Interview with a Yogi-Mystic Musician

Michael Franti, mystic musician

Michael Franti, mystic musician

Michael Franti is my favorite contemporary musician.  His message is pure love. No other agenda. He spreads love wherever he goes. To me this is the highest expression of creativity an artist could ever hope to achieve. In my estimation Michael is the perfect successor of the mystic reggae artist Bob Marley, emanating pure love, inspiring thousands, millions, wherever he goes.

Art changes the world much more than politics or religion. Help spread love and compassion through music, writing, films, dance, and most especially, how you think. Join the Charter for Compassion and help spread our movement of compassion-healing our world. Uplift yourself by listening to love-filled music, like Michael’s. Another great artist whose work I enjoy is Pharrell Williams. As soon as I figure how, i’ll upload the 350-million views video “Happy” of Pharell’s for you to help celebrate your own happiness. Come back, or sign up and subscribe to LordFlea before you move on today. Meanwhile ….

Here’s more info on Michael from — an environmental-creative-sustainability, California-style information site I found that’s tres cool. I hope you enjoy learning more about Michael Franti and his humanitarian work, also. Here’s a direct link to “Do It For the Love” — one the many causes that Michael supports.

Have a precious beautiful moment, and a glorious day.

Your pal, Lordflea, aka teZa Lord

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