Finding like-souls, like-minded, like-whatevers


on our trip out west I was recommended a book to read that captured my interest the moment i heard its title: “Tales of a Female Nomad” so as soon as I got home I googled it and found, to my delight! a like-soul.

the Cosmic Egg

the Cosmic Egg

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this book also. Get it from Amazon, as I have, and let me know how you like it. But while you’re waiting to put your hands on the book, please visit the author’s newest interest: See for yourself what we can do if we hold in our consciousness the importance of coming together as a whole, as a family of man, as a race of humans who look forward to the future as a possibility, and as true believers in the magic of inter-connectedness.

Rita Golden Gelman is the author of “Tales of a Female Nomad” here’s the link for her book:

Carter’s and my and our 16 other friends’ recent canoe trip down the Missouri River was guided by a very well read woman (thanks, Renee!) who, when she found out I was writing my own true tales, told me to look up Rita’s book. As soon as I glanced at the contents I knew I’d found a “same”…as it’s spoken about in another marvelous book which I found, out in Montana (of all places!): “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” by Linda See. This was hard to read and I almost couldn’t get through it; a fictionalized story about the foot-binding era in ancient China. Nonetheless, when the characters in “Snow Flower” say the word same in reference to a person, and I use here, today, in reference in particular to Rita, the Female Nomad herself, I mean how special it is when we run into another soul who holds dear to their hearts, cultivates, and honors the same sentiments, same philosophy, same outlook toward life. I don’t necessarily same that in reference to mundane things like politics, religion, which cars, what music, or other cultural mannerisms. I mean SAME in the way that I would say, “I relate” to seeing a bird freely flying overhead, or a dolphin jump over a breaking wave, or a blossom unfolding its secrets to us, in all its resplendent magnificence.

the marvel of Nature

the marvel of Nature

So I found Rita’s email and wrote her a note. To which she quickly responded. Here’s my emails to her, for you to glimpse the joy of recognition that I experienced in finding a “Same” out there, in this wide wide world, that sometimes seems overrun by a barbaric race of humans I can hardly relate to, even though we share the same physiques, same potentials, same use of will power.

I wrote:

Dear Rita (or at least I hope it’s you!),

I was told about your book by our wilderness guide when my consort Carter nd I just went canoeing on the Missouri River, in Montana. We traveled only a short distance, but it was simply breathtakingly beautiful. Imagine my surprise, happiness, and unfettered relief (to discover a like-minded soul same!) when just now I sat at my computer and found you, ordered your book, looked over your website, and read about your life, your book-writing, and … whew!…breathed in the inspiration from your journey and received the boost I need to have the courage to present to the world my own.

gathering strength

gathering strength

Like you, I am a traveler, but not nearly to the extent you have pursued. My journeys have mostly been to the regions inside, sometimes taking me to dark places, but in the end–i found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Like you, I am a writer and also an artist. Until I read your book (which is coming, via Amazon) I am holding close to my heart the method in which you “found” an agent, because that is the missing link in my story right now. My book, “Heart Island” is soon ready to be reviewed, and after you praising her so, I plan on writing your agent. I’ve set up a new blog for the public to “discover” my autobiographical writing, just in case it takes a while to get published. If you wish to read the first two chapters, please click:

looking for "sames"

looking for "sames"

Meanwhile, Rita, I’m so happy to meet you, to know that you are here, on this glorious planet, sharing your tales with us. My heart is singing and my face is cracked with a smile that splits my cheeks, as I write you. I wish I could give you a big hug in person, so if you’re ever around St. Augustine, Florida,give me a heads-up, and I’ll come see you, or you can come and visit our beautiful bamboo-surrounded palace in the middle of suburbia (really!). Perhaps traveling in America is too tame for you…who knows? But I just wanted to reach out and tell you how warm and glowing you’ve made me feel, with this great life of yours. Congratulations. We also hang out wherever we can; Costa Rica is a favorite spot. Did you ever happen to meet Hundertwasser when you were in New Zealand? He was a dear old friend of mine, whom I met when I sailed the Caribbean.



I hope we meet some day, until then…may the Light of all our combined Hearts surround you and keep you safe,
in Light and Love,
Lord flea ( named for a departed calypso singer from the 50s)

And Rita answered, which i’ll not copy here (i can invade my own privacy, but no one else’s…that’s the rule of good blog-etiquette).  I wrote her back:

Rita: Glad you like my art. I feel my art and writing is my contribution to helping uplift humanity from the dredges of … many things. I am a practicing yogini, have been doing the hatha yoga practice all my life, since teenage years (because I suffer terribly from sciatica, or at least do when i don’t do my asanas) and have been a meditation student of a Great Saint for the last 26 yrs. Have you ever heard of Siddha Yoga? That’s my spiritual path. ( But basically, as my consort Carter says, i’m a gypsy, and i just love life, love people, and hate bigotry. My life is dedicated to helping our dear family (homo weirdos, some of us! others among us, about ready to graduate to being homo spiritus) make the jump from the materialistic into the infinite possibilities of embracing our lives here, as a gift.

dharmic work of Lordflea singing

dharmic work of Lordflea singing

So friend, I hope you’ve enjoyed these notes. I’ll write something original soon, but for now i’m in the last, final, absolutely the last word-smithing stages of fine-tuning my nonfiction narrative, which has been completely renamed… please see the new blog to read the first two chapters of this nonfiction narrative if you wish:

In Light and Love, Lordflea

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