A Whole New Day—LIVE from Copenhagen!

one person at a time----the difference that means most

one person at a time---the difference we can make

hi friends…wonder of wonder, you’ll be hearing more from lordflea, because i just discovered i can access my blog from my new iPhone. WOW!!! I’m stoked, and hope you’ll find this new method of sharing, quicker, easier, more portable (for me!)—an excellent way of getting an enlightening conversation going, among those who tune into lordflea sings. maybe i’ll even be able to blog more than once every two weeks, as i’ve only been able to. life, y’know….it keeps us busy. how DO all those people keep up with facebook, twitter, etc. not to mention blogging more than i do? I dunno.

what have i been up too? i’ll speak of my latest project, which I’m VERY EXCITED ABOUT later, not today. suffice to say i haven’t been to copenhagen, at least not in my physical being. but i WISH i could say i’ve been there, supporting all our delegates. my heart has been with all who are attending the global forum on climate change over there. i’ve been sending what i only can, and what each one of us can, also–our LIGHT, our psychic energy, our love for Mother Earth, our beloved planet.

united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

whatever happens with these leaders who are attempting to put together a workable plan for the entire world to adhere to—we can ALL do our own part. we can all live with awareness that every single thing we do makes a difference, in terms of saving our ecology, saving the animals and oceans, saving lost species—saving our very lives, in fact, and those of our future generations.

Heal The World Mandala

Heal The World Mandala

it’s a rainy day in st. augustine. i’m going to do some quiet yoga and contemplate: on this day, i myself was given birth, right here on this little ol’ blue planet spinning in space—that i share with each one of you!

please take a moment out of your busy life, and send your Light toward healing our world. Mother Earth really DOES need our attention, and your “thoughts” are a wonderful gift to Gaia, our beloved garden planet! Every action starts with a simple thought. Plant your “thought-seed” in your own consciousness, and the world will be a better place because of it.

in the Light, lordflea

One thought on “A Whole New Day—LIVE from Copenhagen!

  1. Tyson says:

    Hey flea lord. Pretty cool. Like your attitude. And art ain’t too bad either. Guess I’ll check you out now that you’ll be blogging more.


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