7 of 9: doing the next right thing

How to stay pertinent. How to keep healthy, wise, and on top. Last night one of my all-time hero(ine)s, “7 of 9,” a Barbie-doll escapee of the Borg collective in the Capt Jean
Luc version of Star Trek, played a top-of-the-game, military-corporate arms contractor. Every bit the same ravishing physical specimen she was 20 years ago, only now playing capitalist scum instead of a captured human forced to undergo drastic transformation of being assimilated by the collective intergalactic Borg. I couldn’t help thinking how, despite the years, she was actually playing the same role. Only in last night’s episode (so glad you’re back, Bobby and Eames!) actress Ryan played the role of an opportunist. In her former role, 7o’9 (of whom I was such a fan I daily set my alarm clock for 7:09 am) she fought hard and relentlessly to escape the Borg’s all-encompassing takeover if her body-mind-soul. Each of us is a 7 of 9. What do you do to assert your individuality and not just go along mindlessly with the fashion, the sentiment, the soul-strained restlessness of our times? Seek the answer within. Get quiet. follow your breath. There are the answers. Inside your own Self. In love and light, lordflea


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