Hello dear Ones,

So much has happened since my last post. A near direct-hit from a catgory-3 hurricane! My art book’s (WE ARE ONE) launch postponed because of it. Travels with Eckhart (attending Tolle’s conference “Living Presence” in California) not to mention surgery for my cataracts, and lastly, the upcoming-surgery for the entire USA with our soon-happening Presidential Election just around the corner.

Where to begin?

I try to always make life simple by keeping things close to my heart, and in alignment with my conscience. So let’s begin with what’s on my mind today that covers all topics: Balance.

Lapis Sky

Balancing Life: Being both Spiritual and Socially Conscious in today’s malaise

All around me I hear how horrible people feel, how torn, how angry, how worried, how anxious, etc. even violated about the election happening in our country. I can’t not comment. So here goes. Remember as you read, that to me, and to many, the biggest indicator of how evolved any of us is is … how light-hearted we are, how healthy a sense of humor we have. So … lighten-UP my friends, and keep a smile on your face no matter what.

I will vote. I will let my conscience be my guide. But in all honesty, because I am not a political animal but prefer to call myself a spiritual activist (and do a LOT to honor that role I’ve taken on) … I won’t comment on the positives or negatives of either candidate. They both exhibit plenty of both negatives and positives, c’mon, really! This is a political race! Because I keep my posts aimed at the heart, not the head, I won’t present my preference here. What I will offer, and proudly say is the ONLY truth I know in this campaign is that whomever is declared the winner, I believe will be the BEST choice. Because I believe in the Democratic process, and I believe in the power of the collective unconscious. I have also lived in dictatorships. So I know what kind of government I want and don’t want to live under. I also know what it’s like to not be free to voice my choice.

Hurricane Matthew was a real live physical trauma, not just a threatening political one like the election is interpreted by many as being. Many of you who know me know that I have lived in hurricane territory for many decades. Even the most recent book I’m working on is about that subject: the true story of teaching yoga and meditation to juvenile girls in hardcore lockup, deep in the heart of central Florida, and how these stressed-out, but meditating girls were better equipped because of my yogic sharings, when they had to endure the eye of Hurricane Charley, huddled in their fortress-like facility in the summer of ’04.

When I went to visit an old friend of mine (whose house escaped flooding in the most severely damaged area of historic old Saint Augustine, my home town) she said, “No, I didn’t know you ever went through a hurricane before.” Most of us live our lives close to our homefront. We are concerned with–only what concerns us. So let me state right here for the record: When it comes to surviving life-storms, including Nature’s variety, I am as expert as a survivor of killer hurricanes and himmicanes (David and Frederick of 1979) as a person ever wants to be. Amen and ahhh-women, too!

Here, I’m going to attempt to give my three-step way of keeping balanced, whether facing a blowhard persona (friend or foe) or a dangerous slice of Nature (storm, disease, etc). I’ll use the letters (H) for hurricane-force storm; and (P) for the political storm many Americans feel victim to, these daze leading up to the November8th election.

Just like a hurricane, a storm of nature (H) and a political storm(P) can be dealt with in the same exact 1-2-3 step way.

Awareness — Acceptance — Action

I use this foolproof formula for keeping balanced in all ways of life. So let’s see how it works with the current election debacle we Americans face today, as conscious social beings trying to have a spiritual life as well do the right thing, politically, morally.

Spiritual politics is an oxymoron. Sorry, but it is.

Guardian of the Sky, mixed media, 27“x60”

Spirit and Government counter-balance each other

To not feel like we’re being swept away by any kind of whirling madness, when storms descend upon us we can maintain our inner peace, our balance, by holding these things in our consciousness:


  • yes, accept a storm is coming, or even here (in both H & P cases)
  • the process of changing presidents is always tumultuous (P), whether that involves party-change or not.
  • Change is hard, period: Trees might get blown down, people might suffer (H)

Acceptance: we must prepare by

  • (P) listen to political stance of candidates and keep open minded till very end;
  • (H) watch storm track closely (NOT on the weather channel, which over-dramatizes, but use a track app). (P) Listen to opinions on “other party” media sources to keep truly balanced


  • (H) guard against damage by boarding up home, taping windows, removing fly-ables. evacuate when necessary; pray the eye away (prayer really works!)
  • (P) dig deeply for truth and don’t take media’s word for things
  • most importantly, VOTE, no matter what; VOICE your CHOICE (P)
  • pray for Highest and BEST result to happen: It will! (H P)
  • accept the people’s choice and shut up already, after November 9th
  • accept and dig out of mess the storm created (H P)

I know in my heart, soul, and not-too shabby intellect that the best person for our future (humankind’s, America’s — the entire world’s good I’m talking about here) will win this election! Whoever wins.

A physicist friend, Day Chahroudi, who practically single-handledly started the solar energy department at M.I.T. back in the seventies, wrote me a pretty heady email yesterday. He sent me a drawing of an airplane he’d designed (I liked it immensely!) and the specifics, i.e., technical info (waaaay over my head) of his new invention, a super-drone aircraft. He’s also a glider pilot, and loves to swim in ideas both solar, earthly, and also watery (he designed a sturdy, refugee-friendly sailboat last time) and now–he was tiptoeing into the ether-y realms. At the end of his e, he mentioned the evil that abounds, in government and politicians in specific, but also within the dark heart of humankind.

When I wrote back that I try to do my bit to help (at least I hope) mankind’s persistent fight against what has been called “Evil” … he wrote back some complicated diatribe about despots, Hitler, wars, sociopaths, and governments being the worst evils of all, etc. etc. You get the picture. So because I love this ol’ pal of mine (we did peyote together in the New Mexico desert, long before anyone knew so many of us seekers would find answers via “Plants of the Gods” (a book yours truly has botanical illustrations of coca erythroxylum in), and long before peyote would become scare for the indigenous to use, who worship it, and protect it for ceremony. So please, don’t go out and dig up peyote!

botanicals 031

Coca erythroxylum, the plant reverred by the the ancient InKa, historically, and presently. Drawn by yours truly, Lord Flea: teZa Lord (then named Lynda Bates, what is it about me and names?)

Today, people are using ayahuasca, a tropical vine, in similar fashion as Day as I used peyote (back in the day, ahem) to find some answers for ourselves. Day discovered gems of a physicist’s, and I found direction for my spiritual thirst. Just as we were inspired by our sacred use of peyote, I read an article last week reporting in the New York Times about how popular the use of ayahuasca has become to comtemporary seekers. The report claimed: “Taking an ayahuasca trip results in the same exact brain activity as a person who has meditated for thirty years.” I’ve also read that Brazil is currently using ayahuasca (ceremoniously, of course) to introduce prisoners to a new, more empathizing, compassionate consciousness — with GREAT success.

Today, and for more than three decades, meditation has been the sole inspiration of my connection to Spirit. Today, I use no drugs, no alcohol, nothing but good vibes, good people — good choices. I recommend everyone in the world learns to mediate (see my page here on Lord Flea, giving simple instructions) instead of taking mind-altering drugs. But my advice to those eager to try an outside (something other than their own mind‘s abilities) source as an “artificial” divination stimulant: if you must experiment with mind-changing drugs (such as peyote, ayahuasca, LSD, etc) do it once, and then watch … and wait. Usually once is enough to initiate a major change in your life. I would never condemn anyone for experimenting with a plant-diety — but go slowly. Do it once if you must. Then — wait. Doing it too often has too many dangerous side effects. I’ve seen too many victims of over-use of psychedelics. They end up looney-tunes. Sad. I’ve known people who never come back. I’ve also seen the “miracle” of a plant-deity’s work to release human fears, such as in my case. So go slow if you must venture into using these strong ceremonial plants. And please, don’t do it alone! Research carefully, and … use plant-deities ceremoniously. Never as a “lark” or … casually. Most people fast, do preparation, take themselves to a Safe Environment. Please use a guide, human or otherwise. I used Richard Alpert (now Baba Ram Dass) and Timothy Leary’s manual based on the ego-death documented in Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Back to our discussion of Evil:

When  Day (who’s of Persian descent, hence his different sounding name) wrote that evil was such and such (more a scientific, analytical p.o.v) this is what I wrote my dear ol’ pal back:

Dah Day,
pretty heady stuff, you’re a scientist though. I’m not. I’m just an ordinary person. Evil to me, like a rattler or an alligator, is nature’s way of making life interesting. period.

HERE’S a big hug for you! Hope you’re getting lots of them, today, Day.

and … here’s a visual thought for you to chew on:
Until we get knocked off our orbit (man-caused, or ??) the sun rises and sets each day. Goddess Nut (Egyptian) symbolizes this constancy. Yes, assholes are born each day. Yes, war kills people. Yes, nature kills LOTS with tsunamis and earthquakes, too. But … until that “event” happens, the sun will rise and set each new day. That’s what this painting depicts. I focus on the sun. Not the a-holes. If you know Nut she has tits. usually three or more (like Grecian Artemis). Here, the mountains are “her” tits. Trans-people would love  this!

Ancient Nut, Lord Flea style





Love Your Mother, image from WE ARE ONE

WE ARE ONE—my new coffee-table book—is getting some press! I was sent the following questions by a local reporter who’s doing a book review for my hometown newspaper. Here are my answers.

1) What inspired you to write this book?

WE ARE ONE is the culmination of decades of hard work, both in the visual arts and in writing nonfiction. This 84-page, linen hardcover coffee-table book was first put together in dummy fashion over 15 years ago. Last winter, I brought out the loose-leafed, stapled black-and-white mock-up (forgotten about, truthfully) to show my 98-year-old mother, a local fisherwoman here in St. Augustine who passed away shortly afterward. At that point my husband Carter Lord and I decided to self-publish this book. We enlisted the technical services of talented locals: Leeann Kendall (a photographer, the book’s editor), Erin Fitzpatrick (a graphic designer, our technical editor), and Imagine Fine Art (superb digitalization). It’s all our professional belief that we have created something beautiful to behold. It is also my personal hope that the more people who see and read WE ARE ONE, the more will experience what it documents: that truly, we are all One, linked by the energy of consciousness. I’m speaking metaphorically, yes, but also energy-wise. This has been proven by quantum physicists’ recent discovery of the Higgs bosun. This book takes us on a journey, using visuals and words, that helps us sense that our ordinary day-to-day world can be extraordinarily felt—perceived that is—if not seen. As an artist and down-to-earth person (one of my passions is to make deep-water voyages on small sailboats) I believe this interpretation of life—that we’re all interconnected—makes for a better, safer, and more all-inclusive place for us all to grow and thrive in.

2) What type of research was involved?

My research was to learn how to be hyper-conscious.

Heal Psychic Wounds

I got better by healing my baggage (we all have)

The images and text within this book document my own true experiences. As a teen I began the earnest quest of adventuring, inwardly and outwardly. Doing yoga poses (initially for a bad back) naturally led to exploring spiritual issues (the true purpose of their invention by ancient sages). Gradually, I found answers to my seeking-quest in Native American ways, and mystical traditions from other cultures. I have worked with indigenous shamans during years of illustrating for Ph.D. botanists at Harvard University (Plants of the Gods, by R.E. Schultes contains a few of my illustrations). For decades, I have studied yoga of all varieties, and deeply explored meditation with one scripture-based teacher. What intrigues me most is investigating how various people around the world reach their own truth, whether through an ancestral path, a person’s own inward journey, outward rituals, a defined philosophy, religion, or simply by connecting with Spirit through Nature anywhere on the globe. I stay away from politic statements, although a hero of mine is Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma (Myanmar today). I certainly will vote in the upcoming Presidential election, using my conscience as guide.

3) Who is your target audience?

My audience is anyone who’s interested in something other than reality-TV or who wants to know more about the Mystery of Life. I prefer to call my visual works Dreamtimes but when I used to exhibit in galleries in New York City, Santa Fe, New Orleans and Monterrey, Mexico, critics called my work visionary. Today I have another book, an illustrated nonfiction narrative, being represented by a literary agent, who regards my audience mainstream. The world is changing!

4) How would you describe your (writing) process?

 a- making the visuals

we are one JPEG

cover of WE ARE ONE

Each image of WE ARE ONE was composed like this:

First, I photographed my own work (a painting or sculpture). Then I painted upon that photo. Next, I re-photographed that now-enhanced original image; adding Xeroxing, cut-outs, then re-photographing and scanning that finished image, most of which are 3-generational. Then came lots of fiddling in PhotoShop before sending the final file to the printers. This book is a collection of multi-media images that combine recognizable and symbolic gestures.

 b-the writing


The AYES have it, from WE ARE ONE


The writing process for WE ARE ONE (except for the text-only introductory four pages) is simple poetry-prose. A few words set the tone for the story told within each image. Some call this type of art, narrative. After creating a work of art first (see above) I wrote a few words to offer the viewer help to jump into the experience of each image. My writing is 90% editing, so every word is fine-tuned down to each punctuation mark, or using none where one is expected. Making and appreciating this kind of art (whether written or visual) is like being in a trance—it necessitates opening to the same deep inner place that meditation takes a person to.

5) What do you hope readers get out of the book?

My hope is that my viewers/readers have a deeper experience of being connected to ALL in existence upon journeying through WE ARE ONE.

Humankind’s thoughtful traditions often describe the Mystery of Life as there’s more to life than what appears to be. If I can help people feel the Mystery, perhaps just a little bit more, with the aid of this book, I am thrilled! In all my work I try to shatter mapped-out boundaries, preconceived notions, cultural guidelines, and other kinds of artistic renditions of separators that might keep us from recognizing WE ARE ONE. I hope my efforts help pry open, just a hair more, a person’s ever-widening doors of perception.


Cellular Vision, from WE ARE ONE

6) Who is your favorite author?

Too many GREATS to have one! My favorite author/artists (because my medium is words and images) are Hundertwasser and Elaine deKooning, both now gone but important mentors of mine. I also read anything by Russell Banks, Barbara Kingsolver, Louise Erdrich, Edwidge Danticat, Eckhart Tolle, Carl Hiaasin, Wade Davis, Andrew Weil, etc. My tastes are wildly eclectic. In my local book club we read/listened to Hamilton, the hip-hop hit play. Next might be Jane Austen.

7) Why do you spell your name with a capital Z?

The very fist thing I offer on my website tezalord.me (where links to my years-long blog Lord Flea and art gallery are, and my book can be purchased, as well as at Amazon) is to explain the origin of the big Z. Here’s a hint: bell hooks is a dearly loved Buddhist writer and teacher who inspired my humble use of no caps. The upshot, though, is to ensure correct pronunciation. teZa is not my Christian name but one I gave myself 40 years ago.

For readers of this post, Lord Flea is my, teZa Lord’s nom de blog


the alpha and omega … Aummm … Ommmm


Will Wonders Never Cease!

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hi everybody!

You probably have guessed it–I’m into video blogging, too! I’m trying to get these short clips up on a YouTube channel of my own, but … I can’t figure how to make it my own name. So it’s easier for me to spread the vlog here, and i hope you enjoy. BUt guess what?we-are-one-jpegThings have changed and the platform I have used all these years for Lord Flea, no longer lets me upload videos. Boo hoo (can you hear me weeping?) So … if you want to see my vlogs please go to youtube and type in teza lord … and you’ll see my vlogs. I’m trying to find out how to make it easier and easier … to find me, to find peace within your own self, for ALL of us to connect on a deeper level than just … what others expect of us.

I’ve not got time to go into details now, but I’ve been writing my next book. A story about when I taught yoga and meditation to teenage girls in juvie lockup, and how they learned to go through life’s tough lessons because of what we share. The title (don’t want to share yet, a little too soon to go public) relates to when their facility (called ‘The Academy’ but it was anything but) was struck DEAD ON by Hurricane Charley. The year was ’04 and in Central Florida we had not one, not two … not three but FOUR major hurricanes that year. So … it’s quite a story.

I’ll share more real soon. Right now I have to go to my Santosha (contentment) Shack to prepare for a yoga session I’m doing this afternoon with a girlfriend. Ahhhh–life! it’s what we make it, friends.

Please check out my new site!

tezalord.me … has connections to buying the above book, my new art book WE ARE ONE — plus links to my YouTube channel, the art gallery, my thoughts, even the eco-fable film Lithium Springs … which some of you may know about. It’s a hoot!

lots of love, teZa aka LordFlea


I am sooooo excited to announce that my beautifully bound coffee table art-book is HERE!

It’s being delivered (with full-on hurricane-aftermath wind and water, yeow!) in my driveway today. This book is the culmination of years of work, my friends. I want you, my faithful followers here on LordFlea, to be the first ones to know, and to have …

Scan 46.jpeg

I’ve created a brand NEW website … tezalord.me … dedicated to dispersing my art and writing. If you’d like to order one of these gorgeous books, the limited edition is $35 each book (plus $5 @). You can easily order at my new site using paypal or credit cards. I think you will be simply AMAZED at the experience of We Are ONE… an intimate experience, sitting and diving into my book’s images … with minimum prose to help you “dive into” the experience even more deeply. This book is sturdily stitch-bound (not glued), its cover is in linen, all the photos have a glossy glaze that make them STAND out from the matte background.

This is a gem for generations to come. Share the  visual experience of Oneness.

If you have any questions please write me: dearlordflea@gmail.com

Love to you all!

Your pal LordFlea aka teZa Lord


dharma brat images 7.09 022

MAP of how to find the inner ‘I’ in our earthly life-storms


This drawing of mine above is an easy-to-follow visual map how to get out of the inner confused state many are feeling today, and I’ve experienced, too. Here’s my depiction of the horrors that confusion can proclaim within us, instead of the calm of this ‘I’ I’m talking about today.

ugliness ... why listen? why look? why watch?

the conflicting times of pre-election are upon us!

During this tumultuous time, when everyone is freaked out about the presidential circus (oh! I’m sorry, I meant to say … race) I’m watching so many others either pull their hair out … or claim they’re not voting. This is the time to engage in controversy. Now is the time to — get it all out! And afterwards, when the election votes are all counted — accept what the people have chosen.

We are blessed to live in a democratic country.

To me, a citizen who is born in America (or has become legally eligible since immigrating) MUST vote. I’ve tried running away from this moral and social responsibility. And it backfired. Good for the books I’m writing, but … no longer my MO. We on the spiritual path know that our voice, our vote, counts. If you think otherwise, please reconsider.

Who to vote for MUST be from the deepest part of ourselves. Our conscience (another of the thousands of words for Spirit). Not our pocketbooks, not our friends’ opinions mattering — but what our inside self, our gut, our ‘I’ as I call it (it has many names) tells us to do. This is what must dictate how and for whom we vote.

This ‘I’ within each of us is also called “Better-me” as opposed to “Lesser-me”. I use that term in my soon-to-be published nonfiction book (now with a fabulous literary agent) about the journey of my own blended-family. But for LordFlea’s sharing today I’m calling this source of inner wisdom we all have, by it’s quick and easy nickname, the ‘I’ within.

dharma brat images 7.09 044

How our inner ‘I’ works in our daily life

Just as in Nature’s worst tempests flung at planet Earth, the hurricanes and the cyclones, each storm has its own calm inner space. True! Within the very worst situation, is a place of peace, when we learn to tap that inner ‘I’. So too for the confusion and fear within humans. No matter how conflicted, how confused, how torn-apart we may feel — there is a place of calm, deep and peaceful, within each one of us.

This place can be reached by anyone, anywhere. How? Through meditative practices. Start by following your breath. Look at the special instructions I have here on my blog. The search for what you want is easy — it’s right within you!

So — when I approach the voting booth this November, I won’t be freaked out. I won’t be not-voting either. I’ll remember to touch base with that inner space within, and ask it “For Whom shall I vote?”

The answer will be obvious.

Meditation is listening (to God, our Higher Self, etc.). Prayer is talking.

Your vote counts! Don’t sweat it right now. We have months of chaos and turmoil right now. This period here, filled with controversy, smut-throwing, name-calling, opinion-biasing, lies, omissions, dirty games and laundering of endless woefulness-es — is all part of the political process. Politics is nothing but a cluster f–k!

I have no advice to give, except — vote!


One Heart united, our family of humankind

After having lived abroad for a long period of time, I am now, as I wasn’t before leaving my country, grateful and proud to be an American. Our democratic process is by far the best. If you don’t think so, go try living somewhere where it’s not the way of governance. Spend some time behind bars (as I sadly had to) because you’ve been mistakenly pointed out as an enemy of the State. Just for breathing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then you’ll agree with me:


God Bless America!

God Bless the people’s choice to be our next leader.

Your pal who loves you,

teZa aka LordFlea

Compassion HEALS All Wounds


The past couple weeks has seen much turmoil in my country, the USA. I’ve barely been able to crack a newspaper or a news site without shedding a tear, or at least bucking up, getting ready to feel more pain. Everyone I know is reeling from the violence in our nation. People want to blame. Blame Trump, Blame Obama, Blame Bush, Blame Blame Blame.

My response to anyone who says this to me is, “If there’s anything to blame, in my opinion it’s the way Hollywood and TV depict violence, with such randomness and regularity that we’ve all become inured to it. Violence just doesn’t seem real anymore, unless we become its personal victim.”

And now — most of us are feeling as violated as the victims. True, we’re not dead. We can still breathe. Yet our entire nation, and much of the so-called civilized world, is suffering from a soul-sickness in which violence and fear are on everyone’s mind. And people who see this as just an American problem, they are not as aware, or in denial of the prevalence of the growing trend of violence in our entertainment world.

There is no one thing or one person to blame.

If a friend or random person to whom I addressed my “violence in entertainment” opinion (usually following their more political rant) still wants to talk (most just turn away from me, only wanting a head to chop, a name to blame, a face to spit upon! not a rational conversation) I would then offer what I’m ready to state here, in my public forum.

Our Blended Family

United, we have STRENGTH!

I named my spiritual blog Lord Flea Sings because I always meant for it to be a place where all of us who care to join in, can sing a song of Love. Sing, as in state our case with joy, with strength, with clear notes, with rhythms that MOVE us. Just like the calypso singer, Lord Flea for whom this blog is named in honor of. So … if you want to join in the discussion, please do. I am curious to hear your point of view. Leave comments below and I’ll respond.

My sense is that the world is in the midst of a huge sea change.

We are at the crossroads of our moral evolution. The computer age has accelerated our growth so much, that … old norms just don’t work for us as well as they used to. Coming from a place of extreme materialism (for decades, since the industrial revolution at the turn of the nineteenth into the twentieth century) humankind is quickly stepping into a new era  … the spiritualization of our entire race. One person at a time, it’s been happening for ages. Now personal transformations are happening at a much more accelerated pace, in part, due to the outrage of every human heart that is reacting to the calamities that are happening everyday around us, pushing us to change.

Anger and fear and melt downs are catalysts to change. We who experience these things must change inside, or else we suffer horribly. Some even commit suicide, not able to contend with the insanity of the world. Some retreat into drugs, alcohol, denial, numbing themselves with whatever they can get their hands on. Others — like you and me, certainly anyone reading this — realize that pain is a way that Nature (aka God) has of forcing us to change.

Yes, our world has become more violent. Yes, people are not feeling safe. Yes, the African-Americans of America are sick of being treated with disrespect. Yes, the good Muslims must help herd in the bad Muslims. Yes, most everybody realizes that something has to change in order to make our world a better, safer, more viable place to live. It used to be people were scared of an enemy, like some still are of radical fundamentalism of any sort (evil is color blind and non-discriminatory in regards to race, religion, origins or politics). But now … we have a strain of discontent that doesn’t even have a name, although people are pouring out on the streets in scores this week to bring attention to “Black Lives Matter.” The latest of the unspeakable signs of our society’s silent sickness: Intolerance

To me, the real issue is that ALL lives matter, not just a certain group. Of course I feel for my black brothers and sisters. For years I was one of a handful of whites who lived on an all-black island nation. I know first-hand what it feels like to be singled out, treated differently because of the color of my skin. Even accused of crimes I didn’t commit, because of my race. I’ve been thrown in jail because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and have had to fight for my own survival because I wasn’t like all the rest. I know what it’s like to be unfairly treated. I know how upsetting it is and agree that change is what’s called for.

But to my mind there is more to this issue of intolerance (of any kind) than what meets the eye.

united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

The Sacredness of ALL LIFE

It really is about ALL Lives mattering. Life itself. All in existence, from the smallest snail to the largest lunar spot, everything in this multiVerse is sacred. But yet there are the masses who still believe life on Earth is a silly game of power, prestige, and who rules who, and who gets to sit on the throne and who gets to shine whoever-is-in-power’s lowly shoes. It may be the final chapter of our color-story in the limelight today (although in the USA with our mixed-race President I don’t see how our black people can’t see the vast improvements since the desegregation of our country, in the sixties). But who and what-kind of person(s) is in power today will change tomorrow, for sure. Power people come and go. What really needs to be changed is something much more basic.

The only really worthwhile change I see that can come out of the current tragedies of black men and women being gunned down, forcibly held, dying in police presence or custody, and the ensuing hatred like the (black) sniper who aimed at (white) police people (how could he really tell with their helmets on?) are all indicators of how much more work we have to do, as a nation of people, not divided by race, religion or any other factors — to accept each and every person as what every single one of us is: a sacred being.

Whether a person acts or even thinks they are sacred, depends on how aware each of us is about our true nature. The more people who make it their pleasure, their personal quest, to become as aware and awake as possible, the more our society gets influenced by so-and-so’s positive energy, instead of barraged by the negative energy that causes more mishaps and tragedies, which then sells more papers, clicks, air time, and catches the attention of greedy Hollywood vampires.

People love to be scared. Look at the crowds at roller-coaster parks. Without fear and vomit-producing twists and turns, lots of people think life is pretty dull. So the drama that unfolds in our real life, on real streets, in real gay nightclubs, and real Bible study classes, and real traffic stops by trigger-happy cops are now re-enacting the thrills that are innately a part of our thus-far-evolved human experience. Most of us love thrills! We love drama. We love … to be scared to death!

Personally, as an artist who writes, I don’t think the censor laws will ever go backward from where they are today. We’ve fought too hard to have the freedom of expression that has become the modern way. And I know for a fact that it was artists (in Lithuania) that singlehandedly started the internal revolution that brought down the Soviet bloc. Creative censorship is considered unAmerican. Un-Freedom of Speech. Un-cool. So the guns and bombs and slashings and accompanying rudenesses that go along with all that mind garbage won’t stop. Hollywood loves violence. There will always be a place for trash. But that doesn’t mean we have to fill our own minds with it. Trash, and violent trash especially makes tons of money, pockets are filled from every slaying, and woe to the producer who comes up with a sweet story of spiritual transformation, without a murder or two, ’cause nobody will come to see it in the theaters. Not yet, that is.

True, there are lobbyists who are out in force, trying to get Hollywood to stop making such sex and violence-themed movies, groups like the Dove Foundation and Ted Baehr, who have attempted for years, to great effect, to introduce more family values into the film and entertainment industry. So let’s face it, the cleaning up of America’s entertainment industry, including gyrating, ripped-lace pop and hip hop and gangsta rap singers, ain’t gonna happen. Dirt and shame and taboos are too much a part of our culture to deny.

What we can do is … each and every individual … is to clean up our own act.

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There’s always HOPE

Yup, that’s right. The BIG answer to all this hair-wrenching worry over “Where’s our humanity going?” boils down to “What are you doing about your own life?”

The only thing each of us has power over, is our own individual life, and the choices we make. Of course if we have young children, we’re also responsible for instilling Love and Inner Peace in their own life quests, and prepare them, best we can, for the world that’s outside the comfortable nest we all want to make for ourselves, for our family.

Take a look around you. Are you doing enough? Is your inner life as peaceful as you’d like? Are you able to read today’s news without getting freaked out? Can you see as many positive things happening in the world as there are negatives?

If you’ve assessed your own life, and feel you want more inner peace, more happiness, more joy–then take some action, my friend. There are so many things anyone can do, in this day of YouTube’s abundant offerings from mindfulness teachers (Eckhart Tolle, Depak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Marianne Williamson, to name just a few of my favorites). If you are unhappy with the state of the world, you can join a prayer or protest group, click on an instructional video and learn to calm your fears, or … go take a walk and look up at the clouds and let go of angry thoughts that you’ve let rule your life.

We don’t have to let heinous actions of others ruin our own lives. We can choose what we do with the strong feelings that injustices evoke in each and every human heart.

That’s the remedy I do when I feel powerless over another’s violent and scary actions. I breathe. I do yoga, meditate, take a swim in the sea, go for a bike ride … garden in my yard, talk with other mindful folks. Anything but go deeper in that feeling of powerlessness. Because I DO have power — over my own self! And I can take action to remedy the severe sadness that each and every intolerant act of one human upon another brings to my consciousness. The action might be … to take no action other than to pray, to meditate, to focus anger into tolerance. That’s a very high form of action.

I don’t deny the hurt. I don’t try to brush it off as “not my problem.” It is a human problem we are all facing. To me the answer, the pivot upon which change revolves, lies within each of our own hearts. To be as true as we can to what we really are, this is the spiritual challenge of today’s scary world. We are all pure spirits wearing a human body … for just a little while longer.

Let’s make the most of what time we’ve got here. Let’s make a difference, and let’s celebrate Love. By focusing on love, acceptance, tolerance, we increase the power of Love all around us. It’s like spreading an atomizing of Love cells wherever we go. Love is a consciousness, not just a verb. Love is a way of life, not just a saying. I have made it a pledge to live from love, not fear. With each day, I renew my pledge. I believe in Love.

I wish I could say the same for the political process, or the power of government to help change society, truly, at its core. I don’t believe governments or political parties have that kind of power. The power of true transformation only comes from the human spirit. I believe it comes from our core, from each of our heart (not the brain necessarily, although that comes in handy when it comes to taking action). The heart of each human being is where we feel the connection of Love. I feel it for everything and everyone.

One Life---each of ours, amounting to the total of all our decisions

the currency of LOVE … our life!

Maybe someday we will have enlightened Hollywood directors and producers who come from their opened hearts and minds, but for now (believe me, I know, I have a close relative who’s in the Hollywood game) money rules. Wherever the money comes from, that’s where Hollywood’s decisions go. Until enlightened artists transform our tastes … violence and sex are still a lot more entertaining (but not forever) so tolerate unscrupulous images and blood-gushing stories will keep coming to our screens. Just don’t watch them and they will … in time … go away.

Just turn off your mind, your screen clicked off to those kinds of choices. Open your screen as you do your heart and mind. Explore the endless possibilities of … an awakened life. It truly is the best show on earth!

we are ONE

lifting ourselves UP UP UP!