fake it till ya make it

we can "fake" being good, angelic, kind ... or ... we can "fake" being ...

we can "fake" being good, angelic, kind ... or ... we can "fake" being ...

...we can "fake" not knowing what's going on, opting for remaining confused, unfocused...without a "goal" to fake toward

overwhelmed by life, believing we don't know what's going on, opting for remaining confused, mad, sad, unfocused...without a POSITVE goal to "fake" toward

i love this idea of faking it till ya make it. imagine…that i can do anything…even fly (if i only had wings) but why not? of course this is a metaphor, but “faking it” has helped me climb so much of the mountain-full of challenges that always lies before us, presenting obstables for us to surmount along our journey to fulfillment–be it personal, professional, financial, or–most important of all–spiritual fulfillment.  here, think about this one—

those who have "faked" having hard-hearts so long, they actually believe their own lying selfishness...but...if they can start to "fake" being open-hearted and compassionate toward others, and themselves...this happens!

those who have "faked" having hard-hearts so long, actually believe their own lying selfishness and unhappiness BUT...if they can start to "fake it till they make it," believing it possible to be open-hearted and compassionate toward others, AND themselves...this is what happens!

human beings who are “faking it” about love, about acceptance, about tolerance, actually DO learn to fly, because they keep their hearts, minds and souls so LIGHT, they become…

en-LIGHTEN-ed human beings!

en-LIGHTEN-ed human beings!

what do i fake, you ask? many things, but for one…i started off faking “i can DO this!!” — with this blog. a simple little ol’ blog. but…when i put my money and chips down on “faking it” about being a spiritual blogger, what happened was that when other “things” come up…a night out with friends when i could be writing or arting, people wanting me to join facebook, myspace, twitter, ad infinitum with the virtual and real-live distractions…i can reasonably and honestly tell others and myself “NO” to everything that takes me away from my goal — because — when it comes to “faking it,” we learn to concentrate our energies on that which is being “faked” (ha! is this cool or what?) . and, like magic, we begin to see that everything that tries to pull us away from our goal, is a big fat NO. but with “faking it” as our motto, we automatically invite a new awareness of BELIEVING we can do this thing we want (a blog, a book, etc.), and make appropriate choices relating to its getting done (one word at a time, one action at a time, one day at a time), and … pretty soon! … like magic! … the “faking” becomes (i’m not kidding, this really happens folks)… the “faking” becomes OUR NEW REALITY.

and so i blog. no time for the other stuff, other distractions, ’cause i’m writing that book and i’m almost finished, remember? and gee, thanks for asking.  yes, i DID finish the first edit just yesterday! wheeeeee! see — that’s one more “faking it!” on my list that’s gettin’ done. 

some people get overwhelmed by the very thought of writing a letter, let alone a 400-pg. book. we can easily “fool ourselves” into thinking, “aw, who’ll be interested?” or other stinkin’-thinkin’ mental garbage like that that stops us cold before a first word even gets written.

me…i’m faking it as i write my book. just for the record, it’s my spiritual autobiography. anybody out there a literary agent? write me! i’ve been fakin’ it that i’m a good enuf writer, that my story’s interesting enuf, and most of all i REALLY am fakin’ it believing there’s anyone, i mean any ONE who’ll even be remotely interested in reading about how i rose up from the pits of living hell (addiction, self-abuse, low self-esteem, etc. etc.)  … to rise up and know who the real ME is, self-proclaimed spiritual warrior, artist dedicated to uplifting fellow humankind of this here gorgeous Earth of ours.

here’s my praise of “Faking It” in visual form.

the spiritual energy of healing and helping ourselves, so we can then help others

the spiritual energy of healing and helping ourselves, so we can then help others

in the Light, lordflea

makin’ do with what you’ve got

excuse me while i chuckle.

just got an email from my friend terry, who has just moved to moloki, hawaii, to caretake a 2,000 acre health/wellness/meditation complex with her hub, om-tom. she was writing me how hard it is, how things are just not running right, equipment breaking down, computer stolen when they went in a rented car to the main island–oh, what else, oh yeah, the makeshift computer doesn’t work, and on top of that, there’s no phone reception.

life is rough.

my partner is having a hard time, too–life is challenging these days. it seems to me we’re having not just an economic crisis, but a spiritual one as well. here’s one way of looking at it, a la art:

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

keeping mind-ful in the midst of hell

after a decade of living on islands in the “third-world” i can empathize  with you, terry, perhaps more than others…and know that you are just living the life that happens, when you’re not on “the continent.” it’s just the way it is on islands. but the “pros” you will experience, and have, and continue to, will FAR outway the “cons”… believe me. living separate from “all that is” is sooooo spiritually fulfilling, and fun! just write me whenever you get down, and i’ll jump up and dance with you, my friend, and share with you my experience of developing patience, tolerance, and … quite a snotty attitude, actually, that “i’ve learned to do better” than ordinary continentals, as we call them. Because once you get used to adversity being the way it is, always! and learn to adapt to “what is,” … a person changes. we become so much more an “in the flow” kind of person. and that’s really where the Self resides. being in constant contact with true Inner Peace takes hard work. but the rewards? living a good life, even in the midst of unprecedented adversity.
who needs things to flow smoothly all the time? that’s so…predictable! ha ha! look at me, miss positive. but i’m not there, where you are, terry, right? but … if i wasn’t here, taking care of mom, you bet that’s where i’d be. i can’t wait to pack my bags and leave “ever-reliable, oh so abundantly efficient” america (or any continental place)…and go to live with the simpler, more “don’t care” kind of folks—the islanders.
sorry about losing your mac, though. that’s a bummer. we get spoiled, don’t we? i still use a dinosaur p.c., but i’m happy.

here’s a little cheer-up for my pals terry and om-tom out there in molokai. when life gets tough, when our nerves start to shout! ouch! here’s one solution—retreat into your ever-abundant imagination…yes, just float away in a story. even if you haven’t got bread to eat, you still have your imagination and you that can fill a person right up to the top!

this character sitting in the middle is my good pal Cleozed. he’s a composite, as you can see: man, plant, fish, and –what else?

Cleozed and Hummin'womb-an

Cleozed and Hummin

walk in the unlimited-ness of your being…expand your possibilities, and come fly with me! how, you ask? just breathe…long breath in…long breath out…ahhhhhh-men, and ahhhhhhh-women, too!

in the Light, lord flea

Make each moment meaningful

Hi friend,

what can i do to make my life more filled with that energy that excites me? that gets me out of the bed in the morning with a bounce and a purpose? for each of us it’s a different thing. i’ve been contemplating what makes ME filled with life’s exciting call to living at the maximum fullness. rather than write it, here’s one of my paintings to interpret it for me.

the Source of All

the Source of All

 it is so thrilling to think how we, the United States, has now chosen to show the world, by electing Barack, that we truly embrace tolerance, love of all, and are ready for this next exciting chapter in our great country’s history.

i know i am, and many of you, are happy beyond measure that we’ve broken through a major barrier that separates we humans from each other: thinking we’re so different because of our skin color, or our religion, or even where we’re from. this is a moment time in human history. i’m beyond excited: i simply glow and await what happens next.

accepting our differences, and soaring

accepting our differences, and soaring

who’s to say where the journey will be going? all i know is that change is afoot, and change is GOOD. the only constant in life is change, and a relationship with one’s Truth, one’s Higher Power. everything else falls by the wayside, sooner or later.

that’s my thought for the day.

i must tell you readers of my blog that i’m having a lot of trouble figuing out how to adjust the new drawings i want to share with you. but…in time and with effort, i’ll figure it out. just like all of you with your various challenges. where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? just persevere, and all that is to be will be yours, and ours.

in the Light, your pal lordflea