Sex v. Spirit

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Sex  and  Spirit

No matter where you go all people have as strong a sexual urge as the life force throbs within them. Interestingly, as adolescents the sex urge arises at the same time as spiritual questioning. Which gets fostered? It’s a source of constant challenge for humans to harness and keep in balance, and not let sex rule our lives or ruin our chances of leading otherwise happy healthy lives.

Similar conflicts as the entire world faces can be seen in microcosm in any community of gathered humans. At the Academy for Wayward Girls (where my current book nonfiction book is set), and other detention facilities, as well, it’s a well known fact among correctional workers that sexual competition and hostilities happen in times of forced internment. “Gay for the stay,” is the accepted mien.

Overpopulation and stress trigger odd, otherwise uncharacteristic behavior. I’ve been told by the Academy’s staff, the guards, that perhaps the biggest problem in the community of locked-up girls at Bowling Green (central Florida), there in a community of solely girls from twelve to eighteen, sexual misconduct is like breathing air to the inmates.

The Director told me: Sexual games become clandestine and competitively aggressive among these troubled girls in lockup. Not surprising, considering they’re isolated from any competing partners, male or female. Plus they’re lonely, homesick, and crowded together with no respite from the constant irritation of angst-driven noise and high-pitched aggravation. Fights happen way more than chats. Indeed, everyone accepts it: even hetero girls become gay for the stay.

There’s no privacy whatsoever, except when the door is closed to the toilet. Room checks at night to guard against sexual activity can’t stop the bed-sharing in a two-girl dorm room. When those bedoom doors close, girls continue with their sexual intrigue, figuring out ways to keep their pairing-off, switching, drama-games going. Youth of this age rage with sexual energy anyway, but the anxiety of having no freedom at all only adds to a teenager’s need for sexual release of some sort. Covert does quite nicely in jails and lockup.

In yoga the sexual energy is akin and connected to the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. This is a tremendous upsurge of energy that arises in an individual when the spiritual center of a person has been awakened. The ecstasy that naturally happens when a person lets awakened consciousness into their life, is something every lover of God, from the fundamental religious person to the esoteric spiritual seeker is well aware of. Many people never get to experience it because it remains dormant, going back asleep within, if the Kundalini isn’t nurtured after being awakened in adolescence. Sometimes, later in life, after a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one, or some other catalyzing catastrophe, a person will have a spontaneous awakening of their Kundalini also. The awakening can happen at any time in life, but the first is usually–as a young teen.

Book of teZ

Kundalini Rising — the chakras

Usually coming awake of its own natural occurrence around the early years of adolescence, coinciding with the time when a youth starts to ask questions like, Who am I?, Why am I here?, the Kundalini can, if not properly directed into spiritual outlets, become a raging compulsion to explore the mysteries of the corresponding energy that overwhelms us humans, sexual energy. Which of course, is what happens to the average teenager. Exploring a sure-fire arousal mechanism, such as our bodies, and others come nicely and erogenously equipped with, sounds more normal, than a teen getting instructions from a parent or priest or shaman, how to tap their newly awakened Kundalini.

One day in yoga class I tell the girls about the arousal of the spiritual energy, the Kundalini, and how the poses we do in yoga help us explore that divine energy all humans have within them.

“Say wha’?” that day’s new girl shouts to the others who sit in our circle. “Cunt-a what? Wha’ the heck is she sayin’” and all of us laugh our heads off. Then I explain to the new girl, the difference between the sexual, which she certainly knows, and spiritual energy we’re talking about that she’s never heard of. And its name, Kundalini, well, we all know what she mistook that word for. Easy to get them confused, these similar-sounding words, the name of spiritual energy and a well known sexual act so familiar to girls in lockup.


Sex or spirit, and let’s face it — even sports — they can all overtake any human as well as any other type of addiction does. Acting badly, being depressed, angry, or self-inflicting dangerous harm or behavior can be addictive. Especially to teens who don’t yet know how to love themselves. Acting good or badly is a choice we all have. To the girls in lockup, their crimes were the result of their addictions, behavior patterns that began in childhood or adolescence. The only way to stop an addiction is to first be aware of it. To not be in denial about it.

Anyone with a harmful addictive habit needs to have a crash, a bottom in order to be shaken from the false reality that what they’re caught up in is good for them. In Twelve Step programs this is called a bottom, yet sometimes, like my personal recovery story, I needed more than just one bad experience to call it “the bottom I need.” For me I needed a spiritual bottom, not just a physical (oh, many of those!) and a few mental one (yes, I lost my marbles, are they back yet?). Of course I don’t go into details about “my story” with my yoga girls. But I do answer specific questions when they ask. I am always honest, and it’s good for them to know someone who’s struggled as much as they are, there in lockup.

Why? Why Not!

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Conflict & Confusion=opportunity for transformation

Currently, as I sit at my desk writing, half of America and many parts of the world are in an uproar — millions of mini life-storms happening all around me. For the Democrats, they’re pissed about the huge change the new administration has already enacted (it’s now only a few short days since President Trump took office). For the Republicans, they are rejoicing about the long-awaited changing of the guard. For me, an independent, I am, as ever, watchful, hopeful, and in-between.

I have lost friends because they think that prayer (which I do for our world situation, constantly) is a waste of time. I envision powerful energy surrounding the President, guiding him, assisting him. I do not revel. I am a spiritual activist, not a political revolutionary. Yet my liberal friends shout at me, “Your stupid blog doesn’t reach enough people! Get folks to call their congressman/woman! We have to impeach Trump!”

Yet — I don’t agree. I feel what is happening–is perfect in its imperfections.

This is one of my favorite yogic sutras: I am perfect, you are perfect, if the perfect is taken from from the perfect … only the perfect remains.

These times are filled with imperfections that, if looked at spiritually, are perfect.

Today I watch the current political turmoil as a decade ago, I watched the turmoil within each of my yoga girls’ minds and hearts, these angry and violent girls to whom I taught yogic breath, poses and meditation for years, while they were imprisoned in a full-security juvenile lockup in central Florida, the subject of my current literary project. The girls in my story are learning how to make a positive situation out of a most unpleasant one. Their already adverse situation worsens when one day — a killer hurricane’s eye heads right for their Fort Knox of a facility. The theme of this book is how to stay in the calm within our own Being, for each of us, even when in the worst adversity imaginable.

I saw these girls (12-18) choose to suffer with what is the same way as I see so many suffering from the current political climate, those whose candidate (Hilary) lost, I’m referring to. When I taught the girls awaiting 2004’s Hurricane Charley’s eye, I often had to remind myself that the reason I was there, sharing my passion with them of positive-thinking,supported by strengthening the body-temple within through yoga and meditative techniques, I had the same passion then as I do now, as I reflect about the ripples of anger, outrage, and rebellion I’m witnessing all around me today, in 2017.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Prepare for the Unexpected

My worldview is the same then as it is now. I see the world as One, all its people are One, and whatever happens to us is the inevitable result of all our many choices (past-present-future) all adding up to what’s happening here and now, today: including the shocking results of November’s upset election. Each of us live our life-situation as the result of all our own choices. Our choices create our present moment, the Now.

If you are one who’s disgruntled over Trump’s win, I hope you are brave enough, open enough to read on, my friend. Because I hug your ache, but want you to know something very important. Of course deep inside you know this already, I’m just here reminding you today.

For my tortured girls in juvie lockup, my role was to help them realize that their suffering, in prison, was the end result of their own choices. With a shift in their thinking, which I taught them how to do with the very first breath we took, deeply, with awareness , they learned they had the power within to alter their view of themselves. They learned to no longer think of themselves as victims. In time, with practice, they actually learned to accept their life in prison, as what is — and came to enjoy themselves while they were there. This change within them, a change in attitude, which is the same as a change in consciousness, took hard work on the girls’ part. It took them showing up in class, number 1. Then it took willingness to change. They kept coming back. They learned to see things formerly thought unacceptable — as what is. They accepted they were in prison, and they admitted they were the ones who put themselves in prison, from the choices they’d made in the past. My yoga girls opened their minds, and their previously closed hearts, to the possibility that every previous choice of theirs had led them here, step-by-step, choice-by-choice, to their being imprisoned there in Bowling Green Youth Academy.

Today as I write this, I’m thinking how our current world — right outside my window, beyond my beautiful garden and flourishing plants — is the result of America’s choices, one after the next, one act, or lack of action, after the next, year by year, month by month. And here we are — with a president that everyone, including himself, was astonished to see win against the potential first-woman-president.

I approach this current unrest in our society’s situation with the same wonder, curiosity, and trust that my decades of yogic training have given me. To me — and I’m not saying this is anyone else’s viewpoint because most of my friends are on the warpath right now, so I only share my deepest thoughts with my beloved consort, Carter, and now you, my reader — I truly believe our shocking new president is the best thing the world can experience right now!

That’s right! I said it! I made a truly political statement, a first for Lord Flea Sings!

Lordflea with Trolls

Lordflea with Political Trolls

Why do I think this administration is the best for our world right now?

Because—it is. It’s happening. The choices have been made. The election is over.

Somehow or other, the Republican candidate managed to do what no one ever thought possible. To win. And these things don’t happen by accident. What is — is because the universe, the collective unconscious, the way of Nature, whatever one calls it — has indeed occurred. There is no doubt, it’s real. Hardly anyone, certainly not the press, predicted such an upset happening. And now all of America and most of the world is being forced to experience the reality of President Trump’s new administration. But — it is. It is a reality. It is legal. It is part of our reality. What is, is.

So if you are one who’s terribly upset, I feel sorry for you. Because your life is going to be sheer hell for the next, say, four years, maybe even eight.

Is that what you really choose? To be miserable over a political upset?

I for one am interested in watching, from my comfortable, calm spiritual center within, from this Big Heart every single person is part of, and see what happens next.

I’m not going to waste time being mad. Shocked. Flabbergasted. Marching. Dissing. Joining the outrage. I certainly was shocked, but of a good sort, a “watching a miracle” kind of way on the evening of the election when the results were announced. Because to me, when something happens that upsets so very many people, I see it as a miraculous opportunity to have a mass transformation occur. Being upset, being shook up, is the best thing for people to have, if they haven’t yet found the comfort and calm of their powerful inner selves. Their spiritual side.

Sure, I felt the powerful surge of shock, sure. I felt the fear, apprehension, too. At first, I admit it, I was floored. What would happen to our world? Our environment? My rights as a woman? My LBGTQ friends? And then I grasped that … this is what is. And I made a vow to myself, right then, just as I do with any situation that seems unreasonable, scary, unknown, just as I shared with the girls I taught in lockup: when I accept what is. My vow is:

I am in the flow of life. I am not resisting the flow.

Being in the flow of life takes trust. And courage. And … letting go.

In yoga we get to discriminate. Sometimes “taking no action” (other than prayer and meditation) is the best form of action to take. Hmmmm, now there’s a koan!

When we let go, we truly let Good Orderly Direction into our lives.

Who are we to say that God, who is everything, made a mistake by letting Trump win? Not me! If you say that, well, I can’t agree, sorry. I think I’ll go with the way Divine Order went on this one, thank you very much.

The things that are scariest are what we don’t know.

When we remain in the center of our consciousness, our inner power, nothing can harm us. Who are we to say that the Divine Order of the Universe messed up? Lots of people are shouting what happened in the election is unfair, illegal, inappropriate, outrageous. But — it is reality. It happened.

The energy of existence, the creative force of Nature (Om) is in charge. Of all of us, not just with the charging force of a deadly hurricane’s about to descend on those  who live at the smallest spot on a central Florida rural map. The energy of existence is also the directing force of what caused the hugely upsetting shift of this new administration. Unfortunately it’s not one that’s being heralded as noble by many, but instilling fear, condemned by some, slurred by angry shouts of marching protests loudly proclaiming its illegitimacy-its un-godly, un-seemly, un-constitutional, blah blah.

Instead of being closed to what is, as I taught my yoga girls — because they suffered so from bad choices in their young and tender lives — be open to everything!

“Even being in jail,” I told them as we stood, preparing to begin our sun salutes. “Being in jail may seem unacceptable to you, but now that you’re yoga girls you’re beginning to see that even what appears to be the worse thing you would ever choose for your life, may just be exactly what your life needed.”


No longer the sacrificial victim — adversity can set us FREE!

I saw their brows furrow, their eyes pleading “Wha??”

“It’s true,” I say. “You’re here. You know deep in your heart that you deserve to be here. You did everything yourself to get you here, step-by-step, choice-by-choice. So — now that you’re here, don’t waste another moment being pissed about it.” I take a deep breath and decide to go all the way with my explanation as I begin to stretch my body.

“Now that you’re here, take a tally of your life, and see that you can choose to benefit from this time here, in lockup, without the freedoms you’re used to. Use these months, or years in some cases …”

I take another deep breath … and continue …

“… and accept your being here, locked up for now, as a gift. A gift you don’t want, but possibly a gift that may change your life. Clearly see that you’re here by your own choices, some of them pretty bad ones. You can use this time,” I say to my girls in State juvie prison, “to still your mind, like we do with our breath, and the poses, and our final savasana meditation. Right this second you can make a decision to change your life and you’ll never be in prison ever again.

“Not behind bars, and never in your life when you’re free from prison. You don’t ever have to feel imprisoned by anyone or anything, ever again, in your own life situation. You can choose, right here and right now, and remind yourself whenever you feel low, or a victim, or want to blame someone else for your funk, depression or rage — that you can choose to make your life a prayer.”

“What you mean by that, Miss?” one of the girls barks, completely taken aback.

“I mean that each moment of life is precious. And every choice you make … adds up. You may not notice how things add up, but they do. The people you hang with, the thoughts you think, how you spend your time. Even the food you eat. Everything adds up. Whatever choice you make ends up with you enjoying your life, or you hating your life — or worse, not caring either way.

the Mystical /Athletic /Architectural World of Hatha Yoga

who do YOU choose to hang with?

“It’s up to each of us to decide how our lives are going to be, our own self. No jail, no government, nothing! can make your life happy if you don’t make it happy yourself.”

The girls were quiet as we all stood, their breaths stilled, their minds chewing on what I just said. I take a deep breath, and they mimic me as I lift my arms up to our imaginary sky where I’ve taught my girls to envision an imaginary sun as we do our salutes. I whisper as we move,

“How powerful — to know that your life,” I now bend my knees and bring my arms down to the floor, and say, “is your own to design.”

We hang bent over, in rag doll, letting our bodies release from all the tension our spines carry around as they support us all day, everyday.

As we hang from our folded waists, everyone in class accustomed to this period, here, of unwinding our spines for a few breaths, I add,

“Life is about just showing up. Our job, as an awakened, aware person — is to dance, and laugh, and enjoy the ride. Lighten up! Let go of control. Let spirit dance in your veins. Let the giggling goddess and god within lead the dance we do with the light of being.”

“Let’s take a deep breath in and, with tight abs, bring ourselves to standing in mountain pose. Nice. That’s good.”

The girls and I stand taking in deep, noisy breaths, just as I’ve taught them. Before we begin our official surya namaskars, after this little warmup, I say to the silent, open-hearted yoga students before me, standing silently around me in a circle, so eager to change their up-till-now miserable lives.

“I chose the path of awareness, nothing else makes me happy. I substituted all my old bad, negative addictions for the good new positive addiction of loving myself. Spirit filled my life. Yoga taught me how — by letting my own body be the teacher within.”

As human beings, everyone of us has basic similarities. We must breathe air and eat food to stay alive — that’s number 1. Next, some of us crave to propagate, or not. I’m a non-breeder, for the record, but I had fun being a full-time stepparent, calling myself Angel Mom to two very needy children, for whom without my guidance life surely would have been more challenging.


who am I, really? What’s my … role here?

We each have various number 2 traits, after our survival is assured. For me, as an self-acknowledged spiritual soul experiencing this particular human “suit” I wear — my next most important core-value is to experience the heights of what’s possible here on Earth, right here, right now. My life goal has always been to be as HIGH, as happy, as fulfilled, as expanded as I can get. Okay, call me a glutton, a junkie. I admit it. The spiritual connection I’ve discovered within myself, and with all in existence is what flips my Bic, floats my boat — puts me in bliss personified.

Obviously, I don’t “do” politics. Spiritual politics is an oxymoron, let’s be clear. Yes, I vote, but … that’s private, just like sex with my sexy consort Carter, is. I’m into outrageous and all-in, all-stops-barred spirituality, not peripherally. Just like an extreme wilderness skier is with their passion, or a transgender is with their raison d’etre — I am a radical revolutionary who will fight to the death, that’s right! — to spread the value of living in an awakened, aware, all-is-One state of being. This consciousness is All-inclusive, and has no judgment or diss-ing in its agenda. Believe me, I’ve worked hard to get here. And I ain’t about to let go of this outtasite ecstasy that’s the reward, the end result of the journey I’ve been on. It’s a daily workout, this being spiritual, folks! A workout that gives peace, understanding, and acceptance as its guaranteed abs of steel.

We are the Tunnel, mixed media, 54“x42”

let’s work our spiritual-psychic muscles!

Lately lots of my friends are dis— about a lot of things. Dis-gusted. Dis-concerted. Dis-combobulated. And … now, with the political cry of mass dissenters, whose gatherings I herald as our democracy’s treasured right of free speech — they are dismissing the fact that Divine Order might, just might, be more behind what’s happening in society than the current fight in our country between the Reds and Blues, hardcore conservatives and unbending liberals. (We all need to be a little more of what the other guy’s about … and more about that on a later post.)

The way I see it, during these tumultuous times, this is the crisis some of us have needed in order to realize that nothing — absolutely NOTHING — on the outside is ever going to fix a disastrous assessment of what’s happening in the world. So — What Will?

Turning within. Tuning into our universal connection with not only each other — soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, person-to-person — but also our universal connection with the energy of consciousness that vibrates at a much higher level than when we diss something.

Some call this consciousness of acceptance — the Sacred, others the Divine — still others call it Presence or … simply … Being at Peace with what is.

getting ready to fly!

being at peace with … what is

At this time when so many people feel unease, I invite you to take more seriously your connection to the inner experience of life. Go within. Roam the Divine within your Big Heart. Spend time assessing how similar you are to every single person, even the newly elected President of the US. If you continue focusing on how dis-connected you feel with what is, how dis-avowed you are from what the political leader of a country does, dis-claiming his position as a respectably and legitimately elected official — you are in for a very unpleasant time for the next period of time. I’d say, about four years at least, or more, while he’s in office.

The time of political arguments is over. The presidential election within the States is over. Now is the time to go deep within your own incredible Inner World. That’s where true peace resides. Only there will you find the ability to accept. Going within your heart and letting your soul-Self be in charge, that’s how you can reap the greatest rewards of your humanness. If you cherish the small amount of time you’re allowed here, in your human Being-ness, you just might have a good time if you decide to re-focus from negatives. Unite your own lower with the Higher Self within, forget about so-called social divisiveness. What’s done is done. Put your placards away until next election time. For now, dive into the ever-expanding world that has no boundaries, no differentiation of any kind. This inner world, the Light of positivity, abounds within your own Self. When you choose to dwell on the infinite similarities between all humankind you discover peace within — no matter what happens on the outside.

Let go of your small-minded dis-similarities. Division is only an illusion, it’s not real. The real connection between all humans is our spirit, our expanded consciousness, found in our Big Heart within.

To me, each person I meet is a manifestation of the Divine. That’s right! Even the bad guys & gals, even the crass, the rude, the unholy, even those whom people call despicable or deplorable. Every person has been created by the Divine Force of the Universe. They have as much a role here as do those who people deem wonderful, eloquent, civil, smart, or spiritually evolved. Every single cell in our body has a purpose, too, making our different systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive, etc) work as a cohesive whole, letting our entire body live as an interdependent, healthy unit. All our cells create a Oneness within our own bodies. Why can’t we humans try to see every other person, for better or worse, as another cell in the fabric of our united human society, and allow them to serve their role like you regard (and respect) your own liver cells, your lung cells, your toenail cells?

the ripple effect creates the tipping point

each of us is a cell within the ONE

Even if someone’s role is to irritate the shit out of you — they’re forcing you to become more spiritual or — you feel like you’ll bust! Maybe, ahhhh, maybe that’s their role. To irritate you into — changing! Better to change than to listen to Madonna’s (I’m a fan, but hated her #womensmarch rhetoric) confession of wanting to bomb the White House, or tweet or post on Instagram or Facebook more nauseating nonsense of dis dis dis. Use your limited energies to … Go Within. It’s better to kill your lower neanderthal self than want to someone else, don’t you think? Cultivate your higher Self and rise above the ever-lowering vibration of out-of-season implacable politics. Wean yourself from talking-head TV pundits, your addiction to News, and any other negatives that mess with or destroy your well-earned peace of mind.

I was there once. I wanted to do harm to those who offended me — it was during the Vietnam days. That’s when I left America and traveled the islands of the Caribbean Sea, sailing on boats and climbing volcanic mountains and — after a decade away as a happy ex-pat (and months in a Third World prison as a falsely-accused political prisoner) — I learned how blessed, how very blessed I am, to live in a country that constitutionally allows all people the same rights as the next guy.

A granddaughter of immigrants from Lithuania on my mother’s side, a descendant of Pilgrims on my father’s, as an American I welcome this controversial time now. So what’s after the shock of Trump’s presidency? The dis-cordance abounding now I see as a Great Opportunity. The current dis-sent is sprinkling fertilizer on the garden of enlightenment all Americans, and people globally as well, are being challenged to sow and cultivate, in order to move forward and embrace our race’s evolutionary possibilities. Within each person’s own awakened hearts first, plant a garden of Love and Acceptance. And then … the insights of this higher perception of Oneness permeates all of society. This, then, will be the “political” benefits from our inner realizations — ammo to be used for the next election.

Consciousness is the weapon of mass illumination.

People of our beloved planet Earth! — Now is the time to Wake UP! This life here is not about who wins, who loses, or who’s in control. This time we have here is how connected YOU, yes, I mean YOU! are to the majestic, unlimited power within each and everyone of us, an inner state that’s as real as apple pie. This power resides within your own Being-ness, as consciousness. It’s higher understanding than dissing what you happen to not like.

The exploration of our inner realms is what keeps me inspired and excited, as a person, an artist, and a writer.

Sometimes we need a crash, a SHAKE UP!, a SHOCK! in order to regroup, reframe, refresh our lives.

I hope everyone who reads this is inspired to dive deeply within their own inner selves, and starts to explore their spiritual side. Expand. Embrace the fact that, as a spiritual soul wearing a human “suit” you can have a really astounding experience when you choose to be en-lightened instead of dis-illusioned . You haven’t got forever, y’know. Better get started!

Check back often or see previous posts here on Lord Flea if you want some hints about how to go about spiritualizing your life. Also, read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of NOW” and “The New Earth.” And if you wish you can order my meditative artbook “We Are ONE” using the Amazon button here on my blog, on the left sidebar.

Be well my friends! I love each and every one of you! LordFlea aka teZa Lord



the bridge tender

the bridge tender — with words and images I spread HOPE

Today I’m breathing, aware of this beautiful world around me, grateful for the life I’ve created for myself, for all the beloveds supporting it, even the hard challenges before us. The air touches my skin and I’m alive! I know I’m alive because — I feel it!

Believe me, I know what it feels to be almost dead. Been there, done that. Not exactly an NDE but very close to it. And each moment I have breath in my lungs, I deeply treasure. I try to use each moment I’m given here to stay positive and focus on the great possibilities before me and the entire planet at this time. There are so many wonderful opportunities constantly presenting, going on, I can’t begin to list them here. You know. Just look around you and count your blessings. Why waste time being negative? I don’t get it.

We’re approaching a momentous day here in the States. Instead of being depressed, angry or filled with trepidation, I feel very strongly that each individual is being called upon — right here and NOW — to step up and DO something. Where? In your own heart. Your own community, your own interest group. Your participation in humankind’s betterment is needed now, much more so had our presidential election gone the other way. That’s right, folks! The positive outlook this planet, and our country specifically, has before it is up to each and every one of us. Personally, I think it’s much better for individuals to be involved, rather than “let the government do all the work.”

Instead of Washington, I’m thinking about how great places like Matchu Picchu are!


LordFlea and her consort carterO high on Matchupicchu Mountain, with the ruins of the Inka city’s ancient site appearing at the base of its other sister mountain, Juanapicchu in background. MP, the city itself, appears as if crystals of stone in between the two sister mountains.

If we keep a positive outlook, and therefore keep our minds and hearts open to the next, and the next, and the next opportunity to better ourselves and our surroundings — instead of relying on the government to “do it for us” — we will continue to grow in our every upward spiral of good intentions, health and healing of all kinds, exactly what the entire world needs most right now. Give government controls their due. They are NOT our parents, our souls, our consciences. They govern. That means exactly that. They make rules.If you don’t like the rules then go out and change them, peacefully.

When we’re grown up, we don’t allow (we’re not supposed to) our parents’ ways to rule the way we live. The same with government. Live your life. Don’t let the government tell you how to live. If you don’t like the rules, then get involved with the rule-making process and help make changes.

Don’t waste any more time being mad or sad. Take a breath and feel how ALIVE you are! Be so very grateful for each breath you’re allotted. There’s too much to do to wallow in pity, either for yourself personally, or for what you might feel is not what’s supposed “to be.”

Acceptance is the beginning of healing.

Global Bliss NOW

Global Bliss NOW — accept CHANGE !!

The Divine Law of the Universe, the energy that connects us all, has brought us to this moment right here, right now. There is no “mistake.” There is no “negative” about change. The positive fact is our very existence, individually and as a collective whole, a democratic nation. I cherish every moment of my life. I know how fragile it is, to be alive. Any moment I might be gone from this realm, on to the next. And … then what? At my last breath I’d like to relax, knowing I contributed a helpful little bit to keep the positive momentum of our human evolution ever upward and forward. The way I’m feeling today, I will. I am at peace. Ommmm

Sending my love and comfort to all everywhere,

OmmmmmPeace, LordFlea aka teZa Lord


Newly Kinda-Techie-me!

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Today I learned how to add a redirect-button to my blog so you, my dear reader, can easily find my new artbook We Are ONE on Amazon, with just one click. I’m rather proud of this techie feat. Although I readily admit I had to ask a chat-helper stationed at a desk somewhere, just how to do it. In case you’re wondering, LIVE support is part of the great services offered by WordPress, the program that makes Lord Flea Sings and tens of thousands of other blogs possible. For nine years now I’ve been using WP for free, and only a few months ago upgraded to a more sophisticated version in order to show videos.

Periodically I’ll be including my artbook’s cover image with an “Amazon button”along  with other posts because, as great as this convenient new button may be — the one I spent all day learning to put up on my sidebar (to the left of your computer screen) — unfortunately it does NOT appear on the mobile version of my blog. This means people who use only their smart phones to read LordFlea don’t see the same extras I have put up on my sidebar as people do who use laptops and desk computers. Let me know about you iPad users, I’m not sure about how you see my blog, as I don’t use one.

Keep it Simple Sweetheart is my favorite motto next to … See Consciousness in All.

Here’s some info about my recently published artbook that contains meditative images and spiritual thoughts about … the Oneness that We Are (just another way of saying how We Are One: via Consciousness … Presence … Unseen Energy … Awareness … the Divine … even the many-language version of the “Good-Orderly-Direction” word that means something different for every person who utters it).

We Are ONE is a hard cover, finely bound 83-page exploration of the inter-connectedness of All in existence, through Spirit, or sacred consciousness. It’s reasonably priced for maximum availability at $35USD. Check out the many awe inspiring 5-star reviews on Amazon, they literally blow me away! Such deep insightful comments We Are One‘s fans have put up online, I am humbled. Reading the comments leads me to a deep place of stillness within. How could I make such art, write such words? This blows me away, too.

That’s why my consort Carter and I are offering this book to the world as a gift. In other words, there’s no profit margin, folks. BTW if you’re outside USA and wish to purchase the book please write me —, that’s dearlordflea-at-gmail-dot-com — because Amazon doesn’t ship outside America but I can. You can use the universally-accepted Paypal button for payment (including shipping) on my personal site:

And remember — I love you! May this wondrous year of 2017 be blessed, bringing health and healing, peace and happiness to All in the world. I’m sending out special blessings to our newly elected president Mr. Trump. May he be open-hearted and open-minded in the coming years of his Republican Administration.

Our Big Hearts combined can make all this, and more (add a wish!) entirely so.

Lord Flea aka teZa


Every New Year people tend to start off with good intentions. New health regimen. Vows of improvement. Lists of things to accomplish and goals to achieve.

Goals, Resolutions, are our personal becons of LIGHT

goals, vows, resolutions are our personal beacons of LIGHT

We all do it. My consort Carter and I do our yearly goal-making on the winter solstice each year, when we determine where and how to steer our ship … and usually, year after year, decade after decade, we achieve what we set out to do.

That’s the magic of having an intention. Whether it’s to lose 5 pounds or to spend more time quietly, in peaceful relaxation — things happen when we get clear about what our needs are.

contemplating the never-ending mystery of LIFE

contemplating our personal needs … a MUST for spiritual progress

So it was with great amusement that a lesson-giving incident happened on New Year’s Eve day to us. We were returning from a lovely 5-day stay at friends’ in the Bahamas when we ran into another traveler, a woman I’ll call Faith.

We were in the Fort Lauderdale airport (just days before the shooting of January 6) when we ran into Faith. She was the only other passenger in our minivan taking us to where our car was parked for the duration of our stay. She introduced herself as a yogini. Readers of Lord Flea know I am a lifelong yogini so naturally, her freely-given description of self took my notice.

After a fun first five minutes with lots of laughs, Carter, Faith and I decided to have a lunch together before we went our separate ways. We drooled and oohed and ahhhed over fresh succulent oysters (yes, yogis can be omnivores such as I am). Then our conversation turned to a great project Faith invited us to help her develop. She wanted to make a film about hopefulness for our planet. Spiritual hopefulness, she said. Now she was really talking our lingo. Carter happens to be a seasoned filmmaker (two features under his belt) and both of us love the Mystery of Life. Over lunch we discussed ideas with jubilant enthusiasm, the three of us matching creative delight with the tastes of our exquisite meal that included fresh Bahamian conch and nutritious veggies.

land and sea, air and you and me--we are ONE

a smorgasbord of sensation, body-mind-spirit — we are ONE

Then — Faith slipped and spoke words betraying her true self, shocking Carter and me but politely, we didn’t say anything at the moment..

Faith said nasty things about Republicans in general and specifically the new President-elect, Mr. Trump. As a spiritual warrior I refuse to badmouth anyone, much less an elected leader (see previous two posts about my p.o.v. about shocking election results if you’re interested). After Carter point-blank said, “Let’s be clear, Faith, I am a Republican.” Without losing a beat I then asked her: “This film we’re discussing isn’t going to be political, is it?” Faith assured us “No!” adding, “Both sides of the conversation must be addressed in order to be fair.” Carter and I (an independent) agreed. Our meal proceeded with more exciting details, given this assurance of no-politics involved in what we all agreed would be a film designed to “open people’s hearts and minds” to the endless possibilities of our joined, nonpartisan, non-judgmental human experience on earth.

Well, I’m sure you can tell where this story leads. Faith proved to be a condemning political pundit, hiding behind the skirts of spirituality.

ugliness ... why listen? why look? why watch?

even so-called “spiritual people” can be screwed up, nut cases, and near-sighted

On her twitter feed Faith declared belief in every conspiracy theory from contrails sky-poisoning (by the government) to the imminence of WWIII (started by Trump within days of his inauguration). When I finally had the opportunity to check her social media, after Faith’s endless and increasingly confrontational texts and phonecalls as we drove 5-hours home, Carter and I quickly realized we had been taken in by an unstable person who talked “Spirit” but in actuality was bent on pointing fingers and spewing politics. Unacceptable her talk now became, we quickly dismissed Faith and her project. We sighed, knowing we’d come close to being hoodwinked and …  stuck with a lunch bill to boot (she never offered to even chip in, sign #1 of a loser).

The lesson? Over and done, quickly thanks to googling and internet sleuthing. But lesson well needed and heeded. Yes, I see my encounter with Faith  as a lesson because I stop and study each encounter with every person as an opportunity to know more about this journey we’re all on together. The lesson from meeting Faith on this auspicious day, when many of us are setting New Year’s resolutions … is to  … always listen to “signs” before  …


coming out of my shell and showing who I am, really

I need to remember to recognize each encounter as sincere, without prejudice, without judgment, before jumping in and thinking “Ahhhh, this is for me!” I need to contemplate more, and practice discrimination even more than ever, in these troubled times.

So — the fat and flab I’m referring to in this post — is my own, which isn’t hanging off my skin (although yeah, I could lose a pound or five). The spiritual flab I’m referring to amounts to the loose, not-needed blobs of my own gullibility that in the past has gotten me taken in by carnie-talk, shysters, even “humanitarian” folks who talk authoritatively, promising what at first seems righteousness but in the end, is just more obfuscation of Truth and Love and Harmony.

There’s so many people talking junk these days, I now am vowing to be hyper-cautious, thanks to my brief encounter with Faith. Thank you, each of you, for being another of my teachers along this journey we all share, helping each other leapfrog to the Light of consciousness within us All.

With love and blessings galore, LordFlea, aka teZa Lord

Hello dear Friends,
I’ve been writing my next book, that’s why, no matter how much I want to, I can’t fit in more than a monthly post, here on Lord Flea Sings. I think you’ll agree though, that my current project is pretty relevant to what’s going on all around us, all of us. Read about that at end of this post. By the way, yes, these recent posts have been longer than usual because — the subject matter is way too important to synthesize into a convenient little sound bite. So bear with me, and stick with this lengthy exploration of our current times, if you wish to share what lies ahead for us in these exciting times, as I see things. If you’re looking for a “quickie” little sound bite … visit me on FB, Instagram or Twitter @tezalord. Thanks for your interest in my ongoing spiritual activism.
united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

united in our cause to make a difference–one person at a time

Everywhere I turned this past month I heard the malaise of discontents arising from the Dems who lost. Many are scared, we hear in the media and they personally tell me. Some can’t even see any hope at all. “We’re doomed,” they say. Speaking of president-elect Trump as “That bastard!” instead of giving him a chance. They know he’s evil, they’re sure. Seems to me that these kinds of people think of politics as their religion, and I wonder why they give so much power to who wins and who doesn’t, in this power game called governance? It has made me sad, and truthfully, my sadness is what has fueled this post. What I want to share with you today is the endless possibilities that lie ahead. As always, I’m approaching my subject from the spiritual p.o.v. I’m not a teacher, I’m just as spiritual activist, remember please. I have an obligation to my chosen path to share my deepest thoughts. Here and Now.
I’ve spoken to many friends and strangers alike who can barely get out of bed in the morning these days. Even other yoga teachers I know of, couldn’t teach after the spiritual-crushing results (for them) of Nov. 7. Others, like us, my consort Carter and I, look forward to the upcoming changes that we felt were necessary in American society lately. If you’re new to Lord Flea, you might want to read the previous post to see how I interpreted this shocking event, and how upsetting our recent Presidential Election’s results were to … so many folks.
Sure, some areas of society are more tenuous now, especially the environmental progress that’s been fought for and successfully made so far. But, no matter how it looks from the outside, I truly believe that change is good. But change is hard, yes. However, many people, environmentalists and women’s rights activists, think we’re doomed because of who won, I thoroughly disagree. I think we have now, even more than ever, a greater possibility to spiritualize our society, one individual at a time. And that, my friend, is MY politics.
Perhaps what “the losers” (sorry, I hate using this term, but gee, this is the fact) feel is that the world now faces The Unknown. And to many, the unknown equals the increase of dangers. Again, I differ in this respect. As a confirmed “change-junkie” (except Carter, I’m keeping him) I believe that change propels every person, and all of society too, to make assessments and transform old don’t-work-anymore ways into a new and better versions.
This has happened in my life over and over, that’s how I can say this outrageous statement.
Allow me to give you a few examples.
I was abused as a child by an alcoholic family member. Instead of that being the catastrophe that ruined my life (as it does to many other child victims) from an early age “it” compelled me to … look at my unhappiness and make changes, always changes, so that eventually I found the “right answers” and finally — I found true inner peace. If I hadn’t been abused, perhaps I would have never been so propelled or even interested in “self-improvement.” I would have stayed the same miserable, freaked out, mistrusting, badly behaving person, only as a grown up.
I truly believe that having been traumatized at age 10 pushed me into becoming an addict (alcoholic by age 15, druggie by 20) and then, after I’d had my 21 years of self-abuse, I discovered the spiritual recovery of the 12-steps when I was 36. Because I’d done so much self-sabotaging by then, I was ready to surrender to a higher concept of living. But only after having experienced the most degrading, depressing, and dangerous side of life. Since then, I have devoted myself to living sober, and learning how to erase my negative tendencies. My progress on the spiritual path has been (now here’s the catch) equal to the degradation to which I drove myself, intent upon self-destruction that’s also defined as the dark realms of self-abuse.
Guardian of the Sky, mixed media, 27“x60”

the Spirit of Destiny sometimes ties to knock us over!”

So you see? Not every “catastrophe” is really that. Sometimes what we think of as a simply awful and untenable situation (such as some feel T’s ascendancy is), could really be Nature’s way of pushing us toward a higher path. Here’s another personal example:
Followers of my blog know that I’m Angel Mom to my consort Carter’s two children. At the time of deciding to marry Carter (when the kids were very young) all my friends shouted No No No! The situation just “appeared from the outside” to be fraught with negatives and dangers (for my inner peace and life’s success). Even my own mother tried to talk Carter out of marrying me (God rest her soul). But I was already 7 years sober then and I decided on my own, to follow my heart. I chose to not listen to all the naysayers. And … from the outside what appeared to be a disastrous situation (a bio-mom who was a troublemaker, to put it mildly; living in suburbia after decades of travel and adventure) … our household turned out to be the perfect opportunity for me to become who and what I truly am (artist/writer/spiritual seeker) more than any other situation that had ever presented itself before me. BTW, Carter and I just celebrated 25 years of fulfilling-to-both marriage, and believe me, we’ve worked hard to get here. We have moved from suburbia, thank you Goddess!
So, I hope you can see from these two examples, that “Things are not what they appear to be” in both our familial and now, our current political clime.
What the world faces now, with Trump’s radically different, sometimes Twitter-irreverent and oftentimes women-irreverent, environmentally-conscious dubious presidency soon to happen, will lead us — I know, intuitively — to a better, more functioning relationship with every aspect of our complex world. This is not just my hope and prayer– it is my expectation. I feel like I’m watching a long-awaited movie. I’m so excited about this RADICAL change that I’m literally on the edge of my seat, watching, monitoring, seeing the opportunities present themselves left and right. For those scoffing at me, just remember: change is hard, but change is always good.
Carter (a Rep) and I (totally non-political) are certainly not pessimists about the new administration. We personally feel that the Dems have — inadvertantly, in their zeal to “fix society” — caused a lot of stagnation and polarization in our society. Social media has added a discordant sensationalism to the mix, but this also is part of our changing times and we must learn to filter truth from hoaxes, constantly. Many in America are out of work. Many black friends of ours voted for Trump because they are sick of promises not kept, and jobs that kept disappearing. And when people can’t eat, they get scared. When they get scared enough, they change. These were the “silent Trump votes” that were so unexpected.

Instead of seeing possibilities in change, others continue to choose to suffer as malcontents who wail and wag their fingers “I told you so!” spewing hatred more than T ever did (his theatrics got him elected, didn’t it?), even after election shock has worn off for many of us. In our household we remain expectantly hopeful as we hear our disappointed and depressed Dem friends complain, wasting their precious energy.

the sound of Aum: Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm

Instead of negative, send out positive energy! Like … Ommmm

I believe that so-called negative things are really “catalysts” propelling us forward. This is the story of my life’s story, right? In my story I had to suffer and come close to death, in order to find the porthole through which, thanks to great teachers, I have learned to live in the Light. Acceptance is the portal to the Light, for those of you who want a hint how to get started on the spiritual path.

I am a former close associate of the Dark. I know the ways of the Dark intimately. I was never frightened to go right up to the hungry open-toothed maw of evil — until I learned to surrender. Then I learned to kick my way out of the Dark. Until … finally, I succeeded. I’ve never been back. I turn my back on the Dark today. But I am all too familiar with the Dark’s horrors, its crushing lack of trust, its pernicious suspicions — until I found my way out to discover, or remember, rather, who I really am.

We are all children of the Light. But in order to get there, we must not be afraid to confront the Dark that’s naturally found within each human’s heart. It’s simply part of our human nature, that’s all. The Dark is the back side of the Light, nothing more. I believe experiencing this, personally, is the true meaning behind Eve giving the apple of good and evil, of temptation to Adam, back in the Bible’s garden of paradise. Without  challenges, without choosing goodness over evil, what is life but doing what everyone else does, mindlessly? Why look for the Light, when the semi-grey (the in-between stage that hides both Dark and LIght) can be so comfortable, intoxicating … and … unchangeable.
Wake up people! That’s why shocking things like 9/11 and Trump’s winning are so necessary! It’s ALL good, really, truly. Once we accept things as they are.
The world needs all the waking up and shaking up and change that we can get!
Too much really really bad stuff is happening for complacency nowadays. Our environment is melting and souring. Indigenous People are not treated equally as the more politically powerful are (Standing Rock Unite!). Our oceans are sick, our society is sick, and many human individuals, are sick as well. Neurosis and disrespect is rampant. We need the biggest, baddest shake ups we can get. I herald Trump! I don’t like him as a person, but … I love the fact his Republican party has shaken up the status quo in my own country, and the entire world is already feeling the must-change ramifications of his win, big time.
It’s my belief that, in America, if the status quo had continued (with Clinton’s win) that complacency and discontent would have just fomented more, with four more years, at least, of economic woes, the gist of what’s been happening here and much of the world over. To me, a government’s main job is not to be a babysitter, but an economic, human rights’ leader.
In history, a government’s main responsibility has been to watch over its people and protect it from dire circumstances. Like establishing values for staples, and saving grain and other commodities in storerooms for times of drought. The U.S.A.’s democracy governs with laws that are in place (thanks to our forefather’s Constitution). To me, a government’s job is NOT to pay for someone’s ills, lacks, or wages. That’s up to individuals who engage in business, commerce, or philanthropy. And we who are “workers” and not “owners” of businesses, we earn wages. While the heads of businesses’ jobs are to watch over their workers. This is not a government’s job. Sadly, this socially, more than economically, conscious attitude seems to be the basic difference between Dems and Reps, as I understand it. I may be wrong, but from someone who’s not engaged in politics, that’s my take.
I look forward to Donald Trump, a successful businessman, to take the reins of governance with the same savoir faire as he did his controversial stint as an entrepreneur and entertainer. Sure, he doesn’t operate like the “common man.” I know many successful business people. They all operate, like Trump, using the established laws to benefit the growth of their companies. They’re not going to pay the same taxes as a “worker.” They are not workers. They are … leaders. Leaders think, act, and benefit society differently than common workers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
With a great bit of over-the-top showmanship and even bits of clownish inappropriateness, Trump reinvented himself, again. From business guy to now President. I for one am happy to see someone in power who’s not a die-in-the-wool politician, such as Hillary Clinton is. Who cares he’s silly sometimes, he’s not PC, he’s never claimed to be. That’s going to be his presidency, too. Get used to it! He’s elected, folks. Just relax, sit back, get yourself involved in some positive efforts that will satisfy your own needs to help others … become a leader yourself! and stop whining. Start a recovery meeting in your town, “12-step Trump-ism meetings” sounds good to me. Make something positive about something you think is negative.
Believe in Miracles

Believe in Miracles

And for those of you who aren’t the whiners (my many ultra-liberal friends really don’t want to hear the other side of Trump’s possibilities) … I look forward to sharing with you at deeper, more insightful levels about other things than the uproar of this year’s political climate in upcoming posts.

As a yogi/meditator, I see many who are suffering disproportionately from the change in our society’s power structure. Anger is everywhere. Blame, more hatred than compassion is more often spoken aloud than wonderment, or common decency. I have some friends who continually curse Trump and spend all their energy hating him, his choices, his affront to decorum (totally modern a la Twitter). Then they wonder why there seems to be more waves of hatred in the world. They don’t see how they themselves are feeding that same negative energy. Okay, they’ve had their time to mourn. Now they simply can’t see they’re part of the problem, and not using their energies to create better solutions to our world’s woes. The best one being, in my opinion — compassion — for all beings, including Mother Earth Gaia.


A good old friend of Carter’s put it straight back in spring of ’16 when Trump first announced his candidacy. This came from our Dem friend who happens to be in charge of the entire USA’s borders:
“When the new guy gets elected it’s time to stop complaining and get on board with the new administration.”

As one of the smartest guys in Carter’s Harvard class, who has worked in Obama’s administration all along, this guy Al, as we do, believes that the beauty of democracy is how the electoral vote chooses our leaders, not the popular vote. Now it’s the Rep’s turn. The pendulum of change has swung. Period. We have to watch and wait, and send positive energy that Trump listens and follows his hand-picked advisors.

We must respect the office of the President of the United States. That office demands our respect. Anyone who doesn’t respect Trump for having won this election … is not a compassionate person. You may disagree with me, and that’s your choice. But … compassion is not about right or wrong, Rep or Dem. It’s about respecting life: as it is. Accepting life, as it is. And changing what we can about what we don’t like. With respect and compassion.
My New Book
I wish I could write posts more than my recent once-a-month output, but … I’m too involved with my next book. Finally I’ve finished the second draft. This complex story is starting to shape up. I’m excited about the story:
Teaching yoga and meditation to teenage girls in high security lockup during a bulls-eye hurricane hit, and how that experience is parallel to staying in our inner core, where our inner calm always resides — if we can just remember.
When I first worked on this idea, a true story of my life, it was a mishmash of notes from those days of a decade ago. Based on written and memory-fueled vignettes, and recent reminders from speaking to the former-director of the facility, who is now a close friend, I started piecing my ideas together. The reason I chose to write this story from scratch, when in my closet I have five already-written books waiting to be published, is … I believe right now the world needs this special story of hope more than my others.

Weaving everything together in a timeline to show the progress of 2004’s hurricane Charley, and how the apprehension awaiting “the shoe to drop” relates to how anxious these at-risk girls were, in general, always acting out instead of knowing how to channel that energy of angst that was their commonality — this has been a challenging book to organize. To make sense out of the chaos within the girls’ psyches, plus the hurricane’s churning immensity. But I think I’ve got the organizational part of the book in a reasonable form. Now … to make it juicy, filled with inspirational stuff, nice word phrasing, and … a page-turning intriguing plot. I’m excited now. The hard work, the bones of the story, is mostly over.


This next book’s subject of “helping stressed out individuals calm down” is more appropriate in today’s clime, than sharing my “blended family” story was. That’s the spiritual memoir currently with an agent. Even though the story of my own uniquely blended family also parallels much of our worldwide blended family’s story of today.


Until we meet again, be well my friends! Stay positive!
With love,
your pal Lord Flea aka teZa Lord