What do you Love? Me — Global Transformation!

For those of you who regularly visit my blog you’ve probably noticed I’ve been MIA for the past month or more. This is because of the choice I had to make about getting my book ready for publication instead of my usual spew of social media-ing, blogging, even hanging with friends. I do keep up my yoga and Spanish practice, however, and I do cook fabulous food for my consort Carter. We all must make choices. My post today is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book, which is now in another phase of being re-born, once again (like us, too!). Today I’m calling it “Rio Blisso” but you may know it from its former name “Global Bliss NOW.” Stay tuned for more excerpts and other juicy tidbits about la vie de teZ (Lordflea is me, teZa Lord, no longer anonymous!). Here’s a visual treat for you for starters, darlin’s, my 94-year old Mom who insisted I take her to Iceland last summer, as she inspects the myriad drying cod for dried fish called Bakaloa (salted cod) that’s used throughout the world. Yum.  And then the book’s tasty treat. Have a glorious day, my friends. Rainy nor’ester here in northern Florida.

mom Eve in Iceland grovin' on the Bakaloa

Rio Blisso: Reflections Along the Journey of Discovering Self by Nurturing Others

Our world is in immediate need of more than a major facelift. We need a complete overhaul, a consciousness-transfusion: this is global transformation. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this historic portal opening, resulting in the shift, the elevation of thinking that is leading all of humanity into the next, more expanded plateau of civilization’s understanding? All of us want to thrive in peace. All of us want to use our energies for something more constructive than dominance and warfare. All of us can enter the gateway of transformation by leading spiritually attuned lives—and guard our every thought.

Staying focused on positives is a challenge in today’s turmoil. The test of our belief in the incredible transformative power of the collective-human-mind is to believe and remain focused on positive things in the midst of such cruel soul-quakes.

The remedy?

Take action.

Choose not to see another degenerate film on any screen, or support in any other way, the commercialization of tragedy for “entertainment’s sake.”

After murdering both his parents a fourteen-year-old was asked why he did it. “Mom told me,” he wailed to court officials, “to stop watching those kinds of movies, ones that made me think about killing people all the time.”

Films, books, and any art form that depicts gore for sensationalistic effect, only trivialize the uplifting of the human spirit. These kinds of expression do not represent freedom of speech but erode the very soul of our culture. Unnecessary violence in the media doesn’t deserve my support or yours. Art’s original purpose was for celebrating the human soul’s magnificence, not causing its demise. Calling “art” anything that hurts humankind’s honoring of all life not only jeopardizes our future, but it’s a sham. That type of “free expression” can only be classified as malice for the sake of reaping the almighty buck. The only thing it adds to the world is bulking up certain fat pockets.

People love to laugh, and laughter is a healing balm. Comedians are better message-bearers than über-serioso types. Each of us in the Army of Love can sow smiles and laughter while educating any who remain bogged down in the quagmire of misinformation about our world’s need to change.

Be a spiritual activist and realize your Spiritual Correctness (SC) duty is to spread love and forgiveness through compassion. Surely, creative people can use their talents to heighten our awareness, not cast a toxic pall over it. Cast your vote at the real-or-virtual cash register. Stand up and shout and make Loving Compassion go viral!

If we hold these kinds of constructive choices in mind, and voice them whenever and however we can, our thought-seeds (ideas) will manifest (actions) in real life.

Approach your life like the prayer it is.

Think positive thoughts.

And spread the word.

family bliss NOW

I’m so stoked! I finally found “the perfect title” for my new book!

Family Bliss NOW — a holistic approach to global transformation … one blended family at at time

here’s the cover art I’ve selected. do you like it?

Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach to global transformation ... one blended family at a time

Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach to global transformation … one blended family at a time

Everyone, it’s really happening! When the day comes, this soon-to-be-here day, the DAY my book about nurturing Self and nurturing Others is published as an indie book (meaning I am the publisher) — this moment, this NOW will be one of the happiest, and most fulfilling days of my life.

We all have days like this. I will be happy to share mine with you. Stay tuned for more updates as the date draws closer.

Post is brief today because I”m in the final stages of editing “Family Bliss NOW”

my love and bliss-filled NOW to you all,

lordflea, your pal

The Spiritual Principle of Choice

Everything is a CHOICE in life — how we let anything, anyone, any place  affect us at least

Everything begins with thought --- everything! Choice is thought in action

Everything begins with thought --- everything! Choice is thought in action

Sometimes a person who is considering an issue (like marriage with another who already has had children, or is already in a marriage that one thought was “safe” from the arduous chores of step-parenting) finds they are presented with a situation and it feels like they have no say about it.

don't be overwhelmed by choices ... be aware of choosing (tomas sanchez painting, thanks!)

don't be overwhelmed by choices ... be aware of choosing (tomas sanchez painting, thanks!)

I have a friend who mentioned this to me today, in fact, when she said, “But I had no choice about having to become the main “mom” to my husband’s children, when unforeseen circumstances happened and their caretaker (the bio-mom) could no longer care for them.”

I lovingly disagreed with my friend, who was unhappily reflecting her lot in life, that of “being forced” to be a stepparent.

“But Sharon,” I said, “every single act we undertake, or that happens around us — either our reaction to it or the actual action we take — is based on a choice we make, even if it’s to accept or reject what is happening. Oftentimes, I know, we’re not even aware that we have made a choice, but that, in fact, is what we do whenever an act or a decision is made.”

Adamantly, Sharon still disagreed. “No! It wasn’t like that for me. I absolutely did not want to be these kids’ stepmom, but because I love my husband, and feared I would lose him if I didn’t, I agreed. But only because I had to.

“No, Sharon,” I softly said, “you’re looking at it all wrong. You most certainly had the choice. You could have said, ‘No’ to your husband’s request, especially because when you entered into this marriage you did so telling him, ‘No way would I ever consider being a real stepparent to your kids.’ You could have left the marriage. It was your choice. But you didn’t. I certainly know people who have, many in fact, who simply cannot abide the fact that someone else’s children come along with a relationship, like an unwanted gift package, like an unhemmed coat lining, unlikeable, messy, but part of the parcel when a person who has children by another falls in love with someone else.

“We all have choices,” I gently reminded Sharon. “We choose every single thing about life. Even when we feel that a situation is happening to us, against our will, like getting hit by a car, or contracting cancer, or getting a bum steer in the market, or finding you’ve married the wrong person. When we find ourselves up against a tough situation that feels horribly uncomfortable, and we honestly don’t want to be in it — it is US who chooses whether we will remain (psychologically, spiritually, or even physically) IN the situation.”

Sharon grew quiet now, and stopped her protesting. I couldn’t tell if she was opening to another way of looking at her dilemma, or if she just didn’t want to argue. We are good friends, so I continued.

In other words, if we don’t consciously know we made, or can make the choice, and really feel we don’t have any choice (otherwise known as the good old-fashioned victim role) this leads to unhappiness, depression, anger, sadness, etc. all bad, uncomfortable, unwanted emotions.

A choice is necessary in all situations in order to derive any degree of satisfaction from being involved in whatever the circumstance is. Let’s take the case of contracting a horrible disease.

Another friend of mine has recently been told she has virtually only months to live after the worst possible type of brain cancer was diagnosed. Right at that moment, when the doctors told her and her husband, she had a choice. She could either accept that she had contracted this horrible, terminal disease, and embrace it as a opportunity (allow me to use this analogy) for spiritual growth. Any dis-ease is a way of life reaching out and shaking us up, “telling us” some change needs to be made. Right then my friend could have chosen to take a serious look at her life, talk to close friends and ask their trusted opinion. If she had Maya could have realized that her thoughts, her actions (or lack of), her mental view of the world, her diet even — contributed to her dis-ease (or not) and then she could make whatever changes she needed in order to use the cancer as a “warning sign” that indeed, her life was out of balance.

By making the choice to change, miracles do happen surrounding dis-ease. Anyone who has ever read the story of Louise Hay’s remarkable recovery from terminal cancer — defying her terminal diagnosis, saying ‘NO!’ to the dreaded odds and living still today, many decades after she was given a death sentence — know what she did.

She chose to change. She chose to look at her cancer, even though doctors had given up on her, as an opportunity for spiritual growth, instead of merely accepting it as the death sentence that the medical world had given her.

Maya was given the same prognosis but, unfortunately, she did not believe that mental attitude, or the Spiritual Principle of Choice, has anything to do with whether she lives or dies. She has bought in, completely and totally, to the fact that she has a terminal disease. Instead of looking within, at herself, her attitudes, seeking guidance and making necessary spiritual changes (letting go of crippling judgment about others, including her estranged children, the biggest negative in her life, if she were only willing to be honest) — in its place she has become a bedraggled slave to radiation and chemo and is utterly exhausted, mentally and physically, yet still fights to live.

“So Sharon,” I said to my stepmom friend, “you’re no different than anyone else. You did accept, you did choose that being stepmother to your husband’s children, even though you thought you’d never want to do such a thing, ever! never! but you love him so much you thought you had to in order to keep him, literally, from leaving the marriage. As your dear friend, who loves you, please realize that you indeed did choose to embrace step-parenting. You could just as easily have said, ‘No’ and ended the marriage. But you didn’t. You considered all the options and you said ‘Yes’ and that, my dear, is a choice.”

Sharon shrugged her shoulders, not certain she was buying this attitude of choosing something she was finding so difficult, so distasteful. But at least now she’s thinking about it.

the flow of life is propelled by CHOICEs

the flow of life is propelled by CHOICEs