We All Have Psychic Wounds to Heal

Heal Psychic Wounds

Heal Psychic Wounds

Don’t expect or insist on perfection from either yourself or others.

One of my favorite yogic sutras, or aphorisms (a prayer-like saying) is translated from the original Sanskrit as:

Om, this is perfect. Om, that is perfect.

If the perfect is taken from the perfect, only the perfect remains.

Om, peace peace peace.

What this roughly means is: Yes, we’re all imperfect; every single one of us needs work, we all need to heal. And little by little, we’re all getting better. And yes, the entire world also becomes a better place by each of us doing our own healing. Nevertheless, everything is part of consciousness, and consciousness is within everything. So, even though we’re working on ourselves—wherever we are at this point right here, right now—everything is perfect, even if it’s imperfect. Tomorrow that imperfection may just be the most important factor in your life, one that compels you to strive even higher than you ever considered. Every part of you — every thing happening — happens for a reason.

I relate to the saying, “There’s perfection in imperfection.” We don’t need to hide or deny faults — either my own or others — but to remember that our innate human desire is to become healed and whole, step by step. None of us were born complete, or totally perfect. We’re all works-in-progress. Some say Great Beings are born totally realized humans, possessing God Consciousness. Others say they become realized, through the same effort each of us has to make to become whole and healed.

Each of us is a work-in-progress. Wherever we are right now, right here, is perfect for where we’re supposed to be.

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