We are Much More Similar than Dis–

As human beings, everyone of us has basic similarities. We must breathe air and eat food to stay alive — that’s number 1. Next, some of us crave to propagate, or not. I’m a non-breeder, for the record, but I had fun being a full-time stepparent, calling myself Angel Mom to two very needy children, for whom without my guidance life surely would have been more challenging.


who am I, really? What’s my … role here?

We each have various number 2 traits, after our survival is assured. For me, as an self-acknowledged spiritual soul experiencing this particular human “suit” I wear — my next most important core-value is to experience the heights of what’s possible here on Earth, right here, right now. My life goal has always been to be as HIGH, as happy, as fulfilled, as expanded as I can get. Okay, call me a glutton, a junkie. I admit it. The spiritual connection I’ve discovered within myself, and with all in existence is what flips my Bic, floats my boat — puts me in bliss personified.

Obviously, I don’t “do” politics. Spiritual politics is an oxymoron, let’s be clear. Yes, I vote, but … that’s private, just like sex with my sexy consort Carter, is. I’m into outrageous and all-in, all-stops-barred spirituality, not peripherally. Just like an extreme wilderness skier is with their passion, or a transgender is with their raison d’etre — I am a radical revolutionary who will fight to the death, that’s right! — to spread the value of living in an awakened, aware, all-is-One state of being. This consciousness is All-inclusive, and has no judgment or diss-ing in its agenda. Believe me, I’ve worked hard to get here. And I ain’t about to let go of this outtasite ecstasy that’s the reward, the end result of the journey I’ve been on. It’s a daily workout, this being spiritual, folks! A workout that gives peace, understanding, and acceptance as its guaranteed abs of steel.

We are the Tunnel, mixed media, 54“x42”

let’s work our spiritual-psychic muscles!

Lately lots of my friends are dis— about a lot of things. Dis-gusted. Dis-concerted. Dis-combobulated. And … now, with the political cry of mass dissenters, whose gatherings I herald as our democracy’s treasured right of free speech — they are dismissing the fact that Divine Order might, just might, be more behind what’s happening in society than the current fight in our country between the Reds and Blues, hardcore conservatives and unbending liberals. (We all need to be a little more of what the other guy’s about … and more about that on a later post.)

The way I see it, during these tumultuous times, this is the crisis some of us have needed in order to realize that nothing — absolutely NOTHING — on the outside is ever going to fix a disastrous assessment of what’s happening in the world. So — What Will?

Turning within. Tuning into our universal connection with not only each other — soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, person-to-person — but also our universal connection with the energy of consciousness that vibrates at a much higher level than when we diss something.

Some call this consciousness of acceptance — the Sacred, others the Divine — still others call it Presence or … simply … Being at Peace with what is.

getting ready to fly!

being at peace with … what is

At this time when so many people feel unease, I invite you to take more seriously your connection to the inner experience of life. Go within. Roam the Divine within your Big Heart. Spend time assessing how similar you are to every single person, even the newly elected President of the US. If you continue focusing on how dis-connected you feel with what is, how dis-avowed you are from what the political leader of a country does, dis-claiming his position as a respectably and legitimately elected official — you are in for a very unpleasant time for the next period of time. I’d say, about four years at least, or more, while he’s in office.

The time of political arguments is over. The presidential election within the States is over. Now is the time to go deep within your own incredible Inner World. That’s where true peace resides. Only there will you find the ability to accept. Going within your heart and letting your soul-Self be in charge, that’s how you can reap the greatest rewards of your humanness. If you cherish the small amount of time you’re allowed here, in your human Being-ness, you just might have a good time if you decide to re-focus from negatives. Unite your own lower with the Higher Self within, forget about so-called social divisiveness. What’s done is done. Put your placards away until next election time. For now, dive into the ever-expanding world that has no boundaries, no differentiation of any kind. This inner world, the Light of positivity, abounds within your own Self. When you choose to dwell on the infinite similarities between all humankind you discover peace within — no matter what happens on the outside.

Let go of your small-minded dis-similarities. Division is only an illusion, it’s not real. The real connection between all humans is our spirit, our expanded consciousness, found in our Big Heart within.

To me, each person I meet is a manifestation of the Divine. That’s right! Even the bad guys & gals, even the crass, the rude, the unholy, even those whom people call despicable or deplorable. Every person has been created by the Divine Force of the Universe. They have as much a role here as do those who people deem wonderful, eloquent, civil, smart, or spiritually evolved. Every single cell in our body has a purpose, too, making our different systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive, etc) work as a cohesive whole, letting our entire body live as an interdependent, healthy unit. All our cells create a Oneness within our own bodies. Why can’t we humans try to see every other person, for better or worse, as another cell in the fabric of our united human society, and allow them to serve their role like you regard (and respect) your own liver cells, your lung cells, your toenail cells?

the ripple effect creates the tipping point

each of us is a cell within the ONE

Even if someone’s role is to irritate the shit out of you — they’re forcing you to become more spiritual or — you feel like you’ll bust! Maybe, ahhhh, maybe that’s their role. To irritate you into — changing! Better to change than to listen to Madonna’s (I’m a fan, but hated her #womensmarch rhetoric) confession of wanting to bomb the White House, or tweet or post on Instagram or Facebook more nauseating nonsense of dis dis dis. Use your limited energies to … Go Within. It’s better to kill your lower neanderthal self than want to someone else, don’t you think? Cultivate your higher Self and rise above the ever-lowering vibration of out-of-season implacable politics. Wean yourself from talking-head TV pundits, your addiction to News, and any other negatives that mess with or destroy your well-earned peace of mind.

I was there once. I wanted to do harm to those who offended me — it was during the Vietnam days. That’s when I left America and traveled the islands of the Caribbean Sea, sailing on boats and climbing volcanic mountains and — after a decade away as a happy ex-pat (and months in a Third World prison as a falsely-accused political prisoner) — I learned how blessed, how very blessed I am, to live in a country that constitutionally allows all people the same rights as the next guy.

A granddaughter of immigrants from Lithuania on my mother’s side, a descendant of Pilgrims on my father’s, as an American I welcome this controversial time now. So what’s after the shock of Trump’s presidency? The dis-cordance abounding now I see as a Great Opportunity. The current dis-sent is sprinkling fertilizer on the garden of enlightenment all Americans, and people globally as well, are being challenged to sow and cultivate, in order to move forward and embrace our race’s evolutionary possibilities. Within each person’s own awakened hearts first, plant a garden of Love and Acceptance. And then … the insights of this higher perception of Oneness permeates all of society. This, then, will be the “political” benefits from our inner realizations — ammo to be used for the next election.

Consciousness is the weapon of mass illumination.

People of our beloved planet Earth! — Now is the time to Wake UP! This life here is not about who wins, who loses, or who’s in control. This time we have here is how connected YOU, yes, I mean YOU! are to the majestic, unlimited power within each and everyone of us, an inner state that’s as real as apple pie. This power resides within your own Being-ness, as consciousness. It’s higher understanding than dissing what you happen to not like.

The exploration of our inner realms is what keeps me inspired and excited, as a person, an artist, and a writer.

Sometimes we need a crash, a SHAKE UP!, a SHOCK! in order to regroup, reframe, refresh our lives.

I hope everyone who reads this is inspired to dive deeply within their own inner selves, and starts to explore their spiritual side. Expand. Embrace the fact that, as a spiritual soul wearing a human “suit” you can have a really astounding experience when you choose to be en-lightened instead of dis-illusioned . You haven’t got forever, y’know. Better get started!

Check back often or see previous posts here on Lord Flea if you want some hints about how to go about spiritualizing your life. Also, read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of NOW” and “The New Earth.” And if you wish you can order my meditative artbook “We Are ONE” using the Amazon button here on my blog, on the left sidebar.

Be well my friends! I love each and every one of you! LordFlea aka teZa Lord



We Are One

Scan 29

We Are One: compassionate Love, our matrix

Even the most unpleasant of situations can take on a different meaning, if we remember that we don’t have to know all the answers.

Humankind is at last awakening en masse to letting go of old destructive ways of thinking, of being. With so many of us now aware of the unlimited possibilities open to us when we let go of fears and insecurities that have held us back—awakening in numbers so vast as to have already caused a tipping point in our collective consciousness—no longer can humankind wantonly believe and act as if there aren’t any consequences for each and every choice we make.

Ideas, our thoughts—come first. Then … action follows.

Join me in sowing a few thought-seeds presented here. Consider this an exercise to start helping, instead of being part of the problem. How do we assist positive change? By first encouraging ourselves to become aware of our awareness. Art allows us to go more deeply within, without having to know answers. Try looking at this image and thinking:

We Are One


11 copy

We are all united in a giant web … our blended human family

Just as the beautiful design of a fully-extended peacock’s feathers are so complex and intricate, but made up of various individual feathers — one person at a time, we are a blended family of humankind: one big family. We are all connected by an invisible web, as the Native Americans have long told us.

We continue to unite worldwide. How? By making a difference in the struggles of our times. How? By becoming more aware of the blendedness of our human family. How? One person at a time, we think: We Are One. With this positive focus, we turn from self-sabotaging, archaic patterns of disrespect and violence toward any Other. We heal the separation that’s happened from our true nature. And what’s our true nature? Love. How do we become more united? By remembering to love, not be filled with fear. This is how we become One family of humankind. These words and images—along with your own positive thought-seeds that you envision, think, and speak —contain a vast power I call spiritual activism.

Help the transformation of humanity from its primitive, violent infancy (comparatively speaking, we’re only in our species’ confused and insecure teens right now) to its naturally evolving, elevated state of species-wide enlightenment. Focus on higher things than the material world by letting go of needing to control or be controlled. By changing your thinking–alone!–together, we help uplift our species’ spiraling-upward evolution. Continue planting your own positive thought-seeds, one by one. That’s how each of us makes a difference in our needy world’s healing process.

Real change occurs by holding a positive thought, first. Then—action follows.

Hold the idea in your mind of a world that’s already been united. Then … reality catches up to the energy created by our collectively-held positive thought-seeds. Each and every thought we hold and cultivate, counts. If you think fear, terrible things will naturally be attracted to those scary thoughts. If you think Love, even so-called bad things will show, in time, that they are actually part of a benevolence you could never have seen at the time of their occurring.

Acts and words follow the thoughts we hold in consciousness. If we want a peaceful world, we need to change our thinking from fear to Love.

Sometimes we have to work a little harder to retrain our negative thinking, to be positive. Fake it till you make it. If you want the world to change, change your thinking.

2 copy

Negative energy abounds, we don’t have to engage! Think think think!

Today, enlightened writers, civic leaders and scientists are catching up to what primitive sages and shamans started proclaiming eons ago, “Earth is an interconnected web.” Documented first in ritualistic art and then, these thoughts were written down in what came to be called, inclusively, sacred scripture.

Now, along with history’s more visionary theologians and philosophers, scientists agree with mystics and visionary artists: the degree to which humankind harnesses our mental-and-spiritual energy, our creative possibilities evolve exponentially, ever more expansively.

Of this we can be assured: higher states of perception await us, when we unite as a human family, blended in all ways.

Instead of the bygone, relentless repetition of fear and control—and the incumbent negative thinking that that no-longer-relevant, fearful, contracted worldview perpetuates—we are now in the process of global transformation. This long heralded (by mystics) paradigm shift, I call global-local. Awareness starts with myself, spreads to those I’m in contact with, and in time, all of us, collectively, influence the way our entire world functions.

notebook drawings 09 007

Change happens first with ME, my thoughts, then …

What we think, so we become.

Plant a thought-seed, right now, of a bright future beckoning us. Believe that our creative energies are now free to focus on important new discoveries. Say No More to unresolvable, ancient conflicts. Believe that Love is powerful enough—to heal All. Then, believe this is all that’s needed: to think positive thoughts about our future.

Let’s fake it till we make it.

Remember: positive action follows positive thoughts. When we retrain our thinking to be forgiving and nurturing, all we have to do then, is live our life. Positive acts come from the creative inspiration of positive thoughts.

With love, your pal LordFlea, aka teZa Lord