first things FIRST

such a busy life! everyone doing so much! so many things to choose from! so many things to learn, to understand, to enjoy! if you’re anything like me, i want to do them ALL, like … right now. So … how to get to do as many things as possible, without feeling like losing out, not getting enough, not experiencing the very height of every single moment ???

Viveka. A beautiful Sanskrit word that means …

Discrimination, viveka means.

in other words: do the things you HAVE to do first, then do the things you WANT to do. This ain’t always easy! It takes practice, and … well, discrimination! Learning to do what’s best for yourself, your family, your work, your “role” in life… to help achieve that which you were given this present incarnation in order to …. do the next right thing.

to do this simple task, we must be quiet in our minds. it helps to have a good connection to our breathing. And listen to the sound of our breath, when we need to make a decision, about what’s the next right thing to do.

when we take a moment, and sit, and listen to the sound of our own in-breath, and the sound of our out-breath…we grow still inside. And we learn, slowly, surely, what is real about this moment, this very moment. That is all we have, after all. This moment.

the magic moment of the NOW.

wishing you a magical moment, every moment! with your breath as your guide.

in the Light, lordflea

how not to worry–and change!

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in the Light, lordflea