As Above So Below

Hi Friends,

This morning I awoke with the words “As Above So Below” clearly spoken, calmly reminding me, gently gushing from my mind. Naturally I pondered them, because whenever I “hear” a message I take it to heart, and contemplate what it could possibly mean. It wasn’t obvious, at first. But then my thoughts turned to what’s happening over in the Middle East, and in particular, the current populist revolution in Egypt, and how what’s going on there reflects what’s going on within me, at this very moment. My breath took a punch when I realized it was true — what happens to the world is like a mirror being held up for me to see that what happens to others, happens to each and every one of us, as individuals.

the universal (as in Universe, not "worldly") sign of Peace

the universal (as in Universe, not "worldly") sign of Peace

Spock, one of my heroes, has the ability to methodically analyze each situation that arises more than we humans do, because he’s Vulcan, an alien race that doesn’t experience emotions. We humans, on the other hand, often get our feelings mixed in with the pure-and-simple truth right before us. Let me try to explain:

People are seriously angry over the military-run dictatorship of Mubarak in Egypt, a regime that has purported to be democratic to the outside world yet, in actuality, is far from it. There is no other political party in Egypt besides Mubarak’s, so when there’s ever been an “election” his is the only name people can vote for. This is dictatorship and after 30 years of oppression, economic hardship and other ways of expressing their disgruntledness, people are finally, and violently, voicing that NOW is time for change. Because they’ve gathered in such insistent numbers, a change has indeed already occurred with Mubarak announcing he’ll step down in September, although that’s not as soon as demonstrators would like. Perhaps people will continue their civil disruption on the streets of Cairo until their demands of the dictator’s immediate departure is announced? That remains to be seen. But the important thing here, and that I relate to on a personal basis, and perhaps you will, or do already, is that when it’s time for a change … we need to pay attention to “signs” and then immediately, and courageously take action — before it becomes too late for “gradual change.” Because change will happen. It’s only a matter of whether it’s “sane” and gradual, or “insane” and regrettably violent. The same results will be met either way: change always happens. Of course the optimum method for change is gradual and steady. Even if it’s overnight and shocking (like the Berlin Wall coming down in ’89!) change surely occurs, whether with intelligent foresight and planning, or with violence and sudden force. After the Berlin Wall came down, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany reminds us during this Egyptian crisis, an entire year was spent to create the democratic merging of East and West Berlin after the Communist wall crumbled by force, by a populist upheaval. And so we hope the Egyptians will take care and pay attention to their transition government also. But, no matter how it’s done, one thing is true in this earthly existence:

the only constant in life is change.

surrounded by choices, dancing with change

surrounded by choices, dancing with change

Okay, I’ll go first. I’ll share the change I now realize I need to make in my own life. And then you might want to take a moment out of your busy day, after reading this post, to contemplate what change you can identify you need to make in your own life. Because we all need fine-tuning; improvement, betterment, evolving, learning, lightening-up and enlightening. Each and every one of us. It’s part and parcel of the journey of being a spiritual being living a human existence: each and every one of us has lessons to learn. First as individuals, and then, as a united family of humankind. As Above So Below. What happens to the individual happens to the collective citizens of each of our towns, states, provinces, countries. And, most importantly, in this day of increased global climate-change awareness — what happens to ALL of us as the united and concerned citizens of planet Earth is the ultimate change we’re all involved with. We are all inhabitants of a planet that badly needs its dwellers to change, for the sake of the future of our world “home.”

we are ONE: what affects one of us, affects us ALL

we are ONE: what affects one of us, affects us ALL

In my lifelong pursuit as artist and writer, my goal has always been to “help” uplift the human situation, by contributing whatever I could to the collective consciousness, in the form of art, stories and being as compassionate a person as I possibly can. Some of you who have been following Lord Flea Sings know that I’ve recently finished a book, and have been involved in the challenging task of finding an agent or, even better, an editor of a publishing house that can help bring my literary work to the public. The book, a nonfiction narrative entitled Heart Island: tales of an unnatural naturalist is a true story of a spiritual warrior who adventures in the Darkness before finally surrendering to the Light. Like the 3 novels I’ve written before this nonfiction current work, along with numerous stories, essays, and other writings, I’ve been reaching out (querying, it’s called) to the publishing industry to get my contributions into print for a good many years now. I won’t go into numbers here because that’s depressing. Let’s just say I’ve given mainstream publishing my all. I’ve made a good effort, in other words, with Heart Island and the many other projects I’ve assiduously tried to get published. NOW it’s time to change. NOW it’s time to fully grasp that my destiny lies elsewhere besides the “legitimately published” one I’ve always thought was mine. The idea, in other words, of who and what I thought I was meant to be (a legitimately published author not a self-published one, for example) just doesn’t measure up to what I actually am, here and now.

True, I am author and artist of Lordflea, a spiritual blog I’m proud of and receive many stunning compliments about from others. But that’s not what I thought my contribution to humankind’s evolutionary process would only be. I thought: through books and images and spiritually provocative art, that my life’s work could help inspire others’ hearts into taking action, even if that action was simply to go inward. It is my ardent wish to encourage others to contemplate the spiritual aspects of the interconnectedness we share on this glorious planet spinning in space, which we happen to cohabitate.

swimming in the Sea of Change
swimming in the Sea of Change

There I was, awakening this morning, wondering what the words, “As Above So Below” meant to me at that precise moment (not their original Biblical meaning, which is a whole ‘nother story, un huh). Next, came my thinking of the rioting, the violence, the anger, the dismay, the unpleasantness of Egyptians taking to the streets — and how the result of their revolutionary mass actions is that CHANGE is happening, BIG TIME in Egyptian governance!!! Other methods the common man has tried just never worked over there. Now, after feeling compelled to throw rocks, shout, scream, demand, and staying put in front of soldiers’ threats and rifles, change is beginning to be granted their dire and dismal social situation.

I look at my own life (and you, too, I heartily encourage, can look at yours in the same manner) and realize that we can all make changes, either gradually or revolutionary — but change each and everyone of us must! There is something in each of our lives we need to correct. No one is perfect. Hardly any of us are saints, such as Mother Theresa and those of our brethren who have been designated to have achieved that noble status. Even my own spiritual teacher (see speaks of how she’s had to change, and continues to fine-tune, with contemplation-the-action, and how she reflects on each new improvement that enables her to maintain her hard-earned but durably enlightened state.

My need to CHANGE is to “get real” and accept that a publisher just ain’t gonna print my book, period. Or at least I’m no longer going to hold my breath that will happen. Instead, I am exercising my birth right! I have a choice! I can take action! I can figuratively take to the streets, the golden streets of my own heart, and shake my fists at my own little self that hasn’t explored all my other options!

So right here, right now, I announce to the world that I recognize that my Higher Self is calling me to take the next right step. And that is to bring my work — my book(s) and my art — to the world through my own efforts. Self-publication is now on this new agenda. There are other ways, also, in which I can actualize getting my work to the public: by mySelf (I use capital “S” to designate the doer of these new inspired actions, because my little “s” self, my un-evolved, un-spiritual little ego-self, is a real coward, a shivering lily-livered wimp, a can’t-do-anything-unless-forced-to-do-so person! ha ha! can you relate?).

This is my plan: Chapter-by-chapter my book will be available on the new blog I’ve created: Heart Island. My art work and other creative projects will soon be available for viewing, copying, with originals for sale on a new website I’m in the process of designing: inspiring-transformation-story. Okay, sure, I’ll continue contacting the publishing industry, but with a much more detached attitude. I’ll give the “real” publishing world another few months before I pursue self-publishing Heart Island.

With this post I’m declaring a new regime, a freer atmosphere replacing the oppression of my former disillusioned and unhappy mental state. No longer am I waiting to “be discovered.” No longer am I hoping that some “one” will come along and out me by getting my work to the public through normal literary means. I’m no longer waiting for those who have the “power” to bridge my wants of helping the world, taking my desire-to-be over to the other side of actually being heard, being seen, and being a much more active participant in the ongoing spiritually-expanding revolution currently happening to humanity. No longer am I in a holding pattern. From this day forth I declare that I, Lordflea, my own Self, will do whatever it takes to be my own bridge. I even drew a picture about this very subject many years ago….but at that time i wasn’t ready to take this power into my own hands — yet. But today … I Am That!

"I Am The Bridge" connecting my wishes with my real life
“I Am The Bridge” connecting my wishes with my real life

I hope each of you who reads this takes a moment to follow my lead. Close your eyes. Tune into the in-and-out sound of your breath for a few rounds (this process, done even for a few breaths, instantly puts one’s mind into Alpha waves, the meditative state the brain’s activity naturally attunes to in relaxation … trust me, it works!). When you feel calm and centered, and your breath is your only “thought” … then you can ask yourSelf this question: “What do I need to change in my own life? What can I do today to make my life, and the entire world’s existence, a more positive experience?”

Join me, won’t you, dear friends… in the meditation revolution that is quietly, but assuredly, taking place right here, right now! We are all proof of this movement’s existence. You wouldn’t be here at Lordflea Sings, if you didn’t believe That.

when you uplift your own Self you uplift the entire world!
when you uplift your own Self you uplift the entire world!

with great Respect, with great Love,

lordflea, your pal

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