The magic moment is always this one, here

Every time I look up at the sky I’m amazed at the vastness of our world. So much! So much to know, so much to do, so very many to do it with. It’s really quite overwhelming, isn’t it, if we allow ourselves to think this wildly, exuberantly expansive way. In order to carry on, however, most of us have devised methods of maintaining our cool, keeping our minds focused on that which is right in front of us. And this is a good thing, the very best, actually, because it’s in what is right now, right here, in this moment—not what happened before and not what might happen afterwards—that the “magic” of life happens. In each moment, the sense of Being can truly be felt. This is the magic I’m talking about. Owning our humanness, in other words. Realizing that to be born human is a great gift. When I learned to simply focus on how fortunate I am to have been born human … I surrendered to the mystery of that experience. Joy happens each and every moment when we remember to stay focused on the simple fact of the uniqueness of being a human. Our human life is a gift. What we choose to do with it is the deciding factor of whether we reside in the state of contentment—or our other choices like: fear, anger, resentment, confusion, or sadness. Me, I choose to stay in the magic moment of the now! What’s your choice? It is a choice, you know.
In love and light, your pal lordflea


Everything aglow coming from the muck below

some of you may know that i’ve been writing a book. and some of you might know that i’ve been trying to get published through the customary means of approaching agents, publishing editors, etc. etc. And maybe some of you also know how darn hard that happens to be these days. Of course: Everyone wants to be an Author, Everyone is an Artist … everyone’s mother and grandmother especially.

So … i am here to tell you that i’ve taken the plunge and have embraced the new paradigm shift that is occurring right now, as we speak. Not maybe but with a bigtime NOW. The wave of change is upon us. The tsunami of each 21st Century artist and author (including musician, dancer, poet, scientist, manicurist … any person who offers new and different things to the world) must take the bull by the horns and promote themselves.

nobody else is gonna do it for us, right?


After hedging and “trying” over and over (my excel sheet of rejections is topping 100) I am plunging in and making a plan to offer you, the interested reader of all sorts, the opportunity to read at your leisure my trilogy of transformation.

HEART ISLAND: tales of an unnatural naturalist

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Second step: Enjoy the moment, each moment. The Magic Moment of the NOW! Here’s a little something to help you focus on “That.”

within each of us, we are powerFULL

within each of us, we are powerFULL

All we need to tap into our own inner power — to rely upon that source of unlimited energy that makes us able to do the unthinkable — is to relax, breathe deeply, shut outside disturbances off (if only for a moment at a time!) and FEEL the true matrix of our Being. Feel that we are truly One. Each one of us is truly a vessel of Universal Energy…no matter what you call it (Spirit, God, etc.).

So that’s what’s going on with lordflea! hope you enjoy my new presence. As always, I’ll be posting here about other things besides “my life.” I like to keep the subject of this blog timeless, non-political, non-personal, and useful for everyone who wishes to be a little more less stressed and waaaaay more happy.

all our energies ... constantly getting recycled

all our energies ... constantly getting recycled

and don’t forget, for those who want to read the first couple chapters of “Heart Island” I have made a special blog for just that reason, for your convenience: Heart Island, tales of an unnatural naturalist

in Light and Love, Lordflea singin’ with y’all

Staring at my feet


the importance of what i spend my time doing the most of has been central in my thinking of late. y’know: you are what you eat, and you certainly become what you think. that’s why i haven’t been bloggin’ as of late. wanted to keep centered in my heart, and not just spew, at least for the sake of spewing.

i do this occasionally. withdraw and feel life living me, instead of trying to be so active, so concerned, so consumed with “other” that i forget this experience of life itself. here’s another way of looking at it:

the interconnectedness of All

the interconnectedness of All

all i have is my self, and my Self–the little me that squirms with responsibilities and worries, and the big Me that knows there is more to this life than i’ll ever know…and to feel the majesty, the magic, the wonder of it all is more than enough for me to be concerned about. certainly enough upon which to base my creative energies’ pursuits–my arting, as i call it, whether i paint, draw, make a garden, a cake, or sew a sail, write a book–or blog.

this feeling of being connected to all came to me as a child. then i lost it. then i rediscovered it later, mostly through working on getting rid of the garbage that my mind collected over the years. now i have trained myself to stay as much as possible in that simple place, that inner place, where the breath connects with even the movement of faraway galaxies, and the knowledge, the Truth of feeling connected is real–this is my daily experience.

the drawing i use as an example shows us all in our “Higher Self”… our so-called “angelic” bodies…that part of our nature that is connected to the Highest good for all. yes–we all have that in our nature, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you exercise that birthright, that ownership of your highest nature, or not.

living in the moment; accepting our sacredness, our divine nature–our Higher Self: this is the way of living i want to share with you, not because of any other reason but my humble offering to help make the world a better place to live in.

we are not all just scrambling around trying to get something to eat, or make happen, or elect, or conquer, or succeed, or even be good at. but yes, we all exisit as individual cells within the larger “thing” that makes up this known reality…what is called the Universe (and some call, simply, “God”).

we're all a part of a whole

we are all One, breathe, and feel: Truth

many other things have passed my mind, and of course i’ve been doing many (many!) other things since my last entry here. don’t worry. some of you who read my blog might think i’m just a holy-roller who only sits around contemplating my navel. but no—-i have a family, a job, lots of social duties, and creatively i’m consumed by writing a nonfiction narrative, illustrated, naturally, which i am debating about uploading here, so i can let you, friends on my web, read as i write, day by day. but…i haven’t decided to or not. ha ha! all i can say for now is…writing this book is certainly my immediate, and main creative focus, not this blog.

my garden has been covered with an entire truckload of mulch, delivered free by a tree-man who took down a big One over at my mother’s place. Carter and i’ve been doing lots of HOT HOT yoga, in our little yoga shed, which i call the santosa shack (santosa being contentment in Sanskrit). we chant, we meditate, we even attend his church, ahhweeee, diversity in God-liness! lots of cooking (made dosas twice this past couple weeks…a lentil and rice fermented east Indian flat bread, terribly exotic tasting, and terribly nutritious because of the legume and grain mixture). what else? oh so much biking, hiking, rehabing my knee, still injured from dancing too fiercely at daughter’s wedding way back in June. injuries take energy. life takes care. time is precious. do i use it wisely? i try to. when i lay my head down on my pillow, i feel rewarded by deep, comforting, beautiful sleep. what a gift, life is.

i will do a page next, i promise, on a subject i’ve been thinking a lot about: what to say to someone who is really, truly, either physically, spiritually, or mentally suffering.  because recently i ran into an old acquaintance, who has all the world at her feet: she’s rich, successful, socially powerful and consciously humanitarian beyond measure—but—she’s absolutely miserable.  the only outer proof, however, is that of her uncontrollable, mind-numbing, self-pitying drinking.  of course she’s in denial about having a drinking problem. and i simply can’t share with her my own experience in that matter (being in alcohol and drug addiction recovery now for my third decade)…but i can post a page here. perhaps one day a chink will open in her tightly-bricked-up facade, and what a person formerly-miserable (me) has to share with another who still is (her), will make a difference.

a little light in the well of darkness, that’s all i attempt to do…with my art, with my words, and now with this public web-spew.

so look on the right hand side in a day or say and you’ll see a new page. those pages stay up, where this post side changes when i enter a new one.

whew! i finally figured that out! now, if only i can find my beautiful color paintings. let me see, let me try again. a treat for you, perhaps?

plants, animals, mineral--we are all One

plants, animals, mineral--we are all One

i love each and every one of you, truly! lord flea