG TIME!!!  boy!  you’ll see, as we did, uptight strangers rush out of an elevator so fast you’re practically knocked down!  we laugh and we laugh, and we continue to Oooommmm in the most unlikely places, with or without friends.  this is all good, all great, all unbelievable loosening action:


help others rid themselves of stiff, old, doesn’t-work, irrepressibly stuffy and unfun thinking that needs to be unwound from the human collective soul.  

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

so come on, i dare you!  do something totally whacked-out remindful of Spirit today, and forget being “proper” or “polite” or “afraid to offend”…. just spread the word, of IT, of God, of Spirit, however you sing that song of bliss, whatever the Name is, whatever IT means to you.  

IT may be nature.

allow yourself to become calm, secure enough, just for today, somewhere a wild bird might easily choose to come and rest upon your head.  sit still, and thoughtful, breathe, become filled with s.c. … in your yard, by your window, on a park bench … in a golden autumn meadow.

just allow yourself to feel the goodness of being in tune with the earth, this glorious earth that we are ever-more-consciously stewards of.  your activism starts with remembering the beating of your heart, of listening to your own breath.  your entire life will feel so much better if you invite your busy mind to just stop — for a little while — and merge with your natural surroundings. become safe enough for a wild bird to trust its life to, to alight upon the top of your head.  feel the tender feet of the bird believing you and IT are indeed, the same.

breathe deeply in, pushing your belly out with the in-breath… breathe gently and long out, contracting your belly with the out-breath.  merge with your breath.  why not?  what have you got to lose?

that is what i mean by being “spirituall correct.”

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

wishing you all a fun, shimmering, serene day, even in the midst of the most tumultuous firey tempest,

in the Light, lord flea

global mala

dear One,

yesterday we met on St. Augustine beach and formed a human mala; a rosary bead of intent.  the focus of our 108 sun salutes, followed by 108 chants of Om was global peace.  sending out our prayers as action (hatha yoga asanas) and sound (the seed mantra, Om) was a glorious way to be active, to participate in being part of the solution, instead of remaining part of the problem.

the sound of peace, the sound of God consciousness … the sound of Om:

visualizing the power of Om as its vibrations resonate throughout the atmosphere

visualizing the power of Om as its vibrations resonate throughout the atmosphere


try it yourself.  why not now?  or soon.  find a quiet place, all by yourself or with a like-minded friend.  get quiet.  breathe deeply.  set your intention that this sound of Om, this ancient sound that the sages say was the sound of creation that was first heard by those who sought answers to such things, intend to send out your tone with this ancient note.  send it out to the world.  help heal the world with your sound.  forget politics for this moment.  forget the strife.  forget the confusion.  focus on sending out the positive vibrations that are here, for all of us, at any given moment.  all we have to do is listen, and then join in with our voices.

breathe out long.  breathe in long … now make this beautiful sound with your own tone.  make this sound over and over until you feel you have sounded and become One with Truth It-Self.

what an expansive, rewarding feeling.  enjoy!  over and over!  whenever you can.

i send you my loving sound also, Om with me, lordflea

hip openers, backbends, breath and self-love

hi friend,

today i’m going to the second day of my hatha yoga workshop here in st. augustine. can’t write much, but wanted to say, as i say so often inside how much i love doing yoga, being with yoga people, learning the depths of what yoga has to offer. yoga, the poses, the philosophy, the “tribe” is the best thing that’s happened to me. wherever i go i meet the most interesting, open-minded, big-hearted people, and best thing of all, we get to be physical together in a non-competitive way. praying with our bodies, respecting our Iner Self, shutting off the noise, the racket, the double-deal of living in a tumultuous time, a conflictual world. in the inner world there is no doubt that love is the past, present, and future president.

focus on …

the sound of om

the sound of om

see you tomorrow, i hope (unless i kill myself doing one more backbend).

in the Light,

lord flea