Destroy the Destroyers of Love: fear, anger, depression

Life is both hard, as Scott Peck states, and it’s a Mystery too, as Chief Joseph reminds us. To me, the key to understanding how to navigate these oft-dangerous waters of life, fraught with both hidden joys and sorrows — is to follow what my Teacher has shown me to be true: Love is the answer to all human questions. Love is the destroyer of all things that destroy life’s joys.

Whether we’re talking about fear of the unknown, fear of spiders or disease, or anger about not getting our way, or sadness over feeling victimized — these things are all subjective: meaning, we can change our way of thinking. We absolutely can change the way we feel, about anything.

It’s that easy, my Teacher said with a sparkle in her eye, holding her hand aloft … giving it a gentle turn to demonstrate how everything in life — from the best news to the worst possible horror — is within our power to receive as a demonstration of the Power That Is, or — we can cry, freak out, scream “How unfair!'” Yet resisting the unfathomable way of the Mystery will never bring acceptance to our hearts. Only Love delivers acceptance safely, surely, as its trustworthy comrade. All the negative emotions: fear, anger, depression: they’re simply of our own making.

Choose Love. Embrace the expansive, sublime and completely FREE Power that is your human birthright. Nothing is so terrible it can’t be remedied with Self Love. Love of Self reminds us we are part of Nature. Love assures that we benefit from the life-sustaining rays of the sun as well as devastating storms and catastrophes — all part of the eons-long human story being written by All.

Choose well, my friends. Make your life a beautiful, accepting prayer of forgiveness and Love for All. Because earthly life is, after all, too short to waste on misery. Your choices make your life your heaven, or your own personal hell. Choose Love.

In the Light, with Love, your pal Lordflea





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