Choose Love, Acceptance, Compassion: Think First, then BE Come


Some of you may have noticed I’ve started sending out little sayings I make up. This is my new effort to be the spiritual activist I say I am. What else can I do? Well, like the heading of this post says, I choose to THINK positive thoughts, even in face of such dire circumstances as the world faces today.

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Every ACTION begins with a THOUGHT. Watch yourself!

I recently met a new person who is very seriously worried, fretfully so, about the terrible news she sees everyday on the News. I asked her, “Why do you watch so much News then, if it causes you such anxiety?” Quickly I added “I scan the news on my New York Times app everyday, and read deeply where applicable, but I don’t saturate myself in TV news that’s so sensational and negatively-slanted. No way Jose!”

To which my friend answered, “What else can I do? I have to know about the horror.”

I softly shared the same to her as I’m sharing with you here today:

Choose to guard what goes into our thoughts. Cherish your own, individual consciousness, like the most prized possession it is. If we hold negative, fearful thoughts, all we’re doing is contributing more negativity and fear-charged energy in the world. Even if I think I’m a good person, with a good heart, and have tons of compassion, IF I CHOOSE to think fear-filled thoughts, I’m only adding to the world’s dilemmas. Nothing gets resolved from worry. Nothing gets reversed by being scared. Nothing changes … unless something changes.

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Believe this female figure is … the SEA! She changed! You can, too.

For me, the biggest step I made in my life — from the darkness of living in fear to the exultant Light of living-believing in innate goodness (even in the face of horror!) — was to realize it all begins with ME CHOOSING what thoughts I cultivate.

Surely, we all know how difficult it is to Watch Our own Self. We’re so used to watching everything else under the sun, and now beyond the great disk in the sky, in this age of SpaceX and Space Stations and Mars, all held within our celestial sights. Here though, what I’m talking about is the inner voyage, the inner adventure, the inner love-affair we all get to have — with our own better selves. The best news there is. And it’s true news, not slanted, fabricated, or sensationalized. Just get to know your thoughts, and become your new best friend. You’ll “see.”

To cultivate a higher, happier, and more benevolent consciousness: watch your thoughts. And change them when they go … bad, scary, weird. Stay centered in Love, instead.

We can choose to live with a Love-bias instead of settling for a suspicious or victimized, or fear-based existence. How? By watching our thoughts. It’s That Simple. And when we notice that we’re holding any negative thought, such as the new friend I mentioned above, who got her wide-eyed terrorized, deer-in-headlights fright-look from watching (and believing) too much TV and Internet news — we can instead choose to send out a simple phrase such as: I believe in Love; I trust Spirit, I sense the union with All.

I am … Love. Spirit. One with All.

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Dive into the tunnel of Love, the wormhole to happiness

These days, after going through a big trauma recently (LordFlea’s past posts) I notice I am humming. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s not a sweet cheerful kind of hum, but an almost blaringly tuba-like imposing, deeply off-tone kind of hum I’ve never noticed about me before. (I’ve been a hummer since childhood.) I mentioned this to another friend last night and she suggested, “Perhaps that’s your way of comforting yourself.” She knew what a hard time I’ve had lately in my own life (past posts).

And you know what? She’s right! The thing is, though, is that kind of humming really disturbs me. It puts me into an agitated state and I don’t like it. It’s not at all comforting. And I want to stop it. So whenever I’ve been noticing the new, forceful tuba-hum  (since I lost my mom, 3 months ago) I quickly say to myself, “Oh, there’s that weird inner-sound that’s so annoying, going on again. It’s time to reconnect with my silent mantra now.”

And I do. My mantra is very comforting, and as soon as I substitute my long-used Sanskrit mantra, that forceful agitated humming — completely stops! Right on its last note.

It’s quite miraculous how this “Self-Awareness” thing works. If I wasn’t aware of what thought, or hummin’ I was doin’, I’d never be able to change it. Now would I? I’d just get more and more agitated. So … I don’t think my friend’s observation was completely accurate. Whatever the annoying hum is … God knows, not me. I don’t wanna know, really. I just want it to go away.

So everything begins with awareness.

I hope this helps whoever reads my sharing. Let me know. I love you, LordFlea aka teZa Lord

One thought on “Choose Love, Acceptance, Compassion: Think First, then BE Come

  1. Mary Kay Blair says:

    as is usual wonderful woman of awareness…. you are spot on. I do a low guttural hum myself… similar I guess to Gregorian chants buts it’s not that, frequently I realized my internalized pain….( physical & mental) is coming out. I guess that’s a good thing, but is annoying if I am around others, which is infrequent since I am reclusive. However…. very good advise and I as well will try to tune it up a notch or so…. with love, Alaska


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