everything i do is a test, like this!



I’m preparing to eBook publish Heart Island: a trilogy of transformation. Now trying to figure how to insert illustrations into the books. Above is from a new scanner (epson) and here’s from my older one (hp) … see the difference? These little nuances are driving me crazy, but step by step, I’m figuring it all out. This is what’s entailed of self publishing. Of course it’s waaaay easier without the illustrations, but hey! I’m an artist as well as a writer. Hope everyone appreciates knowing about the process of self-publishing.

Heart Island images (hp)

Heart Island images (hp)

Which do you like better? Tweet/post/write me your choice.

your pal, lord flea

2 thoughts on “everything i do is a test, like this!

  1. fiona munday says:

    Hi there,

    I prefer the HP. I find the Epson gives a rather stark contrast, which may not reflect the pencil lines truly.

    Ciao, Fiona


  2. lordflea says:

    hey fiona, thanks for the feedback. that epson scan i put up was the “auto” mode…i have since found how to manipulate it a bit more. i really appreciate your input. keep coming back! love and Light, lordflea


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