The Power of Love


two “old lovebirds” — pajaros del amor

We believe in contributing more love, more true humanity to our species’ future, instead of other choices. We old lovebirds, pajaros del amor, turn our back on fear and suspicion, renewing our vow, over and over, to work even harder to find the joy in any situation before us.

In our world, darkness is dead. Love’s Light blinds us.

Metaphysical types call this love-energy “Interwoven Past Lives,” “Destiny,” or “Unfinished Karma” — but that’s all hypothetical. There are those who even believe that all we humans have arrived at this place, at our own time, to fulfill some other need governing evolutionary forces that scientists have just begun to unravel.

The newly proven energy-commonality, the Higgs bosun, the God Particle shared by all existence is real. Finally and empirically proven by atom-smashing, persistent CERN physicists in Europe, the Great Mystery of life, of love, all of IT — is approached by sciecne as well as the metaphysicians. Now we’re starting to have some long-sought-for, provable, tested answers. About things like “the Law of Attraction” and especially, this mysterious allure between two people, Love.

Separate, each of us is equal. But together, we morph into a bigger Oneness than any of us can ever have on our own. This is either feeling-wise or awareness-wise, or both.

Love gifts us with tangible and intangible rewards. Join the flow. Spread unconditional love.

Pracice compassion, which is love plus action.

Check out the Charter for Compassion — the international, non-affiliated grassroots movement that spreads all the good stuff we’re talking about.

love, your pal Lordflea, aka teZa Lord

One thought on “The Power of Love

  1. staugustinevideodotcom says:

    Thank you for your wonderful in sites into living a fuller, more realized, fun and beautiful life.


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