When in Doubt–Don’t!


Have you ever felt like this guy? Edvard Munch’s famous “the Scream”? (Or one of its many versions, I should say.) Well I have. And today I’m thinking about what I do when I’m feeling torn, confused, or don’t have enough information to make a decision. When any of these things are raging within me I’ve found the very best thing to do is — nothing.

That’s it. When in doubt, just sit tight, and let a little time slide by. Whenever I’ve done this I’m always amazed at how things have a way of sorting themselves out. Or, a person comes along with a perfect suggestion, or I hear a snippet of crucial information that makes everything just jell, fall into place, and voila! the answer I’ve been looking for is — right there, before me.

I wanted to share this because that’s the way I’m feeling today. I’ve just finished my big project, the book I’ve been telling everyone about is finally done! Now I’m a little hesitant about which next step, which direction is best, in how to present it to the public. I thought I knew what I’d do a couple months ago. But unexpectedly, a New and Wonderful Opportunity came along, and suddenly … I’m waiting for someone else’s decision to be made known to me, regarding publishing with a “legitimate” publishing house as opposed to Self Publishing, what I’d thought before was my best choice.

I’m a big one about “following my gut” and my instincts now tell me that what I originally thought was best for me, best for the book to find its audience — ain’t such a hot idea anymore. So, while I’m reconsidering my options (of which there are many, thank goodness!) I’m going to chill. Take walks. Do yoga. Go swimming. Hang with friends. Bake cookies, clear my desk, paint some pictures, and prepare my lovely garden for this upcoming season’s new growth. Here in Florida we’re having such a mild winter I can work in shorts and barefoot, and start doing things the rest of the US can’t do for months yet, spring-cleanup-wise.

And isn’t that what our individuals lives are like? Our own private gardens. We get to choose what we’re going to plant in them, or not; and we get to choose how well we tend our plants — or not. So today I’m going to not worry about the fruits of my garden. Right now I’m going to enjoy what’s available in my larder and not worry about what the future might bring. Meanwhile, maybe the shape of a cloud that passes by will send me a message and whisper in my ear, “oh yeah, about that dilemma you’re pondering … well here’s what to do ….”

ha ha! Nature is a great source of inspiration, always. I think I’ll take a walk on the beach today.

lots of love to everyone from your pal, LordFlea


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