Want to BE Happy?


Learn to be Happy just like we Learn to Dance

Learn to be Happy just like we Learn to Dance

Wanting to be happy is the ribbon that your gift of true happiness is wrapped up with, this “gifting” done by your own self.

Who would think that wanting something is enough to make IT happen, whatever that “if” is? Wanting is the start. No one becomes enlightened without wanting to be. But for someone who is sick and tired of being sick, tired, and unhappy, confused, angry, etc. etc. — wanting to be happy is the simple, easy, and natural way change occurs. Wanting (not obsessing, mind you, a simple sweet want suffices) is the beginning of the dawning light of awareness. Changing your mind’s negative patterns is a major shift for any unhappy individual’s consciousness. And consciousness, for those who’ve forgotten, or never realized, is the name of the game, NOT our emotions.

In other words, a lover can’t make you happy. Riches and fame either. Only the state of your mind gives you true happiness.

What does this mean? To “want to be happy”?

It means that by focusing on “Happy” one actually causes a disruption to unhappy thoughts, and the mind becomes happy. True! And this happens despite whatever conditions might be happening in one’s life right now. You could be heartbroken, dead broke, unlucky in career, or sick. But if your mind has been “trained” well — that is, it doesn’t whine or act out like an unruly child, or a bad mean dog — then you are on your way to achieving long-lasting, true happiness. Just by thinking about it! Just by wanting it.

I’ve spent the last hour reading from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the classic fifth century Indian text in which the “formula” for enlightenment is spelled out, perhaps for the first time in the history of humanity. Patanjali took concepts from other systems of thoughts before him and wrote in his succinct manner 196 aphorisms (“sayings”) that spell out, step by step, stage by stage, in four short chapters contained in this tiny scripture, a favorite among people who really wish to achieve the highest possible, and during this lifetime right here, right now — not in the next, and not in any fairytale heaven either — the author explains how to still the mind.

In precise instructions for exterior and interior methods of cleansing, each person who wants can devote as much time (or as little) on achieving the stilling of the mind, and thus experience …”that the body and the infinite universe are indivisible.”

We are One, in other words. My favorite mantra of all time!

So for those of you who would like to get started and haven’t time or inclination to read the Yoga Sutra (a collection designed as an aid to lead a person on their quest to achieve enlightenment) here’s the most important one to start off with.

Santosha (a sanskirt word) — CONTENTMENT (Be Happy!)— is the “assignment” Patanjali tells seekers is needed, concerning the physical body’s state, right after he tells people to be clean (to keep the body pure and clean, or saucha in sanskrit)

So, my friends, please remember to ….. Be Happy!

Be patient as you train your thoughts to focus on pleasant thoughts. When you notice you’re thinking about unpleasant things, merely change that thought to something more pleasant. You can do this! It may take practice, but in time you’ll get the hang of it. And … now you’re skipping down the yellow brick road headed right to your reward (to BE happy!).

Learn to be happy, step by step, just like we learn to dance. It’s easy! Please try this simple first step … do NOT let unhappy thoughts linger in your mind. Wipe them out like they are the black plague incarnate. You alone control your mind. No one else does. Only you (your untrained mind, that is, not the “true you” that is pure and happy, and deserves true contentment). Contentment is deep, sustained happiness. It is part of the natural and pure human state of consciousness. Think of your mind as a lake with wind blowing over it, disturbing its surface, making it impossible to see below its surface. This is the disturbed mind. when you train your mind to be still (through meditation, committed and sustained, through time and conditions) your mind settles down like the lake’s surface. Then you see everything below as well as above. This is an archtypal description of “enlightenment.”

Remember: it’s only your badly trained mind that keeps you from feeling content on a continuous basis.

Here’s a great video to get you going, in case you were too busy to watch it above, when you first arrived at my blog. And you can stand up and dance to it, too, if you wish. Dancing will help you be even happier. But … dancing is optional. Stinkin’ thinkin’ ain’t optional. It is a happiness-killer.

Pharrell William’s uplifting “Happy” … will help you change whatever negative thought might try to sneak in and rob you of your well deserved peace and happiness. Let me know how you’re doing, I’d love to hear from you here at Lord Flea Sings.

Sending you blessings and love galore, your pal,

Lordflea, aka teZa Lord




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