True and Certain and Really Really Cool — we are ONE

Our Hearts Connected---energized, in Love and Light

Our Hearts Connected—energized, in Love and Light

My last post was about the only “certainty” in life … change. But wait … there IS one, and only one certainty besides constant change and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. Hope you’re in the mood to talk about the MOST powerful thing in the universe, something that knocks my socks off, but feels as comfty as a friend’s hug — that we, and all in existence — are pure consciousness.

When I say that “consciousness is the only certainty besides constant change” in life, I mean it. But, like all good investigators, researchers, scientists and thorough metaphysicians, we’ll start by defining what, exactly, the subject under discussion is, precisely. So we can focus our minds, together, on  exactly what KIND of consciousness we’re talking about here. Because I’m not talking about “being awake” as opposed to “going asleep” when you’re tired. Not awake, at least, in any normal get-out-of-bed and get going kind of way. But we ARE talking about a “let’s open our eyes to what’s really happening here” kind of wakefulness.

Sometimes words are too dense a medium to define an idea. What I’m sharing here is not puffed up mental games, but purely my own personal experience. And guess what? It just so happens a LOT of other people have the same relationship to life, having discovered that consciousness is behind … everything! So let’s call this kind of consciousness that is the certainty I’m SURE of:  “Divine” or “Awakened” or … why not? GOD-consciousness.

Here’s one of the images I drew when I was thinking about this consciousness we all HAVE. It is universal, all-powerful, all-connecting. For lack of a better “set of words” I call it  “we are One” consciousness (although a somewhat didactic “non-duality” teacher corrected me the other day, saying “One is one too many.” — don’t ask me what she meant by THAT). I try hard to not get carried away believing that words have a precision to convey the truths that, to me, are best shared through my art. I believe words are fickle. But images … ahhhh!!! images “speak a thousand million zillion quadruple words:

the power within us all

Our true Nature

To put it plainly and in my own humble words, when we get quiet, when we investigate our own inner world, what all of us come up with (I’ve checked with others’ readings and recorded investigations about this, from the Eastern and Christian mystics to the scientific reports of 17th Century Emmanuel Swendenbourg, from the writings of ancient vedic sages to realizing the pure essence behind all the world religions’ Scripture) — that what is commonly called God is an energy, a consciousness that resides within us all. God — that is, the energy of life — is the source of an ordered multiverse (as Einstein puts it). God: the another name for the power of this divine consciousness within all.

Enough words! Here’s another image of mine. You can see this subject is one the intrigues me greatly.

drawings, scanned 11.08Great showers of love to you all from your pal, Lord Flea (aka teZa Lord)



You’re told you have a brain tumor: How Does Life Change Then?

A dear friend of mine called the other morning to tell me, in tears, that she just was told she has a brain tumor and that they’re operating tomorrow! Today is the day after, and the news is good: the doctors removed the tumor, but I haven’t found out yet if it’s benign or not. These last few days I’ve been putting myself in the shoes of Monica, my friend. How would I feel, if given that same news? What would I do?Besides getting my ass to the BEST doctors I could find, how would I act? All of a sudden life seems so fragile with news like this. In an instant life changes from same-old/same-old to WOW! It might end soon! Everything takes on a new light, a shinier patina, a specialness that wasn’t so obvious before.

My spiritual teacher often reminds us that the reason we meditate is so we can “Prepare for our physical death by having mini-deaths all the time … in meditation.”

This is a curious idea, isn’t it? When you think about it, though, it makes sense. In meditation, the object is to turn-off the thinking process. This is usually done by focusing on something else besides thoughts. The breathe. A mantra. An image. A sensation. So the effect on our lives is a slowing-down, a centering, a stilling-of-ALL, until we finally get to the essence of what we are. And what is that? For me, when I get quiet in meditation and go deep within myself what I discover is that I am connected to ALL. Nothing is different than consciousness. We are pure consciousness, in our deepest parts of being-ness. Our physical selves, our human-ness, is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what we really are.

My friend Monica doesn’t feel as comfortable in these deep-within realms that I speak of here, in Lordflea Sings. She is a very out-there kind of gal. An exercise freak, an uber-modern artist committed to intellectual-social pursuits, a worldly person. But she called me … her one and only spiritual friend … for comfort, when she knew the proverbial shit had hit the fan. She knew I would send her the Light of our shared energies. She knew she needed it, and she knew where to go to ask.

Share your Light today with as many as you can, but especially with yourSelf!

love from Lordflea

Heal Me Mandala

Heal Me Mandala