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The 4th chakra, the heart region

The 4th chakra, the heart region

If this invitation sounds like a command, so be it. I can’t stress how important it is to let your heart chakra open. When you have done the preparatory work (review chakras 1-3 in previous posts) you will have, by now, embarked upon the “Purification Process.”

This only happens for those who WANT to know Oneness. Oneness is another name for Love, the unattached, un-objectified variety. Love is also known as God, and for those who call themselves seekers, spiritual, or children of God, Love is like the air we breathe. Love IS Spirit. The other types of people, those not interested in knowing Spirit say, quite frankly, “I don’t give a damn, Scarlett!”

And that’s okay. If this world were filled with everyone open-hearted, open-minded, what an ever so dull world this would be. In fact, it wouldn’t be Earth. Because, from time immemorial, we humans have known nothing but strife, hardship, and challenges to hurdle over on our quests to know Spirit. Some say that Earth is like a spiritual school that souls are sent to, before they can become truly set free from the physical bond, i.e., the body, in which their spirit dwells.

I don’t know about that precisely. But hey, why not! Stranger things have been found to be true. Like the “Light” that all people who are revived from having experienced death actually say they went to, usually through a tunnel. They arrive at “the other side” and “see” the similarly described Light. Thousands of these experiences are recorded. They see the Light and then are yanked back into their bodies, usually with the message, “It’s not your time yet, Rhett.”

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Allow your your frozen heart to melt

The greatest thing that’s ever happened to me has been to experience my heart opening. After that happened, all things became possible. I fell in love for the first time in my life; I married the man of my heart, we are a family, and we are living happily ever after. When my heart-opening happened, believe me, I knew it. Life forever afterwards has taken on a different perspective.

A person who has survived death (returned from being “dead”) is called an NDE (Near Death Experience). Their lives are usually forever changed, also. This sort of person, whether they talk openly about it or not, has a strong belief in Spirit, because, well, they’ve experienced “It” first hand. After experiencing what awaits for all of us at the end of our physical life here on earth, once an NDE gets “yanked back” from the Light, they all have a drastically altered outlook on life.

The same holds true for heart-opened folks. So make up your mind. You certainly don’t have to wait for something as radical as approaching death to happen for you to embrace what’s inevitably going to be part of your life, at the very end if not sooner. Embrace the experience of your once closed, or half-closed heart, fully opening.

Compassion HEALS All Wounds

Carry the banner of your Big OPEN Heart!

My meditation teacher tells us, “The reason we meditate is to experience a ‘mini-death.’ Because in the state of non-thought, when we visit the state of pure awareness without the associated mental gymnastics attached to our usual understanding, meditation is the reverse of this … when you sit to meditate it’s like agreeing to die a little bit, right then. Our ego dies a little more. Until eventually we are left with full awareness, pure clear consciousness, unobstructed Oneness. And the more we practice our mini-deaths by meditating, the more we’re prepared to live full and happy lives! And of course, the easier it will be to make the last transformation that happens at the end of our physical life. Our actual deaths.”

What I’ve written above is a paraphrase of what the meditation teacher taught us, her students. So my friends, I advise you to meditate as much as you can if you wish to experience the opening of your heart chakra. And chant as much as you can, also. Chanting, singing the sacred Names of the Divine in whatever discipline or culture to which you adhere, is one a powerful tool, a spiritual discipline that stills the mind and opens the heart. Vibrating with sound prepares us for a deep experience in meditation. The vibration of the heart chakra, set off by making sound within ourselves — is so beneficial. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is, to chant in a group especially! I regularly chant with our sangham, a group of seekers, and have hosted such gatherings for many years, both in my home and in a local yoga studio.


Make the sound of Ommmmm

A simple chant of Ommmmm (the “seed” mantra) is a lovely place to start. You can pronounce it A-u-m if you want to be more Sanskrit-correct, but Om works. The mantra associated with the heart chakra is Yam. The affirmation is “I am love.” The color associated with this chakra is brilliantly sparkling, emerald green. Yam is a splendid sound to make. I like to think of it as Yummy Yam (the way I remember Yam associated with the heart, which feels so warm and expansive when we eat something yummy, or spend time with someone who feels yummy delicious to be with).

Let me know how your Big Heart is feeling right now. This is the part of you that’s connected to ALL. I’m not talking about your actually thump-thumping muscle-organ called “heart” here. The heart chakra is the “psychic organ” called by spiritual teachers throughout the world, our Big Heart.

I love painting and drawing it. Here’s my version once again. Envision this gigantic burst of love within your chest in your heart region. Let its fullness fill your entire chest cavity. This chakra is also called the “cave of the heart.” Open your dark cave. Let pure Love shine its Light within you. Open to this magnificent, all-encompassing Beingness.


fill yourSelf with LOVE

Be LOVE … let your Big Heart OPEN

Please leave me a note here and tell me how your heart region feels today. Open, or stuck? I’d like to hear from you. Thanks.

And don’t forget to visit for the whole picture … of who LordFlea really is.

Lovingly, with my Big Heart bridged to yours,

I am LordFlea, aka teZa Lord



the 2nd chakra's color is yellow

I Am, I Feel, and NOW … I DO


whatever you DO is the 3rd chakra energy directing you

As we continue exploring the raising-up of our consciousness using the yogic system of chakras to help us better understand who and what we are, we are now at the third chakra, known as the seat of our personal power. This is an energy center most humans (not in a coma) experience on a regular basis. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is where we start on our spiritual journey. Truly! Stay tuned for next post. (Sign up on my blog and receive each post via email.)

If any of you have ever been forced to do something absolutely aligned with, or totally against your will, you are familiar with that “good warm feeling” or the opposite, the aching discomfort in your midsection, close to your navel. Both reactions, opposing yes I know, are referred to as a “gut reaction” or a “feeling in my gut.”

A good reaction: Let’s say you’ve just met someone/thing who rings your bell. You feel this instantly in your gut. Sometimes the reaction almost knocks you backward. Have you ever felt it? This is your own intuition telling you that something is very right about this person (a dog, a cat?) you’re meeting. It could be a business contact, a romantic interest, but whatever it is, it’s someone/thing you’ll greatly benefit from spending some time with, learning more about them.

A bad reaction is the other kind of gut feeling, an uncomfortable ache, and sometimes it’s harsher, like a punch. This is a negative reaction to whatever you are facing. Maybe it’s a person, but it could be a job, a house you’re not supposed to buy, a type of food you’re not meant to eat. I hope you pay attention to these uncomfortable signs from your own inner knowing, as well as the more intriguing signs that make you want to know more.

Both reactions, good or bad, if those word judgements apply (better choice is interesting or not interesting) — they come from your 3rd chakra center of energy, located very close to your navel. But the sensation can come anywhere in your midsection. (See my earlier post if you want more detailed description).

Ghandi’s mantra was Ram Ram Ram. People who were there say this was the last thing he spoke as he lay dying from an assassin’s bullet. Ram is also the mantra for the 3rd chakra, where we are made to be aware of what our will is. In Ghandi’s case, I’m sure he worked hard to align his will to the highest good. Every time I repeat the mantra for the 3rd chakra, my intention is to gain insight into what is best, for not only myself, but for my fellow humans and the entire planet.

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We Are ONE … Act and Do for the world’s highest good, not just your own

Sometimes we have to change our thinking, or our habits, when we become aware of what’s best for the highest good, rather than seeking to satisfy our own. Sometimes our “gut reaction” is based on our limited view, not a universally encompassing one.

I pray for our world to face these challenging times we’re all going through these days, with compassion and open-mindedness for what is best for all of humankind. I think it’s easy for people to forget that. That we can pray for change, to feel better about our uncomfortability (how’s that for a word?). When our own personal will gets damaged by things not going our way, we insist our way is the only way. If our 3rd chakra is always in a state of distress, it’s time to ask our self:

Perhaps I need to look at the bigger picture. Perhaps what’s happening (either in my own life or in world events) might be for the highest good of all, even if I don’t like it. Transformation is a great sea change. Many people get extremely nervous when things don’t go their way.

Spend time with your own 3rdd chakra, ask yourself, “Am I comfortable with what’s happening?”

If you answer, “NO!” then it’s time to take some action. You have a choice, don’t forget. Always, you have choices. If you’re uncomfortable with things around you, your choice is to either practice ACCEPTING that what’s happening, is happening. Or … you can take steps to change it.

This, in essence, is why I am a writer and an artist. This also, is why most people do what they do. Because I have never been happy with the materialism and non-spirituality of modern society, in my youth, I ran away from it. I fled to the Third World and stayed living in jungles and sailing on the deep blue sea for over a decade. When I came back to mainstream America, I swore I would use my talents of arting (creating object- and word-stories) to help others become more familiar with the Oneness Consciousness that, to me, is what this existence, called “life” is all about. You may call that consciousness something else: Nature, God, Allah, Spirit, whatever. But Oneness works for me.

These days I focus on what I can DO to be more comfortable in a world torn apart by divisiveness and materialism. I don’t run away anymore. Today I feel just great, actually, that my focus is on DO-ing, and not feeling weird, mad, confused, or … worse … destructive. My energy used to be “stuck” in the 2nd chakra, feeling pissed-off. Now my energy feels free and powerful, utilizing the direction the 3rd chakra connection gives me.

I share my experiences in hopes that each and every person realizes that when you get “signals” from your gut, that’s your 3rd chakra telling you something. Pay attention. If you numb it (with drugs or alcohol, shopping, work, gambling, or other addictions) — you’ll probably just get sick, sooner or later. You certainly won’t be happy, that’s a fact. If you work on clearing this disturbed energy from your solar plexus (another name for the 3rd chakra) … you will enjoy peace, happiness, and good health. Align your will with the highest, Ram, Ram, Ram.

the 2nd chakra's color is yellow

the 3rd chakra’s color is yellow

Try it!

And please, let me know how your inner power feels today. Sit quietly and ask yourself, “What is this weird feeling I get in my gut?” I want to know. Leave me your comment below. And don’t forget, I’m sending out a free mind-stiller audio-clip for people who leave me their emails. Below is an easy way I’m experimenting using. Please fill in and let’s BE CONNECTED! Tell me how your “gut” is feeling today.

I love you, each and every one of you. Your pal, teZa aka LordFlea


A Peaceful One Always Better than a Murderous Resolution

what to do when ATTACKED

what to do when ATTACKED

WARNING: This post is my first attempt to tell this particularly emotional story. It is replete with errors that are corrected in the newer, revised version of this posting. Click here for the NEW and FACTUAL story:

If you decide to go ahead and read this post here, then compare it with the revised, factual posting (written a few days later). That way you’ll see the interesting way that people (including me, LordFlea) can get the simplest of facts all screwed up, even with the best of intentions. It makes for an interesting contrast, to read post this post and the above linked one.

Nice to see you, reader!  In Light, teZa Lord (Lord Flea)


HERE’S THE  POST with a few but pertinent facts incorrectly reported …. please read knowing this. It’s still an intriguing story, nonetheless.

For weeks I’ve been waiting for a follow-up reporting of the peaceful resolution between the recent angry demonstrators who thought it prudent to make our local Islamic Community here in my hometown, uncomfortable as they worshiped at their Mosque on Route 207 over a month ago. No St. Augustine Record reporter ever did, no other individual wrote a letter, either. So I, merely a concerned citizen who witnessed these events, will do my best to tell the real story here. I’ve waited this long because I was hoping the Record would recognize real NEWS, and do their job of following up. but I figure with the 450th Celebration of our town’s founding that everyone was embroiled in for the past weeks, after literally years of planning leading up to it, there was no room for any other news but the commemorative party’s other than murder, refugees or rape. But now it’s business as usual in our community.

Our citizens deserve to know the wonderfully peaceful resolution of a potentially volatile conflict that was solved through human compassion alone. This story demonstrates the power of open and direct, peaceful communication.

Before I get into details though, I find it sad that conventional media only thinks sensationalism sells. is worthy of what to print or share. A peaceful resolution ought to be as important as–well, the aggressive threats that originated from the demonstrators that made such splashy FRONT Page Head​line NEWS​, like the one our paper printed just days before the peaceful conclusion was made that I’m reporting here. Sadly, this astounding, sensational​ly ​newsworthy ​item–a peaceful resolution–​was never reported by the Record. Not that I noted or was told of at least.

L​oud ​and clearly, however, the protester’s angry threats appeared on the Record’s front page, back in early August, when incensed demonstrators carried such a​wful​ and ugly signs that claimed incendiary and fabricated nonsense, as they shouted accusatory statements, fearing the Islamic religious folks’ ​untrustworthy​ intentions. The Record did not mention, however, the truth​ in their original article​​. That these Islamic worshipers being picketed are guilty of only one thing: ​peaceful love for Allah, as God’s name istranslated in the Arabic language​ (just as Dios is in Spanish, Dieu is in French, etc.)​. The Record only reported the conflict started by ​the demonstrators’ ​suspicious anger​. Which unfortunately, translates as News to Editors.

After the Record’s colorfully noticeable front page NEWs banner, the Islamic ​worshipers​ were afraid to meet inside their humble, unadorned Mosque, as they do each Saturday. Because outside, on the busy highway, demonstrators​ were congregating, who ​suspected ​the Muslims inside​ might be brewing radicalized, anti-American sentiments. With each week during July, more loud, angry demonstrators had been arriving outside, terrifying the religious people inside the Mosque. The leader of the demonstrators, meanwhile, was putting things up on Facebook trying to rally people across the county and beyond, claiming such suspicions as: “We plan on being here until they show who they really are–terrorists and we’ll be ready to take them out.”
At this point a member of Unity and Peace in St. Augustine was driving by the Mosque on her way to work, very early on a Friday, and noticed the flag-waving demonstrators numbering around 30 to 40. She immediately sent an email to her other friends in Unity and Peace, who also sent out emails to Compassionate St. Augustine, a group of concerned citizens who believe in the Golden Rule as the means to settle all human disputes. A person from these groups whose specialty throughout the years has been to non-violently communicate with sparring parties, called her friend, a Muslim lady, and asked if the people who worship at the Mosque would like help in settling this growing dispute.
Somehow the email of the volunteer mediator, who had privately offered to help settle the rising temperatures of the demonstrators, was put up on the demonstrators’ leaders’ Facebook page as well, scaring the mediator for her own safety—but not enough to keep her from continuing to try to help solve the growing crisis. The mediator sent out a request for members of Unity and Peace, Compassionate St. Augustine, and other peace-making organizations in our town, to meet that next Friday. She said, “We’ll bring cake and lemonade for everyone!”
When that information got leaked to the demonstrators, on the leaders’ page appeared a post that they would show up with BLT sandwiches, saying the bacon would taste especially good at the Islamic Center.
However, on the day when the demonstrators were hoping for a crowd of over 100, and had cooked enough hamburgers and BLTs for their group—only 6 showed up.
Our group, supporting the Islamic Center, had about 60-65 people, quietly standing in the scorching August heat, there to show our love of freedom and especially, to protect our Muslim friends from any more harassment.
Weeks leading up to this, the demonstrators, according to the ringleader’s Facebook page, thought the Muslims who meet in our local Mosque needed a show-down. So the​ call had been made for ​demonstrators​ to come, and come they did in ever increasing numbers—until—the Record decided put this story on the FRONT page, and included photos of the inflammatory, clearly delusional signage made by two of the more belligerent demonstrators.
When the Record’s exposure showed the​ reality of who the demonstrators really were, the Muslim community were grateful that the peace-loving groups had already reached out to help them. I showed up that hot steamy Friday, along with the folks in Compassionate St. Augustine, a nonpartisan, non-religious local group of which I am a member; and others from Peace and Unity and the Center for Spiritual Living, and other, unaffiliated concerned folks.

As a result, we ordinary​ folks—of interfaith religions or no formal beliefs other than Compassionate Love–we showed up to protect our Islamic brothers and sisters’ American ​right​, their human right, ​to worship​ as they please​. We practice the Golden Rule, you see. All of us demonstrating believe that we do as we would want anyone else to do ​toward​​ us, as many of you do, too.

Consequently, there WAS no show down. Why? Perhaps because the Record exposed the demonstrators’ clear lack of compassion, and showed instead, their unfounded, angry intent and harmful​ accusations.

To me, the lack of a more violent confrontation is obviously the reason why the Record lost interest in this story.
​ Clearly, it deserves a follow-up.​ Peace is more important than conflict, in my book. And for those of us who prefer ​to​ forgive​ instead of find more excuses to hate or be ​intolerant​: here’s the truth. ​The truth is what ​compel​s me ​to bring the good news of this ​peaceful conclusion ​to light​.

We in America love our Freedom more than anything. It’s our national right to express how Freedom is for each of us, as long as we don’t harm anyone else. Freedom of speech and religion is protected by our Constitution. Some people, like the demonstrators in this story, think they have the right to deny others’ freedom, while hypocritically waving their HUGE American flags in other people’s​, other Americans‘ ​faces. Well, maybe they do. But I, too, have the right to discuss the hypocrisy of ignorance these folks represent. And more people ought to follow my suit, forgive my audacity for saying so.

This is a story worthy of another FRONT page banner, to prove how celebratory a city we ​truly ​are,​ here in St. Augustine. All the birthday cake​s​ and singing of bands and merrymaking and fireworks ​won’​t take away ​​the bitter aftertaste of a small group ​of misguided people who terrified the entire Islamic congregation here, unless the truth is known​​.​ Any who live within the USA’s jurisdiction lives under the rights of our Constitution​, ​to worship and speak​ out​ as we see fit. As long as no one is harmed.

Compassion HEALS All Wounds

Compassion HEALS All Wounds


A large group of we lovers of Freedom arrived, responding to the call for help from our Islamic brothers and sisters, after the Record exposed the increasingly aggressive nature of these flag-waving anti-Islam demonstrators. The police as well, were asked to be there for the next worship-gathering, to protect the Muslim worshipers.That very next day​ of Muslim observance, ​was tense. Women and children from the Islamic community were told to stay home that Saturday in early August. As carloads of us anti-demonstrators arrived to protect those Muslims​ who braved the flag-waving demonstrators, so they could worship in peace inside their Mosque, we saw them ​beginning to relax and ​smile, more broadly with each carload of supporters, so happy to see our ​impressive ​turnout.

Our number of compassionate, peace-loving folk was ten times stronger than the meager show of demonstrators. We came in carloads of ​individuals who had heard of the urgent call to help our Islamic neighbors.

On Route 207​,​ the Stars and Stripes-waving demonstrators were only 6 in number.​ Perhaps most of the demonstrators decided to stay home that Saturday, after seeing the front page Record article. Perhaps they realized that being associated with the two demonstrators who’d been singled out to be photographed—holding signs claiming the peaceful Muslim folks’ religion was “666” and “​Islam is of the Devil”—would horrify anybody’s sense of common decency. Perhaps the demonstrators who didn’t show​ finally remembered our country’s ​tradition of welcoming all worshipers, no matter what different Name​ for the Almighty​ was used​, ​or​ religion, or​ denomination they were, as our founding fa​thers, the ​Pilgrims,​ were when they ​assured us​ citizens that ​our spiritual right to freedom, as Americans, was ​guaranteed—by law.

​We supporters of any p​erson’s’ ​right to worship​, even in different ways than ours, we stood peacefully outside the Mosque, in silence. We carried no signs. We proudly bore only the Love we have for Freedom that we hold sacred, deep within our hearts. The anti-Islamic folks, loudly pacing the sidewalk, carrying over-sized American flags, stayed outside the Mosque’s fenced grounds, so passing cars could see the​m ​protesting the Muslims. Ironically, the same constitutional rights the protesters were claiming (free speech) was done in protest​ation​ against other people’s right (to worship); two rights all on US soil have, the same for everyone.

Soon though, after our legions of support arrived at the Mosque—fortified with our lemonade and chocolate cake to share with the demonstrators—the temporary Iman, officially known as “the representative of the Islamic Center,” a man I’ve known for over 30 years as the owner of​ a pizza shop, walked out to peacefully greet the leader of the demonstrators. The white-robed Iman was accompanied by a white-haired volunteer female mediator, a non-Muslim. The Iman identified himself and invited all the protesters to come inside the Mosque and join the Islamic worshipers and their supporters, in prayer, or just to see for themselves what “was going on inside here.”

​Unknown to most of us anti-demonstrators was that on the head honcho-protester’s Facebook page, was written all kinds of suspicions about “what was going on inside there.” Things were seen there, on FB, like how the demonstrators’ fears were heightened because of the recent spate of tragic mass killings. Incongruously, the senseless murders of the prayer group folks at the AMA Church in South Carolina was mentioned, a tragedy not even related to Islam, and clearly the insane act of one very disturbed individual.

The demonstrators in our small town had​,​ what felt to most of us ​anti-demonstrators,​ out-of-proportion paranoia. Their ​unfounded ​fears baffled all of us who showed up to protect and support our Islamic neighbors.

The Iman’s kind invitation to the demonstrators was refused. The reason why the demonstrators would not join us inside the Mosque​ is the Big News of this posting of mine.

The head of the demonstrators told ​the Iman​ and the go-between for the two groups, saying that we never go anywhere we can’t take our concealed weapons. The sheriff had told the mediator that the demonstrators “were carrying and had a permit for concealed weapons,” so she mentioned that the Mosque was a weapons-free zone. They said they couldn’t go anywhere they couldn’t take their weapons.

This shocking fact was bad enough​ when we from the compassionate-camp found out, the next day. But when the demonstrators’ beef was finally made known, told right then and there on the day of the demonstration, to the Iman and the mediator, no one in our compassionate group could believe it! No one ever really knew what their real issue had been. Even the Record’s front page article never mentioned it. The paper just reported people demonstrating, never really mentioning about what.

The demonstrators feared radical teachings of terrorism were being ​preached ​inside our​ town’s sweet and humble, religiously observant and orthodox Mosque. Because you Muslims don’t fly the American flag on the outside, the head demonstrator gruffly stated to the Iman and the mediator.

When the mediator asked the demonstrators if “waving the US Flag” would settle their fears,
​showing the St. Augustine’s Islamic community’s solidarity with the Freedoms guaranteed by the ​US ​Constitution—​they said “Yes.” The Iman​ immediately responded, “Of course! We’ll be happy to fly the Stars and Stripes. No problem! Why didn’t anyone just ask this of us before?”

A sad note to the otherwise breath-relieving solution of this was the manner in which the leader of the demonstrator insisted the Islamic Center fly the specific flag presented to them when they met that next Saturday. The mediator, also in attendance at the flag-presenting, noticed that the flag presented had its grommets place in such a way that it would fly upside down. This, according to the US Flag Code, means … “a signal of distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” The mediator noticed the flag was not properly rigged for flying in proper alignment, and, together, with the Iman, asked the leader of the demonstrators. They were told that it was a special sign of respect to fly it upside down, signifying that a soldier had been killed. The mediator objected saying passers-by would not understand or know this. The leader did not want to give the Islamic Center a regular flag but the mediator insisted and traded the upside down one for a regular flag. The demonstrator leader wasn’t happy and later told the mediator she had stolen her flag. The Muslims put up the regular flag, one of two the demonstrators insisted on bringing themselves, but swapped it for a regular one they purchased themselves the very next day.

The Muslims took a picture of their flag the next day and sent it to the demonstrators. And … they called off their demonstrations henceforth. The best part of all, to this story, and any story where non-violent, loving compassion is the solution instead of more violence—is that now the Muslims are feeling more a part of our local community. Whereas before, they kept themselves very isolated mostly out of fear of being misunderstood or harassed religiously and politically.

The Iman did not mention to the demonstrators (but I must here) that there is no US flag flying outside any Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal or Baptist Church in St. Augustine, nor the Jewish synagogue, neither any Buddhist nor Hindu temple nor Unitarian Universalist or Center for Spiritual Living that I know of. In America, church and state are supposed to be separate, right? But the Iman, a kind and agreeable person who has always flown the American flag over the Coke dispenser at his pizza joint since I first met him decades ago, agreed to this preposterous demand, in the name of wanting to make peace. And peace was made, even though the Iman did what I’m sure most religious leaders in America would never agree to.

I hope​ my telling the truthful resolution about this story does not incite any more unfounded anger. But the truth needs to be heard. It would have been more PC, more professional, and probably way less emotional had the Record reported this.

This is N​EWS ​in the biggest,​ most thrilling way possible, the easy and peaceful resolution of our small town’s very own possibly-combustible show-down of faith vs. freedom. If it weren’t for the coming together of so many of us, who believe in Compassionate Love as the only real answer to all of life’s woes–political, religious, and personal–perhaps there might have been a more violent outcome. And THEN you’d surely have read of it earlier, in a timely fashion, reported by a real journalists in the St. Augustine Record.

Anyone who wants to get involved with the work we do locally and globally, please contact or via Facebook.
And please be sure to sign the International Charter for Compassion at: www.CharterForCompassion.
Love from your pal Lord Flea, aka teZa Lord
PORT COMPASSION, our heart's home

PORT COMPASSION, our heart’s home

The Fire of Love

Burning fires. Ahhhhh, how I love it! Love THEM! I know an old man who spent the last years of his life, at least 3 or 4 years in total, just staring into a burning fire…which was constantly attended by those many people who loved him. A lot of wood was burned in that fire of love, and the old man died happy, never bored, never regretting the past, and always intrigued by the magic of what surrounded him.

Fire. The offering of something, with knowledge of its being transformed into something else.

a fire of human love

a fire of human love

Sometimes a fire is made up of wood, which burns the material up and leaves only ash.

Others times a fire can be made by the sparks between two hearts …. or a group …. or a culture …. and then, the fire doesn’t use up its source but instead increases that which fuels the fire.

the energy of unitedness

the energy of unitedness

I’m burning a fire right now for my consort Carter, whose birthday is today. I lovingly feed it sticks and leaves and gradually increase to sizeable logs. I offer up my sacred fire, because that’s what it is to me, in honor of the great gift of love which we share. My consort Carter and I, blessed with love. Love which we protect, nurture, cultivate, and share with those who need some more for themselves.

Love is not to be hoarded, and gloated over, but shared with the world. I offer up this fire and send its smoke into the atmosphere imbued with all the love Carter and I share together, hoping its energy will be useful for any who need a little more love in their lives. And our planet, which needs all the love and protection it can get right now, with the Gulf oil spill so horrifyingly crippling of our natural watery splendor. How my heart is sad, how my mind roars mad, how my lips send forth this prayer of healing for all of us on planet Earth, to learn from this catastrophe, and never NEVER let anything like this happen again.

I do believe there is opportunity in every crisis (the Chinese characters making up the word “for crisis” contains a pictogram that means “opportunity). If every person who reads Lordflea offers up their love for this planet, their love for life, their concern for the ongoing evolution of humankind–then perhaps we WILL learn from this tragedy that has befallen our planet with the tar balls roaming the ocean’s currents, spreading throughout the vast underwater world that unites all land masses.

Mother Sea, Mother Earth—our Mother—needs our love. Please build a fire of love in your own hearts today, and everyday, and send your love, concern, and whatever other energy you have to give, toward the resolution of this great tragedy that has befallen our world—the oil crisis. There must be a remedy. There has to be a thoughtful person, or group, organization, or scholarly approach to finding the solution of not only the containment of this ongoing crisis, but the new source of energy that will make oil drilling obsolete, a remnant of a time bygone.

Let’s aim our joined energies toward healing the Earth. Let’s create a worldwide FIRE of LOVE today! yes! yes yes yes! Jump into this image and become an even bigger energy source yourSelf, and come with me into this Wave of Power!

In the Light, lordflea

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