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The 4th chakra, the heart region

The 4th chakra, the heart region

If this invitation sounds like a command, so be it. I can’t stress how important it is to let your heart chakra open. When you have done the preparatory work (review chakras 1-3 in previous posts) you will have, by now, embarked upon the “Purification Process.”

This only happens for those who WANT to know Oneness. Oneness is another name for Love, the unattached, un-objectified variety. Love is also known as God, and for those who call themselves seekers, spiritual, or children of God, Love is like the air we breathe. Love IS Spirit. The other types of people, those not interested in knowing Spirit say, quite frankly, “I don’t give a damn, Scarlett!”

And that’s okay. If this world were filled with everyone open-hearted, open-minded, what an ever so dull world this would be. In fact, it wouldn’t be Earth. Because, from time immemorial, we humans have known nothing but strife, hardship, and challenges to hurdle over on our quests to know Spirit. Some say that Earth is like a spiritual school that souls are sent to, before they can become truly set free from the physical bond, i.e., the body, in which their spirit dwells.

I don’t know about that precisely. But hey, why not! Stranger things have been found to be true. Like the “Light” that all people who are revived from having experienced death actually say they went to, usually through a tunnel. They arrive at “the other side” and “see” the similarly described Light. Thousands of these experiences are recorded. They see the Light and then are yanked back into their bodies, usually with the message, “It’s not your time yet, Rhett.”

dharma brat images 7.09 095

Allow your your frozen heart to melt

The greatest thing that’s ever happened to me has been to experience my heart opening. After that happened, all things became possible. I fell in love for the first time in my life; I married the man of my heart, we are a family, and we are living happily ever after. When my heart-opening happened, believe me, I knew it. Life forever afterwards has taken on a different perspective.

A person who has survived death (returned from being “dead”) is called an NDE (Near Death Experience). Their lives are usually forever changed, also. This sort of person, whether they talk openly about it or not, has a strong belief in Spirit, because, well, they’ve experienced “It” first hand. After experiencing what awaits for all of us at the end of our physical life here on earth, once an NDE gets “yanked back” from the Light, they all have a drastically altered outlook on life.

The same holds true for heart-opened folks. So make up your mind. You certainly don’t have to wait for something as radical as approaching death to happen for you to embrace what’s inevitably going to be part of your life, at the very end if not sooner. Embrace the experience of your once closed, or half-closed heart, fully opening.

Compassion HEALS All Wounds

Carry the banner of your Big OPEN Heart!

My meditation teacher tells us, “The reason we meditate is to experience a ‘mini-death.’ Because in the state of non-thought, when we visit the state of pure awareness without the associated mental gymnastics attached to our usual understanding, meditation is the reverse of this … when you sit to meditate it’s like agreeing to die a little bit, right then. Our ego dies a little more. Until eventually we are left with full awareness, pure clear consciousness, unobstructed Oneness. And the more we practice our mini-deaths by meditating, the more we’re prepared to live full and happy lives! And of course, the easier it will be to make the last transformation that happens at the end of our physical life. Our actual deaths.”

What I’ve written above is a paraphrase of what the meditation teacher taught us, her students. So my friends, I advise you to meditate as much as you can if you wish to experience the opening of your heart chakra. And chant as much as you can, also. Chanting, singing the sacred Names of the Divine in whatever discipline or culture to which you adhere, is one a powerful tool, a spiritual discipline that stills the mind and opens the heart. Vibrating with sound prepares us for a deep experience in meditation. The vibration of the heart chakra, set off by making sound within ourselves — is so beneficial. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is, to chant in a group especially! I regularly chant with our sangham, a group of seekers, and have hosted such gatherings for many years, both in my home and in a local yoga studio.


Make the sound of Ommmmm

A simple chant of Ommmmm (the “seed” mantra) is a lovely place to start. You can pronounce it A-u-m if you want to be more Sanskrit-correct, but Om works. The mantra associated with the heart chakra is Yam. The affirmation is “I am love.” The color associated with this chakra is brilliantly sparkling, emerald green. Yam is a splendid sound to make. I like to think of it as Yummy Yam (the way I remember Yam associated with the heart, which feels so warm and expansive when we eat something yummy, or spend time with someone who feels yummy delicious to be with).

Let me know how your Big Heart is feeling right now. This is the part of you that’s connected to ALL. I’m not talking about your actually thump-thumping muscle-organ called “heart” here. The heart chakra is the “psychic organ” called by spiritual teachers throughout the world, our Big Heart.

I love painting and drawing it. Here’s my version once again. Envision this gigantic burst of love within your chest in your heart region. Let its fullness fill your entire chest cavity. This chakra is also called the “cave of the heart.” Open your dark cave. Let pure Love shine its Light within you. Open to this magnificent, all-encompassing Beingness.


fill yourSelf with LOVE

Be LOVE … let your Big Heart OPEN

Please leave me a note here and tell me how your heart region feels today. Open, or stuck? I’d like to hear from you. Thanks.

And don’t forget to visit for the whole picture … of who LordFlea really is.

Lovingly, with my Big Heart bridged to yours,

I am LordFlea, aka teZa Lord



fill yourSelf with LOVE

The Bridge, our Opened Heart

Now we’ve raised our awareness up from what every person (with the exception of those in comas, or mentally challenged) is conscious of. A quick review of what “ordinary” people experience:

We ARE — 1st chakra, if we breathe we’re aware

We FEEL — 2nd chakra is knowing that our emotions are “signs” of consciousness, Watch Your Self!

We DO — the 3rd chakra, where our “gut” tells us what’s right, what’s wrong, doesn’t it?

And now … our consciousness has been elevated, and we’ve arrived at the Heart region, where …


fill yourSelf with LOVE

fill yourSelf with LOVE


Ahhh, the Mystery Itself.

This “Love” we’re talking about regarding “consciousness” isn’t romantic love, or love of nation, or loving your favorite sport or car or food. Or even what you love to do when you’re free from obligations. I’m capitalizing “Love” here because, what we’re discussing here in the purest, highest sense of what love means,. Our pure essence, like a newborn child’s, is what we’re referring to as “Love.” This is when our consciousness has risen up to the 4th chakra. “Love” is also what some call “God.” “The Mystery.” The Unknowable. The Ineffable. But, we are talking about it here, so I call it capital-L “Love.”

So … what does it mean, this word, love?


Our Hearts Connected—energized, in Love and Light

The dictionary says love is about passion. Strong affection. Attachment. Enthusiasm. Devotion. Concern for the good of another. To hold dear. Cherish.

These are good words. But words are, unfortunately in many cases, fickle little blobs of ink on the page (or screen) that don’t quite hit the mark. So let me share my experience of when I first became aware of my Heart chakra opening instead. I’ll help explain “Love” by sharing. This is show not tell, by the way. Takes a few words, so be patient.

Before this experience, I thought I knew what “Love” was. But I didn’t. After this happened, I forever afterwards had a different relationship with “Love.” In ALL its many aspects (romantic, humankind-wise, Divine-wise, loving family, pet, ice cream, etc.)

I had just begun my journey on Planet Sober. Meaning, I was finally sober after decades of abusing substances. Coinciding with my swearing off the self-abuse that negative addiction really is, I had become a serious student of a wonderful spiritual teacher. “The teacher arrives when the student Is ready.” This is SO TRUE!

This teacher of mine believed in the ancient method of meditation for the principal way to connect to the highest state available to humankind. For me, I had to agree. If you want to know why, check out my earlier blog posts. After seeking “Highs” everywhere I could, drugs, alcohol, experiences, adventures galore — the highest high I discovered was … right within me, when I was in meditation. I experienced this early in life … but couldn’t stop partying till I was in my mid-thirties. I wasn’t ready yet. Having an opened heart … is a responsibility.

This teacher demonstrated how chanting the ancient names (mantras) of the Divine was the best way to still one’s busy mind, so deep meditation could more easily be achieved. I was just learning how to chant. And how I enjoyed it! Being in a hall surrounded by the forceful, moving power of hundreds, thousands of voices! It was ecstasy like I’d never experienced. And these names of God were …. new to me. Unintelligible, really. Because this was in the ancient language of Sanskrit that we chanted, and my mind had no pre-associations with the sounds, other than their vibrations of sound, going deeper deeper, so deeply into my heart.

Because … if you make a sound (try it) this is where you feel the resonance in your body. The chest cavity. Hold your hands over your heart, and make a long Ahhhhh sound. You’ll feel a reverberation there, as if your sternum was a long-vibrating drum you can feel by touching the outer skin. The heart region is where we vibrate when we sing, or make sustained, low-pitch sounds. Like a cat’s purring, our heart creates a all-consuming vibration through the sound we make with our vocal chords.

In the disciple (very ancient and in many cultures) of chanting, the heart gets stimulated like nothing else can. It feels like a prolonged warm massage, with each long breath-out sustaining a note, and each breath-in (to refill the lungs) allowing another resounding, making the chest cavity vibrate continuously, uninterruptedly. And when you’re surrounded by the sound of so many others, chanting all around you, a person can’t tell where your own sound ends and theirs begins, and visa versa.

spreading the person at a time

spreading the sound of LOVE, one person at a time

And so I found myself transported, out of usual “self” with the practice of chanting. I felt my very soul vibrating, in unison with countless others. I felt combined with the multitudes of voices all around me. We were separated; women with women; men with men. The reason for that wasn’t obvious at first; but later, I came to understand. Men and women’s voices have completely different vibrations. Men’s are lower, women’s are higher. When, at a later date, I happened to sit among men while doing this sustained chanting, I was affected by the masculine sound. It definitely put me in a different “mood.” I felt agitated. I felt … not balanced (and I’m a very “masculine” type of woman, or as Mick Jagger says, a “girl-boy-girl.”) The sound of voices affects us very strongly, I’m sure you all remember a tear or two that arises when a particular “sound” moves you emotionally.

The event of my heart-opening happened weeks after I’d given myself over to the practice of meditative chanting. No longer was I self-conscious. And because I sat among all women, I never thought about “how do I look, sound, feel about … him?” I was in my element. Safe. Secure. Surrounded with … others very similar to me. Same sex, that is. We also shared the same purpose, in our vocalizing activity. A thousand voices all combined. I could hear the men, too, but they were in a different part of the large hall. And their energy wasn’t challenging me, wasn’t … disrupting my ability to melt among those like me that surrounded me. I truly was part of a mass consciousness. We were merged and become, truly — ONE VOICE.

And then — it happened!

Without realizing what it was, I suddenly found myself stop making a sound,because the energy coming from my heart was so … so …. Overpowering. So Strong! It felt exactly like there was a rusty old iron gate that had been shut tightly over my heart-cavity, for maybe a thousands years. It had been frozen shut, just like oxidized iron does. And now … it was being forced and pried …. OPEN … by invisible hands. Slowly, sweetly but yes, painfully because my heart had been stuck SHUT for eons. It felt as if the hands of God were reaching into my deep inner self and taking His/Her/Its two hands to pry open that rusty gate-heart of mine, ever so slowly. First, with jerking motions, this force; then more, more, more forcefullyl — then — my Heart chakra POPPED wide open! Suddenly. Painlessly. Wide wide wide open. Like floodgates suddenly thrown wide.


close-hearted folks, i call "rock people"

before, my closed-heart felt like I was a “rock person”


then — I joined the open-minded, open-hearted ones

I was stunned. Love consumed me. I became Love. I was … no longer “me.” Instantly I felt enveloped with the purest sensation I’d ever felt. This Love had no name or personality, or motive, or object or “any thing” attached to it. This Love I was …. is All there is. From that moment, until Now.

Love filled my mind with white diamond light. My body melted and I watched myself becoming this ever-expanding love. The warmth and fullness of my chest spread everywhere. I was one ball of a wholesome, loving heart. Was I chanting anymore? Probably not. Was I pure Love itself, me? Yes. Without a doubt. I can attest that I had become Love itself.

the Tipping Point

join me, in the Army of Love!

Now this may seem dramatic and surreal. But this is what happened to me. Maybe it’s because the situation was perfect, and the teacher was perfect, and the sounds of chanting set off a vibration, a trigger within me. Who knows? Who cares? An ephiphany aha-thing happened. One I’d been waiting my entire life for this event to happen.

So, my friends, this is what I mean by the Love that emanates from our 4th chakra. We get glimpses of it, here and there. When we’re doing something that raises our energies. When we’re with people that promote our higher understanding. And in innumerable other ways. We always know when we’re in our heart-chakra energy. We feel … indescribably wonderful.

This object-less Love is all-consuming. It might be call unconditional love. It might be called pure compassion. But whatever it is, believe me, you want it! And you can develop it by … chanting, yes. But also by meditating. And … most importantly. Not letting negative thoughts (people, places, things, etc.) exist in your consciousness.

When you are aware of the negative thoughts, then you are also able to say, “I choose not to let those negative things exist within me.” This starts when you become aware of your feelings (the 2nd chakra). But it really kicks in, big time, when your consciousness has risen up to the 4th chakra, and you choose to allow the heart-vibrating energy to … STAY there.

we all have CHOICES

Our CHOICES determine us being happy or unhapppy

For our consciousness to rise up, expand, we have to do self-inquiry. This is work, I won’t lie. The seeker must be aware of our thoughts, and guard the precious gift of awareness— with our life if we have to! You have to say “good bye” to all your negative friends, habits, tendencies if you wish to know the heights of life’s greatest opportunities.

This is the tough part. Violence. Once your heart has been opened, you’ll be so happy you’ll never want to go back the the “old you.” You’ll want to cultivate that open-heart you. Believe me. It will be so obvious when you sink back into your old ways, habits, customs. It’s only human, so don’t beat yourself up. Just be patient with yourself. When you suddenly “feel” bad, choose to stop doing whatever it is that causes it. Just stop. It’s that easy. You’ve just “spotted” that you’ve gone backwards. What to do? Not beat yourself up, that’s for sure. Just shake your shoulders, stand up tall, and take one tiny step forward again. Now you’re back on the path to enlightenment. Yaza Yaza. Easy!

Again, choose to realign your awareness with that open-heart of yours. And choose to not allow yourself to “go back” if you can help it. And when you do, again (you will!) take another deep breath, and re-commit to living in Love. It’s that simple. Just shake your head and tell the “bad demons” that live within us all, to BEHAVE. And be still. Watch your breath. Those inner demons will leave you alone. Because now you are focusing on your breath. You’re on the bridge from lower to higher, better you. Or use your mantra to still those demons. Or … read some inspiring words. Or … hang out with more positive people. Or … read more Lord Flea. Yaza yaza.

I hope this helps. Enjoy our journey together, discovering how consciousness is raised, elevated, cultured. Please tell me your experience with the opening of your heart. Leave a comment here, or write me:

And remember, I love you!

your pal, lordFlea, aka teZa Lord

the 2nd chakra's color is yellow

I Am, I Feel, and NOW … I DO


whatever you DO is the 3rd chakra energy directing you

As we continue exploring the raising-up of our consciousness using the yogic system of chakras to help us better understand who and what we are, we are now at the third chakra, known as the seat of our personal power. This is an energy center most humans (not in a coma) experience on a regular basis. The next chakra, the heart chakra, is where we start on our spiritual journey. Truly! Stay tuned for next post. (Sign up on my blog and receive each post via email.)

If any of you have ever been forced to do something absolutely aligned with, or totally against your will, you are familiar with that “good warm feeling” or the opposite, the aching discomfort in your midsection, close to your navel. Both reactions, opposing yes I know, are referred to as a “gut reaction” or a “feeling in my gut.”

A good reaction: Let’s say you’ve just met someone/thing who rings your bell. You feel this instantly in your gut. Sometimes the reaction almost knocks you backward. Have you ever felt it? This is your own intuition telling you that something is very right about this person (a dog, a cat?) you’re meeting. It could be a business contact, a romantic interest, but whatever it is, it’s someone/thing you’ll greatly benefit from spending some time with, learning more about them.

A bad reaction is the other kind of gut feeling, an uncomfortable ache, and sometimes it’s harsher, like a punch. This is a negative reaction to whatever you are facing. Maybe it’s a person, but it could be a job, a house you’re not supposed to buy, a type of food you’re not meant to eat. I hope you pay attention to these uncomfortable signs from your own inner knowing, as well as the more intriguing signs that make you want to know more.

Both reactions, good or bad, if those word judgements apply (better choice is interesting or not interesting) — they come from your 3rd chakra center of energy, located very close to your navel. But the sensation can come anywhere in your midsection. (See my earlier post if you want more detailed description).

Ghandi’s mantra was Ram Ram Ram. People who were there say this was the last thing he spoke as he lay dying from an assassin’s bullet. Ram is also the mantra for the 3rd chakra, where we are made to be aware of what our will is. In Ghandi’s case, I’m sure he worked hard to align his will to the highest good. Every time I repeat the mantra for the 3rd chakra, my intention is to gain insight into what is best, for not only myself, but for my fellow humans and the entire planet.

8 copy

We Are ONE … Act and Do for the world’s highest good, not just your own

Sometimes we have to change our thinking, or our habits, when we become aware of what’s best for the highest good, rather than seeking to satisfy our own. Sometimes our “gut reaction” is based on our limited view, not a universally encompassing one.

I pray for our world to face these challenging times we’re all going through these days, with compassion and open-mindedness for what is best for all of humankind. I think it’s easy for people to forget that. That we can pray for change, to feel better about our uncomfortability (how’s that for a word?). When our own personal will gets damaged by things not going our way, we insist our way is the only way. If our 3rd chakra is always in a state of distress, it’s time to ask our self:

Perhaps I need to look at the bigger picture. Perhaps what’s happening (either in my own life or in world events) might be for the highest good of all, even if I don’t like it. Transformation is a great sea change. Many people get extremely nervous when things don’t go their way.

Spend time with your own 3rdd chakra, ask yourself, “Am I comfortable with what’s happening?”

If you answer, “NO!” then it’s time to take some action. You have a choice, don’t forget. Always, you have choices. If you’re uncomfortable with things around you, your choice is to either practice ACCEPTING that what’s happening, is happening. Or … you can take steps to change it.

This, in essence, is why I am a writer and an artist. This also, is why most people do what they do. Because I have never been happy with the materialism and non-spirituality of modern society, in my youth, I ran away from it. I fled to the Third World and stayed living in jungles and sailing on the deep blue sea for over a decade. When I came back to mainstream America, I swore I would use my talents of arting (creating object- and word-stories) to help others become more familiar with the Oneness Consciousness that, to me, is what this existence, called “life” is all about. You may call that consciousness something else: Nature, God, Allah, Spirit, whatever. But Oneness works for me.

These days I focus on what I can DO to be more comfortable in a world torn apart by divisiveness and materialism. I don’t run away anymore. Today I feel just great, actually, that my focus is on DO-ing, and not feeling weird, mad, confused, or … worse … destructive. My energy used to be “stuck” in the 2nd chakra, feeling pissed-off. Now my energy feels free and powerful, utilizing the direction the 3rd chakra connection gives me.

I share my experiences in hopes that each and every person realizes that when you get “signals” from your gut, that’s your 3rd chakra telling you something. Pay attention. If you numb it (with drugs or alcohol, shopping, work, gambling, or other addictions) — you’ll probably just get sick, sooner or later. You certainly won’t be happy, that’s a fact. If you work on clearing this disturbed energy from your solar plexus (another name for the 3rd chakra) … you will enjoy peace, happiness, and good health. Align your will with the highest, Ram, Ram, Ram.

the 2nd chakra's color is yellow

the 3rd chakra’s color is yellow

Try it!

And please, let me know how your inner power feels today. Sit quietly and ask yourself, “What is this weird feeling I get in my gut?” I want to know. Leave me your comment below. And don’t forget, I’m sending out a free mind-stiller audio-clip for people who leave me their emails. Below is an easy way I’m experimenting using. Please fill in and let’s BE CONNECTED! Tell me how your “gut” is feeling today.

I love you, each and every one of you. Your pal, teZa aka LordFlea


chakra energy centers

Ready to ACT!

unveil your true Self!

unveil your true Self!

Now we’ve brought our energy to an elevated place where we get to choose what we do — or not do. This is where the juices of our life really get cooking! Depending on how we utilize our naturally-given energies, in which direction we place them, develop them, and choose to focus them — this determines the outcome of our life. Whether we’re happy about it or not.

First, let me say this: at any time in the course of our lives if we determine we’re not happy about where we’re at — it’s the third chakra (the subject of this week’s exploration here on LordFlea) that gives us the personal power so we can change. How? By being aware of the fact that we’re not happy. Then, we simply decide to change. This is not so simple for some people. Change. But wanting to change is the starting point.

So how does the 3rd chakra energy work? After our survival instinct (which is the staying alive energy of the 1st chakra), we start to feel this way or that (2nd chakra energy, about feeling), and with these two awakened centers, we now start to decide HOW we want to act. The 3rd chakra is about doing. It’s also known as the “seat of our personal power” or … the solar plexus in medical terms.

This name “solar plexus” is interesting. The formal, scientific name of this region, around the navel, is known as the “celiac” or solar plexus because of its intensely radiating nerves fibers. Wikipedia talks of “getting the wind knocked out of you” if one is hit here. If you’ve ever experienced that (I have!) you know how life-or-death it seems at the time. Not being able to breathe is very frightening. When there’s a blow in this region all the nerves from this region go into spasm, making the diaphragm not able to function, making breathing next to impossible. In time, however, this stressful situation dissipates.

Unless, of course, you happened to have been Houdini who died from a blow to this region. He’d dared a young man to hit him in his rock-hard stomach, to prove how strong he was, but Houdini didn’t have time to prepare, the story goes. The young man was a little too anxious to prove the older man wrong, I guess. Houdini died shortly after receiving the invited, witnessed blow. So … even if you’re an escape artist and theatrical showman, don’t go messing around with damaging your solar plexus and expect to not pay an extremely high price.

identifying with the Teacher

guard your seat of power, the 3rd chakra

If you’ve ever felt another kind of “blow” here … a “kick in the gut” … usually it’s because someone said or did something terrible to you, hurting your feelings more than ordinary. If this has happened, you know what the 3rd chakra region is all about already, and how powerfully it is connected to our self esteem, our self-image, and indeed, our life’s happiness.

Do you remember hearing people saying, “Own your own power!” when they felt you were being too soft of a pushover? Or you had been taken advantage of? Of course you do! This “power” refers to the energy associated with this 3rd chakra, your own personal power. What makes you, you. This seat of your own power is felt when you’ are either well acquainted with, and heeding, your own needs, or you’re in complete denial of them. Let me explain further.

If you’re someone who’s used to letting other people decide for you, you haven’t yet grasped the awakening of this chakra’s powerful energy to give your life more happiness. When you know what you want, and have self confidence enough to act on your own principles, desires, and needs — this is when you’re engaging the full power of this chakra.

Here’s an example to illustrate the power of the 3rd chakra:

Earlier in my youth I did something that really displeased my parents. At the time they were still paying my bills. I was twenty, and just “owning” that I was meant to be an artistic person, not the lawyer or teacher, or other kind of white collar person my folks saw for my future. I announced to them that I had changed my life. Without their permission I’d gone from a regular college to a prestigious art school, after getting accepted there unexpectedly based solely on my artistic merits. To top it off, I’d moved in with an artist boyfriend! My parents were furious (this was back in the sixties when living together wasn’t what young lads and lassies were supposed to do, not without some kind of formal engagement, that is). And being an artist! My parents thought a complete waste of time.

My parents officially “dis-owned” me. They did this via a phone call. Completely unexpected. My dad read a letter he and my mom had composed. There was no conversation. I was not allowed to have a voice in this matter. At the end of reading the letter my dad said, “do you understand? The letter he’d read said I was no longer their responsibility. They would no longer help me through art school, cover any medical expenses, keep me under their insurance, nor welcome me in their home. I said, “But, Dad, Mom …” and was cut off. “Good-bye,” was all I heard, and the phone line went dead.


everyone goes through trauma

Immediately, I received a “Kick in my gut!” I doubled over. Couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t stand straight. I lay down, and hoped it would go away. The next day, and the next and onward, it didn’t. My boyfriend helped me to the hospital where no tests revealed anything wrong with me. More tests and X-rays revealed nothing. They scheduled me for exploratory surgery because since that phone call from my parents, I hadn’t been able to stand up straight. I walked around doubled over from the severe pain in my abdomen.

The pain seemed to travel around in a radius around my belly button. It was a piercing, acute pain in a very exact spot. But each day, it traveled. Never in the same spot, it radiated all around my navel, one painful spot at a time. I told all this to the emergency room doctors. They had no clue what was going on with me.

Just before my surgery date my boyfriend suggested, “Why not try meditation?” He’d been initiated into Transcendental Meditation the year before, and had spent at least an hour a day in meditation, sometimes twice a day. I didn’t know how, or anything about meditation at that time. I just kept quiet when he was sitting quietly in his meditation spot.


quiet the busy mind, this is meditation

When Kenny took me to be initiated, I could barely walk up the sidewalk to the TM center. AT that time there was a fee, as there is now. But I didn’t have any money., and Kenny had less; the life of the struggling artist. I hadn’t been able to work at my part-time job since being disowned. My school was out for the summer, and I spent all my time in pain, usually in bed. When I arrived at the TM center I explained my situation. They kindly allowed me to be initiated anyway, saying it was important for me to have relief so the $35 fee was waived. I wonder if they’d say the same in a similar situation today? I’d like to think so.

The initiator and I sat, just the two of us, in a calm and peaceful room. The gentle light spilled in through transparent golden curtains. The soft rug on the floor beneath me felt comforting. I wasn’t in pain as long as I didn’t stand up, so in the seated pose, I was alert and ready. Wondering. Hopeful. Desperate. Wanting to change from being in pain, to pain free.

The initiator began mumbling words I didn’t know. Doing things I only vaguely remember. Performing some ritual. There were grains, and colorful objects, a bell tinkled, and the potted plant I had been asked to bring (I don’t like cut flowers) was put in front of us, as an offering. Then he gave me “your sacred sound” to repeat. I won’t share it as I was told not to. But as soon as I started repeating that sound I was told was “your special mantra” — something magical happened!

My head filled with WHITE LIGHT! It felt like I’d been struck by lightning, it was that fierce, that sudden, that fully encompassing. My mind was filled with this white LIGHT and all around me … everything stopped.

I didn’t know anything. I wasn’t me. I was the Light. Whatever happened in those ensuring minutes, or moments, or hours — I have no recollection. All I remember is the Light.

…. inner Light filled my head, filled all of me. Perhaps I repeated the mantra, I don’t recall. The Light is all I remember …

expand your thinking, CHANGE your thinking, dear ONE---glooww bright

we are all beings of LIGHT

When I finally “came to” from whatever happened to me, I was alone in the golden lit room. I have no idea how much time passed. Slowly I realized … no one was coming for me. I unwound my crossed legs, and stood up — and realized — I had no pain.

I took a step. No pain! I walked to the door, and again, realized — the pain was completely gone. Disappeared! Not a trace of it could I feel. I touched my belly. It was really truly, magically — gone!

And it never returned, ever again.

I quickly canceled the surgery. I was asked to stop by to speak to my doctor. When I told him what happened, he was more than curious. He leaned forward and said, “We’re just now beginning to put together how the mind is connected to what happens to the body. Did you happen to have some recent trauma?” That’s when I told him about being disowned, and how grievously it’d affected me. “That makes perfect sense to me,” the doc said, nodding his head, mumbling, smiling. “I’m so glad you’ve come back to tell us this. My colleagues will be very interested in hearing your story.”

Of course since this event, modern medicine has completely reversed its once “body only” stance on what affects us, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Today the great Harvard trained doctor, Andrew Weil, well known to many as “America’s holistic doc” or even the real Mr. Natural … started the Medical School of Integrative Medicine in Arizona, some twenty years ago now.

So, how can you own your own power?



feel YOUR own power is as powerful as the entire Universe

By paying attention to how “your gut” feels when you do something, or when you don’t do it. This seat of our 3rd chakra energy, will send psychic messages (through actual nerves that gets stimulated, there’s no magic here, folks) when you are comfortable with what’s going on in your life, or not. If you like what’s happening, you’ll have a feeling of well being. If something’s happening that upsets, or throws you off, you will feel a disruption (kick!) to the nerve sensations around your navel.

This is not rocket science, and this is not hocus pocus. This is real energy that works for all of us. In yoga we call this energy center where our personal power resides, the 3rd chakra because, first your energy must go through the 1st and 2nd levels of consciousness. If you want to know more, read my other posts explaining how the energy of each of us becomes more elevated, the more we become aware of each individual seat of power. Here’s the 2nd chakra post and here’s the 1st chakra post. Each week I’ve been posting, first, quite extensively about each particular energy center; and then I follow up with a shorter post with an example of how the energy works in our lives.

For a person whose 3rd chakra is “shut down” or not “awakened” or not in balance, a person will feel very out of sorts in that region, located around the navel. Some people will feel the discomfort radiate painfully around the navel (as I did). Some, will experience pain in only one location.

If you do feel this discomfort, please FIRST go visit a doctor right away and check out that there’s nothing wrong with your GI tract, or your liver, kidneys, and other organs located around there. If you receive an okay, please don’t despair. Know that your spiritual body is sending you a psychic message (kick!) that something is out of whack in your life.

When you start asking yourself, “What can I do to make myself more comfortable?” you have reached the first step of … transformation.

Of course there are many people who never feel anything’s wrong with their life, and they’re perfectly content to let sleeping dogs, or numbed feelings of unhappiness, lie within forever. But guess what? They’re not the kind of folks who read Lord Flea … where we sing as ONE. Now, are they?

Please leave me a word or two below so we can connect! I’m soon sending out sound clips of not-quite-meditations, more like mindful-thinking hints. Awareness nibbles. If you leave your email below in the comments section, I’ll gladly put you on my mailing list and you’ll soon receive these audial gifts! Thanks.

chakra energy centers

3rd chakra energy is yellow

My love to each and every one of you,

your pal LordFlea, aka teZa Lord


Heal Psychic Wounds

Healing Using Chakra Energy

2nd chakra is orange

2nd chakra is orange

She was abused as a child. Everything she did was affected by the suffering she felt, consciously and subconsciously, from that day forward. The abuse happened when she was ten, but by the time she was a teenager she was deep into self-loathing as a result of what had happened to her. The details of her abuse aren’t important. What is, is that they were life-altering to her.

She grew to be a person who, in time, became aware of the spiritual energies that are part of being human. One day she found herself enrolling in a weeks-long chakra workshop (each week, a different chakra) not even knowing what that was, exactly.

When the day the second charka workshop began, she was chosen to be the volunteer who would be “worked on” while two others in the workshop would be “the healers.” The workshop, with around thirty in attendance, was split into teams of three each. Each team chose the person to be worked on, who was asked to lie down comfortably on the thick carpet, while the two healers knelled on either side of her. They would be doing “the work.” One healer was positioned at the head, the other at the foot of the person being worked on.

What “the work” was, entailed both healers’ concentration of their spiritual energies directed toward that area of the volunteer’s 2nd chakra, the area below the navel and above the groin, deep inside the body.

The room was quiet. All ten sets of healing trios were quietly doing the work, sending their own personal power, concentrating it toward that particular chakra’s energy center.

Suddenly the woman who was gently holding the head of our subject, let’s call her Linda, yelled, “Oh my God! Do you see that!?” while at the same moment the woman who was holding Linda’s feet yelled simultaneously, “Shit yes! What the hell is that?!”

Linda popped up her head, “What? What? What is it? What’s going on?”

Both healers at Linda’s head and feet, remained stunned for a moment, looking at something that Linda couldn’t see. Linda remained prostrate as the two women gasped and silently made noises of alarm back and forth. Others in the room had turned to look at the commotion. Nobody could see anything out of the ordinary, except for the two healers at Linda’s head and feet. Then the two women spoke quietly to Linda while continuing to hold onto her body.

“I just saw a huge orange ball with a big black hole in it rise up from your 2nd chakra!” one woman said.

“I saw exactly the same orange ball, it was all lit up except the big black hole in it,” the other said. “Then it went whoooosh — and disappeared somewhere away from you!”

“That’s exactly what I saw, too!” the other one said.

“What on earth could that be?” both asked Linda as she continued lying down.

“I know exactly what that was,” Linda said. She clearly was not in any doubt about this. “I was sexually molested as a child, and I’ve been carrying around so much pain, agony, and desperation all my life. I felt like my life was condemned to unhappiness, forever. That black hole you saw — that’s the way I’ve been feeling since it happened to me twenty-five years ago!”

The workshop members had already learned that the color associated with the 2nd chakra is orange, and its mantra is Wam. They had already had discussions about the level of consciousness that represents this rising-up of human potential. The 2nd chakra is about feelings (see previous post of LordFlea for more info about the 2nd chakra).

Linda reported back to her workshop friends in the weeks and months to come, that she felt absolutely released from the psychic pain she’d been trapped in, before this 2nd chakra healing took place.

Years later, up to this day, Linda continued saying, “After that healing session, I never felt sorry for myself at all. I just felt like what happened, happened. I began to realize that the abuse I suffered, instead of ruining my life, had pushed me into being a spiritual seeker. Maybe I would never have known such heights of happiness, as I do today, if I hadn’t been abused? I don’t know. But today, I just accept that this happened to me and I no longer feel a victim, or shattered, or confused about sex, all of which I felt before the day of that incredible healing.”

I hope you, my reader, know that healing can take place any time you set your mind to it. If you feel that you have suffered any kind of hardship, remember this story. And set aside some time to devote to sending your own spiritual energy (called intention) to that part of your self that feels injured, harmed, not right. You don’t have to be specific about which chakra, or even know what specific event might have caused you discomfort. All you have to know is that you want to be happier than you are.

Please leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you! I want you to know that I’m soon sending out “audio clips” of helping to still the mind as a FREE gift of my appreciation for your interest in my work. Stay in touch! Leave me your email below. Thanks.

Wishing you all my love and Light, your pal,

LordFlea aka teZa Lord



The 2nd Chakra: Creatively Conscious!

Origins, mixed media, 23“x44”

2nd chakra: it is “I feel” and the color orange and … it’s complicated!

Every single human being alive experiences consciousness in not only the first chakra — which is survival mode, experienced as long as one breathes, even in a coma — but also the second chakra.

The 2nd chakra is the seat of our emotional energies, where we experience the creative thrust of our Beingness.  In yogic scriptures this thrust of creative energy in the world is called spanda. The 2nd energy center is where we experience this thrust, the wanting to make things, our ability to feel things.

If you observe a very young child you’ll see them wanting to touch every single thing around them. Pick it up, feel it, squeeze it, roll it in their hands, maybe even bite it, smell it. They naturally want to feel and explore every single thing they can. Sometimes, of course, as parents and caretakers, we have to limit our child’s explorations. “Don’t touch the fire!” “Don’t go near that rattlesnake!” “Stop kicking your sister!”

As a parent, I was obliged to guide and direct my children. If I didn’t point out to them what was dangerous, and “off limits” — no touching, kicking, biting, bad words, etc — I would be negligent. I’ve written an entire book about this that will soon be available. Leave your email here and I’ll keep you posted!


we teach our children right from wrong

Every person, with the exception of those in comas or deemed “brain dead” are experiencing the 2nd chakra on pretty much a constant basis. And when a young child who has received proper guidance (love, compassion, nutrition) reaches adolescence … the energy in this chakra really starts to become activated even more than in childhood.

Like I said, the 2nd chakra is about feeling. This is the seat of our emotions. The 2nd chakra explains why our Feelings are connected to our Creativity. Young children want to make and play and do everything. They create games out of sticks, leaves, spoons, dust bunnies, anything! if they have nothing else. Kids can play with mud puddles, or … just the dirt. I remember myself, eating dirt when I was a kid. I thought it tasted yummy (??). I was also into eating tiny balls of paper (hmmm?). I also wanted to draw, paint, build, play, try and DO everything! I’d climb trees, recklessly so, and now have severe scoliosis (remedied with my yoga practice) as a result of a bad fall.

This need-to-know-and-feel-everything! is 2nd chakra energy, folks. We all have it. This is our human desire, our birthright: to create, to do, to feel, to explore. To dive into, and off of, climb to the top of every mountain we can. At least while we have the energy to. That’s why some of us exercise as much as we do, to maintain our energy levels just so we can keep up our explorations as long as we can.


this is yogini LordFlea today, at 70!

As an artist I’ve thought a lot about this chakra, the root of all creativity. After my basic training (learning materials, colors, forms, etc.), I learned to trust the impulses that arise from all I’ve been exposed to, and … when I make a work of art I don’t doubt for a second when my mind says, “use blue” instead of another color; or “put a beach here” instead of a horizon. When my 2nd chakra says, “Do this, creatively” — I do it! When you want to create, as an artist does, we go with our feelings. We have trained ourselves to trust our feelings. Those of us who are into “original thought concepts” as opposed to derivative art, allow this creative thrust full reign during the creative process. Likewise, when I see other artists’ works, one artist  will “excite” my feelings while another does nothing. This is 2nd chakra energy. I don’t intellectualize it. I just trust my feelings. Can you relate? Most people rely upon how they feel to “judge” art. Unless you study art history it’s hard to know much more about art other than, “I like it” or “It leaves me cold.”

Trust the feelings that arise. This is your 2nd chakra helping you with life’s many challenges and choices. As we grow in maturity, most of us learn to trust our feelings. But if you don’t, read LordFlea next week when we will explore our feelings further. Because when we raise up our spiritual energy to the 3rd chakra, the seat of our personal power, that’s when we embrace, or deny, our feelings and others’, too.

So 2nd chakra energy is about … feelings. Everyone alive has feelings. Unless you have some spectrum of autism. In that case, it’s the obligation of we other humans who are compassionate enough, to send you our love and helpfulness in any way we can.

notebook drawings 09 018

many of us get “ambushed by our feelings” if we don’t learn to trust that feelings are … signals of consciousness … not intellectually figuring out things

One person wants to create a new way to explore space (Elon Musk) while another never even thinks about outer space. That person is happy to, say, never leave their little village in the Sahara, but enjoys creating a trap for an wild animal that will serve as dinner that night. Both are using their 2nd chakra energy. In very different ways, of course. One is using other faculties along with satisfying the urge to create. Elon is using other “awakened chakras” (the rising up of the energy of consciousness) because his creativity is geared for benefiting all of humankind; whereas the Sahara person is happy to make a meal for himself and his immediate family, and isn’t thinking about the rest of the world when he sets that trap. Both are equally using their 2nd chakra energies to full capacity, however.

When, as a young person, we start to realize we have more feeling about one thing than another, this is the awakening of our 2nd chakra energy. For me, I was absolutely gaga about God/Spirit when I was a kid. I couldn’t get enough of church rituals, prayers, feeling connected to the Mystery. I was raised by one parent who was religious and the other, an agnostic. So right from the start of my God-thing exploration I knew I had choices. I never felt confused; I felt excited! I saw the God-thing revealed in so many different ways of expression. I particularly felt close to the God-energy when I taught myself how to draw. I did this in secret because … it was my secret way to feel closer to God, by creating. That way I felt closer to the Creator Him/Her/Itself. I did this in secret when I was drawn to drawing nudes, which I found in my father’s hidden-away Playboy mags. To me the human nude has always been the ultimate in beauty, grace, and design.

dharma brat images 7.09 009

to me, nudity has always been about being in my spirit body, not about sex stuff

I’d clandestinely draw from my Dad’s secret nude-y mags in a closet, not wanting my art-ignorant parents to see how thrilled I was, copying, drawing images of things that were real life objects: naked ladies, pretty birds, people on streets, the hills and mountains and sea, and especially Superman comics. I drew quadrants upon a chosen image, and made similar quadrants on another, bigger piece of paper, and copied each quadrant, one by one quadrant. That’s how I learned to draw realistically.

By the time I was in the lower grades I was getting into trouble at school because I couldn’t help myself. If I saw a picture I felt I had to draw, I would do that old trick of copying: tracing. You fill a paper with a lead pencil’s dense coverings, and then press hard with your sharpened pencil on a top-sheet that has the image you want to copy. Basic tracing. Feels good when you’re a kid who wants to draw. So my frustrated parents, who didn’t have extra cash, had to pay to replace several volumes of the encyclopedia Britannica when I was caught tracing from them at school.

Time to change ... dive into IT

an artist can inspire … anyone, anytime, anywhere

Anything that inspires us, is 2nd chakra stuff. If you hear music that moves you, this is your 2nd chakra getting stimulated. If you want to visit Transylvania to see the birthplace of Bram Stoker, the original Dracula — this is 2nd chakra energy. If you want to play the drums, and not the violin that you were urged to, your 2nd chakra energy is the reason why.

“Follow your bliss,” said Joe Campbell. Of course, we learn how to distinguish what isn’t good for us from what is. We don’t want to eat a bucket of gummy bears, but maybe we had to, once, in order to see how sick it would make us. And we don’t want to drink ten bottles of wine, but again, maybe we had to, once, to see why. And we don’t want to hook up with every single person we see … because … that’ll give us STDs and a rotten reputation. The list goes on and on about how we learn, or discover, how to use the signals we get from our 2nd chakra.

So now let’s explore the other, and just as important, part of working with 2nd chakra energy: our sexuality.

the marvel of Nature

the marvel of Nature, Sex!

Just as naturally as human creativity is innately ours, the other aspect of this chakra’s most basic (coming right after the role of the 1st chakra’s survival consciousness) role is our sexuality. Our sexuality is part of human creativity, I’m sure you all agree. I pity the poor religious girls who are subjected to cliteroectomies in childhood, because they will never get to experience this God-given creative force, their own sexuality. I hope this heinous act will continue to be forbidden everywhere, and in time, this backward, primitive ritual, still practiced in some extreme Islamic sects, will be as long forgotten as women’s bound feet of ancient China are in our modern world.

The center of the 2nd chakra is located amid the area where the sexual organs are found in both males and females: between the pubic bone and the navel, inches deep within our outer physical structure. In ancient images, the 2nd chakra is always portrayed along the spine, but this is a generality. The actual center of the 2nd chakra is located around the sex organs (ovaries & prostate). This makes sense because  human creativity and sexuality are directly linked.

some of us were kings, others were plumbers in past lives

creativity & sexuality originate from the 2nd chakra

The 2nd chakra is activated when anyone, male or female, wants to “have sex” which is the same, energetically speaking, as “making new life.” This urge comes from the primordial necessity, or desire to carry on our species. Anyone who doesn’t understand this … is misunderstanding the 2nd chakra energy. And certainly, many of us experiment with this fun-to-arouse energy center. Because, after all, having sex is another way of experimenting, feeling, following the sensations of our body’s natural callings. But unless we associate the true meaning of sex with the act of having sex, or making love — that is, propagating the species — we’ve pretty much missed the whole point of what the sexual urge is all about.

Gene and Nat at their Harvard Mem Hall wedding

Gene and Nat at their wedding

I feel homosexuality follows the natural order of Universal Energy because its tendency is to keep human population in check. Humans follow plants and animals in behavior, in that sexual ambiguity is found among all types of species on Earth.

botanicals 047

this is one of LordFlea’s botanical studies, done early in my art career

We discover sex when we’re young, some younger than others. We all experiment. We explore. We feel aroused. Sex is among the strongest of human urges, or feelings, that’s for sure. So let’s go a bit further into the sexual energy part of the 2nd chakra energy, just as we explored the other, more creative forces that arise from the natural uplifting of human energy, our 2nd chakra energy.

Early adolescence is when both spiritual and sexual questions begin to gain importance in our lives. Remember? Do you recall asking yourself,  “I wonder who I am, where I came from, and what this is all about, this life here on Earth?” I certainly remember, vividly. Wondering, confused feelings about my true nature. What was the purpose of life? What is Being-ness? These questions arise around the same time as sexual energy arises — and both arise from the 2nd chakra. We are a biological species (with a spiritual energy system as well as a physical one) and we are supposed to not just live our lives, but to make sure our progeny carries on our species. So yes, propagation is a BIG deal. It comes right after survival, on the importance it takes in human existence.

If the spiritual energy that naturally arises at the very beginning of adolescence isn’t channeled into ways that a child can engage in, and understand, this energy will go dormant again (it’s called the kundalini, this spiritual energy, and I’ve talked about it a lot here on LordFlea). As a phenomenon, I’ve observed the rising of the kundalini within myself and many others. When the spiritual energy isn’t satisfactory (religion didn’t do it for me, I tried, but I still had too many unanswered questions) … this energy of wondering, pondering (called Self-inquiry) easily jumps into the sexual realm. And for some of us, it stays there, to the exclusion of developing a spiritual life. Until … way later.

This is why, my friend, so many so-called “leaders” of all ilk, religious, spiritual, political and secular, get the two energies confused. And why there are so many scandals surrounding both male and female leaders. It’s a fact that the sexual and the spiritual energies are inextricably intertwined. When a so-called leader gets carried away with their power over people who look up to them, it is all too common, and human, and sad, for them to abuse this energy. I myself have witnessed the abuse of this 2nd chakra energy with several highly respected yoga teachers and Christian leaders (these are my own experiences). I have also read about many religious and political leaders who were “outed” for their unorthodox sexual promiscuities. I’m sure you, the reader, understand this mixed-up tendency I’m referring to. It even happened to a very popular sitting-president of ours here in America nearly twenty years ago — right in the Oval Office.

I’ll be sharing a very strong experience concerning the healing of a badly damaged 2nd chakra person in my next post. Please leave me your comments here, I love hearing from you! I will soon be sending out guided meditations for people on my email list, so make sure I have yours.

With great love,and respect,

your pal teZa aka LordFlea


Book of teZ

Experience the First Chakra


Now that we’ve discussed “what” the first chakra is (see preceding post) let’s jump in and have its experience. Very different from learning about it, hearing of it.

This energy center is located at the base of your spine. Please focus your attention there. Sense the connectedness of your bony spine’s very end, not as bone though, but as if it’s made out of loose, moving, flexible “energy fibers” … tentacles, extensions of your very essence. These energy fibers grow when you focus on them.

(It would be even better if you could listen to what I’m saying, as if this were a guided meditation — and you do what I’m suggesting instead of just listening, or reading. I’m working on offering these listen-only sound bites, and they’ll be available soon.)

The invisible tentacles that come from your lower spine, its very tip, the coccyx, and the surrounding wider sacrum area (all are the 1st chakra area) — are like fibers or strings of energy that you see arising from bolts, or other sources of intensely accumulated electricity (another mostly invisible source of energy). These “imagined” glowing fibers emanating from your sacrum grow toward an attracting source. In this journey of understanding human spirituality that the chakras help us understand, your own body’s 1st chakra tentacles reach out for the very center of the Earth — from whence we came.

The word for “human” comes from the same etymological source as “humus” — which is defined as “the material of earth itself.” Humus is what is found on the floor of the forest or jungle, after plant material has fallen to the ground and accumulates in layers. Humus occurs, then, when living material is in the process of going back to the source from which it came: Earth itself.

In the same manner, you and I, we are children, offspring (like living plants are) of the Earth. We are as well, children of the Divine Energy toward which we all aspire to feel connected to (this will happen when we dwell in the 7th, the “crown chakra”). All humans originate from the Source Itself — Consciousness. This is why children are so much more open and magical than older humans. Because children are simply closer to the Source from whence we all come. And a person who is dying, likewise, if they are settled in their hearts, are filled with wondrous anticipation, not dread, when they have glimpsed where they are now headed — back to the Source of All. I know this from my own personal experience, having helped both my parents return to the Source.

Let’s continue experiencing this 1st chakra energy together, shall we?

Sit (or stand, or lie down, it doesn’t matter) anytime you wish, and focus on this energy that connects you to our home, planet Earth. Your 1st chakra’s energy fibers anchor you, always reminding you … who you are. This “I am” … is the mental thought that corresponds with 1st chakra awareness, or consciousness.

This “I am” awareness works independently of your intellect. Even if you find yourself in a coma (I hope never) you still experience this I am consciousness. A friend came to practice music with me yesterday and she told me:

“I was in a week-long coma when I had spinal meningitis a couple years ago. I knew everything that was happening all around me. I heard every word spoken in my presence. I knew who was there and what they were doing. I couldn’t open my eyes or move a muscle or blink or swallow — but I was fully, consciously, there.”

This awareness my friend described is the most basic of the great I am consciousness.

The awareness of Being.

The essence of being present, is called by some, Presence.”

To connect with this most basic of energy is easy and simple. All you have to do is want to experience your most essential “I am” quality — which is — that you are alive! And you are alive as long as you have breath in you. Breath, therefore, is key to consciousness.

The 1st chakra energy is about survival. Not only does this energy help us experience our very essence, our alive-ness, but it propels us to stay alive!

If you are in a coma, obviously you are dependent on others to feed you, keep you breathing, keep you comfortably warm or cool, and expel all the toxins from your system. I’ve seen the tubes containing these toxins that if modern medicine didn’t take care of, surely would kill a comatose patient within a short while.

When we’re in our normal consciousness, awake I mean, survival means various things to various people, but generally it’s about

  • eating properly (only when hungry) to maintain energy and fuel life itself
  • drinking water when thirsty
  • sleeping enough to be healthy
  • getting out of bad weather, seeking shelter during any kind of storm
  • not doing stupid stuff that endangers one’s very life (not jumping too impossibly wide a ravine, not swimming with hungry sharks, not ingesting poison, etc.)

Pretty basic stuff, eh?

As a yoga person who loves to chant, I can also increase my awareness of my 1st chakra energy by chanting this mantra using the sacred sound …  Lam

Here’s how: breathe in, and in a natural tone sound out … Lammmmm … as you slowly breathe out. Breath in, and again breathe out toning Lammmm, on and on.

As we journey up the chakras, each energy center has its own corresponding mantra. Where these ancient sacred sounds, like Lam, came from, I do not know. All I know is that my masterful spiritual teacher taught them to me, and … I’ve found them useful in my understanding of my own spirituality. Mantras are just tools by which we can focus our attention on certain aspects of our spiritual development. And the more ancient they are, the more a mantra contains the sacred energy called Shakti. That’s why I recommend using Lammmmm for additional help connecting to your 1st chakra.

If you’re a visual person as I am, it’s also useful to envision the color Red when you concentrate on the 1st chakra energy. Again, just another tool. As we ascend the chakras, we’ll be traveling the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, and finally … white). It was the ancients who ascribed colors as well as mantras to these energy centers. They noticed everywhere, all around them, how light fragments into the prismatic colors, as rainbows do in the sky above us. As pure white light (the color of the crown, the uppermost chakra) separates, the prismatic colors of the rainbow become apparent. When all light is connected, we see white (or “clear” transparency). You can notice this in how every drop of rain water, every dew drop, every minuscule source of water breaks into its own tiny prism. Check it out. Go to a spider’s web on a dewy morning, and look closely at one drop of dew that’s been caught there. Go closer. You will see the rainbow within that drop.

I hope our experience of the 1st chakra is useful for your understanding of how to raise up our consciousness, the purpose of a person’s exploring their own level of awareness.

Please leave me a comment below, subscribe to my blog, and stay in touch! I’d love to hear from you, whether you agree or disagree with my offering. I cherish your opinion. If you wish, check out my visionary artbook “We Are ONE” at Amazon. Thanks.

love from your pal teZa Lord, aka Lord Flea.