The Formidable Force of Nature

Protection Mandala

Protection Mandala

All of us need the most protection we can muster right now.

So much is happening around this blue planet of ours.

Diasters, wars, oppression, economic hardships, interpersonal conflicts and hostilities, ecological pollution and toxic epidemics — surely, in every arena of earthly life we are being tested, BIG time! The era we are in is called the Kali Yuga in the yogic scriptures, the dark times when man’s consciousness gets muddled; but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the hardships instead of letting them rule our lives.

These are precarious times. Many people are losing it. Others are realizing that their inner-spiritual center is the safest, truest haven of all.

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Now is the time to trust that Nature (only one of the many names for the Divine Power within all beings) is in charge.

We are not in charge. Nature (or God, or whichever name you prefer) is in charge.

Now is the time to drop all resistance, and practice acceptance … to let what is, BE.

In other words, when we practice going along with the flow we are on the path of least resistance. This is the path of acceptance. Accepting what is is the greatest spiritual challenge of life. Here’s one way to visualize the effort of practicing acceptance when we’re hit particularly hard by life’s painful events:

facing the tsunami of our own life

facing the tsunami of our own life

Do you see the tiny figure resting in the wave’s “no danger” zone? This person is not trying to flee the dangers, but accepts that utter destruction is hovering above. Instead of fighting it, this person accepts the fact that a catastrophe is actually happening, or about to happen, or has already occurred. Instead of fleeing, or denying the event, letting the event paralyze him or her with fear and remorse, this person simply … rests in the knowledge of the truth (yes, it’s happening!) and trusts that whatever happens will be okay. And … the wave washes over him or her … leaving the accepting person untouched by yet another of life’s many shattering events. Yet a person who resists the wave’s power will surely lose her or his life; being crushed by the forces of Nature instead of being uplifted by them. Resistance hardens us and makes us most vulnerable to being damaged by the forces outside ourselves. The trick is to learn how to accept instead of resist, deny, or allowing ourselves to be terrified. We must respectfully be in awe of Nature, not its enemy. We must be students and devotees of Nature, not alienated from it

This is the great lesson we must learn from Nature.

By choosing to “go with Nature”  … we have the opportunity to learn great things. It’s never too late to learn! Each of us has many opportunities to learn from Nature, if we just give this incredible force we’re surrounded by the chance. Catastrophes can be counterbalanced by the invaluable lessons we learn, when Nature strikes out and hurts her children. Instead of bemoaning our fate, Let go and let Nature teach us.

Nature lifts us from our powerlessness, if we let Her

Nature lifts us from our powerlessness, if we let Her

We are surrounded by the power of Nature. If we resist, or mourn Nature’s rule of this twirling blue planet … we will always feel powerless. But if we accept Nature’s omnipotence and marvel at Her unlimited abilities, respectfully keeping our distance from Her wrath, and never alter Her natural rhythms to suit our fancy (or our pocketbooks), and always — always! — learn our personal lessons from following Her examples … then we have a chance of experiencing happiness even in the face of life’s most heart-wrenching tragedies.

our Inner Power is as real as you and me

our Inner Power is as real as you and me

In times of dismay and discomfort, the best remedy is to go within our own human Source. Another name for the Divine. Learn to dwell in the spiritual center within. Learn to spend time there as people do at their sports stadiums, churches, temples, or mosques. Smile and listen to the sound of your own breath, which matches that of the entire Universe. Inside each of us is the seed of our Understanding. Within each human heart is a connection to the Great Heart that is identical to every particle of matter in the entire cosmos. Science has found consciousness in the tiniest cell and the furthest galaxy. Our humanness is pure consciousness. We are all connected by consciousness. Everything and Everyone is interconnected. That’s why what happens to one literally happens to us All.

Nature is our guide. Nature is the most powerful force on Earth. The only other force that equals or can help us comprehend Nature, is our own Inner Self, which is also part of Nature. Go within to gain knowledge of what is confusing, sad, depressing. All answers lie within our own Inner Selves. Go within to understand the forces that are at work in Nature when we feel overwhelmed by them, or overwhelmed by any of life’s many challenges. And never forget that we humans are cells within the body of Nature, Herself.

all of us are cells within the body of Nature

all of us are cells within the body of Nature

I am praying for all the lives ripped so suddenly away by Japan’s tsunami; I offer my spiritual energy as solace to all souls who are in pain or who stiff suffer. My art, my words, and my life are dedicated to helping others become freed from what holds them back.

in Great Love, surrounded by the beauteous Light of our inner consciousness, your pal,


3 thoughts on “The Formidable Force of Nature

  1. fiona munday says:

    Dear Lordflea,

    Thank you. Thank you so much for your writing, your art and your thoughts. Nature is our guide. I feel a very strong connection with what you have written. xxx Fiona


  2. Ivy Leonard says:

    Thank you! Your art brings a sense of calm to me. I especially am drawn into the one titled “all of us are cells within the body of Nature” Just spectacular.


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