Why I Call Myself Spiritual

The following is what I’ve “cut out” of my soon-to-be-published book.  You’ll hear more about this third book being prepared for publication right now, by checking back here real soon.


Eating UP Love!

My first inkling that something existed beyond the antiquated worldview I’d been spoon-fed—the heaven-hell with God as King-of-Heaven scenario, force-fed to the unruly masses by our history’s religious leaders—was seeing the mystical works of William Blake (19th Century) and Kahlil Gibran (20th Century). These two, writers and artists (as I am, too), depicted we common humans not as angels with wings, but unclothed, soaring-through-air men and women—looking just like you and me—but flying, rising upward, escaping their stuck-in-the-muck understanding, floating freely—acting as if they know what real bliss is. These men’s works reminded me of the recurring dream of spreading my arms and being able to fly, a sensation I often had in early childhood, especially in dreams. So often, in fact, that by the time I was a teenage college freshman, long before I figured that I too, might one day actually call myself a proper artist and writer — I had the gall to strive to be Blake and Gibran’s heir.

My real search began in my mother’s garden as a toddler. There, I loved to hold buzzing, tickling bumblebees in my tiny clenched mitt, and wonder. Standing with my captured bee in my gentle grasp, I’d look up and ponder the bright sky and the cotton-puff clouds above, for long lengths of time, just looking, wondering. When I grew up, I began searching for what took my entire life to find, and which I could use materials to make art about, and words to describe stories. That higher perspective where I could sense being the closest to I call The Mystery. It is the greatest Mystery of all, the deepest comfort, the highest high I’ve ever experienced: Knowing that God, Aum, is within.

My mantra has expanded to—Love is the weapon of mass illumination—my life’s motto these days. My role as a spiritual activist is to remain secure and serene, resting in the loving, nurturing embrace of this God-energy that emanates from within. That’s why I keep my life’s (my boat’s) anchor firmly set right here, in Port Compassion’s safe harbor.

When I reflect on the urging-me-onward dream I often had, when my little girl’s limbs somehow grew wings and I furiously flapped, trying harder, again and again, to fly, even a arm’s length upward—pumping my wings crazily to escape the hideous monsters that chased me from below—I now realize that what I wanted more than anything, as that dreaming kid, was to come back down to earth. To stop escaping. To feel safe in my skin. But—I never could. I desperately flapped my skinny feather-less arms, working hard to stay airborne, hovering just inches above the hordes of pursuing monsters’ fingers and claws. Because I knew with all certainly that those demons meant to kill me.


reach for the stars, but stay grounded

That childhood nightmare sent me an early message. I’m sure I could have figured it out sooner had I met Grandpa Phil and talked over these dreams with him earlier in my life. As it turned out, it took decades for me to cultivate the courage, and learn the skills, to learn to fly mentally high enough—with my awakened mind—to glimpse my own life’s Truth. First though, I had to discover, and then practice how to live guided by my higher Self. This heightened perspective brought the freedom my flying dream had forecast, the Self-realization I’d always sought: to break the bonds of my lower self, by transcending my limitations.

Life’s journey has brought me full circle. I’m brave enough now to declare:

I Am a member of the Army of Love, and I’ll never settle for anything less than experiencing the bliss of Love, Truth, Joy.

We’re all the same, beneath our many outer differences. Deep within our human hearts, we are each a higher-Self, connected within and without, to the One-with-no-second: God within, which I call Aum.

Anything else—wondering, doubting, partying our brains out, believing in fairy tales, fearing an imminent planetary apocalypse, or any other kind of spiritual hijinxs promoted by would-be assassins of Love, those promote power leaks, like judging others—only wastes precious spiritual energy by creating holes in one’s life’s sturdiness.

There is only one indestructible lifeboat, big enough to fit all of us within, you and me, my brothers and sisters—we are in it together. That lifeboat’s name is the Human Family.

Our minds and hearts are joined. The key to our future, Port Compassion, resides within our an opened-wide vision. We are the bright rays of our blended humanity’s hope. Love is yours and mine, and all of ours to explore.

Enjoy the ride.

How-to Balance in an Off-Kilter Time

Hello dear Ones,

So much has happened since my last post. A near direct-hit from a catgory-3 hurricane! My art book’s (WE ARE ONE) launch postponed because of it. Travels with Eckhart (attending Tolle’s conference “Living Presence” in California) not to mention surgery for my cataracts, and lastly, the upcoming-surgery for the entire USA with our soon-happening Presidential Election just around the corner.

Where to begin?

I try to always make life simple by keeping things close to my heart, and in alignment with my conscience. So let’s begin with what’s on my mind today that covers all topics: Balance.

Lapis Sky

Balancing Life: Being both Spiritual and Socially Conscious in today’s malaise

All around me I hear how horrible people feel, how torn, how angry, how worried, how anxious, etc. even violated about the election happening in our country. I can’t not comment. So here goes. Remember as you read, that to me, and to many, the biggest indicator of how evolved any of us is is … how light-hearted we are, how healthy a sense of humor we have. So … lighten-UP my friends, and keep a smile on your face no matter what.

I will vote. I will let my conscience be my guide. But in all honesty, because I am not a political animal but prefer to call myself a spiritual activist (and do a LOT to honor that role I’ve taken on) … I won’t comment on the positives or negatives of either candidate. They both exhibit plenty of both negatives and positives, c’mon, really! This is a political race! Because I keep my posts aimed at the heart, not the head, I won’t present my preference here. What I will offer, and proudly say is the ONLY truth I know in this campaign is that whomever is declared the winner, I believe will be the BEST choice. Because I believe in the Democratic process, and I believe in the power of the collective unconscious. I have also lived in dictatorships. So I know what kind of government I want and don’t want to live under. I also know what it’s like to not be free to voice my choice.

Hurricane Matthew was a real live physical trauma, not just a threatening political one like the election is interpreted by many as being. Many of you who know me know that I have lived in hurricane territory for many decades. Even the most recent book I’m working on is about that subject: the true story of teaching yoga and meditation to juvenile girls in hardcore lockup, deep in the heart of central Florida, and how these stressed-out, but meditating girls were better equipped because of my yogic sharings, when they had to endure the eye of Hurricane Charley, huddled in their fortress-like facility in the summer of ’04.

When I went to visit an old friend of mine (whose house escaped flooding in the most severely damaged area of historic old Saint Augustine, my home town) she said, “No, I didn’t know you ever went through a hurricane before.” Most of us live our lives close to our homefront. We are concerned with–only what concerns us. So let me state right here for the record: When it comes to surviving life-storms, including Nature’s variety, I am as expert as a survivor of killer hurricanes and himmicanes (David and Frederick of 1979) as a person ever wants to be. Amen and ahhh-women, too!

Here, I’m going to attempt to give my three-step way of keeping balanced, whether facing a blowhard persona (friend or foe) or a dangerous slice of Nature (storm, disease, etc). I’ll use the letters (H) for hurricane-force storm; and (P) for the political storm many Americans feel victim to, these daze leading up to the November8th election.

Just like a hurricane, a storm of nature (H) and a political storm(P) can be dealt with in the same exact 1-2-3 step way.

Awareness — Acceptance — Action

I use this foolproof formula for keeping balanced in all ways of life. So let’s see how it works with the current election debacle we Americans face today, as conscious social beings trying to have a spiritual life as well do the right thing, politically, morally.

Spiritual politics is an oxymoron. Sorry, but it is.

Guardian of the Sky, mixed media, 27“x60”

Spirit and Government counter-balance each other

To not feel like we’re being swept away by any kind of whirling madness, when storms descend upon us we can maintain our inner peace, our balance, by holding these things in our consciousness:


  • yes, accept a storm is coming, or even here (in both H & P cases)
  • the process of changing presidents is always tumultuous (P), whether that involves party-change or not.
  • Change is hard, period: Trees might get blown down, people might suffer (H)

Acceptance: we must prepare by

  • (P) listen to political stance of candidates and keep open minded till very end;
  • (H) watch storm track closely (NOT on the weather channel, which over-dramatizes, but use a track app). (P) Listen to opinions on “other party” media sources to keep truly balanced


  • (H) guard against damage by boarding up home, taping windows, removing fly-ables. evacuate when necessary; pray the eye away (prayer really works!)
  • (P) dig deeply for truth and don’t take media’s word for things
  • most importantly, VOTE, no matter what; VOICE your CHOICE (P)
  • pray for Highest and BEST result to happen: It will! (H P)
  • accept the people’s choice and shut up already, after November 9th
  • accept and dig out of mess the storm created (H P)

I know in my heart, soul, and not-too shabby intellect that the best person for our future (humankind’s, America’s — the entire world’s good I’m talking about here) will win this election! Whoever wins.