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More Than Horrified … I Am


the Journey of Life, Complicated

Amid all the turmoil and hardships, challenges and tragedy, assimilating (or denying) the violence of gun-happy Amerika — I continue to still be amazed by the glory of this journey we share together: life. I can say this after I’ve dried my tears.

Not even the latest mass school murder can plunge my heart back into the stony block it once was set in, long ago. Before I learned to accept that so-called “bad things” are part of life, and shouldn’t be denied, rejected, or feared. I won’t let one crazy kid diminish my trust in humankind’s upward evolution! I won’t let the challenge of living in a violent society lure me back to where I once was: believing there’s no sanity, no reason or purpose to living other than enduring it.

People everywhere, not just Americans, are in shock, disgust, and mourning over this week’s latest school shooting, right here in Florida, my home state. What happened here is a symptom of the dis-ease of fear that’s threatening to spread throughout the world. Fear’s children: mental problems, violence, guns and neurosis are, in my mind, presenting opportunities for more upward growth. Once we get over the shock of murdered children.

The human condition is fragile, always changing. Our instability is revealed, once more, in the current rash of violence in America. Innocent victims’ lives are cut short by … an imbalanced person who too easily got their crazed, itching hands on too-readily available guns.

Are guns the problem? Or the mental instability so rampant in today’s civilization?


My heart bleeds over the insanity of such unfounded craziness as another mass murder of children and their guardians. All decent folk are worried, concerned, getting sick of it all. There’s no turning away from the horror this next heinous act screams the truth: that our society, as well as our environment, is toxic. One person’s derangement punches a hole in the fabric of all our lives, like a contagion of darkness seen in the midst of an otherwise beautifully opening blossom of possibilities.

Evil and ugliness, horror and such violence as child-murder, these aren’t supposed to be one of the possibilities!

Yet — the darkness is part of the light. And, as one songwriter puts it, “You need the crack in the darkness in order to let the Light through.”



let’s let in the LIGHT

Surely, this infection of dark evil doesn’t permeate the entire pattern of humankind. Yet one person’s heartless deed can diminish the overall effect of many others’ efforts toward peace and harmony, making some lose faith that our collective human heart still has a chance of opening wide and fully, like the newly blossoming flower it is.

I try to sense more than what appears to be. I’d like to think the entirety of this existence we’re sharing here on Earth is Good. Evil is, unfortunately, a small part of our human fabric. Just as so-called “evil” in Nature, like the poisonous snakes we watch out for, in forests or whimsical gardens, every landscape is filled with them as well as beautiful blossoms.

Oh a hike or a camp-out, there are gnats whisking about my face trying to take away the feeling of bliss, being connected to All That Is one more easily gets in the Wild. Yet, the prospect of evil lurks behind every wall, under every rock in Nature. We have to watch ourselves, continuously, in order not to fall off cliffs, get mashed by a rock, get bitten by a bumble bee. To make sure we don’t step on the poisonous snake or allow too many gnats to bite our delicate skin — we watch ourselves.

Whenever a gnat appears at one of the wilderness campsites I love so much, attempting to feast on my blood (as gnats are designed to do, like mosquitoes, like ticks) — I have to accept their presence yet I take precautions. Otherwise, they could harm me, infect me with their contagions, and generally make an otherwise pleasant visit to the Wild nothing more than Hell on earth. So I spray bugs away, wear appropriate clothing, and watch myself. Where I walk. Where I put my hands, where I pitch my tent.

Dealing with Nature is part of the experience of going into the Wild. To be open to Her glory, but also to protect ourselves from Her dangers. You can’t expect to have the comfort, sanitation, and predictability of sitting in one’s living room, watching a TV-special about Nature when you decide to actually go into Nature. When we accept Nature for what it is, natural, and unpredictable, just as gorgeous as it is dangerous — that’s one way how we can better elevate our senses. We become One with the essence of our environment. We accept the dangers, as well as the glory of our natural existence.

So as I prepare knapsack, supplies, tent and hiking shoes, I always remember — bug spray to ward against insects; and  knife, don’t forget the knife! I know the bugs will be there. And the knife is for, well, just about everything else. There’s no getting away from irritating insects (unless an unforeseen phenomena of weather, wind, or seasonal, unknown hatching rhythms happens to align with my camping plans, like a cosmic event similar to the recent Blue-Red Moon, in which several rare celestial events lined up, ones which won’t simultaneously occur for another 150 years).

The gnats of life are always with us. Thus too, killers will always be among our human population. As well as rapists, adulterers, and every other sort of aberration known to the human species, Dumb shit asshole people! They’re a dime a dozen. Mentally ill? Or evil? Seeds of the Devil? Or … just part of the natural balance of the human experience? Nature has dangerous killers, too. Tsunamis, typhoons, wild fires, floods, over-the-top unfair, yet natural horrors of everyday life here on our floating ball in space.

we are ONE

lift ourSELVES UP: we are ONE

Hardships are always going to be around, no matter what. We have to accept that life is filled with bad as well as good. And really, these labels, what are they? Just ways of defining which events hurt, called “bad” and which feel “good.” Is a hurricane “bad”? Is an earthquake? Simply because … it exists?

When we read of another catastrophe, we breathe a sigh of relief it didn’t happen to us. But all these evils, the “bads” of life, they’re as much a part of our collective story as the joy, the bliss, the “goods”.  Crazy people are, sadly, naturally occurring events. People do go nuts, or are born with incredible handicaps that push them toward insanity. Massacres and mass killings have taken place since the beginning of recorded history. Just as Earth’s weather patterns goes berserk and kills. Rains ruin crops, cause droughts and starvation, Nature causes children to sometimes be born lifeless by even the healthiest of mothers (my own mom). In a certain perspective, Life is a seesaw of opposing events, a balance of goods and bads, rights and wrongs. Is it any wonder that humans call “the Devil” that name with its “D” in front of evil?

Yet, for every eruption of a volcano the planet has, every eruption of a madman’s gun pointed at innocents — we endure. We heal. We pick ourselves up and wonder at the shocking drama that continuously unfolds before us. Most days, the play, the interaction is filled with more marvel and mystery than misery. But this past week, with another school shooting — the drama has taken a very sad turn, once again.

Every single one of us has had our share of tragedy. Some of us accept it, some of us can’t. Simply can’t. Some of us spend precious time complaining, protesting — or worst of all — denying. Some unfortunates decide to off themselves because life seems too damn hard. Too awful. Too hopeless, and helplessly evil.

But today I want to share with you how I see the balance of life, in life of the role tragedies play, as necessary, unfortunately. Painful things happen, and we must learn from them, take action, and make sure we combat the negative energies they produce with sufficient positive forces to counterbalance, and conquer the demons of evil. Or else — evil may override the beauty of this creation.

Just ask yourself: How many good things do we hear about? How many times do we hear in the News about the number of people who are achieving great things? Awakening to the Light of Higher Consciousness instead of how many were murdered by an imbalanced person?

I’m happy to report that in this morning’s NYTimes I read the “Good News Column.” Wow! And I hear from other sources that more and more news sources are including a special section for those who are sick of the bad news, and want to fill their minds with at least some good news. But let’s face it: bad news is more sensational and … bad news sells.

The News goes for sensational, period. Yet everyday there’s scores of people who do great and wonderful things. Inventing new ways to celebrate our humanness. Researching new sources of energy, discovering cures for debilitating diseases. Dreaming solutions to what used to be unsolvable, hopeless predicaments. Taking on new and more difficult challenges.

Our species is awakening, in a grand and unprecedented fashion. We have embarked upon the next step of evolutionary heights that we have, step-by-step, been taking in our human journey together. Some of us, unconsciously, choose to focus on what mainstream media dishes out. Others (more aware of outside influences) look within, and search the goodness that’s spreading throughout the world one person at a time. Social media fans the flames of humankind’s robust metamorphosis as much as it’s accused of hampering with the 2016 election.


choose your life’s focus, Light or Dark

The internet can do anything! If you’re a News junkies, glued to the latest Breaking News report, or social media gossip feed, or ever present Amber- or sex-offender screen-alert, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But people who operate away from the internet’s ubiquitous influence, can create the kind of goodness they want, just by staying away from the News. So we think, we become. If you want to be happy, try substituting happy thoughts instead of watching/reading the News.

That’s why I’m proclaiming some good news today instead of joining in with the national mourning over the recent killings. Yes, I’m upset but I do not despair. My focus is on other things besides atrocities and negative outbursts of insane people, young or old.

I focus on the knowledge, which I know without the slightest doubt, that our human family is healthier than it’s ever been. More people are able to receive education, more of us are free, living without tyranny, capable of choosing our own destinies! We are choosing to awaken to a higher understanding of how to live, accept one another, become more One in reality, not just in name. The number of those already awakened (not brain-washed by mainstream propaganda) persons is beyond the tipping point. Our species is right now changing from fear-based to opened to higher possibilities. What those possibilities are — is without limitation.

I’m not an idealist. I’m simply a chronicler of what’s happening. I look all around me, and I record what I see, hear, and understand to be true. And No, I do not sit in front of a screen to watch others tell me how to think. I know the News; I read about what’s happening elsewhere, everyday, on my iPad. At one time, usually in the morning. I’m aware of other events as they unfold throughout the day, but mainly focus on my work of chronicling the uplifting of humankind’s consciousness via words and images.

I decided long ago that I had to protect my well-earned peace of mind. I choose to not get upset, give up, get outraged, go into despair and accusatory mode.

All my adult life I’ve been concerned with observing my own evolution of consciousness. For those of us who choose to “be as aware as possible” this is a delightful pastime. As an artist and writer I’ve documented my own journey from my early stage of total fright about life, right on up to here and Now. My present state which I call Being-ness, the state of Accepting All That Is.

Awareness is described by others, teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, as allowing that portal of inner comprehension that allows us to feel connected to All — to fully open within us. After facing our blocks, dissolving our resistance, we can go through this portal within, which allows a person to understand how we are all One. It took me a long time to reach this place. And now that I’ve done the work of letting go of fear and fright, ridding myself of the barriers that deflected Truth, and now enjoy my own mind’s stilling … my role as spiritual activist is simply to share it.

That’s why I write and art. That’s what compels me to speak of today’s subject: being amazed more than being appalled over the tragedies of life that we all share. Not a single person, I bet, is untouched by children getting killed at their own school. It is a horror akin to being bombed by a sudden energy attack.

Yet — life continues. The moments, minutes, and hours after the attack — keep happening. Life .. keeps happening. We breathe In, we breathe Out. One breath at a time, we continue living.

Yesterday I discovered that I’ve been sharing my thoughts on LordFlea for ten years now. Without a whisper of celebration, I have already spent an entire decade of making public the journey of awareness I’ve been on. As I plan to continue being on. I’ll share what I can, not giving a care whether anyone listens here or not, believes me or not. Documenting my experience is simply something I must do.

Before I started LordFlea, in December 2008, I used to have a heavy sinking depression — based on the false belief that there was nothing I could do to communicate the amazing and very real sense of Oneness that is, truly, my reality. Sure, I’d been making images about discovering, testing, proving this sensation for many years before I began writing about it. LordFlea has been my chosen vehicle to help me make the transition from image-making artist, solely, to writer/artist who chronicles Beingness. I am happy to serve! It is my pleasure to share what I have experienced with all of you!

I’m happy to announce I’m at the final-edit stages of my next book, which you’ll hear more about in coming weeks. Stay tuned. And here’s the link if you’d like to see my current publication: In the I: Easing Through Life Storms.

Be Love!

Your pal, Lordflea, aka teZa

Feeling, Being Open, Willing to Change

unveil your true Self!

Sharing the Mystery with YOU!

Hello Dear One,

For several weeks now I’ve been clearing my life, my desk, my mind of leftover stuff. Mostly the remnants from my last book project. In the ‘I’: Easing Through Life-Storms is a great success (rave reviews!) — and now I’m beginning my next book.

nurture the world

nurturing the world with shared ideas

When I began my indie-publishing endeavor I knew I’d publish three books in quick succession because I like trilogies. Things in life often come in groups. Five ocean waves always seem to travel in a group. Twelve months and astrological signs, apostles, a dozen eggs and recovery Steps. Three is, of course, a holy grouping found in the Trinity. Before Christianity’s there was the triumvirate divinity, a combined ONE 3-headed “godhead” of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in ancient India’s mystical search for meaning. Ancient Egypt also had a triangle of supernatural power: Isis, Osiris and Horus. In today’s world we have threesomes everywhere we look. Here’s three random examples from the real world:

  • high, low, and average in sports, language skills, culinary arts, etc.
  • democrats, republicans, and independents in USA politics
  • male, female, and in-betweeners in gender identity

Watch that third peak at Matchu Picchu!

After I finished the first book, a nonfiction narrative, of my planned trilogy, I assumed I would quickly publish the second, also a nonfiction that I’d nearly sold through a literary agent the year before. But then something happened that showed me this was not what life had planned for me.

How could I tell that life’s plan was different from “my own plan”? Ahhh, this is the most crucial question of all, one that I grappled with when I first set out on my spiritual quest of dedicating my life to serving the greater good. Dedicating my life to serving God’s will, not my own.

I remember when I first had to answer this question, “Is this my will or God’s will?”

Choose Happiness and Love over Sadness and Fear

This inevitable showdown that anyone on the spiritual path experiences, occurred for me when I first put down getting intoxicated. Suddenly I was faced with the very serious dilemma of deciding “What do I do with my life?”

I was given advice, thankfully. “Check out how you feel about everything before you do it.” But this is only possible after … our feelings have become our trusty companions.

Seems awfully simple, doesn’t it. But … here’s the trick. Before putting down booze and getting high, whose jobs are to numb, anesthetize, and drown out feelings — I never knew how I really felt about anything. Because that’s why addicts/alcoholics drink and drug — to get away from our uncomfortable feelings!

Lord Flea has done it again!

lemmeouttahere! Feelings HURT!!

So the more I ventured into the new realm of Planet Sober, as I called being “natural” and drug-free, the more I got in touch with my feelings. Some of which were pretty painful. Left-over stuff from bad experiences, maybe even previous lifetimes, who knows where they came from? Things I hadn’t processed, let go of, forgiven, or … figured out. Or realized they couldn’t be and I just had to accept them as … part of my psychic makeup.  This is how I came to embrace the fact that yes, I am slightly nuts. But what artist of any worth isn’t? Really? Glad you agree. Ahem.

The process of getting in touch with my feelings was thankfully swift and, as I said, guided by seasoned mentors. I spent a lot of time asking questions. I sought advice from those I admired. I listened to advice. I applied suggestions to my life. Assiduously. I meditated a lot, chanted names of the Divine, contemplated, and journaled till my hand  and behind cramped solid. In time, I got to know and trust my feelings as situations arose, one by one. I got to “test” my feelings. After much testing, I learned I could always trust that my feelings (the gut voice kind) were always the “correct” decision for me.

dharma brat images 7.09 077

rolling through the waterfall-feelings of life

Until … I arrived here, at today. Today I honestly trust whatever feeling arises, because I have “done the work.”

So, getting back to my trilogy plans. I had it all figured out, right? WRONG! Life happened, not my ever-so convenient plans. Things were revealed to me through other people that the planned second book of mine was NOT the right one to do, not right now at least. At first I thought, “Oh SHIT!!” How can that be? I’ll do it anyway! My publication plans rest on quickly getting the next book together, and this one is … ready to go. With just a quick overall edit, to make sure it’s in topnotch form.”

Well, after hearing more messages from “other people” (close to me) and also listening more closely to “my gut” (the so-called “mouthpiece” of our feelings) … I decided that maybe my well made plan was not the way things, the trilogy specifically, ought to really be.

So I played around with some other ideas. I had plenty of ideas to choose from, some well formed, some in infancy. Some old, some new. I even re-read old awful and amateurish manuscripts of mine that I thought were likely candidates to take the place of my “well made plan” candidate. But … it wasn’t until today, just a few hours ago, in fact, that suddenly I had the ALL CLEAR signal from my gut that … indeed, I had alighted upon the “correct-for-NOW” decision. A choice that came completely as a surprise to me, out of the blue, but when it appeared … immediately felt “right” with my gut-detector.

What does this ALL CLEAR signal of the gut feel like?

First and fore-mostly, it’s a feeling. It’s not a thought, not a vocalization, not an intention or focus written out, like a fortune cookie’s. Yes, that feeling can eventually be reached by speaking aloud (sharing with others) or writing one’s thoughts out (blogging, storytelling, etc.) or even by participating in casual conversation. We always want to pay attention to what comes out of OUR own mouths. Because sometimes we hear things we say to others that we didn’t know we felt, not really, until our feelings get spoken-aloud-to-others, safely, without any threat of reaction.


the energy of spoken/written words, “the matrika shakti”

This is the magic of the sharing process. That’s why “no cross-talk sharing” in the Twelve Step Programs works so wondrously, and are deeply healing. Because, when a person feels absolutely SAFE about what they are saying won’t be “judged” or “commented upon” (which is cross-talk) s/he get to hear how they really feel about something. I vividly recall, in my early days in the 12 Steps, hearing myself share, then being absolutely blown away  by … “I didn’t know I felt like that!” … immediately afterwards! It is truly a magical process, sharing aloud. I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling with inner conflict of any sort. But choose trusted, safe people to do it with, please!

So the trilogy is now in its second phase of operation. I won’t reveal what the second book is about (other than “the healing of our human environment”) because I feel that talking about a writing project before it’s in its final stages is … akin to letting go of the contained energy needed to produce the magic of an insipired work.

Stay tuned for how this second book’s journey goes, because I love sharing with you. Even if it’s not about what I’m working on at my desk, there are a kazillion other things to commune about, aren’t there?

Let me know how you feel. SHARE with me here, c’mon! Here’s an easy form for you to do it. What you write goes only to me, privately, and won’t be public, ever.

Sending each of you my Love, wishes of fulfillment, and shared waves of JOY

LordFlea aka teZa Lord



The Party (and Religion) of LOVE


Hi there, Friend,

Guardian of the People, mixed media, 27“x60”

Guardian of the People (mixed media on felt)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’m preparing my next book for publication but am spending 1-2 hrs each day learning, doing, marketing/publicity, to help spread the message of … LOVE, the theme of my last book (In the I, available at Amazon). So I thought I’d share a few thoughts about that, my favorite subject.

You and I are two of a kind. Why else would you be here, reading this? Some of our parallels and similar efforts are using the art of word-smithing to spread the Consciousness of Love where it most needs to be nurtured.

I was an ex-pat once. The re-entry process of living Stateside was very difficult for me when I came back, in 1980. I was a Caribbean ex-pat for the entire 70s. When I returned I had to give myself lots of T.L.C., and now that I’m back for decades … I seriously can’t wait to be an ex-pat again! My consort (26 yrs married) however, loves our little town of St. Augustine, FL where we live, so for now we’ll just be traveling. We prefer Latino cultures, and yes, both of us speak Spanish. Carter, my hub, much better than I, a mere beginner. He also speaks Portuguese, both of which he picked up in his twenties. We’re both in love with Peru, often visit Costa Rica, but next plan to explore Ecuador and more of Chile and northern Argentina.

Today the subject I’m posting about is Love and … well, let’s look at its exact opposite (in my opinion) … Politics, I have a few words to offer the discussion. Usually I don’t “talk politics” here on LordFlea AT ALL. But today I happen to have something important to add.

Of course, we all know of the huge schism that is present right now in America. It is my opinion, based on observation, interaction, etc. that people who are adamantly involved in loathing Trump are simply not believers in Love. They refuse to see that someone like T could be part of the “bigger picture.” That his administration is “Us” being taken hostages and not, simply couldn’t be! part of the Divine Plan of Universal Consciousness (aka “Love”). And toward that end, the dissers, dissenters, haters of “45” or other disrespectful name-calling these types seem to delight in, perpetuate separation and negativity. They spread hatred instead of accepting that “what is, IS.”

The man won. Democrats, just get over it! Just accept that your party did not win. Who cares about the popular vote? That’s not what America is about. Popularity has never been the deciding factor of politics. The electoral college (as complicated as it is) is the system that has worked since this country held its first election. The people of the farms have just as much to say about who’s running their political “game” as the people of any city. That’s why the electoral college MUST be more important that the popular vote. It took me a long time to understand this. But now I do.

Guardian of the Sky, mixed media, 27“x60”

Let go of Negative Thoughts (mixed media on felt”)

Just yesterday, for example, a confrontation happened that I want to share about. It’s typical about what’s going on here these days in contentious, explosive Amerikana. And why we need more folks like YOU who know that LOVE is the only answer. So here, yes, let’s talk politics, this ONCE!

yoga a la magritte

the Body Politic of Amerika, since Nov. 2017

Yesterday, my husband and I were in an elevator going to a celebration of “Living Legends” of nonagenarians in our community. These are 3 women and 2 men who were involved in early Civil Rights, and currently other aspects of social unrest like Black Lives Matter, and the #meToo movements. Wow, what strong African American folks, I’m so proud to be a human like them! Carter and I are good friends with one of the Legends, herself! Anyway, we were all crowding in to get to the 2nd floor where the luncheon was and here comes this man, a big man (let’s call him Len) like my husband, who knows us (we’re all arty types: he’s an actor/playwright, my husband a filmmaker; I’m writer/artist).

This man and his wife rush right in and Len sidles up to Carter and extends his hand. But when Carter firmly shakes Len’s, Len pulls back their handshake as if taking Carter’s hand all for himself, while laughing loudly so everyone (8 of us in the elevator) hears him say, “That’s a Trump handshake!” As if everyone were in agreement with his strong aversion to T. I immediately said, in a normal voice but pointedly polite, “Len, we don’t talk politics.” And he instantly turned and roared at me aggressively, “Well I DO!” So I (no wimp, self-admittedly) shot back, “Well sorry, we practice the religion of Love.” At that, the door opened and Len rushed out, followed by his wife and all of us went our different ways without another word between the four of us. Mind you, Len and his wife previously had always greeted me with smacks on my cheek as we are acquainted through the Arts. Not this time. The others in the elevator along with us — who’d silently watched this awkward scene, unfold instantaneously, combustively before them — scurried off, probably glad to be rid of all four of us.

some people just LOVE to argue and bitch and complain and conspire and .... yap yap yap!

some people just LOVE to argue and bitch and complain and conspire and …. yap yap yap!

As a side note, just after the election last November. another white friend approached me as I sat next to a black friend, and he, a notorious liberal clergyman, went right up to her and offered his handshake saying, “Allow me to apologize for who was elected President last night.” To which she, kindly taking the assured, collared man’s hand, replied, “What makes you think I didn’t vote for him?” And I witnessed for myself how a black middle-class woman defended herself, in the ensuing conversation, for having voted for Trump. The pastor had (quite incorrectly) assumed she’d voted for H, as he had, because of her skin color. The woman (a stranger to me) said not unkindly to the pastor, “Why are you calling me disenfranchised? I’m no such thing.” The clergyman became paler, aghast and embarassed! I realized in that instance that we can never “judge a book by its cover,” or, in this case, assume that because as person “looks a certain way,” that they are a Democrat or a Republic, a vegetarian or an omnivore, an agnostic or aetheist. A Hater or an ardent Lover of Spirit.

beginning never ends ... the spiral of life

WORDS … show where we come from … how we are … where we end UP!

Last night my husband and I discussed the elevator scene. Carter thought I was “asking for it,” by stating my truth so blatantly. I said, and still maintain, “I’m not going to be bullied by hate-mongers. I’m always going to tell, no, SHOUT!! to the world, that LOVE is the only solution. LOVE is my religion; LOVE is my political party!”

It’s a good discussion, one that goes beyond spirituality, rippling into politics and all aspects of society, for sure. A conversation of compassion and acceptance that we will inevitably be having many chances to refine, and practice in the coming years. Heal this schism in our social fibers, dear friend of Big Hearts — we MUST!

Our home is a mixed one, in more ways than just politically. I don’t “do” politics, and Carter (a former anarchist, today socially a Dem but fiscally, is a Republican) thinks T, even though of course he’s the ultimate buffoon, is doing great things for our country, nonetheless. My beloved consort felt Obama’s efforts were “ruining our country.” (Carter is a Harvard trained economist). But Carter and I are lovers of the Spirit, and … just as we allow each other to have our differences, our friends accept our strange cross-pollinated ways as well. We have a wide variety of wonderful and socially concerned, spiritually, culturally, enlightened friends. From “both sides” of the schism.

Me, I’m not a player. I refuse to play the games people play when they’re involved in such worlds as politics, sports, religion. It’s the same as far as I’m concerned for the Art World, which I laughingly call the “Ahrt” world. Ha! I’d rather just make art than play the games people do around it, buying and selling and turning art into a commodity.

a temple of nature---everywhere!

My creation is—a temple of nature—everywhere!

Just thought I’d share this one scene with you. Which, to me, is typical of what our country is going through, en masse. Most of my friends are liberal, but many are surprised to discover that my spouse is a stauch conservative, as both our kids are (aged 31 and 34). The liberals are, in many ways (I’ve seen far too many “elevator scenes”), becoming filled with such acrimony and hateful finger-pointing, that some are calling them the “party of hate.”

I’m now sure that an entirely new political party must be born out of the rubble of our broken two-party system. The system of two-alone to represent ALL in America, the Dems and the Reps, just doesn’t seem feasibly possible to be able to work together anymore. There’s been far too many impasses about urgent crises (the environemnt I’m talking about, folks!) to wait any longer for arguing politicians to be effective. Too few are willing to accept the wide differences separating the two parties. There’s too many implacable personalities clashing. People have forgotten that life-or-death issues are more important than personalities! Name-calling and loving-to-hate has taken over much of America’s collective consciousness, unfortunately. Sadly. But … not we believers of the power of LOVE.

A third major party is the best solution, in my humble opinion. And of course it HAS to be based on environmentalism (meaning, save our World’s resources) FIRST; economics (meaning, save people), second. Yet both considerations merge as ONE when people reflect upon any situation from the perspective of Love: meaning, the “greater Good.” Because, after all, if we have a toxic world, we’ll soon have no world at all. We must protect our planet, numero uno. Then … each of our nations can have their own national prosperity. I’d rather see the future be concerned about the unification of all nations, but I realize that’s not feasible during my lifetime. Maybe our children’s, though. The inevitability of all nations working together as ONE, will happen some day in the future. And that, of course, means worldwide Peace.

When that happens, our human species will be evolving into our next incarnation. Which, by the way, I predict will be named homo spiritus. BELIEVE IN LOVE!!

Meanwhile, I continue my spiritual activism, focusing on helping people realize that by holding positive thoughts, THAT is the best way to ensure a positive future for us all. Thoughts create everything. That’s why I’m hopeful. That’s why I choose LOVE above all else.

One-armed Angel (view 1), mixed meida, 30“x15”x8“

I am LordFlea, a lieutenant in the Army of Love

My religion and my political party is, always has and always will be — LOVE — another word for ONENESS.

I look forward to communicating more with you, my friend. Leave me your thoughts below.

Love and the Light of Conscious-awareness to us ALL!

Your pal, LordFlea, aka teZa Lord for more

nurturing Self, nurturing Oth

Comfort for a Lonely Friend

Heal Psychic Wounds

We all need to HEAL our Wounds

I can feel you, darling person. I can feel your heart, so far away but like it’s right beside me here, in my home, by my side, or me by your side (which I’d rather, thank you very much!). Either way, the connectedness of heart-recognition is strong between us. And of course I feel your pain about not being with your beloved, your recently departed. But … you must remember that you ARE!!! S/He is in his/her spirit body, that’s all! Nothing’s changed except their cellular, molecular configuration. S/He’s right with you all the time, everywhere, in the middle of every single thought, deed, action. Seriously. I know that sounds hokey, and oh yeah, more baloney, but it’s true. And of course hearing words doesn’t stop us from aching for that physical nearness that we had, and came to rely on, and need even.
You are strong! and … you must remember, and believe that S/He IS WITH YOU! You can talk to him/her (which I’m sure you do all the time), you can communicate with them, too, if you wish. And I don’t just mean like at a gypsy seance. I mean through stilling the mind, in a quiet meditation, where everything is ONE, that state wherein you and I and all of us, past, present, future — are ONE. That’s where the real nectar of life takes place. Inside the outside stuff.
Nothing on the outside really counts, or matters. Not where you are or what you’re doing, or whom you’re with, or not. All that matters is that which is within you. All that’s true — is to feel that you and I, and all of “this” are ONE. And that is where S/He that you miss so much truly is, and always shall be. And if you ever forget that, I’m here to remind you. Because it’s true. Not because I’m some spiritual maniac, or magician, or dumpkoff new ager.
Within ourselves, deep within, in that BIG HEART of ours I speak of so often, that’s where we’re all connected. That part of you that’s still child-like, and trusts that God is in charge. And if you can just remember that, you are okay. But if you forget, be kind to yourself, and just lovingly pat that hurt little-girl/boy that misses her/his beloved so much, and forgive yourself for forgetting — and go within. Go to that Big Heart of yours and start feeling connected to whomever, whatever you’re missing, because you ARE ONE with everything. And that’s where your beloved is. And always has been, and always will be. Forever.

fill yourSelf with LOVE

the Big Heart of our Humanity

The physical is so … physical. It comes, it goes. One day we’re young and healthy, the next we’re old and sick. Each day, each moment is so precious. The days won’t be that long before you’re old, too. Right now you’re not, but before you know it! Wheisk! Yyu’re there! That’s why it’s so important to count each second of life as a blessing, as a gift. Yes, the tears come, the tear run sometimes like rivers, but then you pull your shoulders back and remember … All is well. Love is within me. I am Love. Love is me. We are ONE.

I am still processing missing my mom. It’ll be two years in a few weeks. I’m astounded how much I miss her, still! But it’s true. She was with me for 68 years. I got used to her, I guess, even though she was sometimes painfully anti-me. She and I were one flesh, bound by blood and spirit. She and I now feel bigger, like we’re really ONE, not just related, mother-daughter, but in a conscious way she has merged into me, and I accept all that she is, was, and will be, within myself.

I imagine you must feel the same, only more lovingly, more achingly because your beloved was your spouse. Sexual energy is a bond that goes beyond blood. But that merging of energies, two as ONE, is still the Oneness that I’m talking about. Where two separate things really, beyond doubt, have merged, to become ONE, inseparably. like two rivers joined at their fork. Forever to be inseparable. That’s you and your beloved. Inseparable. And that’s good.
That doesn’t mean you have to be sad and mourn him forever. It’s a recognition that you can say to yourself, “You and I are forever joined, as ONE, and this we can celebrate in so many ways.” Then bless those tears when they come, those feelings of missing, of aching the loss, because they are reminders that you and S/He are ONE. Your life is no longer just “you.” Of course you probably felt like this when you guys were together too, but I’m talking about something deeper, something more … permanently a ONEness than could ever happen when we’re in our physical body.
I’m thinking of how I feel ONE with my mom, and I never felt that way when she was alive. She was just … my mom. But now, because I feel her, I invite her more profoundly into my life. I accept her now as an inseparable part of me. All the good about her, I embrace. All the annoying stuff that used to bother the crap out of me, I don’t pay any more attention to. In fact, it gets harder and harder to remember all the annoying habits she used to have. But when she was alive they drove me crazy, and they also drove me away from her.
all of us are cells within the body of Nature

all of us are cells within the ONEness of Nature

I’m so glad you’ve written me that you’re feeling your beloved’s loss. But … I’m just lovingly reminding you that, really truly, you haven’t lost his love. You’ve just had to say goodbye to his physical form. And what’s that? That’s the least lovable part about a person, isn’t it? The blood and guts and piss and shit part of a person. But you know your beloved’s heart, soul, his ever singing good nature, her kindness, his adventuresomeness, and all the other great parts of her being. Which are now YOU, because S/He willed their life force into YOU. You and S/He are truly ONE.

If you forget again, just write me and I’ll be happy to remind you, as many times as you need, my dear friend!

i love you, teZa​ aka LordFlea

from #MeToo to #Time’sUp

Hello and Welcome to my Warm Heart!

I hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy in this cold snap a lot of us are having. Here, in northern Florida, we just absolutely freak out if the thermometer goes below 70, and … today is waaaaay below that. There was a layer of ice on my birdbath this morning, and lasted until well past ten, when the sun finally came out and shined its majestic smile upon us. Since then it’s getting warmer by the minute. Ahhh, that’s what I love about living in the South. I used to live more northerly, but no more. We all learn from hard times before. I learned I don’t like to be cold. Others learn from all sorts of uncomfortable situations, feelings, and events.

noble warrior

Our head held HIGH, rememberin’ to Keep On Keepin’ On

So much has happened since I last had time to sit and share with you. We’ve celebrated the holidaze; I’ve launched my next book (“In the I” —Amazon link here); and most exciting of all!—My beloved consort Carter has retired from his working life! Yaaay for him, yaay for me, and yaay for us all getting through another holiday season. Whenever folks ask me, “So, are you retired?” I answer, “We artists never retire, we just die!” Ha, that always gets them thinking.

And it’s true. By artist I mean writer, musician, poet, moviemaker, dancer, painter, amateur or pro … anyone who lives to create feels the urge roaring in their bloodstream all the time, up to the very moment of their last breath. Needing to create doesn’t shut off just because we get to a “certain age” or have put out a certain amount of “work” … or met with “approval” or … god forbid, “Success.” That word success is absolutely relative anyway, we all know that. Like I tell Carter, my consort, “Health is wealth, so therefore we’re zillionaires!” He scoffs at me, but I know it’s true. As long as a person enjoys a healthy balance and can appreciate the small things of life, every breath counts and they are rich rich rich beyond measure!

the flip side of Taking Action outwardly: Going Within, Waking Up!

we are rich beyond measure when we appreciate the little things of life!

So that brings me to the title of this post. What little thing is really on my mind right now.

Since I wrote the #MeToo #UsToo post at the end of November, some major changes have happened as a result of many people coming forward and FINALLY! talking about “the upspeakable.” Just a few days ago a major step forward was made when professional women of Hollywood (actresses, directors, producers, agents and lawyers) declared “#Time’sUp” in this NYTimes article laying out ways that the entertainment industry will take real steps to safeguard a new era of male-female interaction in a historically oppressive workplace. It’s a new, much more open, much more honest time now for women’s rights. And the #MeToo movement is directly responsible for this transformation. I thank that pig Harvey Weinstein for being such an awful person to finally have brought down the house of cards upon which much of the professional world has revolved, and I do mean taking advantage of a person inappropriately because of their gender. It’s fit and proper that a clear resolution comes from the entertainment industry, as this is where the #MeToo movement originated.

I myself have never suffered in a work environment. Not since before I was 20 and told “young lady, you come down from that ladder!” back in ’66 in Nantucket, Mass. when an elder of that island-town told me I was breaking the local law by doing “manual labor,” i.e., house-painting with my male friends. I applaud all men and women who have been involved in this current effort of making the old sexual games revealed to the sun of Truth so they can be forever banned to the archaic den of iniquity. I fully support the way our society is opening up to making substantial changes as a result of the brave people (males and females alike) who have gone out on limbs to tell their stories in the #MeToo movement.

Now I want to share something painful that happened to me, personally, as a result of my writing my own truth in that post to which I referred above.

Shortly after it was public, I received a harsh text from a distant member of my family for speaking my honest truth, and as a result, I’ve had to let go of that relationship, which was not very close in the first place. But family, nonetheless. I was forced to step back even further than I had been because of this person’s (a female) inability to understand the importance of honesty in these transformative times. For some reason, this person took personal offense about my speaking out as a “victim of sexual abuse myself” and wrote me that she “was forced to defriend me.” Ha, how social media has taken over for us what we are incapable of discussing. Sad. Apparently, my words touched a place in this woman’s heart that couldn’t be opened by honest communication. So we have parted ways. In my post I made no mention of how, whom, when or where, only that I was speaking authoritatively as “as victim of sexual abuse.” That was enough for her to “defriend” me, although I do believe we are still relatives.

Speak truthfully (and not just in books) I must, and speak I will. Additionally, I will stand by anyone who speaks Truthfully to help our world become a more loving, accepting, and FREE place for us and our children to thrive in. I will turn from anyone, relative, friend or stranger, who does not allow truth to be spoken of in kind, clear words. I will not accept being told I must conform in order to be a certain “kind of” relative. So I wish that woman farewell, hoping one day she finds true peace in life, wherever, however she can find it. But certainly it isn’t with me.

the bridge tender

Standing naked to the world … with my Truth!

It’s important to me, as a person first of all, but as a spiritual activist who arts, secondly, and as a woman, lastly, to be able to always speak my truth. As an artist who writes my words are weighed as much as any image I present. Words are tools. Words have spiritual power above what most people understand they are capable of holding. And to withhold words in order to not create tension, or ripples in the fabric of an otherwise “happy family” is an even worse crime, in my opinion, than casting dispersion upon certain people and no longer wishing to be associated with them. I will never withhold my Truth. I will, however, wait in a timely fashion, before presenting any Truths that may hurt another.

I remember my hero Maya Angelou once saying something to the effect of: I speak my Truth. But I may not speak ALL my Truth. I’m going with Maya on this one, folks!

"Miss Calypso" -- the great Maya Angelou as a dancer and singer

“Miss Calypso” — the great Maya Angelou as a dancer and singer

I promise to always speak my Truth, and pledge here, furthermore, to always do even more so! If anything, I will reveal MORE and damn the queasy relatives who want to muzzle my comments. My close family and friends understand, because they live with me, see the love, the kindness, the respect I hold for all beings. But distant members of my blood family — they don’t know me. They only think of themselves when they read some words in a blog post I wrote, and think it has something to do with them.

What I write here has to do with expressing myself as an artist. Okay, one who writes, and uses words as sacredly as an iconographer paints a saint’s face, or a marble sculptor approaches a rare piece of snow white Carrera marble. To me words have the power to transform confusion into understanding, acceptance into tolerance, and yes, they can change even hatred into love. Any folks who get offended by my offerings — goodbye! I hope you find your satisfaction elsewhere. The world is a big place. Big enough for all of us.

And what a glorious thing that is!

Have a fabulous beginning of 2018 everybody. We’re off to a magical start, so far.

All love, teZa aka LordFlea



Little by Little

Baby Steps fisher

baby steps add up to … a Giant LEAP!

I’ve just completed an exhausting book campaign for my latest publication, “In the I: Easing Through Life-Storms.” The only way I could have achieved the great success this nonfiction narrative garnered  (a Kindle BESTSELLER the very first day, wow!) was by focusing on my goal of sharing my message of LOVE with the world. And then taking tiny baby steps toward that goal, everyday. Not getting overwhelmed. Never letting setbacks get me down. And certainly, never ever giving up!

All three of these things once stopped me dead in my tracks from achieving my goal in the past. Now I’ve learned. These are what it takes to achieve a sense of satisfaction:

  • focus ONLY on the goal (setbacks come with the territory of being alive)
  • never allow the feeling of being overwhelmed, no matter what
  • take baby steps everyday; feel each breath is yet another true success!
"It is not your time, go back," the Voice said.

never ever feel overwhelmed!

Sure, there were lots of hurdles to jump over, challenges to meet, difficulties to overcome, to write, publish, distribute this book. But here’s the thing: if we focus on our positive goal, we achieve it, little by little.

Here’s its cover, and click here to “IN THE I” link on Amazon for those interested.

PURPLY front cover in the I

We can apply these 3-ways to succeed to anything in life. It just so happens I’m talking here about publishing, marketing, and spreading the word about a true-life inspiring literary book. But we could just as easily be talking about how to turn the tide with social injustices, or how to change our world to a much better, safe place. The same principles to successfully reaching a goal apply. Remember these 3 things, and you will succeed in making any change you wish.

Take heart! You can, if you want to achieve something, even the most seemingly difficult! Whether it’s a personal goal like losing ten pounds, or finding a new job, or looking for a satisfying love-partner. Or changing the political climate of your country’s government, every choice you make adds up.

If you are displeased about anything, take a moment right now and … sit down and write yourself a goal how to change those feelings into something better. Create a positive goal. As you write your feelings, don’t use any negative words. Try to keep your goal as lofty, as high-minded, as filled with love and inspiration as you can. Why not? This is YOUR life! Make it as extraordinary as you can.

And then, once you’ve written down your goal and have gotten absolutely clear about what it is you want to achieve … just know in your heart and soul that everything you do from now on, every little decision, every tiny step you take, will head you in the right direction, toward succeeding with that specific goal you’ve set for yourself.

Now — your only job is to let go of any expectations. Do not focus on “what ifs” or “why nots.” Let go of thinking you have any answer at all. Your part was the making of the positive goal. The rest, the baby steps, the whispers, the heading-you-on direction is all NOW up to the Universal Consciousness that we all partake of. Every single one of us. This energy, this consciousness, directs the “show” we’re all participating in — life on planet Earth.

I’m sending each and every one of you many blessings for a gracious and love-filled season of Light.

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Help spread the LIGHT!!

My goal right now is to get back to my writing. After recent months of nothing but focusing on learning the publishing and marketing end of books, I’m ready to get back to the final-edit part of my already-written, next book. You’ll be hearing more about it in my next post.

My birthday is right now! In a few days. I celebrate being alive as much as anyone ever could. Truly, life is a gift. My gift is my love for each and every one of you. The more I love YOU, the more I love my life. Indeed, life is a blessed gift.

Sending blessings to us all! in the Light of Love, teZa aka LordFlea

here’s a contact form if you’d like to be in touch with me! I love hearing from you.

Introducing — #InTheI

My next book will be available this week! On Amazon and all other book-getting sites. And the audible book, narrated by yours truly will quickly follow. It’s being edited right now. I am soooooo excited, folks! Spread the word! The great reviews indicate people LOVE this book, its message, its uplifting inspiration and on-your-seat story.

Love and Light for ALL

spreading HOPE JOY LOVE is my mission as writer/artist!

One of my greatest passions in life is to share with others the tools that worked to change my career path from that of an soon-to-be middle-aged loser to a completely reformed, dedicated member of the mindfulness and positive-thought tribe.

The events related in In the ‘I’ occurred in a juvie lockup some years ago when I was the teacher, not the inmate. But I’d already spent time bucking my true calling, ending up in a prison of the worst sort. Not just the third-world one in which my body was finally incarcerated in, but within the locked-up thinking that my closed and negative mind-set had created for me, as well.

In the ‘I’ is about the class I offered girls in prison, as a volunteer. Called “Miss T’s yoga and meditation class” by the at-risk girls who attended each week, the book chronicles our discoveries coinciding a major hurricane’s eye traveling right toward the isolated facility in central Florida.

To the government offices that received our facility’s reports, asking for continued funding so this high security correctional facility could operate, and the academy could offer more than regular high-school classes and individual psychological counseling, in official papers our yoga-and-meditation class was euphemistically deemed as: “Empowerment Techniques.”

As Hurricane Charley was being tracked deep in the heart of Florida’s cattle and citrus country (having already rampaged through central Cuba the night before that August 13th back in 2004) I’d already been teaching Empowerment Classes for several years at the high-fenced, triple-locked prison for teenage girls. The Academy of Bowling Green (ABG) housed 52 girls who’d been adjudicated for repeat offenses, their anti-social behavior seen as both drug- and mental health-related. Other than being rounded up and housed together, in all other ways except ABG’s efforts, they’d been abandoned by a system that doesn’t help at-risk kids at all. After six months of going to ABG, I was rewarded with pay, unasked for but a welcomed addition to the budget of my family’s suburban home at the time, more than a hour’s drive away.

While Hurricane Charley gathered speed after leaving Cuba, Miss Ursula, the founder of this unique experimental facility, who also served as ABG’s Mental Health Director, started repeatedly calling Miss Estelle, the head of security. After the cyclone shifted course, hitting much further south than anticipated, Charley’s eye was reported to be “heading up the Peace River corridor”—straight for where the girls and their caregivers at ABG were huddling in fear, anticipating the worst.

That Friday the 13th, after trying to drive through the heavy storm conditions Ursula and her car filled with co-workers was forced to turn back to their St. Pete’s Beach homes, seventy miles distant from ABG.

As Charley gathered speed, I relate from my distant-in-another-direction home, how our Empowerment classes were regularly held. What we did in them. First we’d focused on our breath, settling into our deeper, inward selves, our inner ‘I’  as I refer to this peaceful inner state everyone has, if only a person wishes to know about it. I relate how our circle of 12-girls-and-I talk for a short while about yoga-related topics, such as “How to be more calm,” “How to feel untouched by outside stress,” “How to choose to be positive,” and other practical things. We then begin our hatha (physical) poses, some simple, some challenging. And we always end by resting on the floor (the girls’ favorite!) in a short meditation period.


resting in the calm of our inner ‘I’

At the back of the classroom sat black-and-white uniformed Mr. Lawrence, usually the assigned guard, who constantly listened to the chirps of his mandatory walkie-talkie that was on all of the many guards’ hips at this busy, hectic, noisy reform school for what society deemed “hardcore incorrigibles.” That’s the term the Girl Scout director called these girls who’d been forgotten by the rest of society, when I went to ask, and received, sponsorship from them to reach these so-called “bad” girls. I had sought out the “baddest” I could find, you see. Because I wanted to share with them what I had never gotten early in life, to tap who I really was. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I would meet the teacher that set me straight on the spiritual road to discovering my inner ‘I’.

The day before the storm, at our regularly scheduled Thursday class, I used the oncoming storm as a metaphor. The rushing-toward-us hurricane was an opportunity for a lesson about choosing to be calm in the face of the catastrophic event that, more than likely, would be roaring toward some place in Florida by dawn. Possibly, ours.

“Charley is like all of life’s many woes,” I told my yoga-girls that Thursday before the storm was due to hit. Then I proceeded to remind the girls, encourage them to “stay within your inner ‘I’ like we’ve practiced in each of our previous classes.

“I’m here to remind you, honestly, how all humans get to choose to be focused within, even in the midst of horrific outer-chaos, no matter what’s happening outside ourselves. These events, these Life-storms, are a constant. We get hit by storms of both natural causes or people-made all the time,” I spoke lightheartedly in our opening circle, not scaring them, but wanting the girls to be fully aware: They always have a choice.

there's always hope

there’s always hope

“Even if the eye comes here tomorrow, you’ll be absolutely safe inside these walls.” Miss Ursula assured them. She knew because she’d done extensive renovation work a couple years earlier. “When the storm hits, and it most likely will get pretty scary, girls, now you won’t be worried, knowing how safe this building is. If you remain calm, you’ll be given the chance to enjoy the power of Nature, coming so close to you, I’m sure. For most of you here today, you’ve never witnessed such a phenomenon.”

She looked around at her wards at the daily community meeting she was holding the day before the storm, before its devastating eye would be forecasted to directly hit their tiny speck on the map. Against all odds. The worse happening, to them!

“Knowing you’ll be safe frees up your mind. Now you have the choice to tune into something much greater than what might happen on the outside of us, when we’re hit by this humongous storm. Knowing you’re safe, frees you up to choose to not let your emotions carry you away, into the danger-zone of life’s outer, swirling chaos,” Ursula ended her preparatory talk that Thursday before Charley was due.

All the girls nodded their heads. They were happy to be reminded that they have this choice. To not be frozen in fear, or worry, or anxiety, or any other negative, heart-clamping feeling.

In class that Thursday before the hurricane, Katy, the star student of the yoga class who was also alpha-girl at ABG, shouted to the others, “Let’s not be stupid! Let’s do what Miss T says.” I smiled. All the girls respected Katy. She was the biggest, sturdiest, and oldest: the baddest of the bunch. Plus she was the only one who ever tried to run away from ABG, during an hard-earned home pass. Of course more time was added on to her sentence when she was caught and returned to lockup.

Alex nodded her head vigorously. She was to be released soon. She’s one who told me when she first came to class: “Doing yoga is the only thing that makes me happy. I used to be a cutter. Watching the blood ooze out where the razor cut me used to be the only way I could ever feel anything before. But now, I have yoga. I’m doing yoga for the rest of my life on the Outs.”

Also in class that day was the gang girl called Shay, whose real first name was the literary wondrous one of ShakespearesDelight. Hardcore Gangsta, her hood’s tats ran down those skinny, no-muscle arms of her looking more like a vertical brocade. Yet she was the most vocal in defying all other gang girls who “diss me for doing this wimpy ass yoga shit,” she’d report in our opening circle with a shrug and a rough laugh. At the back of the room Mr. Lawrence looked up at this use of foul language, and scowled, wondering, as he always did, if he should give Shay one of his usual “criticals,” a serious-offense recorded mark that particular grumpy guard was notorious for dishing out too easily.

Profanity was not allowed at ABG. Nor was physical contact. But in yoga class we did both: we talked down-n-dirty at our opening circle … before we got into our “yoga groove” and often, but only after getting a girl’s permission, I made adjustments to her pose.

There’s another reason why I chose to teach these particular girls. People often wonder why I was drawn to teaching girls in heavy-duty detention. I love and accept all young people who get in trouble, because that was me. I wished someone had guided me when I was going through my tough times, exactly like they were.

In class I revealed to each and every new girl—”I’m just like you guys. Yeah, I was a teenage alchie, then a druggie semi-criminal, too, before I decided to change. The only different between you and me, girls, is—I didn’t get caught nearly as young as you guys did. That’s why I chose ABG—to be with you, who most people have given up on—to share what I have to offer. Because finding out who I really was, learning to tap my inner power, after getting sober first!, is how I changed from my resentful, scared, former bad-girl ways—to who you see before you today.”

Eyes always popped open at these opening remarks of mine. I never elaborated even when pressed. I gave just enough away about my colorful past to entice, to create equality, to form bonds of solidarity, these caught, so-called bad-girls, and me—their former-wayward, now mostly-straight yoga teacher.


I’ll post a link if you want to purchase a copy for yourself, very soon! Check back, sign up for LordFlea posts here, or … go to my website and sign up for my info e-mails and book updates. Lots of exciting events coming up! Interviews, podcasts, giveaway contests! Sending LOVE to you! LordFlea aka teZa

PURPLY front cover in the I