African American Goddess

friends, in the airport we met this lovely woman, named London. She was taking her very first trip, ever! and where was she going? 14 hours to Africa! All right, London! She’s my kind of a modern day goddess. Of course I like the natural naked ones too, but London demonstrates the diversity of modern divinity…dressed to the nines, hair perfect, not unlike a fancy wedding cake (she smiled and giggled when I told her so), nails nitro-neon-ultramarine, eyes a luscious two-tone aquamarine…and her teeth! oh how i love those full frontal goldie glistens! London was so happy when i asked her if i could share her great “look” and her great enthusiasm—not to mention her incredible courage, going all the way to the her Mother Country, the so-called Dark Continent for her very first trip. Here she is, the full glory of London’s international magnificence:

how incredible, for a young woman who has never flown, never left her native city (of jacksonville, FL) to hop on an gruesomely arduous flight where she’d spend more than half a day traveling the skies, to arrive in Africa! I was so thrilled to meet her (just a chance meeting) that i had to share her with you. Send your thoughts to London, wishing her a fulfilling journey. May we all be so fortunate as she, to follow our dreams, and take chances, to do things that take courage.

When I asked how she kept her hairdo so neat, especially at night, she carefully explained how she wraps it with scaves (to sleep) and then just “blow dries it” a little to its original perfection. “It lasts for two weeks, the whole time i’ll be gone!” she exclaimed, pleased as punch she’ll be looking her best for Africa.

in the Light, lordflea

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