why “Occupy” is important and spiritually-correct

Dear friends,

I’ve been thinking how to express that the Occupy movement is not only necessary, but inevitable. This is a test—for me a writer, as a thinker, as a spiritual warrior. As well as Occupy is a test for the moral and social fabric of humanity. I hope I can put into words what has been brewing deep in my heart. Some of you won’t agree, and that’s all right. But a blog is where we get to share our Truth….so here goes!

Yes, we are in the midst of a consciousness shift for the entire world, that’s for certain! It’s no longer just pie-in-the-sky hoping that one day our world will change from the over-materialistic, consumer-oriented one I was born into, into a world where people are focused on the bigger picture of what’s available in our human experience. And to me that is decidedly the spiritual experience.

Now, i know a lot of Occupy people are shouting about capitalism being evil, and corporations this and banking executives that … but beneath their revolutionary rhetoric i hear the main theme of their encampments, shouts, whispers, staying power, and unfortunately, some violence … as being the collective demand for a more human life. A life lived from the Heart, not the pocketbook or bank account. A new society in which its true value, and responsibility, rests with achievements completely different than what today’s world is all about. The New Order calls for (if I’m understanding the collective cry) local, state, and global unity and cohesiveness rather than the continuation of separation and class differentiation of any kind. Why is this a not only a logical demand but a necessary one? That’s an easy answer for me, since i’ve had to deal with the same issues in my personal quest.

Because when we are not spiritualized we are stuck in the muck, kept back, suffer, and inevitably, die without experiencing our true potential. The human race needs to embrace a mass spiritualization of its ideals, it’s that simple. We need to embrace the “Bigger Picture” rather than keep doing the old ways, which just don’t work anymore. And I’ll explain why I think so earnestly about the need for humanity’s spiritualization.

When a human turns their thinking, and starts operating differently, focusing their thoughts, actions, and power to a place of compassion for other beings, coming from their Big Heart instead of the Individual Head they’ve been programmed to fill with wanting-more: more power, more things, more more more, proving themselves “all right,” keeping-up with others, and worse, abiding by the ridiculous standards imposed by our lack-of-Big Heart society moderns have achieved — there’s no real satisfaction at the end of the day, at the end of one’s life either, in having lived a life filled with any meaningful satisfaction.

The only real satisfaction in life is when we realize that we are One. Everything that happens to one of us, happens to all of us. It’s that simple. If a person doesn’t achieve this perception of what “life” is all about … they’ve missed something. And collectively, if a society doesn’t operate from those parameters, it is less than what it could be. I would not go so far as to call it fascist, I’m not a rabid revolutionary. But I would say that living In Spirit is the only way to go, and that’s coming from a person who was NOT that to begin with.

So yes, the Occupy folks have my blessings. I think of them as I would a disgruntled teenager who is stressed from restrictions seen unnecessary and unfair and instead of becoming a professional lawyer, speaker, or leader, the teenager stomps, cries, demands, and confronts — oftentimes irrationally. Calling capitalism “fascism” is extreme, but hey! that’s what an not-yet-grounded In Spirit person would call a world in which what you own is more important that how you feel connected to the entire Universe

You see, there is a more serious, and very real future looming for us that no one even speaks about at Occupy places.

I’ve had a taste of this little-recognized reality of our future because, for whatever reason, I’ve been shown. I won’t go into the details here because you’ll all think i’m totally cracked, but let’s just say … I’ve been given proof that we are not alone here on this spinning blue ball in space. It’s been clearly demonstrated to me, and witnessed by two others, that we humans are being watched. Large numbers of “watchers” are aware of our petty little earthliness. And if we don’t get our act together and rid the world of ridiculous petty bickering, eliminate all nuclear possibilities of global devastation — well, as James Lovelock puts it in his Gaia Theory (paraphrased) … after we humans are destroyed by our own violent, stupidity and devices, the Earth will still continue to thrive, and repair its ecological damage — in time. We’re nothing more than renters, my dear Ones, akin to an infestation of parasites, we humans. We’re occupying a huge living body, collectively, and its called Mother Earth, Gaia. Nothing will stop our planet from surviving, even if we don’t.

In other words, we’re expendable. If the planet is to survive, just like a dog with fleas, the parasites must be eliminated. UNLESS, we get with the New Order and begin to transform our world and help in whatever way we can, little tiny act, change by change, to spiritualize our world, our human family.

So the Occupy movement is necessary. people need to hear that it’s time to WAKE UP!

The spiritualization of our planet has begun, and I’m one of those who communicate about this necessity, proudly dedicating my creative efforts as a writer and artist, to help others relax, let go of the old concept that MORE is better, and invite the higher, more realistic identification that All is ONE into their thus far, limited and self-destructing perceptions.

I write this today, Nov. 5, 2011 because there is an Occupy demonstration planned in my town square, tiny St. Augustine, Florida. I see my role as a person who can help to define and disseminate the information being shouted about by others. I’m a believer and supported of Global Change, the beginning of humanity’s spiritualization. We must transform small mindedness to encompass the Universal picture, because Earth is only one among many worlds, trust me. The science will catch us someday. What I saw, I saw, as well as my two friends who accompanied me that night, surf fishing off the coast of Massachusetts in the 70s. The selfishness of each country, each corporation, or person,  thinking they have all the answers would quickly — overnight! — change, if anyone witnessed what we witnessed.  We are not alone, my friends. Let’s get our act together before it’s too late.

Even if you find what I’ve shared hard to swallow, even if you don’t believe in other worlds safeguarding the possibility of what humanity could possibly do to disrupt the harmony of the Universe—it’s much more fun to live from your Big Heart than from your puny little “personal head.” Try it! Learn to meditate. Turn off your thinking and go within. All the answers are waiting to be discovered, right within your own Big Heart.

Please share this and let me hear what you think. I’m revealing deeply held personal beliefs here. Even if only one person “gets it” i’ll have not lived in vain.

in the Light,

your pal, lordflea

It’s the little things that mean so much

hi friends.

the other day my consort and i went to the beach for a swim and there, sitting on a sandy ledge, were three guys in tight spandex, wearing bike helmets.  there was a bigger, spandex-free guy standing close to them, and all four were relaxing, drinking cold beers.  It was quite obvious they were tired, finishing up a ride, perhaps. I noticed they all wore the same black and red official-looking outfits, so I asked them, “Are you guys in a club?” and they answered, “Well, just our own club. We’ve just finished a cross-the-USA-bike ride for this–” and they pointed at their T-shirts, which had imprinted upon them:

www.usacoast2coast.usa with the name of a children’s hospice, from—it turns out—manchester, England. Will wonders never cease! These guys had started out (the bigger one, as I’d suspected, not a rider, but the driver of their support vehicle) from San Diego, California a month earlier and were on the final leg of their cross country jaunt. For those of you who are new to Lord Flea, I live in St. Augustine, Florida. WOW. That’s quite a ride. You can imagine how flabbergasted Carter and I were. Why, we both asked, have you made this awesome journey? The tired men replied, in turn: “to bring awareness to our children’s hospice back home in Manchester. You have to do something like this these days to get attention, to put yourself apart from the pack. We need the fund-raising publicity, so….here we are!”

Well, I certainly do salute those guys. I didn’t have my camera so all i can do is write my congratulations, and i’ll be sending then a tribue of a cash-contribution. I hope some of you who read this will too. For fellows like them (a fourth biker had to return to the UK because his dad died midway cross country) to ride every day over a hundred miles, face the dangers of being run down by high speed traffic (they agreed, being a biker in America is very very dangerous), enduring fatigue, hunger, aches and pains (they all said it was unbelievably grueling at first, yet something “kicked in” about day 14 that made resistance futile. Yipes! fourteen days waiting to get used to that pace?). I walked away really admiring these guys. Carter and I invited them for a meal at our house but they said they wouldn’t be very good company. Honestly, I think all they were interested in was sleep. Maybe another beer or two.

And—the most curious thing of all—not a word was mentioned in our local newspaper, the St. Augustine Record. We asked the men if anyone from our town called the newspaper, and they said they thought so. But, we could tell … all they wanted was to finish their beverage, bike the last few 9 miles to the campground and crawl into the RV where they slept at night in some other strange American park … and return to the UK, which they were doing just two days later. I’m going to keep these guys in my thoughts. They are a terrific example of to what lengths some people go in order to demonstrate their commitment to their cause.

A few more minutes after shaking their hands as they sipped the last dregs of their beers, Carter and I were in the surf preparing for our afternoon swim. I turned back to see the guys on the beach … and they were gone already.

Will Wonders Never Cease.

will wonders never cease

will wonders never cease

so many delights in everyday life.

Yes, there are also sadnesses, and bad things to be wary of, too, don’t get me wrong and think i’m a flake who believes all and everything is just honkey-dorey all the time. Bad things happen. Extreme things happen. Terrorists plan attacks, diseases take down good people, murder, bankruptcy, and viciousness like rape do occur. BUT … what i’m saying is that where we put our focus is the tune of the song our lives are singing. I choose to focus on the magical events, the joy, the power of the human soul. The song we all can sing when we’re in tune with our own inner power, and those of good people everywhere. the Goodness of Human Power is all around us. All we have to do is learn to recognize IT, use IT, and invite IT into our lives as much as we can. And pretty soon….life becomes heaven on earth. Who can even say war or global warming are bad things if—now stick with me here—they result in humankind evolving to a higher plateau of being? Let’s face it, Hitler had to be taken out. And perhaps the earth going through its freak-out toxic stage here, where we are—is going to reverse humankind’s apathy and we’ll WAKE UP! and become more spiritualized, more mind-ful as an entire race. Wouldn’t that be nice?

We have to learn to trust goodness, of course, and cultivate it. Even if, dear friends, we are surrounded by dismay, fears, others’ phobias, extremisms, and neurosis…we can learn to say NO to evil.  We can stand up and fight against it. I’m studying the Baghavad Gita right now, and that is the exact subject. “Don’t be a wuss,” Krishna says to Arjuna. “Be a man! You HAVE to fight evil.” By focusing on the positive instead of the negative of things, we can combat anything—anything!—eradicating evil and replacing it with love. It’s up to each one of us to train our consciousnesses to focus on the unlimited possibilities each one of us contains, like little seeds waiting to burst forth into cosmic fireworks! Each one of us is a little bitty seed that can grow into something gigantic and gorgeous—like this!

each moment of life is a surprise

each moment of life is a surprise

i hope you have a joyous surprise in your day, and the next, and the next. Here’s a little inspiration about how we can cultivate that state, learning to invite the positive in our life and saying “no” to the negative.

each day make a special time to sit quietly. get comfortable. Set the intention of letting go of all thoughts, and prepare to follow your breath. Protect yourSelf from outside interference (noise, telephone, etc.) and close your eyes. Go Within. Learn to journey in the interior landscape of life’s possibilities—starting with your own life’s infinite possibilities. There are endless things to discover in this vast vast territory called your Inner Realm. Spend some time with your Inner Self. Listen to the messages that you WILL receive….if you sit quietly enough. And then, when you’re ready to come back to the everyday life you and I have to live, working, having families, friends, politics, opinions—try to bring some of that quiet peacefulness with you when you return to the world of interactions. It IS possible to learn how to be peaceful. It takes practices, yes. And learning some techniques helps (like the meditations focusing tools I discuss here and everywhere….especially following your breath).

And look at good art! Celebrate life by supporting visionary art! Those who are brave enough to depict the inner journey are often met with skepticism and mis-understanding. It takes a more patient, more thoughtful person to take the time to go beyond what appears to be “reality” and …. dive deeply into another world depicted in visionary (or dream-like, or surreal) art.

Enjoy this one:

always go for the HIGHEST

always go for the HIGHEST

Tell me how your day is special, and what joy you’ve discovered. I’d love to hear from you.

your pal sending Love and Light, lordflea

Dare to be Spiritually Correct … huh?

Hi Friend,

Just back from Boston where we spent a pleasantly gentile weekend attending a gathering of old college friends. 

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

bridge to nowhere ... crossing the Charles River

we got to share stimulating thoughts, discussions, symposiums, dances, exhibits, and most importantly, the sharing of life’s sweet laughter.

as i’d mentioned in an earlier post, i’m starting a new awareness about all of us catching ourselves in our tendencies to over-intellectualize and/or over-politicize, and become, more and more, aware of each opportunity to practice, and finally arrive at BEING … more and more … with practice, with joy, even … being SPIRITUALLY CORRECT

instead of being p.c. i suggest we all try to be, and help each other to remember to be … “S.C.” — spiritually correct.

you may laugh, but once you get the hang of this new movement, you’ll enjoy this carefree, “all for others” attitude, even in midst of the worst financial crisis, the most confusing and challenging of political climes.

take our pal Bob, here, showing off his new tattoo.  bob chose the ancient hebrew phrase honoring “Logos”… the “word” of Spirit … in his humble way of proclaiming his own brand of reminding himself to be spiritually correct.  a former businessman, now an ordained minister, bob has branded his love of Spirit into his very flesh.  i kept calling him “reverand biker bob” but … we just laughed, because surely he is not that.  bob’s tat is his own private reminder of his dedication to this new way of being:

Reverand Bob showing his new "logos" tattoo to Carter

Reverand Bob showing his new "Logos" tattoo

so, for the moment, my journey with you that my blog records, documenting my personal lust for art, nature, and adventure, is taking an inward turn as i report more about my most cherished discovery … that among all things people like to share about, the most important journey of all, and perhaps the most unbelievalbe … is a person’s discovering, and then embracing, the Inner Light within.

being Spiritually Correct, s.c., is to acknowledge this Truth (of Spirit) as not only real — but really important to remember.  to call yourself s.c. is to remind yourSelf to keep a heightened awareness ever at the center of all actions, all thoughts, in the rest of all our daily living, whatever that might entail.  being “spiritual” doesn’t mean just now and then.  being s.c. means to live with awakened recognition that we are all ONE.   being s.c. takes precedent over being any other kind of “correct,” be it social, political, intellectual, environmental, groovy, hip, religious, anti-religious, cultural or quaint, material or non-consuming, or … any other ways of being fashionably or unfashionably human.

try something new — be s.c. 

being s.c. means … letting go and letting Spirit into the scene.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

Dive into living In Spirit, being s.c.

fly from your restraints and you, too, can learn to fly, In Spirit!  let your own Inner Spirit be one with the knowledge that we are all connected, we are all One.  there is a discernible energy that connects us all.  as Chief Joseph said, “we are all connected, in the web of life.”

right now, everywhere i go and you, too, people are buzzing, ranting, non-sequituring, going off the wall (but not jumping out windows–yet!), being passionate about politics, the financial fiasco, the mess our environment is in.  on everyone’s minds is the need for climate change; we’re desperate for conscious, compassionate leadership.  and so it should be, all of us being passionate — right now — at this election time.  because we all must fight for what we believe in, and that includes stating, even fighting for our choices.  each of us must discern from the political pile the best of what is offered.

but come the evening of november 4th, we must all come together as One, no matter what the results of the u.s. presidential election is.

i won’t go into politics here.  this blog is not about that subject.  my thoughts are about art, nature, the environment, and the more important subjects (hey! it’s MY blog, right!) of finding the universal Truth that hides in the heart of all members of the human race, of all living beings, too.  we are all tiny cells in the body of what some call “God” but … it doesn’t matter what you call “IT.”  IT is a mysterious, mystical, but very real, very tappable energy.  IT is a force that is unseen, yet IT connects us all, in more ways than science has yet to discover, but they are quickly on the trail of pinpointing and proving: cellular knowledge, quantum physics, string theory.  stay tuned: michio kaku will explain it all, in all good time.

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT of plants is the same as ...

the IT within all … spiritual energy … a person’s chi, also called the kundalini, qi, tao, Great and Holy Spirit … whatever name we choose to call the Divine … is the only reality there is, the alpha, the omega, and … the Logos:

the Force within i call Noname

the Force within i call Noname

this is not serious, no-fun business i’m talking about here. i hope you realize i am reporting on the absolute certain joyousness i feel in my heart, and soul, based on my own experiences of discovering we are all One, all connected.  if you don’t think this is fun stuff–lighten up!  don’t get me wrong or put me in some box marked “weirdo serioso.”  no sirree.  when i speak of living a life based on being s.c. i’m conveying the choice to embrace an attitude, based on personal experience.  but don’t just scoff.   put this s.c. business into practice for yourself, and see your face light up, the smiles barge into your life, and others! 

a person whose life is based on being s.c. is much more prone to laughing and doing silly things like … being in an elevator with or without friends (as happened this past weekend up in Boston) and, for the hell of it, when the doors close and the strangers stuck with you refuse to look you in the eye, or even crack a smile … gently, mellowly start to Ooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.  you’ll feel the energy change, BIG TIME!!!  boy!  you’ll see, as we did, uptight strangers rush out of an elevator so fast you’re practically knocked down!  we laugh and we laugh, and we continue to Oooommmm in the most unlikely places, with or without friends.  this is all good, all great, all unbelievable loosening action:


help others rid themselves of stiff, old, doesn’t-work, irrepressibly stuffy and unfun thinking that needs to be unwound from the human collective soul.  

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

let go let Spirit into your heart, and learn to fly!

so come on, i dare you!  do something totally whacked-out remindful of Spirit today, and forget being “proper” or “polite” or “afraid to offend”…. just spread the word, of IT, of God, of Spirit, however you sing that song of bliss, whatever the Name is, whatever IT means to you.  

IT may be nature.

allow yourself to become calm, secure enough, just for today, somewhere a wild bird might easily choose to come and rest upon your head.  sit still, and thoughtful, breathe, become filled with s.c. … in your yard, by your window, on a park bench … in a golden autumn meadow.

just allow yourself to feel the goodness of being in tune with the earth, this glorious earth that we are ever-more-consciously stewards of.  your activism starts with remembering the beating of your heart, of listening to your own breath.  your entire life will feel so much better if you invite your busy mind to just stop — for a little while — and merge with your natural surroundings. become safe enough for a wild bird to trust its life to, to alight upon the top of your head.  feel the tender feet of the bird believing you and IT are indeed, the same.

breathe deeply in, pushing your belly out with the in-breath… breathe gently and long out, contracting your belly with the out-breath.  merge with your breath.  why not?  what have you got to lose?

that is what i mean by being “spirituall correct.”

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

each of us can sit easily by the river of our lives ... in close connection ... being s.c. by just noticing how we breathe

wishing you all a fun, shimmering, serene day, even in the midst of the most tumultuous firey tempest,

in the Light, lord flea