To blog or not to blog …. that is the question


some of you who have been visiting lordflea long enough, know i’m not a very regular blogger. indeed, i consider myself lucky if i can blog once a week, and lately it’s been even harder to do that. Why, you may ask? There are several reasons and i thought it’d be a good topic to discuss. How we spend our time. Each of us. Choices. When we have spare time do we spend it  ….

playing with our cell phones

playing with our cell phones

or …

attending family reunions (this one back in ancient times)

attending family reunions (this one back in ancient times)




For me, a person who works full-time, that to find time put a new post together more than I am right now, is a mighty big effort, so … instead of Facebook, or surfing the net, or spending time doing other things (my job, creative projects, time with friends, helping Mom, studying Spanish & having two Skype tutoring classes a week, working out every single day for an hour or more, praying, meditating, preparing delicious meals at home, huff puff, etc) … after all these other efforts (any extra time is spent doing the FINAL edit of my book! which takes up a huge amount of mental and creative energy) — finally — after all this, I sit down to do a new post on lordflea, but only every once in a while.

blogging is important to me, so even though i may not contribute anything new for a week or more, it’s not that i don’t have anything to say. Creating a new post is my special way of contributing to the world. It’s also a way to share my creative efforts, and letting it be seen by anyone in the world who discovers Lordflea Sings (just wish I knew how to make it more known…any ideas, fans of this blog?). When this book I’ve been working on for the past two years is finished (by end of summer, hopefully, if all goes well) I am going to experiment and post more often here, say, every other day, and see if i can generate more followers, because…I do believe most people who follow blogs go to them a lot more than I’ve been making new entries.

So….call me a lazy blogger, i don’t care! i do what i can.

gosh o golly! we do what we can!

gosh o golly! we do what we can!

The other reason i don’t blog more often (besides using my energies elsewhere) is that I purposefully don’t want to become obsessed about being a blogger. I want it to be a “part” of my everyday, pleasant, fun-to-do, actively creative and not “work” type activities. So, in order for THAT to happen, i want each and every time i open a “new post” page, to feel excited, like I have something to say, something to offer the world. Something others will look forward to hearing. What i don’t want to do with this blog is make it a “Oh, and today i did this, and yesterday I did that” kind of drudgery, narcissistic ego-trip, microscopically-overboard-information so many bloggers get into. I aim my writings to the world, and offer what I’m thinking at the moment. A new post is always offered as a gift, to hopefully contribute to the greater good of humanity. At least, that is the intention I send out. I hope I succeed a little bit. At least I’m told so by those of you who write comments to me here.

an OLD fan of Lordflea Sings

an OLD fan of Lordflea Sings

So–since i last wrote here, when i was up in Maine for a family reunion (attended by just enough so that it felt like a sweet intimate time, getting to know everyone better, time to speak with everyone who attended; not some huge overwhelming get-together where no one actually gets to have a one-on-one connection with anyone) — I’ve been at my writing desk here in St. Augustine, swimming in the warm clear Atlantic with my consort Carter, and preparing for our next trip, which starts in a few days. We’ll be canoeing the Missouri River with friends on a quest following Lewis and Clark’s famous western expedition. This canoe trip has been years in the planning. Great Excitement for All! There will be 20 of us in a dozen or so canoes, plus the guides we’ve hired (who will, thankfully! cook our meals and set up camp for us, whew!). So you won’t be hearing from me for the next few weeks. When I return in late August I’ll fill you in on all the grand adventures we’ll have out West. I won’t be taking my iPhone with me (afraid i’ll lose it in the river, plus no reception there). so i won’t blog unless i happen to find a computer in some tree at a convenient bend in the river, or under a grizzly’s paw (just kidding!).

meanwhile, to keep you puzzled, try to figure out what this drawing is that i made yesterday for my Spanish Tutor, Charlene, who is starting up a snack business in Costa Rica. Tuanis is a Costa Rican expression that means “wow”…so, Tuanitas means, sort of,  “little wowies.”

tuanitas muy rico

tuanitas muy rico

By the way, for those of you who are looking for a Spanish tutor via Skype, my tutor Charlene is the best! She has a “neutral accent” which means she’s an American but has lived in CR for thirty years and speaks fluently, but she’s toally understandably and BEST way to learn, for an American to have a tutor like her. reach her at: . If anyone is serious about learning Spanish, Skype private classes are the BEST!! I’m making leaping improvements everyday, even beginning to “think” and “dream” in Spanish…after years of trying others ways to learn this beautiful language.

Okay, my friends, be well and stay safe, and i’ll be here again in late August. Remember to BREATHE….and keep the focus of positive white Light surrounding all the things you want to see accomplished in life….and IT will happen!

in the Light, with much love, lordflea

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