Thinking Outside the Box

My thoughts have been centered on just that lately — how to think, and then, act! — by expanding my awareness of how things really are, outside the box. This effort has been thrust upon me by a series of events in my own life — but each and every one of us, and collectively as nations, and even broader, as a unified family of humanity must face the same dilemma, sooner or later — how to take that next step when the old ways just don’t work anymore.

what to do, what to do: where to turn, whom to trust ... on and on

what to do, what to do: where to turn, whom to trust ... on and on

Have you ever come to that point in your life when you realize that things have been shown (or abruptly ripped from you, in cases like what I’ve just gone through) that make it more than obvious (if one can reflect upon such situations) that the Universe is telling you (sometimes shouting) “It’s time to change! Get off your ass! C’mon! Think outside the box and do life another way, sweetheart!“? Well, this is just where I’ve traveled, and I’m here to report that whatever happens during the process of change, however painful it is (and always is) the new perception of life that we are given as a result of assessing, and then eliminating painful non-functioning parts of our lives (in other words–removing destructive habits, abusive friends, oppressive situations, etc) always leads us closer to Truth.

What is Truth?

Ahhhhhh, the Great Mystery of Life.

Always hard to talk and write about … easier to demonstrate with visuals. Allow me to share my feelings about life’s Great Mystery, the only thing worth striving for, in my humble Lordflea-ism approach to this whirling ball of blue we all share, here in the vastness of space:

all of us ... cells of Oneness

all of us ... cells of Oneness

so what i’m saying is….if anyONE or anyTHING prevents me from feeling connected to this Mystery, this vast, beautiful, oh-so-real connectedness between all living beings and all in existence … whether alive or only in pure energy form that’s also called consciousness … then I know it’s time to make a change.

This has happened to me recently: I was verbally assaulted by someone close to me, unprovoked. Someone whom you’d never in a million years think could be capable of such outlandishly bad, disrespectful, and mortifying low behavior. But shit happens. Some of us are not as mentally and emotionally well as others. Some of us haven’t yet worked out our fears and angers, as was the case with this person. How can one determine when you’re being abused? Because it feels you’ve run against (or are one of them, actually) folks like THIS! (again, words are difficult … visuals easier, better, more universal, don’t you think?):

close-hearted folks, i call "rock people"

close-hearted folks, i call "rock people"

in my case I realized I’d been unnecessarily assailed and found that totally unacceptable. I’ve worked too hard, too long on getting to a place of inner peace to allow someone else to abuse me, much less ever abusing myself anymore. I don’t allow people, places, or things to abuse me. If I feel i’m being treated “less than” the gloriously attuned person I’ve worked so hard to become (i’m not bragging, honestly! this is the fruits of my long and dedicated efforts at meditation, yogic practices, and seeing “God in Each Other”) … then I make a change. In my case, I had to de-friend this individual, as kindly, though as directly, as possible, and only after seeing there was no recourse to a high-minded conciliatory effort on the part of myself and the abuser. When someone cannot even SEE that they are abusing, you have to retreat. As fast, as far as possible. Otherwise one’s wishes to merge with the Mystery are forever being daunted, and we, as emotional humans, have a much harder time of living in our hearts and soaring with the union of All Like-Minded-Ones. Like this — an example of how it feels, what can happen to us-former “Rock People” if we only allow our fears and misgivings to evaporate:

we are ONE ... feel IT

we are ONE ... feel IT

Of course this is a metaphor. We’re not all actually angels. But we all do all have an angelic nature as well as a perfectly devilish one.

Which one are you living by today?

Which side of your dual-nature do you aspire to reside in, to enjoy its fruits: bitter or sweet?

The devilish one, where you feel insecure, anxious, scared, judgmental, and not sure of the Mystery? Or ….

Your angelic side, in which you smile inwardly at how close you are, actually, truthfully, to being a Part of the Mystery, continuously, intrinsically … innately?

Fortunately, each of us is given the choice. And if you’re in a situation where you feel you don’t have the luxury of that choice, it’s time to either RUN away, start afresh, or ASK for help. We are here to help others. Nothing is impossible if we do it all together.

My last thought for today, dear friends, munch on this:

we are all interconnected cells within the Body of the Mystery

we are all interconnected cells within the Body of the Mystery

Love and Light from Lordflea

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AND … my NEW website that explores the Mystery a little more via words and visuals, a la Lordflea

Breaking the Ice

“You have to make art stronger than life so people can feel it. Like Franz Kafka says, ‘you have to take an aX to the frozen sea in people’s hearts.'” quoted from Annie Liebowitz, photographer.

What does it mean, to me, to “break the ice in people’s hearts”?

As an artist, a writer, and a lover of Great Spirit, honoring the phenomenon of Universal Consciousness that unites us all—this quote that I share in my post today means a LOT to me. It means that whenever I create a work of art, small or large, writing or an object, or even cook a dish to share with another, I attempt to put into it as much of my power, my energy, my lust for life as i possibly can. It didn’t use to be like this for me. No no no. There was a time when I thought art was about beauty. Or making something others thought beautiful. But all that changed when i went on a personal journey to try to understand what art is, and the incredibly astounding POWER that art transmits.

In ancient times people used art to glorify their deities, and made monuments to them. These contemporary parodies of an Egyptian Pharaoh and his Queen are my way of saying, “yes, we still have sacredness in our lives, even if it is hidden within the many choices offered to people today.” This piece, done in papier mache, is actually a joke, because it depicts the King with an adjustable penis (never depicted in real Egyptian art!) and a Queen who is barechested and cross-legged, a very un-queenly way of being. The message I am conveying is that we, as ordinary people, men with penises and women with boobs and pussies, are just as likely to be kings and queens in our own domains, in our own lives—in our own hearts.

Strong? Perhaps? Breaking the ice in other’s hearts? Well, it depends. If the viewer takes long enough to relate to what the piece is about, there is a strong possibility of that happening. But…if the viewer just looks and see, “oh … what a pretty piece of something or other,” and doesn’t try to put the puzzle together, and ask him or herself, “exactly WHY does this sitting man have a noticeable penis, when ancient pharoahs never did? and exactly WHY does this queen beside him have bare breasts and her legs crossed, obviously hiding what she has there?”— well then, art is reduced to what politics has become, in my mind—simply a mass of opinions, confusion, and shouts of dissent no matter who is in the best position.

Art HAS to be stronger than life…otherwise it doesn’t make any difference. Why bother making art if it isn’t so strong that it wakes up the viewer? I can’t fathom any other reason, as an artist, to bother making art, the ways things are these days, if it doesn’t do just that! WAKE us up! So that’s the kind of artist and writer I am. I WANT to break the ice in other’s hearts. I WILL take an ax and attempt to break the ice in others’ hearts…with my art, with my words, with my ideas. Like this painting of mine tries:

this image has the Egyptian goddess Nut (pronounced “k-nhut” according to Joseph Campbell)  in the Center, who is always depicted in this kind of downward-dog pose, because She actually represents the path of the sun as it travels, each day, from one side of the horizon to the other. Of course in my translation Nut is disguised amid the flurry of energy that life is, that the sun generates. You can see her lower portion on one side, the right, while on the left side, her front side is recognizable from only the set of (three!) breasts and her grounded hands that peep out from the crystalline energy transmitted by her “work”—that is, traveling across time, being constantly eternal as the ancient Egyptians always thought of the sun as being. In the center of this interpretation is the Hiranyagarbha, the snake-with-its-tail-in-its-mouth, also called the Ouroboros, one of my favorite motifs. Within the inner space of the snake’s form is what is known as “the Cosmic Egg.” And what, pray tell, does all this mean? Well, with symbols these “ideas” signify the interconnectedness of us all. Just as Nut’s body represents the sun’s traveling the heavens, rising and setting each day, so too does the snake with its tail in mouth represent the eternalness of life, both the individual’s and all of creation.

When one studies the ancient scriptures which are the basis of yogic philosophy, the Vedas, one begins to expand our traditional western thinking that too often is confiding, mundane, and fails to explain, or at least, give a little Light upon the Great Mysteries that all religions have hence, attempted to. These mysteries, invisible or tangible, are the ideas that intruige me, and keep me occupied as artist, writer, and lifelong seeker. If you want, you can join me in this next drawing of mine I offer about the subject. Dive in. See if you can feel the interconnectedness that each of us, as individuals, have with the Universal–with the energy of Life, the continuity of all that is. A comfortable place, this idea, one in which i find great peace.

in the Light, lordflea

Hola de la Pura Vida—hello from the Pure Life

Friends, here I am in Costa Rica, surrounded by the primoridal sound of howler monkeys waking me up, the toucans chirping me to sleep, and the smiling faces of the people, los ticos, greeting me wherever i go.  After working hard on first a novel, and then a nonfiction proposal, my brain needed nothing but total disconnect from the world of putting words together.  Now is the time for rejuvenation, relaxation, and refreshing my commitment to helping others with my experiences. Everything is about connecting with the bigger picture, my friends. Nothing interests me more than the Mystery of Life, the magic moment of the Now, and the fact that we are all participating in an energy that connects us all—no matter where we are, or what we´re doing.

when i return to my own computer i´ll upload some nice pictures to share with all my readers. until then, please enjoy the past writings on my blog…there is a lot to share deep in previous entries of Lord Flea.

stay in the Light of Truth, enjoy the moment!

live, laugh, love, with your friend lordflea