Light-heart, Laugher, and Lots of Chocolate: magical ingredients

heart island

heart island

To laugh is to live! Did you know that infants (according to scientific studies) have no ability to discern between the sound and “look” of an adult laughing or crying? Check it out for yourself. Take a picture of yourself laughing and see how similar you appear as when you are very sad, on the verge of tears. With laughter as well as with crying the voice becomes loud and the noise it makes sounds forced; the breath becomes rapid and distressed, and one’s face crinkles up in a most distorted fashion with both emotional displays …. sending mixed signals to an infant. Often the results are surprising, with even a young child of 4 or 5 crying when others are in reality, laughing. Why? Because they confuse the harsh sounds of boisterous laughter with human throes of sobbing. When I first found this out I was struck by how similar all human emotions are, and how extreme they take us to either a “high” or a “low” when they’re allowed to be felt in extremity. A really deep sadness hurts almost enough to want to die. An enormous uplifting joy makes us feel like we’re on an artificial “high,” lifting us right off the ground. Both extremes of the pendulum transport us out of our ordinary selves into an extraordinary way of seeing life. But there’s always the opposite sway of the pendulum: when the extreme emotion is over we usually have the opposite of it to feel as well. And that’s no darn fun. I call this the “rollar-coaster of emotions.”

The word “serenity” implies a balance of emotions, a state in which neither extreme (of despairing sadness nor of hilarious joy) is allowed to rule our passions. Wow! Y’mean we have choices over how our emotions take us over? Well, yeah! But of course this takes practice, believe me. The payoff is tremendous though. To experience the state of “Serenity” is how I feel when a delicious piece of chocolate is melting my mouth, only the sensation of serenity lasts really looooong compared to the fleeting euphoria of Godiva. Try it: go to the mirror and make a little curled-at-the-corner smile. Like the one you always see on statues or images of Buddha. Indeed, this is called the “buddha smile” and this expression is a teaching of how one ought to practice yoga: with a serene pleasant expression on one’s face. Along with the eyesight being steady and fixed on a certain point (to hold steady in a pose, yes, but also to calm the unsteady mind) this is what we yogis call the drishti … our gaze.

Try it. Remind yourself gently to have a pleasant uplifting look on your face. Curl the outer corners of your mouth into a tiny smile. Not an outlandish or fake or stilted one. Just a gentle smile. As if someone had just whispered in your ears, “You are a beautiful person, and I love being with you.”

See how that make you feel! And watch how it makes others feels who you come in contact with throughout your day.

Your pal sending lots of love, laughter, and Lightness, Lordflea

makin’ do with what you’ve got

excuse me while i chuckle.

just got an email from my friend terry, who has just moved to moloki, hawaii, to caretake a 2,000 acre health/wellness/meditation complex with her hub, om-tom. she was writing me how hard it is, how things are just not running right, equipment breaking down, computer stolen when they went in a rented car to the main island–oh, what else, oh yeah, the makeshift computer doesn’t work, and on top of that, there’s no phone reception.

life is rough.

my partner is having a hard time, too–life is challenging these days. it seems to me we’re having not just an economic crisis, but a spiritual one as well. here’s one way of looking at it, a la art:

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

after a decade of living on islands in the “third-world” i can empathize  with you, terry, perhaps more than others…and know that you are just living the life that happens, when you’re not on “the continent.” it’s just the way it is on islands. but the “pros” you will experience, and have, and continue to, will FAR outway the “cons”… believe me. living separate from “all that is” is sooooo spiritually fulfilling, and fun! just write me whenever you get down, and i’ll jump up and dance with you, my friend, and share with you my experience of developing patience, tolerance, and … quite a snotty attitude, actually, that “i’ve learned to do better” than ordinary continentals, as we call them. Because once you get used to adversity being the way it is, always! and learn to adapt to “what is,” … a person changes. we become so much more an “in the flow” kind of person. and that’s really where the Self resides. being in constant contact with true Inner Peace takes hard work. but the rewards? living a good life, even in the midst of unprecedented adversity.
who needs things to flow smoothly all the time? that’s so…predictable! ha ha! look at me, miss positive. but i’m not there, where you are, terry, right? but … if i wasn’t here, taking care of mom, you bet that’s where i’d be. i can’t wait to pack my bags and leave “ever-reliable, oh so abundantly efficient” america (or any continental place)…and go to live with the simpler, more “don’t care” kind of folks—the islanders.
sorry about losing your mac, though. that’s a bummer. we get spoiled, don’t we? i still use a dinosaur p.c., but i’m happy.

here’s a little cheer-up for my pals terry and om-tom out there in molokai. when life gets tough, when our nerves start to shout! ouch! here’s one solution—retreat into your ever-abundant imagination…yes, just float away in a story. even if you haven’t got bread to eat, you still have your imagination and you that can fill a person right up to the top!

this character sitting in the middle is my good pal Cleozed. he’s a composite, as you can see: man, plant, fish, and –what else?

Cleozed and Hummin'womb-an

Cleozed and Hummin

walk in the unlimited-ness of your being…expand your possibilities, and come fly with me! how, you ask? just breathe…long breath in…long breath out…ahhhhhh-men, and ahhhhhhh-women, too!

in the Light, lord flea