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First Glance, What IS

the sex game … age-old but BUSTED NOW!

Speaking as a so-called “victim” of sexual abuse, I have the authority to write deeply about a subject that’s too often, in the past, been considered either taboo or bad taste. Well, too bad, any leftover squeamish sex-prudes! The secret’s out! Humankind is sexually obsessive! That’s right! And it’s time we call sex for what it is — the second most driving force (mostly hidden) of human nature, right after survival-of-our-species itself.

Let’s face it, without sex, humankind would perish. It’s that simple. Sex and survival go hand in hand. Okay, you outraged ones (always!) before you get your feathers all ruffled, let me explain that this doesn’t give license to people to do anything to anybody they want, sexually or otherwise. Allow me to present my viewby painting the picture of my own experience.

Beeman Pollination Blues, all species, all love--we are ONE

spiritual sex is divine

Yes, sex is lovely and as natural as, well, bees and all other kinds of Nature’s creatures. We humans are animals, we must remember! But we also use the word “civilized” in connection with the type of natures we humans have been cultivating for, oh, let’s see … is it hundreds of thousands of years, or is it just yesterday, or the day before, when thesexual truth of many powerful men’s unacceptable behavior was thankfully, finally revealed to be the norm, more than anyone ever thought.

When CONTROL is added to the sexual urge, the energy of sex irrevocably changes from divine to devastating. The effects of sex, when two people are not of the same consensual and mutally agreed-upon level of carnal excitement — the merest of sex acts, or improper touching — changes to a weapon of utter destruction, to both the perpetrator (eventually) and to the victim (immediately).

I’ve always known how sexual this so-called human civilization of ours is because I was sexually molested at age ten. The whys, the questions, the mind-blowing crashing of my basic and utterly faithful trust (up to that point) in humanity that followed, and the consequent healing that finally arrived after I stopped self-destructively rampaging and got down to serious self-love healing — all this has led me to understand this issue from a different point of view than most people ever mention.

And that is:

Until we stop controlling others, and stop letting others control us — which can be applied to the subject of sexual conduct as well as all other forms of interaction in our global society — we will never truly know the real meaning of Spirit in our lives.

Because to live in Spirit, to breathe freely in Spirit’s uniquely free-wheeling manner, is to let go of all control. And that includes, most especially, allowing others to control us as well as letting go of the need to control any other (mothers raising young children is the only exception to this statement I make).

Every person, child or woman, who allows themself to be un-wantedly fondled, has to learn to kick their aggressor in the crotch, poke their fingers in his/her/their eyes, and run and scream and shout for safety! No longer allow yourelf to be vicitimized, male/female/in-betweener: this is what I’m stating here. I know this because I was the victim of someone’s sexual control before anyone ever told me there was such a thing. Or that such a thing was UNACCEPTABLE.  No one told me I could bite, scream, claw, kick and defy my aggressor, as I would have, if I’d only known what that was what was happening to me.

Children don’t understand the mystery of the power of sex intuitively. A ten-year-old being sexually played with doesn’t even know that sex with an adult is an “improper thing.” To me, when my molestation took place, I hadn’t a clue what was going on. It wasn’t until I saw the reaction of the adults I told afterward, that I figured what had happened wasn’t really the “game” I’d been told it was. Wasn’t really “Okay” as I’d been lied to.

I’ve been told that in more primitive societies, before our so-called “civilization” took hold, that incest and adult-child sex was permissible, indeed, even ritualized. But we live in a different world from our cave-dwelling ancestors. And change is, once again, happening. Sex must be revealed as the sacred thing it is, between individuals who love and care for each other. We must spread this information more than ever, today, NOW, as a result of the recent spate of revealed abusers resulting from victims, at last, stepping forth.

what to do when ATTACKED


It’s up to each parent, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, mother, father, to protect their child from sexual or any other kind of unjust manipulation. To fail at this is like failing to provide water, air, and food. You kill your child if you do not protect him/her/them from a sexually compromising situation.

Okay, children aside. Let’s talk a minute about this current hoopla about all the men who are being outed for sexual transgressions. In many cases the women who were victimized are portrayed as being “in fear of their jobs” and some, even raped, or otherwise disrespected by incredibly narcissistic behavior played out in front of them, without their permission, by men who felt they had power over these women.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s time for our family of humankind to take the next HUGE step toward spiritual well-being. And that’s to admit that sex has always been a power-tool wielded all too commonly, and easily, by unscrupulous and mean-hearted. And I’m not just saying men are the guilty ones. I’m sure there are going to be some female predators that will be uncovered, during this stage of reassessing what’s basic to acceptable human behavior. What’s acceptable and what ain’t applies to all, regardless of gender.

To me, very sensitive to sexual improprieties since early childhood, any form of un-asked-for physical touching must be agreed upon, by both parties, adults and children. As a yoga teacher, I’ve been asked many times to “not touch me, please!” because certain students can’t tolerate even a gentle touch to remind a hip to go further back, or a spine more elongated. Everyone has different barriers, boundaries, or needs. And nothing must be assumed. I remember the occasion (it’s happened more than once) when my extraordinarily long fingers (I’m quite tall) accidentally touched another woman’s breast who happened to be standing close to me in conversation. I always acknowledge when this happens. I always say, “Oops, sorry!” and always, the other party smiles and says, “No problem.” This is human decency.

What isn’t human decency is to assume, as some men have, that it’s cool to come up to me and kiss me smack on the lips with their slimy, sloppy, saliva-drooling mouth. But I’ve never said anything about this before. I don’t want to hurt the man’s feelings, they’re usually some poor sod. I’m thinking of an elderly, well-meaning man especially, but nonetheless, I shudder every time I see him as he insists on kissing me this way, and it’s always right in front of his wife too, yet I hate it and from now on I won’t let him do it anymore—because it dis-tresses ME.

The more men (and maybe women) who are exposed publicly as using sex as tools of control, the sooner we’ll get over this clumsy stage of our human development. We’re going through growing pains, that’s all. Our human species is in teeny-bopperhood in terms of our spiritual development. True!

flies waiting at the john

let’s focus on our similarities rather than our dissimilarities

Think of it. We’re in a very permissive time in our culture. Tits and asses are all over the place (I hate it, it goes against my goddess-image Self, when I see Nicki Minaj shake her big fat booty, and Beyonce, too!). We’re supposed to respect our bodies as sacred yet hip-hop stars are debasing the female form more and more each year, and young people are being taught to accept it.  Think it’s cool. Well, it ain’t! But we’ll keep going to the extremes until it’s cool to … go in the reverse direction. That’s human nature. To expose our boobs to the very umpth degree and think that no repercussions will ever come of it is just plain stupid — why? — because we are sexual beings. And are men supposed to control themselves and not drool or want to screw a piece of ass that’s being flaunted in front of them? Are they? Why should men be tortured, and then screamed at for being sexual abusers when they touch a woman’s ass, or tits, without getting her permission. It’s a screwed-up logic, this sexual game our society is playing. But, playing it, we are.

getting closer to the truth

Religious people object to Civitas, a huge statute I posed for

I think it’s such an interesting time, this crossroads of our homespun American purity with the rash of current exposure to power-hungry perverts who have been abusing women for far too long. I’m sure there are going to be some innocents that are pushed into the “guilty sack” along with the true oppressors. Usually I can tell by someone’s visage, the features we can see in a person’s face, about his/her/their true nature. In the case of Harvey Weinstein, it’s evident he’s a pig. No doubt about it. But for the faces of some of the accused, well, it’s hard to tell, isn’t it? Who’s going to be someone you can trust, and who ain’t?


LordFlea and her consort carterO high on Matchu Picchu Mountain.

My own dear consort, Carter, who is the epitome of gentlemanly ways and respects women as the goddesses they are, was longago accused of sexually abusing his own sweet young daughter! Unjustly, and in the end, completely insanely, by his gone-crazy-with-anger-and-grief, soon-to-be ex-wife, who had nothing to fight back with except her Jerry Springer-like accusations that Carter took advantage of their beloved 4-year old daughter. The befuddled child was yanked from her home and spent 4 months in a cruel foster care setting, until the court’s investigations could be made, when Carter was fully exonerated, and the daughter was returned to his care. The mother (along with the grandmother) was charged with making false accusations but didn’t get jailed, as her daughter had.

Both my stepdaughter, now 33, and my wonderful man Carter, were horribly scarred from the nightmare of having to go through the repercussions of having been drawn into this sex-scandal heralded by the lies of the ex, who is now dead from her misdirected life of overusing drugs and alcohol.

Extremes like this will continue. It’s human nature to be messed up. We all know that. We’re no angels. We’re all just trying to get better, one person at a time, one day at a time. But until the world starts talking publicly about (as it is NOW) and accepts that sex has been used far too much, far too commonly (even priests, pastors, men of so-called spiritual leadership) — things will not begin to change unless there is a sea change.

And that sea change is — awareness.

Breath by breath, person by person, the awareness that is possible for an individual to experience higher ways of thinking, feeling, Being — may start with a shock, such as a grossly inappropriate sexual encounter. Epiphanies shake one’s very foundation in trusting life. I know that’s what happened to me. I’ve thought about how sex shook my world a good deal, starting in my early teens. If I hadn’t been sexually molested, and lost my faith in my fellow humans, I would never have gone to such extremes as I did, trying to hide from the fact that I loathed myself. So I ended up burying my consciousness in drugs and alcohol as many victims do. Until I nearly died. Then I had to make the decision. To stop trying to control the inner dragon, which is what addiction is. I one day chose to let go of that control, and surrender. By surrendering to the dis-ease of addiction, I came to be victorious over my self-loathing. I gave up the fight. I gave up needing to control my state of mind through a puff here, a sip there, a slug there, and a chug-alug drowning there. I finally chose (after bottoming out) to become, in more ways than just the word … natural.

And when I gave up controlling my addiction to mood-altering substances, hoping they’d take away the pain of having been abused (poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!) — I gradually came to the place where I could give up the need of letting others control me.

It took a while. But I kept practicing. And pretty soon I learned how to say NO! No, you cannot control the way I feel, the way I think, and certainly not the way I act. When I let go of both things — needing to control and needing others to control me — that’s when I learned what true freedom really is.

drawings, scanned 11.08 020

I was ready to burst out of my rock-suit of hard-heartedness

This is what our society now faces. The same choice. To come alive, awake, aware! Burst out of our secrets, our shells, our hard covers over our beautiful, oh so beautiful BIG hearts! Our true humanity. Love is the weapon of mass illumination.

Now that many so-called men of power have been exposed for the predators, abusers, rapists, and no-goodniks that they are, each person today has the choice of … acting with more human dignity in their own personal life. Not judging others until they know all sides of the story, for instance. Remember how Carter was unjustly accused! But also remember this. Something that happened long before I was abused as a ten year old child. How we need to educate our children more. This is what I witnessed myself. Something that forever changed my life. And made me cautious about accepting people as who they say they are.

I was riding my bike around our urban neighborhood one summer day. Our house was across the open meadow of an Illinois field, where I’d ride a narrow bumpy path from my neat grass-clipped yard over to the smooth sidewalk and parking lot that surrounded my small parochial school that was, naturally, closed up tightly for the summer months.

On this hot July day when I was eight or nine, riding my bike around, I saw something weird that caught my eye. It was down a deep dark stairwell, one that led to classrooms below ground level. I saw a flash of yellow. So I stopped my bike. Got off it and peered down the stairs. The yellow of a wide-brimmed straw hat sat atop a man’s head. And just then he looked up and I saw that he wore sunglasses and was stone cold naked! And then I saw that his hand was doing something strange like up-and-down in his lap and he was looking at me awfully funny. So I jumped on my bike and whisked back home, all of a two-minute feat, rushed and told my mom, who ran across the field by herself.

Years later, as she drank Scotch late one night, she told me, “That was our old parish priest you saw that day, Father Aloysius, and I caught him red-handed doing just as you said!” Mom sadly shook her head. She’d waited over 20 years to tell me what to her, was “The Horror!” She went on and said, “I didn’t know what to do. He saw me and ran his bare butt self into the school door and I ran home and called the oldest member of our congregation, the local dentist. Together Dr. Bob and I decided to go tell the Bishop, which we did, and real soon there was a younger priest sent, to watch over the old man.”

That was all my mom could do, back then. Now … it’s a different world. Women are free to be who we are, just another gender. We have rights we didn’t have even in my early womanhood.

Things are getting better, folks. We’re becoming better, more spiritual people with each little bit of control-or-be-control that gets loosened from our humanity-made torture chambers.


Watch for my upcoming book, it’s to be released next week! Telling more stories about how we, our beautiful human family, are becoming more spiritualized, day by day, person by person.

Stay tuned, as soon I’ll be posting a link where you can purchase a copy for yourself.

All love to you, teZa aka LordFlea

PURPLY front cover in the I

The Mystery of Life: the Self unveiled

Hi friends,

I’m thinking about why I write/illustrate/maintain Lordflea. This is what’s on my mind today and want to share with you some thoughts.

from my Heart to yours

from my Heart to yours

A lot of blogs are where people talk about what’s happening in their lives.  A modern gal raising her family while living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma (pioneer woman); one offers everything there is to know about a certain subject, from soup to nuts (my fav: yoga dork); another, an often not-so-quiet inside view of a person’s daily routine (iambossy.com). For whatever merits the above blogs have, none of these subjects is quite what i’ve been sharing  about here on Lord Flea Sings.

You see, the only thing that matters to me is to document with either art or writing — and also how i focus my everyday actions — depictions of how I “think” the life we all know as “normal” is just the tip of the proverbial reality iceberg. “Things are not what they appear to be” could be a good subtitle of what the blog Lord Flea attempts to do, by sharing events, experiences, insights and proof of how very little we really know about what this life is all about.

Does it matter? To speculate of things others often don’t give a damn about?

Well yes, it does. Everyone has the right to be heard. And just because my opinion may not be the one most popularly held by the masses, for me it is true: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And guess what? More and more people are waking up to this Fact! This is the true significance of the auspicious date of 2012, by the way, when enough of us seekers (awakened Sun Dancers in Native American terminology) are present here on Earth, creating a “tipping point” scenario when, due to our numbers at the year 2012, ALL of humanity will be influenced by our perceptions, due to the “dominoes theory” (when an action starts, in this case the spiritualization of humankind, all the “dominoes” in close range will be affected because the number of awakened individuals has now reached the level of saturation needed to cause a chain reaction….and the entire world will be transformed!).

the awakening of Gaia

the awakening of Gaia

How do i know this is true?

Not because anyone tells me, that’s for certain! So please, don’t believe me just because I say it … that your life is more than what it appears. When you start having experiences, that’s when a person knows what Truth really is. For me, I’ve always wanted to know the “secret” behind what life really is. Just Living has never been enough to satisfy my curiosity. I’ve searched far and wide and — wow! i’ve been given, over and over, experiences that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that “Life” is truly what the Native Americans call “The Mystery.”

We are all interconnected, this much I know. Whether by electromagnetic forces, DNA, or some other form of yet-undetected energy. This Oneness stuff is a reality I’ve felt since childhood. Only, we tend to forget how we felt as children, don’t we? As adults, some of us are interested in re-claiming the pure, simple, undiluted psychic connections that come more easily to less-intellectually and emotionally encumbered beings, the kids.

So, getting to my topic of today’s post, “explaining the Self” … in ancient texts, some of the most revered and oldest on our planet, the way the sages described the “object of life” was to describe the Self, called the Atman in Sanskrit, the language of the Upanishads. The Self is how Atman is translated into English, and no doubt it’s a lousy substitute, but language is a tricky thing for describing things that are, well, indescribable. So we just try our best, don’t we? Especially writers, artists, dancers, musicians who attempt to encapsulate the bliss, transport, and transcendence of humanity.

The Self can be thought of like the common denominator found in all creation. It is pure energy, pure consciousness, but it is not conscious of itself. It is form without form and of all form. It is, in one word, pure Spirit. I guess some can call it “God” but eghads i think that word is too politically/culturally/religiously charged these days to depict anything other than a humanoid-type that tells others how to live. And that ain’t what the Self is.

Sometimes to comprehend a new idea it’s useful to explore its opposite. Think of the Self’s opposite, which is the “small” self, the idea of “me” “I” “personality” “attributes”….and perhaps that helps to describe that the “Big” Self is none of these. The Big Self is a thing’s essence. For humans it’d be what you were before you were born; what you will continue to be once you have left your earthly body. What you are in-between those two other stages of being-ness as well.

Hmmmmm, interesting, eh? Once again, I want to remind you that I’m not a dreamer. This is stuff I’ve experienced. Yup!

Yes, the Self is that part of yourself that you’ve always sensed, and can cultivate as much as you wish, when you shut off your thinking mind, the analytical part of your makeup. Getting to the purity of the Self requires patience, and a willingness to strip yourself naked of all preconceptions. How can you experience the Self? The best, most practical, and always reliable method is by developing a meditation practice. You can learn to meditate by many means, it doesn’t matter which type of meditation you choose. Just do it! The more a person can spend time in the pure consciousness that underlies all thought, the more a person will understand the true secrets of this earthly life. And …. the rewards of pure bliss, understanding, and peace await anyone willing to try meditation. Other methods of tapping the source of being-ness (ritualistically imbibing psychotropic drugs, for instance; or undergoing re-birthing and other forms of metaphysical healing) are not reliable and their effects totally depend on outside variables, so therefore, i do NOT advocate using them. Meditation is the only reliable method of connecting with the Inner Self.

And once you connect, there i no limit to the exploration of the Self.

So, my dear friends, you can see the subjects I discuss here are not what most bloggers elaborate on. Being popular, in synch with world trends, on top of the news, all these things don’t mean much to me. What does matter is to spread the Truth that life here on Earth is a gift. We who are alive at this present time are indeed lucky, because in being alive we can bring into the material plane that which is present throughout all the Universe … pure energy, unlimited possibilities. We humans are much more than what most of us think we are.

We are beings of light being given the opportunity to spread the word, share the energy, dive into the bliss of our spiritual nature.

The sooner one realizes this as fact, the more a person can enjoy the life they are leading, no matter what the circumstances are. Rich or poor, educated or not, living in freedom or incarcerated in tyranny — outer circumstances of our lives come and go, and yes, must be dealt with, and always worked on to make the experience as true, as clear, as unobstructed as possible. But even if a person were to never know what the modern world has to offer, or they never get to leave their little village in the Third World, and must struggle for something to eat, if a person has learned to tap into the unlimited power of their inner Self, that true part of their humanness, they are living the life we all aspire to!

A successful human existence is when a person embraces their unlimited Inner Self as the true “I am.”

in the Light, your pal Lordflea

ps. i’m just learning my new macBookPro and have not mastered how to upload my images, so please excuse my lousy attempt today! Ommmmm

I am That I am … the answer to the Great WHO AM I?

Who am I?

Who are you?

I know you’ve asked yourself this questions, because we all do.

Supposedly we wait until adolescence, and then BAM! right on schedule, all of us, each and every one of us humans that have ever lived, ask ourselves this very same question. Have you ever wondered why? Why are we so curious to know this fact? Why can’t we just go along our simple, everyday lives and not bother knowing? At least some of us continue to ask ourselves this question until we get a satisfactory answer.

I’ve found my answer.

Do you want to know what it is?

Maya Angelou, our great American poet, tells the story of this discovery even better, as she tells most things better, in my estimation. She is a great mentor of mine. I hope one day to be half the writer she is. I’m no poet. I draw, paint, write, live, and laugh and dance and pray with my body-mind-spirit-everyday routine plenty though! I think Maya would agree, this is swell, and quite wondrous, in fact.

Now this greatness that I AM will try to figure out how to put up this video I just saw of Maya speaking of our humanness. Even though we are a part, a cell, if you will, of the entire cosmos (the Big Shabang!) … can I figure out a simple thing like embedding a video in my blog….ahhhhh…..that’s the challenge of our humanness, ain’t it!

Joyous discovery to us ALL!

and a heartfelt wave of love to you all!

here’s my artistic rendition of the Great I AM

we are ONE, a part of the whole Shabang!

we are ONE, a part of the whole Shabang!

Learning to Live Spiritually from Nature

We are One with All

We are One with All

In many cultures the belief is firmly established (recorded first by ancient Eastern mystics in 1000-400 BCE yogic scriptures: the Vedas, the Upanishads; as well as core to the oral tradition of Native American beliefs and other indigenous People throughout the world) that all things in existence—everything, without exception—are Interconnected.

The brain cancer my friend has is no “accident.” No dis-ease, any good or bad occurrence for that matter, is an accident, but rather the direct response, or consequence, of invisible forces at work. In the case of cancer it could be defective, inherited genes, or—as I suspect is true in my friend’s use of the toxic process she unwisely chose to make her astounding woven copper sculpture—the horrific results of one’s own actions. Or another’s action, or lack of, upon us. Certainly we all know stories of how people fall deathly ill from society’s lack: Chernobyl, for instance; Love Canal, another; the list goes on sadly, ad infinitum.

We do have the ability to reverse ill effects inherited from defective genes as well as we can choose to be smart, and more aware of how to take precautions about the ills spuming from our toxic world. The Wise Ones have always shown us how we can burn off bad karma by doing good deeds (performing tapasya, as described in yogic scriptures) or making amends. However, the process must begin with awareness. Nothing changes unless we, each one of us, decides to Wake Up!

In other words, we can transform bad things into being catalysts for good things by awakening to a higher understanding, by committing to acting more consciously, more aware, instead of closing our minds and our hearts to life’s infinite possibilities all around us.

Only when we’re closed to the possibilities of change do we succumb to negative forces like fear, depression, dis-ease, anger, judgment, and other distraught, nonproductive states.

Whether my friend Maya will be able to overcome the challenge of her terminally diagnosed illness or not, remains to be seen. Many of us working with the concept of choosing to perceive life as a spiritual journey, not just a worldly, physical and intellectual one, we firmly believe in the impossible happening: miracles if you will, happen in even the most dire of circumstances. Wouldn’t you want to believe in a miracle, if faced with the terminal diagnosis Maya does?

What has already been done can be used to create new and better possibilities. We can choose to work hard to balance negatives with positives. Look to Nature as proof positive of how perfectly the world mirrors the cause and effect of positive versus negative actions. Tsunamis and earthquakes kill and plunder, yet they create space for renewal and regeneration in every instance. The evolution of the world’s countless species, scientists tell us, happens by adapting to conditions that are harsh, deadly, toxic. Without change, everything faces extinction, even hope.

Nothing ends. Everything keeps evolving, recycling, metamorphing.

Nature balances Herself. This occurs time and again. Storms. Droughts, Floods. Wild Fires. Ice Ages. Plagues. Species’ Extinction or Evolution. All these headline events are completely natural happenings of Nature’s cyclic patterns. Spurts of growth, overpopulation, human-produced pollution—similar age-old, manmade patterns that result in equally devastating cycles that mirror Nature’s own.

Cycles of life are constantly in motion. Birth, Life on Earth, Death. The part in between Death-and-Life we don’t know too much about—yet. Even if you believe in an afterlife, whether you trust or fear you’re heading for heaven or hell, these concepts I share here will greatly enhance your current happiness factor in spite of, or in addition to, your preferred beliefs. Religion is not being discussed here; spiritualizing the planet is. It’s that simple.

What I wish to share is offered as a proven, tested belief system. All ideas I write about are supported by personal experiences, both mine and others beside me, who help to light the path-of-the-seeker. Many of us choose to set out on our own personal quests to answer life’s big questions. I believe life is filled with magical, mysterious happenings—right here on Earth, in this country, this town, this street, this house where I live, at this desk from where I’m writing. I believe in unlimited possibilities starting with wherever we are, right now.

While reading these words, please try to approach these concepts from another angle than you ordinarily allow your beliefs to roam. Why not? What have you got to lose by trying on some new way of thinking? It’s as easy as experimenting with a new style of clothing that just might spark up your self-image and bring heretofore unknown joy to your life.

the flip side of Taking Action outwardly: Going Within, Waking Up!

the flip side of Taking Action outwardly: Going Within, Waking Up!

(this is the 2nd installment of a continuous series “Maya’s Book of Change” that begins with July 7, ’11 post “As We Think … So We Are”)

The magic moment is always this one, here

Every time I look up at the sky I’m amazed at the vastness of our world. So much! So much to know, so much to do, so very many to do it with. It’s really quite overwhelming, isn’t it, if we allow ourselves to think this wildly, exuberantly expansive way. In order to carry on, however, most of us have devised methods of maintaining our cool, keeping our minds focused on that which is right in front of us. And this is a good thing, the very best, actually, because it’s in what is right now, right here, in this moment—not what happened before and not what might happen afterwards—that the “magic” of life happens. In each moment, the sense of Being can truly be felt. This is the magic I’m talking about. Owning our humanness, in other words. Realizing that to be born human is a great gift. When I learned to simply focus on how fortunate I am to have been born human … I surrendered to the mystery of that experience. Joy happens each and every moment when we remember to stay focused on the simple fact of the uniqueness of being a human. Our human life is a gift. What we choose to do with it is the deciding factor of whether we reside in the state of contentment—or our other choices like: fear, anger, resentment, confusion, or sadness. Me, I choose to stay in the magic moment of the now! What’s your choice? It is a choice, you know.
In love and light, your pal lordflea


a song for all

Greetings from another, just like the others.

yes, I sing the song of our hearts, loud and clear.

my name, lord flea? you wonder?

i gave this name to myself in honor of a now-gone calypso singer from de eye-lands. like him I am a watcher, a commenter, a person who cares. i want to share with the world, but only of things of spirit,

In Spirit, lord flea sings.

in fact i am just like you and you. to sing out loud, with no tags (such as male, female, white, black, yellow, pink, republican, democrat, arab, jew, christian, liberal, tight-ass, etc. etc.) i am a mystery, on purpose.

and that’s what this life is like…a mystery.

the native americans call existence on earth the Mystery. and i agree. IT is.


glad to meet you all!! i’ll be posting regularly and sharing with you my thoughts and my art. here’s a little taste.

the Mystery, as lord flea sees it

the Mystery, as lord flea sees it