A touch … so precious

PKZlord2Dear Friend,

What are YOU choosing to spend your time on these challenging days?

During these pandemic times we’re in, many of us are reaching out for a human touch due to the restrictions in place, both socially and psychologically. In America we’re a Democratic nation, we have the choice of what we do with our time. In other places, I’m afraid that’s not the case. I prefer to remain focused on positives, as I’m sure anyone who’s found their way here is, also.

Instead of watching the next, and the next, and the next video sent by friends (meant to be kind, I’m honoring that) … I choose to not watch, or at least after the first few seconds of inanity, I’ll click off. There’s been a few that have snuck by my inner-censor I’ll grant that, but not many. I’m a big fan of chuckling nonstop … if I can. But I find most of the silly videos, night hosts doing their best from their living room couches, entertainers sharing from basement studios, all so much “mindless filler.”

What I’d like to share with you today is another way we can spend our time during this enforced period of isolation. How about developing a relationship with that most elusive of all things … your inner life? How about, why not? taking advantage of these quiet days, minutes, hours, and listen to the very thing that hangs in the precious balance right now, throughout our interconnected human web of life?


I’m talking about our spiritual side, our inner self, our so-called Bigger Self. The part of each of us that seldom gets as much attention as it wants, or needs. And now’s a perfect time to go within, shut off the outside interferences, click off the screens, and … listen.

Listen to what? Listen to the silence, the stillness that’s within us all. The perfect place to spend any moment that’s available, in my humble estimation. And for those of you who might need help with this, I have a suggestion.

There are many teachers available. My favorite modern one is Eckhart Tolle. He has books galore. Start with “The Power of Now” and then … page by page, paragraph by word after thought (you’ll have to go slowly with this stuff!) … jump right into “The New Earth.”

Eckhart has many videos on YouTube. And if you really like his style (he’s weird, let me tell you! But he’s DEEP and best of all, he is the real deal, trust me on this!) you can subscribe to his private teaching channel. You’ll find the link to it somewhere, once you start following the many bread crumbs he offers.

The reason I love Eckhart’s teachings is because they align perfectly with my own! I’ve had similar brushes with deep dark places, as Eckhart’s path has, and as many others are experiencing these days … during the worldwide threat we’re facing.


If any of you want to see what I’m doing, I’ve begun to offer “non-talking head” videos on Instagram’s IGTV. I call my stuff “Ageless Yoga.” And of course, my consort Carter and I have been podcasting on ZLORD for quite a few months now, if you want to hear us yap on current subjects as they arise. What started as an exploration of an extended car-and-tent camping trip, an outer journey we were on for six months, has now evolved into sharing the inner journey we love so much with anyone who’s interested. People seem to like our conversations, we’re told They’re quite nutty at times, as Carter and I are, well, a typical married couple. But instead of discussing family, or politics, or sports, we discuss how best to stay in the NOW, the “thing” that captures our interest the most these days.

Let me know how you all are! I love hearing from you!

With a bright smile and waves of comforting Love,

I am LordFlea, aka teZa

At last, I’m here! a puff of wind!


tropical teZ, the crone years

I welcome you all, with all my Heart!

I haven’t posted on LordFlea for ages, that’s why I’m so happy to finally have time/energy to share with you. I hope some of you got to follow the podcasts my consort Carter and I have been doing since June, when we set off on our extended journey. If not, here’s the link for our conversations on the ZLORD podcast. Since we were going to be car-and-tent camping for six months (at least!) I couldn’t keep up with creating posts for LordFlea. I hope for those of you who are “regulars”here that’ll suffice as a reason for my extended absence from sharing on LordFlea. Here’s my podcast partner, my consort, handsome hubby, Carter. We celebrated 28 years married while on our trip.


In case you missed it, here’s our podcast link and its nice logo my friend Kathryn Arango made for me. Click on the logo and you’ll discover the podcasts. You can then go as far back as you like to hear about our magical six months as nomadic adventurers. The episodes of ZLORD are also up on iTunes podcasts, iHeart and everywhere podcasts can be found.

thicker outline 300 jpeg

After posting here at my blog, LordFlea Sings for more than a decade I find that podcasts are … hmmm, shall we say a “more immediate” way of reaching out to share what I have to say. It was a challenge learning the new technology, but once I did after much sweat and tears, we began to share our “Vision Quest” (that’s what Carter and I called our six months on the road, rather than a “journey” or, heavens not that! a “vacation”).

Even though some people think that blogs, in which we write mostly (and yes, add visuals) are dated, I am a writer and a visual artist, first and fore-mostly. The whole “speaking thing” and sharing via conversations (which is what we do, Carter and I, on our podcast called ZLORD) — I  feel that writing is a very large part of my desiring to communicate with others. So I will keep up posting as much as I can, and I will keep my writing fresh and honest, and most of our, from the heart. As best I can.

I have a lot of news to share, for those of you who haven’t yet signed up on my author’s email list. If you’d like to receive these e updates from me (only periodically) please visit my website teZaLord.com (yes, this is who the blogger called “LordFlea” really is) and be sure to leave your email there. I promise I’ll never share you email address with anyone, cross my heart.

While on our vision quest, I somehow managed to publish two already-written books! I did this amazing feat in between setting up our tent all across southern Canada (starting in July) down into the Badlands of North Dakota and Montana (August), back into Canada, down into eastern Washington State (in September) and camped in beautiful spots. We love the BLM lands (Bureau of Land Management, a Federal office), which are free to use for all American citizens! We camped throughout the western states of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California (October and November) and ended our last wilderness campsite at Big Bend National Park in southern Texas, a state in which there’s hardly any BLM lands since there’s so many huge ranches, in early December.

Because I’m a self-published author, I had to do a lot of social media posting, something that I actually have grown to like. Not because I want attention, but because I want my work, especially my published books to get known. So yes, I guess the world has to know about “me” in order for that to happen, doesn’t it? I’ve gotten over the idea of privacy being something I need to guard. Being an artist, in itself, means that I want to share how I view the world around me. And that includes not just making art (whether it’s a painting, a book, or another episode of the ZLORD podcast) but letting people know the person who’s behind the ideas I share with the world.

Click on this image to find out more about my work! Hybrid Vigor (a true Reveal of Love) and Zen Love (the journey of a Blended Family are the two latest. We Are ONE (a visionary artbook) and In the ‘I’ were earlier publications. All are available on Amazon.

Above are the two most recent books’ covers that I published while on our 6-month sojourn, no small feat from a tent, I’m telling you. Getting a cell signal can be tough when you’re in the wilderness. Both these latest books are nonfiction narratives and in the next post here on LordFlea I’ll give quickie synopses of them. Watch then for various other things that furl through my untethered mind, mine always curious and open to cosmic connections as together, we roam the myriad of wonderment we’re so fortunate to share here on Earth.

I love the moments we get to share together. Until next time, my friends, be well, and if you’re into social media, do check out my Twitter and Instagram offerings (not too much on FB). I am @tezalord. I even have a YouTube channel! Wow! It’s fun spreading the endless possibilities of awakenedness, aka presence, mindfulness, open-to-All.

Love Always,

LordFlea, aka teZa

On the Road with My Consort

Greetings dear Friend,

I hope you are enjoying your life wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. For the past two months my consort Carter and I have been travelling, the beginning of what we’ve planned to be a year-long “vision quest.”

Big Strong Angel, mixed media, 17“x22”x5“

LordFlea is on a Vision Quest with her consort“

Most of you know that a vision quest is what is usually thought of as an Indigenous Person’s personal search, or journey, and involves putting oneself in situations that naturally arise when out of one’s ordinary day-to-day routine. Usually searching for “keys” or “clues” or even an animal “totem” as a guide is involved in a vision quest, but not always.

We are car-camping mostly, first in North America and then, after Christmas, we’ll be backpacking in South America. We do take a modest room when the weather gets impossible (too wet to set up, too cold for us Floridians!). Our tent is as big as the Taj Mahal and we are so comfortable with our fold-out double cot with blow-up (by lungs) mattresses on top, with sleeping bags and pillows galore. We cook all our meals on a two-burner camp stove, and I’m telling you, we are eating deluxe, super Deluxe!

I hope you’ll want to listen to the podcast I’ve created because it’s harder (sporadic internet) for me to make posts here on LordFlea. Here’s the Link: ZLORDpodcast (it’s on LibSyn: Liberated Syndicate) and you can also find it on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and most of the other podcast centers.


We’re having so much fun, please join us!


Carter and I are on a moment-by-moment discovery, or rather, RE-discovery of what’s most important in our lives. Both our kids are happily settled. Carter’s and my so-called “careers” are at a place where we can focus on more important things: our inner lives. We each have our special interests, so we share what we both love and talk about a wide range of subjects on ZLORD.  Everything from the economics behind each part of the world we travel (Carter’s pov) and how a place affects our sensibilities (both of us) to how Oneness is everywhere, in everything (my fervent belief and life experience), I think you’ll have a lot of fun listening to our journey. We share honestly, No BS. As one commenter noted, “there’s no high-and-mighty with ZLORD as they hit on pretty profound subjects.” (Thanks, HP!) We do yoga and meditation and Om-ing everywhere we can! We see the Divine in everything we notice, especially within ourselves. What a blessing to have these precious days, weeks, months, of focusing on our inner selves. Blessings to you, too! Please remember to love your Self first, then everything falls into place.

Meanwhile, I’ll post here whenever I can. Do drop me a line if you want to. I’m always happy to hear from you.

With All Love,

teZa aka LordFlea

Vision Quest, Here We Go!

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing from a historic old farmhouse close to Portland, Maine, where consort Carter and I just had a weekend-long family reunion with our wonderful relatives! So many great people in our close-knit blood-and-spirit group, I could make an entire post about them all. Each and every person unique and marvelous in their own fashion. But I simply can’t, because I have tasks to perform yet before starting off tomorrow. You see, Carter and I are taking off then on the next in a series of one-after-the-next adventures that started almost three weeks ago, when we left our Florida home to car camp all around North America for many months. If you see us, give us a wave on the road! We’re the loaded-to-the-hilt SUV with three bikes jiggling on the back, and a giant black storage Thule unit on top, distinguished by the professional repair job yours truly did with fiberglass on its busted-up rear end.

Yes, Carter and I are now on our long-anticipated “vision quest.”

So what does that mean? Well, vision quest an oft-used phrase that most truly relates to what is common to the ways of the indigenous peoples all around the globe. Whether Native Americans here in the U.S. or the Aborigines of Australia, or other naturalistic people all around the globe who are still more closely related to, and live their daily lives according to Nature, a vision quest is a ritual that is enacted usually by an individual … to “find” their true Self. In our case, with my paramour Carter and I together, as a couple, we are journeying for many months not to escape anything, but rather to “find” our individual truth, the deeper truth of our next phase here on Earth. Each of us, teZa and Carter, hope to find out more about ourselves in this manner. And thus, find out more about our relationship to Life, and how best we can serve others with what we discover.

Carter has just finished the phase of his life being a dedicated and successful father and businessman, and needs a re-boot. Me, I’m always happy to go deeper within my inner Self, and learn more intimately what makes Life Itself so much more meaningful than just a daily grind, getting-through, or … wondering about. We both feel so blessed to have this opportunity to go on this special journey. We have planned and saved for this for years! And now — both our kids happy, healthy, on their own — it’s our time.

So I won’t go into any other subject right now because — instead! — I’ve started a podcast! And the podcast will share with any who wish to participate, what we’re thinking about, where we’re going, what we’re doing, and all sorts of crazy spontaneous things in between.

I’m learning the techie aspects of setting up the podcast so you can listen, and FIND it easily.

Until I do, just click this link and you’ll see what’s up so far. More news later. Be well, my friends. I’ll keep up posting on Lord Flea, even though now I’m an official podcaster.

thicker outline 300 jpegWith great love and respect, your pal LordFlea, aka teZa

Life is “to make Wonderful, Wherever”

So many incredible things are happening in my life right at this moment. As I look at the date of my last post, I can’t believe how much has occurred in just a short month. Most importantly, our family celebrated the beautiful wedding of our son, Cully and his lovely bride, Katie. My consort Carter was asked by the couple to be the officiant of their special union, and so it was especially intimate, with Cully’s dad being the celebrant. I can see why Cully and Katie wanted Carter, and no one else. Carter, my husband of almost 3 decades, has the biggest heart of any person alive, and his son, Cully, takes after his father’s loving, compassionate spirit as much as his daughter, Fonya, has Carter’s lovingness embedded in her as well.

I could go on and on about the wedding, but … there’s too much other news to share, and my time is limited. Why? Because as I type, outside in the driveway sits “Duke,” the red Chevy Tahoe that will be home base for Carter and me for the next many months. Yes, we’re hitting the road! Cully’s wedding was the target of our take-off date, and now we’ve done all we need to do, and are taking off first thing tomorrow morning. Soon as Carter visits the Motor Vehicle Office and registers the car for this next year, something that slipped his mind, or … more likely … the email or letter with the due date got lost in the mad shuffle leading up to the wedding.

So many preparations for not only a big event like a wedding! And now, also, a car-camping trip, complete with containers for tent, sleep-gear, cooking, clothes, etc. etc. Not to mention the yoga mats, and next manuscript I’m bringing, as I’ll be final-editing the next book I’m readying for publication.

Which brings me to another subject entirely.

The ZLORD Podcast! It’s here! It’s up! It’s public! It’s a reality! It’s the way I’ll be sharing what’s up with a lot of folks who like to listen to podcasts. And for you who like to read Lord Flea, which is how I’ve been publicly sharing for the last ten years, I plan on continuing the occasional posts. Usually I’m good for at least a monthly post, so I’ll try to stick to that. But for those of you who want to tune into the audial-only podcast. Here’s a link to the ZLORD Podcast, and I’ll try to put up a link on the sidebar, for those of you using computers. More learning! Each and every one of us has to learn new things everyday in order to keep abreast and aligned with what’s happening in the world around us. Here’s the podcast’s logo, designed by moi and photo-shopped by my good pal, Kathryn Arango.

thicker outline 300 jpeg

Hmmmm. For a person who’s not very techie, I’d say I’ve done a pretty adequate job of learning all I have HAD TO, in this effort of spreading the word of the books I publish. Sometimes my brain feels like it’s about to burst, because I really like to stay in the right-brain creative mode, yet techie-learning forces me to be wholly and fully in the left brain logical train of thought. It’s tiring. But I persevere. Kudos to my IT guru, Cody Bennett, who has saved my butt many a time in the recent years. Without help from our friends, where would we all be?

And last on this wonderfulness I’m spreading today, here on my spiritual blog, I want to announce that my third book is presently readying to be launched! It’s a nonfiction narrative about the waking-up to higher consciousness that happened to me, personally (not a how-to book, don’t worry!); with a sub-story of how I “see” that my humanness relates to many other animals’ traits. Each chapter looks at how different animals’ qualities are part of each and every one of our own abilities, if we but only choose to be aware of this. Our animalness is the general theme of this next book. I’ll tell you more about the illustrated book, its title, hints of the story line, and how you can find it in the weeks to come. As soon as it’s ready to go public.

Meanwhile, I send you all many blessings for all your endeavors. I hope you enjoy good health and choose to have peace within, no matter what’s happening all around you.

All love, Lord Flea, aka your pal teZa Lord

Don’t forget to join my “Army of Love” if you haven’t! Visit my website: tezalord.com and leave me your email so you can receive updates about what I’m up to.

Want to Know How to Draw? It’s Easy!

Still, in the lower grades I was always getting in trouble because I couldn’t help myself. If I saw a picture my gut told me I had to draw, I used the grid-trick to copy it. Using a ruler I’d first make a precise pencil grid over the image, then transpose what I saw within each mini-square (or rectangle) onto a much larger grid I made, using the same proportions, onto a clean sheet of paper where the original image suddenly—came to life, miraculously! My frustrated parents, never having much extra cash, had to replace several expensive volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica “B” for Birds and “H” for Horses when their drawing-fool of a daughter was finally caught tracing over the books’ pages at school.

botanicals 031

Official botanical illustration of Coca erythroxylum, the plant chewed by the los InKa, historically, and presently. Drawn by yours truly, Lord Flea: teZa Lord (then named Lynda Bates)

Why I Call Myself Spiritual

The following is what I’ve “cut out” of my soon-to-be-published book.  You’ll hear more about this third book being prepared for publication right now, by checking back here real soon.


Eating UP Love!

My first inkling that something existed beyond the antiquated worldview I’d been spoon-fed—the heaven-hell with God as King-of-Heaven scenario, force-fed to the unruly masses by our history’s religious leaders—was seeing the mystical works of William Blake (19th Century) and Kahlil Gibran (20th Century). These two, writers and artists (as I am, too), depicted we common humans not as angels with wings, but unclothed, soaring-through-air men and women—looking just like you and me—but flying, rising upward, escaping their stuck-in-the-muck understanding, floating freely—acting as if they know what real bliss is. These men’s works reminded me of the recurring dream of spreading my arms and being able to fly, a sensation I often had in early childhood, especially in dreams. So often, in fact, that by the time I was a teenage college freshman, long before I figured that I too, might one day actually call myself a proper artist and writer — I had the gall to strive to be Blake and Gibran’s heir.

My real search began in my mother’s garden as a toddler. There, I loved to hold buzzing, tickling bumblebees in my tiny clenched mitt, and wonder. Standing with my captured bee in my gentle grasp, I’d look up and ponder the bright sky and the cotton-puff clouds above, for long lengths of time, just looking, wondering. When I grew up, I began searching for what took my entire life to find, and which I could use materials to make art about, and words to describe stories. That higher perspective where I could sense being the closest to I call The Mystery. It is the greatest Mystery of all, the deepest comfort, the highest high I’ve ever experienced: Knowing that God, Aum, is within.

My mantra has expanded to—Love is the weapon of mass illumination—my life’s motto these days. My role as a spiritual activist is to remain secure and serene, resting in the loving, nurturing embrace of this God-energy that emanates from within. That’s why I keep my life’s (my boat’s) anchor firmly set right here, in Port Compassion’s safe harbor.

When I reflect on the urging-me-onward dream I often had, when my little girl’s limbs somehow grew wings and I furiously flapped, trying harder, again and again, to fly, even a arm’s length upward—pumping my wings crazily to escape the hideous monsters that chased me from below—I now realize that what I wanted more than anything, as that dreaming kid, was to come back down to earth. To stop escaping. To feel safe in my skin. But—I never could. I desperately flapped my skinny feather-less arms, working hard to stay airborne, hovering just inches above the hordes of pursuing monsters’ fingers and claws. Because I knew with all certainly that those demons meant to kill me.


reach for the stars, but stay grounded

That childhood nightmare sent me an early message. I’m sure I could have figured it out sooner had I met Grandpa Phil and talked over these dreams with him earlier in my life. As it turned out, it took decades for me to cultivate the courage, and learn the skills, to learn to fly mentally high enough—with my awakened mind—to glimpse my own life’s Truth. First though, I had to discover, and then practice how to live guided by my higher Self. This heightened perspective brought the freedom my flying dream had forecast, the Self-realization I’d always sought: to break the bonds of my lower self, by transcending my limitations.

Life’s journey has brought me full circle. I’m brave enough now to declare:

I Am a member of the Army of Love, and I’ll never settle for anything less than experiencing the bliss of Love, Truth, Joy.

We’re all the same, beneath our many outer differences. Deep within our human hearts, we are each a higher-Self, connected within and without, to the One-with-no-second: God within, which I call Aum.

Anything else—wondering, doubting, partying our brains out, believing in fairy tales, fearing an imminent planetary apocalypse, or any other kind of spiritual hijinxs promoted by would-be assassins of Love, those promote power leaks, like judging others—only wastes precious spiritual energy by creating holes in one’s life’s sturdiness.

There is only one indestructible lifeboat, big enough to fit all of us within, you and me, my brothers and sisters—we are in it together. That lifeboat’s name is the Human Family.

Our minds and hearts are joined. The key to our future, Port Compassion, resides within our an opened-wide vision. We are the bright rays of our blended humanity’s hope. Love is yours and mine, and all of ours to explore.

Enjoy the ride.