The Mystery of Life: the Self unveiled

Hi friends,

I’m thinking about why I write/illustrate/maintain Lordflea. This is what’s on my mind today and want to share with you some thoughts.

from my Heart to yours

from my Heart to yours

A lot of blogs are where people talk about what’s happening in their lives.  A modern gal raising her family while living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma (pioneer woman); one offers everything there is to know about a certain subject, from soup to nuts (my fav: yoga dork); another, an often not-so-quiet inside view of a person’s daily routine ( For whatever merits the above blogs have, none of these subjects is quite what i’ve been sharing  about here on Lord Flea Sings.

You see, the only thing that matters to me is to document with either art or writing — and also how i focus my everyday actions — depictions of how I “think” the life we all know as “normal” is just the tip of the proverbial reality iceberg. “Things are not what they appear to be” could be a good subtitle of what the blog Lord Flea attempts to do, by sharing events, experiences, insights and proof of how very little we really know about what this life is all about.

Does it matter? To speculate of things others often don’t give a damn about?

Well yes, it does. Everyone has the right to be heard. And just because my opinion may not be the one most popularly held by the masses, for me it is true: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And guess what? More and more people are waking up to this Fact! This is the true significance of the auspicious date of 2012, by the way, when enough of us seekers (awakened Sun Dancers in Native American terminology) are present here on Earth, creating a “tipping point” scenario when, due to our numbers at the year 2012, ALL of humanity will be influenced by our perceptions, due to the “dominoes theory” (when an action starts, in this case the spiritualization of humankind, all the “dominoes” in close range will be affected because the number of awakened individuals has now reached the level of saturation needed to cause a chain reaction….and the entire world will be transformed!).

the awakening of Gaia

the awakening of Gaia

How do i know this is true?

Not because anyone tells me, that’s for certain! So please, don’t believe me just because I say it … that your life is more than what it appears. When you start having experiences, that’s when a person knows what Truth really is. For me, I’ve always wanted to know the “secret” behind what life really is. Just Living has never been enough to satisfy my curiosity. I’ve searched far and wide and — wow! i’ve been given, over and over, experiences that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that “Life” is truly what the Native Americans call “The Mystery.”

We are all interconnected, this much I know. Whether by electromagnetic forces, DNA, or some other form of yet-undetected energy. This Oneness stuff is a reality I’ve felt since childhood. Only, we tend to forget how we felt as children, don’t we? As adults, some of us are interested in re-claiming the pure, simple, undiluted psychic connections that come more easily to less-intellectually and emotionally encumbered beings, the kids.

So, getting to my topic of today’s post, “explaining the Self” … in ancient texts, some of the most revered and oldest on our planet, the way the sages described the “object of life” was to describe the Self, called the Atman in Sanskrit, the language of the Upanishads. The Self is how Atman is translated into English, and no doubt it’s a lousy substitute, but language is a tricky thing for describing things that are, well, indescribable. So we just try our best, don’t we? Especially writers, artists, dancers, musicians who attempt to encapsulate the bliss, transport, and transcendence of humanity.

The Self can be thought of like the common denominator found in all creation. It is pure energy, pure consciousness, but it is not conscious of itself. It is form without form and of all form. It is, in one word, pure Spirit. I guess some can call it “God” but eghads i think that word is too politically/culturally/religiously charged these days to depict anything other than a humanoid-type that tells others how to live. And that ain’t what the Self is.

Sometimes to comprehend a new idea it’s useful to explore its opposite. Think of the Self’s opposite, which is the “small” self, the idea of “me” “I” “personality” “attributes”….and perhaps that helps to describe that the “Big” Self is none of these. The Big Self is a thing’s essence. For humans it’d be what you were before you were born; what you will continue to be once you have left your earthly body. What you are in-between those two other stages of being-ness as well.

Hmmmmm, interesting, eh? Once again, I want to remind you that I’m not a dreamer. This is stuff I’ve experienced. Yup!

Yes, the Self is that part of yourself that you’ve always sensed, and can cultivate as much as you wish, when you shut off your thinking mind, the analytical part of your makeup. Getting to the purity of the Self requires patience, and a willingness to strip yourself naked of all preconceptions. How can you experience the Self? The best, most practical, and always reliable method is by developing a meditation practice. You can learn to meditate by many means, it doesn’t matter which type of meditation you choose. Just do it! The more a person can spend time in the pure consciousness that underlies all thought, the more a person will understand the true secrets of this earthly life. And …. the rewards of pure bliss, understanding, and peace await anyone willing to try meditation. Other methods of tapping the source of being-ness (ritualistically imbibing psychotropic drugs, for instance; or undergoing re-birthing and other forms of metaphysical healing) are not reliable and their effects totally depend on outside variables, so therefore, i do NOT advocate using them. Meditation is the only reliable method of connecting with the Inner Self.

And once you connect, there i no limit to the exploration of the Self.

So, my dear friends, you can see the subjects I discuss here are not what most bloggers elaborate on. Being popular, in synch with world trends, on top of the news, all these things don’t mean much to me. What does matter is to spread the Truth that life here on Earth is a gift. We who are alive at this present time are indeed lucky, because in being alive we can bring into the material plane that which is present throughout all the Universe … pure energy, unlimited possibilities. We humans are much more than what most of us think we are.

We are beings of light being given the opportunity to spread the word, share the energy, dive into the bliss of our spiritual nature.

The sooner one realizes this as fact, the more a person can enjoy the life they are leading, no matter what the circumstances are. Rich or poor, educated or not, living in freedom or incarcerated in tyranny — outer circumstances of our lives come and go, and yes, must be dealt with, and always worked on to make the experience as true, as clear, as unobstructed as possible. But even if a person were to never know what the modern world has to offer, or they never get to leave their little village in the Third World, and must struggle for something to eat, if a person has learned to tap into the unlimited power of their inner Self, that true part of their humanness, they are living the life we all aspire to!

A successful human existence is when a person embraces their unlimited Inner Self as the true “I am.”

in the Light, your pal Lordflea

ps. i’m just learning my new macBookPro and have not mastered how to upload my images, so please excuse my lousy attempt today! Ommmmm

It’s the little things that mean so much

hi friends.

the other day my consort and i went to the beach for a swim and there, sitting on a sandy ledge, were three guys in tight spandex, wearing bike helmets.  there was a bigger, spandex-free guy standing close to them, and all four were relaxing, drinking cold beers.  It was quite obvious they were tired, finishing up a ride, perhaps. I noticed they all wore the same black and red official-looking outfits, so I asked them, “Are you guys in a club?” and they answered, “Well, just our own club. We’ve just finished a cross-the-USA-bike ride for this–” and they pointed at their T-shirts, which had imprinted upon them:

www.usacoast2coast.usa with the name of a children’s hospice, from—it turns out—manchester, England. Will wonders never cease! These guys had started out (the bigger one, as I’d suspected, not a rider, but the driver of their support vehicle) from San Diego, California a month earlier and were on the final leg of their cross country jaunt. For those of you who are new to Lord Flea, I live in St. Augustine, Florida. WOW. That’s quite a ride. You can imagine how flabbergasted Carter and I were. Why, we both asked, have you made this awesome journey? The tired men replied, in turn: “to bring awareness to our children’s hospice back home in Manchester. You have to do something like this these days to get attention, to put yourself apart from the pack. We need the fund-raising publicity, so….here we are!”

Well, I certainly do salute those guys. I didn’t have my camera so all i can do is write my congratulations, and i’ll be sending then a tribue of a cash-contribution. I hope some of you who read this will too. For fellows like them (a fourth biker had to return to the UK because his dad died midway cross country) to ride every day over a hundred miles, face the dangers of being run down by high speed traffic (they agreed, being a biker in America is very very dangerous), enduring fatigue, hunger, aches and pains (they all said it was unbelievably grueling at first, yet something “kicked in” about day 14 that made resistance futile. Yipes! fourteen days waiting to get used to that pace?). I walked away really admiring these guys. Carter and I invited them for a meal at our house but they said they wouldn’t be very good company. Honestly, I think all they were interested in was sleep. Maybe another beer or two.

And—the most curious thing of all—not a word was mentioned in our local newspaper, the St. Augustine Record. We asked the men if anyone from our town called the newspaper, and they said they thought so. But, we could tell … all they wanted was to finish their beverage, bike the last few 9 miles to the campground and crawl into the RV where they slept at night in some other strange American park … and return to the UK, which they were doing just two days later. I’m going to keep these guys in my thoughts. They are a terrific example of to what lengths some people go in order to demonstrate their commitment to their cause.

A few more minutes after shaking their hands as they sipped the last dregs of their beers, Carter and I were in the surf preparing for our afternoon swim. I turned back to see the guys on the beach … and they were gone already.

Will Wonders Never Cease.

will wonders never cease

will wonders never cease

so many delights in everyday life.

Yes, there are also sadnesses, and bad things to be wary of, too, don’t get me wrong and think i’m a flake who believes all and everything is just honkey-dorey all the time. Bad things happen. Extreme things happen. Terrorists plan attacks, diseases take down good people, murder, bankruptcy, and viciousness like rape do occur. BUT … what i’m saying is that where we put our focus is the tune of the song our lives are singing. I choose to focus on the magical events, the joy, the power of the human soul. The song we all can sing when we’re in tune with our own inner power, and those of good people everywhere. the Goodness of Human Power is all around us. All we have to do is learn to recognize IT, use IT, and invite IT into our lives as much as we can. And pretty soon….life becomes heaven on earth. Who can even say war or global warming are bad things if—now stick with me here—they result in humankind evolving to a higher plateau of being? Let’s face it, Hitler had to be taken out. And perhaps the earth going through its freak-out toxic stage here, where we are—is going to reverse humankind’s apathy and we’ll WAKE UP! and become more spiritualized, more mind-ful as an entire race. Wouldn’t that be nice?

We have to learn to trust goodness, of course, and cultivate it. Even if, dear friends, we are surrounded by dismay, fears, others’ phobias, extremisms, and neurosis…we can learn to say NO to evil.  We can stand up and fight against it. I’m studying the Baghavad Gita right now, and that is the exact subject. “Don’t be a wuss,” Krishna says to Arjuna. “Be a man! You HAVE to fight evil.” By focusing on the positive instead of the negative of things, we can combat anything—anything!—eradicating evil and replacing it with love. It’s up to each one of us to train our consciousnesses to focus on the unlimited possibilities each one of us contains, like little seeds waiting to burst forth into cosmic fireworks! Each one of us is a little bitty seed that can grow into something gigantic and gorgeous—like this!

each moment of life is a surprise

each moment of life is a surprise

i hope you have a joyous surprise in your day, and the next, and the next. Here’s a little inspiration about how we can cultivate that state, learning to invite the positive in our life and saying “no” to the negative.

each day make a special time to sit quietly. get comfortable. Set the intention of letting go of all thoughts, and prepare to follow your breath. Protect yourSelf from outside interference (noise, telephone, etc.) and close your eyes. Go Within. Learn to journey in the interior landscape of life’s possibilities—starting with your own life’s infinite possibilities. There are endless things to discover in this vast vast territory called your Inner Realm. Spend some time with your Inner Self. Listen to the messages that you WILL receive….if you sit quietly enough. And then, when you’re ready to come back to the everyday life you and I have to live, working, having families, friends, politics, opinions—try to bring some of that quiet peacefulness with you when you return to the world of interactions. It IS possible to learn how to be peaceful. It takes practices, yes. And learning some techniques helps (like the meditations focusing tools I discuss here and everywhere….especially following your breath).

And look at good art! Celebrate life by supporting visionary art! Those who are brave enough to depict the inner journey are often met with skepticism and mis-understanding. It takes a more patient, more thoughtful person to take the time to go beyond what appears to be “reality” and …. dive deeply into another world depicted in visionary (or dream-like, or surreal) art.

Enjoy this one:

always go for the HIGHEST

always go for the HIGHEST

Tell me how your day is special, and what joy you’ve discovered. I’d love to hear from you.

your pal sending Love and Light, lordflea