the Strongest 4-Letter Word There Is: LOVE

Our Big Heart Connection

Our Big Heart Connection

I awoke this morning thinking how the tendency of all people is to take up causes, varying according to one’s life situation, influences, and social-political-economic circumstances. Every discussion among people is like watching a tennis match. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth. Opinions, rebuttals, theories, arguments, and sometimes—not as often as one would hope—agreement. People love to banter, let’s face it. And in this challenged age upon us, even more so. The airwaves and net are filled with ideas, conspiracies, pundits, enough to make one dizzy if one doesn’t have an anchor. My anchor is Love. the kind that allows myself to feel for All this, this thing we call “existence.” Maybe you, too? Let’s talk a minute about this great force: Love.

Some say “God is Love.” Others say, “God doesn’t exist.” So does this mean those kinds of people don’t believe in love? I think not. Truly, in my heart-soul-mind I believe the human condition is founded upon Love, and this is where we feel most comfortable and where all of us gravitate toward. Our entire live, we search for people, things, causes to “love.” Even a criminal—he or she “loves” acting badly and delights in performing heinous acts, just as much as a saint “loves God” and doing godly deeds. Love is the thing, the matrix, the mettle that weaves our humanity together like spit holds primitive instruments and art work together. When a newborn child greets us we see love-personified entering the world. Just gaze into that child’s face, and you know what pure love is. Ask anyone who has a pet, a person who gets comfort from stroking that unconditionally-loving animal, what rewards they feel and in such great abundance! Or a happily married couple, what comfort they derive from their deep commitment over the years, how unspeakably protected they feel by love. Or ask someone whose passion … whether it’s collecting teapots or running trains in the basement … is founded on their love of a “thing” or “hobby” what pleasure they derive from following their heart’s calling.

Heart Island: a trilogy of transformation. My story that explores this human desire to love, in extremis. Coming soon to eBooks!

Great blessings to you and waves of love from my heart to yours, all connected to the Big Heart,


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