Nurturing Self, Nurturing Others …

be the REAL you!

be the REAL you!

Hi Friends,

You might have noticed the last two posts are different in that I’m discussing how I came to marry a man who was a “single mom” and by doing that, I chose to take on the role of “Angel Mom” to his two beautiful little kids. This choosing-to-nurture, both myself and others, will be the focus of my upcoming posts. After quickly getting out what has been on my mind for the last decade about this, I’ll then be combining all the posts, add some weird drawings of mind and make an ebook that I’ll be publishing with Amazon. Of course if any other topic crosses my mind in the process, I’ll be sharing about that. Thanks for your continued support in visiting Lord Flea where we can all Sing as One.

the Power of "I" (when properly nurtured)

the Power of "I" (when properly nurtured)

Love and Light, your pal Lordflea

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