Love Conquers All — even the Worst

Let’s spread the word!

Tweet, Post, write on your Facebook page, ask your local news stations start talking about how neighbors help one another. Or random stories about strangers assisting unfortunates. Contribute and insist on equal attention focused on good news instead of just nerve-grinding tragedies, heartaches or sensationalized Breaking News! that’s so popular due to boosted ratings.

When audiences demand more elevating stories instead of wacko nut jobs acting out, when people think positively, and continue committing random, willy-nilly acts of kindness—our world will rapidly change from the old paradigm of fear and control we’ve been stuck in.

In this way, harmful tendencies of the past will melt away. Feelings of separation will dissolve. Political, religious, and philosophical suspicions between East and West are culturally tolerated with Love and Kindness as catalysts of mass enlightenment.

We in the United States are the economic vanguard for the rest of the world. We inhabit the so-called New World founded on a constitution that has at its core, safeguards to protect the freedom of its citizenry, freedoms not seen anywhere else in the world at the time. But now we’re wising up, in this time of the NOW—rising up and becoming reborn, like the eternally revitalized-from-the-ashes phoenix. I truly believe America is the vanguard of humanity. It is reinventing itself right now, with the help of positive folk such as you and me as leaders of this new era we’ve entered: the Compassionate Age of humankind.

A new day is here, heralding that each moment the Earth is revitalizing, renewing, growing spiritually stronger with each new NOW, each newly hatched present moment.

C’mon creative artists—illuminate us!  Get it together and think of other ways to entertain, to tantalize us rather than put the Light down by promoting Darkness, or ignoring the Light that shines in each our eyes…like diamonds.

Remember, in this Army of Love we are amassing strength, making compassion our weapon of choice.

Spread Love wherever and however you can.

For those of us whose mission is not to entertain the masses, we can help by thinking loving, kind, and forgiving thoughts, never holding resentments or seeking revenge—and deciding to stop supporting people who treat each other with anything less than pure, basic compassion.

If you witness any evil—in real life, or see a disturbing image in a movie, a scene on TV, hear music that promotes violence, racism or sexism—put some of your abundant Self-generated Light around the people who were involved, and quickly turn your thoughts to Forgiveness and Love.

This is a Love Revolution underway here, folks. We in the Army of Love are joining efforts to publicize and install in the collective consciousness, the transformative power of the NOW. The present moment is our strength, our stronghold. Our world is turning around. We are becoming more holistic and healthy—even more rapidly if each one of us helps turn negatives into positives.

Consider yourself a captain in the Army of Love. Know that your choice to negate evil helps others to arm themselves with munitions of loving-kindness. The power of your positive thoughts and acts, is humanity’s weapon of mass illumination.

Watch yourSelf. Don’t honor the ways of wickedness. If you do you’re just as guilty of having the same stinkin’ thinkin’ as others you revile. Don’t allow negatives to exist in your sphere. Start with your own mind. Slay any negative thought that arises with the power of positive thinking.


We can do this!

No one has power over what others do with their lives, controlling another’s inner thoughts or their outer actions. But within our own minds, our own bodies, we have all the Power.

Use your power of thought well. Shine your inner Light, that most powerful of psychic tools, toward any negative situation in society. Each one of us can keep watch over our own thoughts, keep positive, and don’t allow negativities to overwhelm us.

We may not get to see the end result of this transformative work during our lifetimes. However, if we, as a race of awakened humans, begin at this moment to collectively focus our thoughts on the heightened state of consciousness that the age of NOW heralds, the Age of Compassion—our world will change, one person at a time, one family at a time.

All the evil in the world will melt away in the healing Light of Love that emanates from the world’s current tipping-point state, consisting of hundreds of thousands, and soon-to-be uncountable human hearts who collectively contribute their thought-seeds to a change in the downward spiral we seven billion souls here on Earth are influenced by every single day.

Let’s never forget that Love Conquers All.

Talk the Walk First, then Walk IT!

talkin'n'sendin' thought seeds

talkin’n’sendin’ thought seeds

Hope everything is roaring off to a great start for you in this wondrous New Year of 2013! Yesterday was 1.3.13, and much as I tried to get to write a post on that day, I’m happy I’m here today to do one. Life is busy, for all of us.

I want to briefly touch on my feeling very strongly that, in order to make significant change, whether in a person’s own life or with human civilization as a whole, we have to start by conversation.

Here in St. Augustine, Florida, my hometown, we’ve just begun doing this in the area of spreading compassion! Our group meets once a month. Write me if you want to know more about it, how, where, when, format, etc.

Our first meeting (1.2.13) was well attended, and during the course of talking about compassion it struck me for the first time how many people want to know more about how to embrace loving compassion and kindness in their own lives. So they showed up — either by invitation from an e- list sent around, or seeing an ad someone (not me) placed in our local newspaper — to learn more about compassion. Surprisingly, more folks than I ever suspected felt this way, expressed total frustration with our world, especially surrounding environmental issues. That it was “too late” to do anything. That it was too hard to be compassionate in face of a society that doesn’t cultivate heartfelt touches between its citizens. That they’d come there to — just talk about their frustrations about the lack of compassion.

But as the conversation evolved, other people expressed how something as simple as a compassionate smile can change a person’s life. When one person gives another a passing smile, say, a stranger on the street, a store clerk, maybe it doesn’t matter to the receiver right at that moment. But later in that person’s day, the speaker said, it just might make a difference. Maybe the effort of one person’s smile, like the effort of our group sitting around and discussing compassion and love and how to change our world for the better — just might make a difference.

And I believe this difference appears in ways we can never predict. But — every action has a reaction. Every bit of love and compassion, even a smile, counts! So start smiling, friends, and start talking about compassion to your friends, your family, even a stranger.

Just as a smile can uplift a person’s spirit, perhaps turn around someone’s mood, influence a decision, save a life, even — talking about our human society changing to a more positive way is the first step to all of us taking real action that will effect long-lasting change. This is the beginning of transformation. It starts with a thought, a smile, a conversation.

I think I’ll do a special post about how to set up this type of discussion group, “TalkWalkCompassion” … along with step-by-step directions for the (ever-altering) host, and how to get the conversation rolling along. If anyone wants these instructions before I get a chance to post them (I’m still busy with the final edit of my book Global Bliss NOW) please email me at dearlordflea(at)

Many blessings to All of You, and stay … in the Light!

your pal Lord Flea